2 days to go. 1 downside of Brexit per day for a year. That’s more than one downside for every £million the NHS didn’t get. Reply with suggestions (I can’t do it all!) #Brexit #BrexitReality
1 day to go. Daily Brexit downsides big and small lined up and ready to go. More than a bus-side in a year. Reply with suggestions. #Brexit #BrexitReality
1. Health insurance for travel in the EU countries is no longer free for UK citizens, once your current EHIC card expires (if you have one). #Brexit #BrexitReality
2. Residents of Whitfield and Guston in Kent will have their lives blighted by 24 hour noise and light pollution following the announcement of a new Inland Border Facility for freight traffic to be built near their homes. #Brexit #BrexitReality
3. You need a new EU pet passport every time you travel with your dog, cat or ferret (!?). These cost £60 plus £32.60 (rabies jab) plus £20 (microchip) #Brexit #BrexitReality
4. You will now need a visa to travel to the EU for more than 90 days in any 180 day period. This could affect longer holidays, work, study, and dual national families. #Brexit #BrexitReality
5. Your next UK passport will have a blueish cover - and will give you freedom to travel and work and study in 27 fewer countries. Blue though!! #Brexit #BrexitReality
6. Prescriptions issued in the UK for medicines only available in the EU will no longer be dispensed by EU countries - due to Brexit. #Brexit #BrexitReality
7. Food deliveries from the British mainland to Northern Ireland have been turned back due to incomplete paperwork - needed to cross the border in the Irish Sea #Brexit #BrexitReality
8. After 51 years the German owners of the Barden Corporation factories in Plymouth and Llanelli will shift production overseas over the next 2 years - citing Brexit uncertainties. #Brexit #BrexitReality
9. Every box of fresh Scottish seafood has to be offloaded from lorries and inspected by vets before export to EU - putting a £1billion export trade at risk. Paperwork costs and delays in shipments of fresh produce are key effects.
That's fish. Remember? #Brexit #BrexitReality
10. Environment secretary George Eustice is to permit use of the pesticide neonicotinoid thiamethoxam - a known bee-killer. This despite all previous assurances about environmental standards. #Brexit #BrexitReality
11. Hugely complicated Rules of Origin regulations are hitting UK manufacturers with tariffs despite our ‘no tariffs trade deal’. Some ingredients were missing from the ‘oven-ready deal’. tinyurl.com/y5zuv5qh #Brexit #BrexitReality
12. There are restrictions on the food supplies that UK visitors can take into the EU for trips and longer holidays. Seems the oven ready deal was not sandwich ready. tinyurl.com/yy6jmx7d #Brexit #BrexitReality
13. Close to my heart this ... the usual EU 90 day visa free dispensation for touring musicians was not included in the deal because the UK didn’t want to reciprocate. Tough luck you Nordic Fiddler fans.
tinyurl.com/y44ftlp2 #Brexit #BrexitReality
14. Several UK companies have suspended road freight to the EU (including the island of Ireland) due to paperwork issues. DPD, for example, suspended its ‘Classic’ service. #Brexit #BrexitReality tinyurl.com/yxaosv43
15. The food industry have warned that the increased costs caused by Brexit will be passed on to consumers. #Brexit #BrexitReality tinyurl.com/y47yhfh7
16. French meat wholesalers, who usually buy British meat such as lamb, have started to look for alternative suppliers in Spain and Ireland because of Brexit customs delays #Brexit #BrexitReality bbc.co.uk/news/business-…
17. British fisherman who have caught British fish in British waters on British boats - have taken them to Denmark to sell, to avoid Brexit red tape ... bypassing British fish processing firms #Brexit #BrexitReality tinyurl.com/yydsma3n
18. New direct ferry routes for hauliers, from Ireland to the continent, have been set up to bypass Brexit paperwork - taking trade away from British ports. Dublin - Holyhead trade has fallen sharply. (Thanks @chrisbellekom) #Brexit #BrexitReality tinyurl.com/yyno8guu
