India's history syllabus is Mughal centric , Delhi centric and doesn't provide sufficient space to Indian heroes is something we have been hammering at on SM for past 15 years now.
Everyone providing their squirrel's share has made some dent in this medieval history narrative.

Another narrative which we have missed out - is the history of India's Industrial progress.
1. Britain GAVE US industrial progress and industries.

2. Indian Industrialists were basically people in cahoots with the goras.

👆Our textbooks describing India's industrial progress.
It fits in nicely with the ' demonise industry' narrative which the Left is so fond of.
Fact is that Indian Industrialists had to struggle in the face of anti Indian policies, vicious trade practises and gross abuse of power by the Empire.
Destruction of Indian shipping industry
Indian industry faced an uphill task ...
How the Opium cash crop created famine on an industrial scale in Bengal

No industry, not even in the private ones set up by the British, could an Indian rise to the top management.
The success of Walchand, Birla and others needs to be seen in this context.

GD Birla had to face racism from Calcutta's Scot dominated Jute Industry.
Indian Shipping should perish, so British shipping may flourish

- Mahatma Gandhi
GD Birla decided to break into Brit dominated Jute Industry.

Britain played with their CURRENCY value to deny Birlas a level playing ground.
Finally he bought some land to set up the mill. Calcutta's Scot and Brit merchants bought land AROUND his plot of land.

Deal dead.
Imagine the mortification when they were gifted with License Raj in Independent India.
" Business Legends " by Gita Piramal is a good book covering some aspects of this topic.

Saga of Scindia is another one.
Once I accompanied a bunch of 11-12 year olds (this I think was in 2017) on a trek to Tikona, a fort near Pune. Told them about forts, history, conservation etc.

One 12 year old luminary came up to me and said:

" I can name the six Muslim kings of India"
Then he recited Mughal poem from Babur to Aurangzeb.

I asked him whether he had heard of Chhatrapati Shivaji. Thankfully he had.

Ok name his two sons.
Complete blank look - like finding out for the first time Chhatrapati Shivaji had children !

That's how bad the situation is. Kids have the brains to retain info, we are providing them with bhusa 😒

• • •

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24 Dec
Pune was one of the fastest growing cities in India in the late 19th and early twentieth century.

Two maps - one of 1883, other of 1924
Bhamburda (Shivajinagar) and Gultekdi in 1890. Erandwane and surrounding area - 1910, Koregaon Park in 1920 : main additions to existing city.
This period - 1883 to 1924 saw Fergusson College , Agriculture College, Reay Market ( Mandai ) , BORI were built
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23 Aug
Mixes up Narayanrao Peshwa who was assassinated with Madhavrao Peshwa who died of Tuberculosis.

Declares the Marathas defeated in Bengal when infact they annexed Odisha and took 12 lakh chauth.

Top historian and best Publishing House at work😁

Somewhere deep inside the book he mentions Marathas, but to Scroll -
Never mind Marathas and others who shook off the Mughals.

"Our realm has touched the Yamuna" - Peshwa Bajirao

"Like Satara, Delhi is within our rule" - Nana Phadnavis.
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23 Aug
How cute. Perhaps he would like to explain why the Mughals fought only at Buxar to save their Empire ?
Balaji Vishwanath signed exactly this with the then Mughal Rafi ul Darjat in 1719.

Revenue collection over former Mughal territories.

But that won't be mentioned. Doesnt fit narrative.
Across the Mughal empire 🤭🤭🤭

This was just rights over Bengal.
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9 Aug
Konark was destroyed by Islamic invader Kalapahad. It had an idol that floated due to opposing magnets on either side of it.

Repeat after me - destroyed by Islamic invader in 1568.
Read - Desecration by Suleiman Karani, the Muslim invader. (Kalapahad)

This board is at Konark temple itself. I thought an Oriya fellow would know.
* Kalapahad was General of Suleiman Karani.

Only front portion now remains. You can imagine the scale of destruction under Islamic invaders.
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6 Aug
Jagannath Puri - Attacked 18 times.

Somnath Mandir - Destroyed and rebuilt at least 6 times.

Kashi Vishwanath - Destroyed and rebuilt multiple times.

Save us the sermons.
If Duryodhana had put his ego aside and given up five towns, there would not be any Mahabharat War and all 100 Kauravas would have lived.

Nevermind, Mahabharat has always been a Brahmanical pari katha for these flunkies.
If 10 acres in three towns had been allotted in 1990, there would not be a BJP with 303 in Parliament.

Yesterday was a good chance to bury the hatchet and call a ceasefire.

Instead the secular Brigade did its usual ****i rona 😁😁
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3 Aug
Both Mahadji Scindia and Bajirao were present on battlefield by age 10-12.

Yes, sword fighting horse riding all taught at home. Hence why Panipat such a loss - many homes lost men who could teach the kids.
Chhatrapati Shivaji already knew a lot about administration, military strategies and what not by the time he hit sixteen.
There were no Defence Academies to teach gentleman cadets. Everything got taught at home.

Children would obviously not be sent to the front, but would do jobs that would keep them in the loop but safe from the action.
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