19 Discussions are beginning, between the UK government and business leaders, about ways to water down employee rights - despite previous assurances. #Brexit #BrexitReality tinyurl.com/y3khfo5g
20. Manfreight, a Northern Ireland based hauliers, face doubled costs because lorries returning to NI from Britain are empty due to high costs facing ‘exporters’. Companies are ‘exporting’ far less to NI due to the (“non-existent”) border paperwork costs. #Brexit #BrexitReality
21. 80% of EU trade into the UK was (pre-Brexit) carried by EU hauliers, so news that they are turning down jobs due to paperwork and financial guarantees (T1s) is worrying for UK manufacturers and retailers. #Brexit #BrexitReality tinyurl.com/y2r79e72
22. Shoppers buying items online from EU countries are reporting that there was no advanced warning from HMG that extra VAT and custom charges would be levied #Brexit #BrexitReality Brexit: 'I was asked to pay an extra £82 for my £200 coat' bbc.co.uk/news/business-…
23. There has been an exodus of EU born construction trade professionals - 46% fewer in 2019 alone. Brexit, not bricks, could scupper our house-building plans #Brexit #BrexitReality Thanks to @chrisbellekom tinyurl.com/y2o3yx33
@chrisbellekom 24. I did not see this coming. UK government staff are advising UK companies to lay off UK staff and invest in EU headquarters and staff in order to get round Brexit paperwork and costs. #Brexit # BrexitReality tinyurl.com/y6nsy8q8
25. Not a news story today (I'm keeping those in my Farage Garage), but a consequence nonetheless. From the facebook page of @guyverhofstadt I bring you an image that I have seen referred to as 'Where's Wally? (Oh - and f facebook). Image
26. Glorying in the bonfire of EU red tape that followed Brexit - including the universally hated EU cap on card charges, MasterCard have put up their fees on UK cards used for EU purchases by 400%. tinyurl.com/yy6hh6h4
27. The third delay to the UK Environment Bill means that we still have no environmental watchdog - previously an EU function - to check air pollution, water quality, waste, resource use and biodiversity etc etc #Brexit #BrexitReality tinyurl.com/y25wdtwj
28. The Ghana trade deal announced by Liz Truss at the end of December, results in huge tariffs on fair trade bananas - putting farmers’ livelihoods at risk. #Brexit #BrexitReality tinyurl.com/y3cw9uew
Well, well, well - but keep your eyes peeled - there’s more than one way to strip employee rights.
29. “We import two thirds of our cheese. That is a disgrace”. Liz Truss - trade minister. Well Liz - it’ll be more now. UK cheese manufacturer switches £1m investment to France. Thanks to @dum_as_hek #Brexit #BrexitReality tinyurl.com/y5s9yydb
30 (a) Vaccines and Brexit and Ireland. I want to try to be agnostic here. Vaccine acquisition by the UK has been more effective than the EU. The UK could have achieved this while still an EU member. (cont)
30 (b) Both the UK and the EU have threatened the Good Friday Agreement in the aftermath of Brexit. EU statements yesterday, re the border, were stupid and, rightly, overturned. Both the UK and the EU have threatened the Good Friday Agreement in the aftermath of Brexit.
30 (c) EU statements yesterday, re the border, were stupid and, rightly, overturned. Individual countries cannot come out of Covid alone - we need to cooperate, and share vaccines and manufacturing capability and expertise. vaccines and manufacturing capability and expertise.
30 (d) Back to normal tomorrow, but what blew up yesterday was a bit of an elephant in the room. None of it, of course, would have happened without Brexit 😉.
31. 500 UK based companies, or potential UK based companies (ie they've changed their minds), have made enquiries about setting up in the Netherlands for 'Brexit' reasons - since Jan 1st. There are 26 other EU countries.
#Brexit #BrexitReality
32. Moody’s (the credit rating firm) issued their first post-Brexit report on the UK economy on Jan 25th (to little press fanfare) (🙄) concluding that it will be “significantly smaller over the longer term”. #Brexit #BrexitReality
33. Lack of government funding for Brexit related infrastructure and staffing at council-owned Portsmouth harbour threatens the UK’s import and export of animals for breeding (inc racehorses). This is UK’s only port for this role. #Brexit #BrexitReality
34. The UK’s £393m shellfish trade with the EU is in jeopardy with news that the UK’s “third country” status could make an EU import ban permanent. English & Welsh businesses (dirtier water) are more at risk. #Brexit #BrexitReality
35. UK gov took us out of the customs union. Post-Brexit customs checks at the Eire / NI border - a massive red flag to republicans. At the GB / NI border (Irish Sea) - a massive red flag to unionists. So not being part of the custom union destabilises peace in Northern Ireland.
36. The EU responds to the UK government’s complaints about the deal by saying “You negotiated and agreed the details. READ THEM AND UNDERSTAND THEM!”
Oh - and Welsh lamb is now worth nothing. #Brexit # BrexitReality
37. Much fanfare yesterday as Liz Truss gave a cheesy greeting to the UK - Albania trade deal which replaces (OF COURSE) the EU - Albania deal which we were part of 38 days ago. There’s a useful list of all EU trade deals below. #Brexit #BrexitReality
38. Brexit resulted in a total ban on workers entering the UK from the EU - only the Queen is now allowed to travel. 15 million babies might be seized and burned. This shortage of bees could seriously affect UK fruit production. (-68%!!!) #BrexitReality
39. KPMG report warns of bigger trade headaches. Trade issues so far have been with exports - because new import rules were delayed until April and July. Well - these changes are coming - "Disaster written all over it" said one firm #Brexit #BrexitReality
40. "We've had nothing but bullshit from this government" says owner of Baron Shellfish, Bridlington - forced to wind up his 60 year old family business due to Brexit. #Brexit #BrexitReality
41. 1000 jobs. Goodbye to Rochdale. That's it.
#Brexit #BrexitReality
tinyurl.com/3fqxdvoq Image
42. Follow the money. In the aftermath of Brexit it seems to be moving out of the City of London. #Brexit #BrexitReality
43. British plant exports to EU and NI in jeopardy as post-Brexit red tape (that’s red tape CAUSED by Brexit) focuses on soil contamination. We used to be in a Single (Soil) Market. (Warning, Story contains Daily Express worldview). #Brexit #BrexitReality
44. The DUP have demanded that the Northern Ireland protocol (which supports the Good Friday Agreement - an internationally agreed treaty) should be scrapped because otherwise Brexit will cause NI / GB links to weaken. #Brexit #BrexitReality
45. Groupage - a little known aspect of international trade that is essential to smaller businesses. It allows hauliers to carry freight from many small firms - but costs are escalating due to Brexit paperwork. Scroll down article ⏬ #Brexit #BrexitReality
46. The Silk Road once linked China to Europe. Now it's from Stockport to Lyon as @bennett_silks move half their business in order to maintain their EU trade. UK jobs will be lost. Thousands of UK exporters face the same dilemma. #Brexit #BrexitReality
@bennett_silks 47. Real moonshots. In Dec 2020 the EU implemented Horizon Europe - 5 R&D initiatives to run from 2021-27 - focussing on Cancer, Adaptation to climate change, carbon zero cities, healthy seas, soil health & food. We ain’t part of it. #Brexit #BrexitReality tinyurl.com/2tbjq5dr
@bennett_silks 48. I’ve just started chitting my seed potatoes. Brexit has stopped the export of 20000 tons of Scottish seed potatoes to the EU. The FW (below) is wrong to call it an EU ban (it’s the result of Brexit) - but “tit for tat” 🥔 😂😂. #Brexit #BrexitReality
@bennett_silks 49. Amazingly it would seem that inward investment boards across Europe are not blind to the fact that UK companies are experiencing post-Brexit problems and might be tempted to relocate across La Manche. Who would have guessed? #Brexit #BrexitReality
@bennett_silks 50. (50!!!). Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency reports a record number of UK firms - 550 - are currently in talks with them about expansion or relocation in the Netherlands. The 78 2020 arrivals are expected to create 6000 jobs. #Brexit #BrexitReality
@bennett_silks 51. Wine could increase in price by £1.50 a bottle. OK - got your attention.... warning - attached story contains Daily Mail logo, Michael Gove picture, talk of Brexit “hic-cups”, and the word oenophile. #Brexit # BrexitReality
52. Stena Line cancelled its Fishguard to Rosslare sailings for a week following a 50% fall in freight traffic this year. The port is, of course, a key employer locally. There are talks of a one port solution (Holyhead) for Wales. #Brexit #BrexitReality
53. Now this is getting stupid - are we become masochists? (Again - warning: it’s not the EU stopping imports - it’s Brexit) #Brexit #BrexitReality
54. Brexit was won with lies on the side of a bus, and lost in a white van taking a UK pharmaceutical company’s production line (and jobs) to Europe to escape Brexit red tape. #Brexit #BrexitReality
55. An excited BBC tweet on Monday, quoting a Bovill Financial Services report, stated "1,000 EU finance firms 'set to open UK offices'". This was duly amplified by the Leavarati. Eh-hem ... with Finance passporting expiring EU firms can only continue their existing UK trade ....
... by opening an office here. This was not a flood of new, hungry financiers gagging to avail themselves of Brexit paradise - it was some brass plates being screwed up. (Many Leavers thought 'open an office' meant 'start trading'). #Brexit #BrexitReality
56. Talks yesterday between the UK and EU to amend the 56 day old ‘Done’ deal got nowhere and from 1st April (🙄) all NI supermarket goods will be subject to Irish Sea checks - as agreed. More chaos expected. #Brexit #BrexitReality
57. The Bank of England is not happy (unsurprisingly) that there might be moves by the EU to move EU financial business to within the EU and away from the City of London. I’ll simply say that without Brexit nothing would have changed #Brexit #BrexitReality
58. Brexit has thrown all of the organising and surety of student years abroad up in the air. No one knows which bits will come down when. Could vary from uni to uni and student to student. Could destroy some life chances. Hey-ho! #Brexit #BrexitReality
59. Where would The Beatles (and £millions UK earnings) have been without Hamburg? About 44 percent of UK musicians used to earn up to half of their income in the EU, says a survey by UK music trade body ISM. Not after Brexit. #Brexit #BrexitReality
60. It’s odd. Despite the wonderfulness of Brexit the government has to spend taxpayers’ money on lookee-likee articles in newspapers to explain the wonderfulness of Brexit. #BrexitReality
tinyurl.com/35npa5ze tinyurl.com/28jjys6a. tinyurl.com/3r2s6rsm
61. Brexit has slashed the trade in spaghetti and, er, black pudding I suppose. And lots, lots, more. Italian trade to the UK down 38%. UK trade to Italy down 70%. It wasn’t supposed to be like this was it? #BrexitReality
Two months of Brexit under our belts. The benefits so far:
62. Grant Shapps has proudly scrapped the EU Vnuk ruling which required compulsory insurance for vehicles used on private land. So if you get crushed under an over-turned tractor - tough. One man’s red tape is another man’s life-line. #BrexitReality
63. Freeports are back - 8 of them. They can import from the EU without customs tariffs etc, make things out of the imported stuff, and then export the products without tariffs. Great!!!!!
They’re just like the whole country before Brexit!!
.... except that they deprive local authorities of tax revenue, encourage tax avoidance and crime, suck employment and investment out of surrounding areas. They are a toxic sticking plaster.
64. A new ferry route to Morocco - the Express says: "Trade between Morocco and the UK was valued at around £2.5bn in 2018. The hope is this will help compensate for any trade lost (from) new checks with the EU."
2017 UK/EU trade was £280bn #BrexitReality
65. British athletes - the kind that win medals and make the country proud - often live & train abroad - to reach peak medal-winning condition. In Italy, say, or France .. but only for 90 days out of 180. A Brexit training schedule hurdle! #BrexitReality
66. A Kent pub ordered 100 cans of beer from Budapest for a £30 a pop (sic) virtual beer tasting event. The beer took 5 days to reach Essex but has now been sitting in the port for 2 weeks - Brexit paperwork. Event (and income) cancelled. #BrexitReality
67. It appears that our oven-ready deal was not only not oven-ready, it was not port-ready either - for the full import checks that are due to start on July 1 as part of the deal that the UK government signed. Willingly. Victoriously even. #BrexitReality
68. With the EU threatening legal action, Lord Frost talking of the EU’s “ill will”, and a former UK chief of staff calling Johnson’s Northern Ireland protocol approach “dishonest” - our PM responds with a sentence containing upbeat words.
69. The UK's Erasmus scheme replacement:
* no place for staff exchanges
* no collaborative schemes
* no tuition fee support
* travel support is means tested
* living costs support lower
The EU offered the UK full Erasmus membership.
70. Imagine the cacophonous fanfare of justifiable celebration that would follow an announcement of a 56% year on year increase in exports to Germany. I’m afraid that at the end of January it was a 56% fall. German imports fell 29%.
71. I promise not do do an EU country a day for the next 4 weeks (see yesterday - No. 70) but there was a 17% fall in UK exports to Denmark between Dec 2020 and Jan 2021 (imports down 24%). UK goods exports were down 45%.
Yes - 45%
72. Trade figures. I've taken gov.uk figures for Jan 21 and compared them to Jan 19 for UK exports to EU countries and, separately, UK exports to Non-EU countries. Both have been affected by Covid. The EU exports have also been affected by Brexit. (continued)
72(cont). The EU exports are down by 48%. The Non-EU exports are down by 1.5%. Full table of figures here tinyurl.com/f3rtbu9k in 99 trade categories
It looks as if Covid has pushed down trade by 1.5% - and Brexit has pushed it down by 46.5% - some of that will be stockpiling.
73. Brexit paperwork and associated costs are leading EU businesses to look for other countries to trade with.
How surprising is that on a scale of 1 to 1?
74. Eurosceptic MPs, annoyed with The Deal They Signed (TDTS), want to halt payments to the EU (part of TDTS) because of Northern Ireland protocol (part of TDTS) issues. The protocol issues in question are part of TDTS.
75. The EU are our biggest trading partner. You need to be on good terms with major trading partners. Falling out with them can cost trade, and money, and jobs, and livelihoods.

The EU are taking the UK to court.

76. You know how sharing culture across national borders is generally thought to be better than pulling down the cultural shutters. Brings people and countries together, widens horizons and all that.
Those were the days.
77. Businesses in Northern Ireland (presumably the Republic as well) are orienting their trade away from GB towards the EU. That's a total population of about 7 million, on our doorstep, starting to trade elsewhere.
Jobs in GB will suffer.
78. Remember when your parents caught you doing something totally stupid and and you panicked and lied to cover your tracks? "Rubbish!" they said to you.
Well now the EU (our biggest trading partner and closest neighbour) says "Raabish!".
79. A very specific, unexpected and truly stupid Brexit consequence today. A great British firm that refurbishes used electronic equipment and sells it on, is losing its substantial EU trade because nobody included them in “the deal”. Sad.
80. In 2016 the Brexit seer, Lord Digby Jones, reassured the nation that not a single job would be lost. The wonderful (and supportable) @YorksBylines is monitoring progress. Don’t miss their Davis Downside Dossier while you’re there.
81. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Digby Jones and David Davis resources from @YorksBylines ... today those ‘Poster Boys’ of #BrexitReality- Led be Donkeys - bring you every Brexit statement from BJ - fully searchable for fast falsehood finding. Epic!!!
@YorksBylines 82. In 9 days time UK citizens who have established a life in an EU country, but have not had residency confirmed, will have to leave their homes and return to the UK for the following 90 days.
90 days here, 90 days there. And on and on.
@YorksBylines 83. Project Fear turns out to have been Project Best Case Scenario.
But apparently it’s the Republic of Ireland’s fault; it’s the EU’s fault; it’s teething problems; it’s because people haven’t got big enough flags.
#BrexitReality Image
@YorksBylines 84. British pork! British sausages! British business!
All cast aside by Brexit unfortunately, which makes it impossible for a GB company to use GB pork to make either end (never mind both ends) of GB sausages meat.
@YorksBylines 85. “Take back control!!”
However ...
There are reports that the UK Govt’s decision to extend the ‘grace period’ which delays full checks on Irish Sea trade traffic may well have been ‘influenced’ by threats from Loyalist paramilitaries.
@YorksBylines 86. “Law’n’ order innit!” “Lock ‘em up!”
Malheureusement, le Brexit a mis fin à l’extradition de criminels vers le UK. And not just from France. 🇩🇪 🇸🇪 🇭🇷 🇫🇮 🇬🇷 🇱🇻 🇵🇱 🇸🇰 🇸🇮 as well.
“Brexit lets criminals go free” Daily Express (not).
@YorksBylines 87. The UK Fashion industry - a mere £35 billion a year. Brexit has stopped EU machinists working here, stopped UK models treading EU catwalks, and slapped tariffs on cross-border manufacture. (The net annual cost of EU membership was £9 billion.)
@YorksBylines 88. With the Costa del Crime unavailable as a post-Brexit bolthole for our orange-tanned, medallion wearing, ex-gangsters, where will they retire to now? Chipping Norton and Torquay may be about to experience an influx of monied recluses with occasional noisy visitors.
@YorksBylines 89. Look - I’ll be honest - I don’t (want to) understand most of this ‘financial markets’ stuff - but people seem to think it’s important and profitable for the UK, and, well, the EU would obviously like to prise more of it out of London’s hands.
90. It is beginning to appear that being a small and “nimble” trading entity doesn’t always give you star billing on the world stage - much as some people talk about it.
91. This is my 91st Brexit consequence - one a day - and fittingly, on 1st April, The Times (paywall - but you can see enough) piece on Germany’s deportation of British electricians is exactly the borderline stupid story you’d expect today.
92. Many rightly say that Brexit is a bit of a dog's dinner ... well in business terms less of that dinner is now Made in Britain.
93. John le Carré died as one of Ireland’s greatest novelists in December. His novels laid bare the blinkered, self-serving pomposity and hypocrisy of English elites.
I wonder how Shakespeare (or Churchill for that matter) would have reacted to Brexit?
94. Part of the sunlit uplands of a post-Brexit UK was trumpeted as being our new-found freedom to legislate for better environmental safeguards.
Bee-friendly GB!
Well - we’re doing worse. Story from The Telegraph! See Politico for more.
95. Chocolate is the UK’s second-largest food and drink export, after whiskey, according to the Food and Drink Federation.
Or was.
Our chocolate exporters are giving in - Brexit paperwork, costs and delays are ruining their businesses and their reputations
96. Many who voted Leave saw a chance to take Britain back to an imagined golden age. Unfortunately the oven-ready deal means they will have to furnish their bolt-hole in the past with a severely limited range of authentic antiques.
And businesses fail.
97. Oh if only someone had pointed out that Brexit might have a knock-on effect on peace in Northern Ireland. Or should that be “If only people had listened.” The article below plays with the issues - the comments below it are much more Illuminating.
98. The UK will play no further part in building the future of the EU - and the UK's architects may play no part in building the EU's future buildings. A £1.5 billion service industry export pre-Brexit - UK architects can't now automatically work in the EU
99. Do you have a car that requires spare parts from Europe?
Remember how you were told about increased prices, and delays, post Brexit?
Looks like yet another overlooked business sector. But hey! “F*** Business!” (BJ).
100. Oh God! 100 Brexit consequences since January 1st - 1 a day. Sadly they've been easy to find - and varied. tinyurl.com/uvpy6u2k
Today's consequence is that we now live in a country where this (below) is the headline in a national newspaper (sic).
101. Biden’s support for the Northern Ireland protocol (which is an inevitable consequence of the Good Friday agreement) does not bode well for a UK / US trade deal if the UK go all uppity about the protocol.
102. When you’re thinking of buying a new washing machine and the like, it’s common to look up reviews, and woe betide a poorly reviewed product.
Well - Which magazine don’t like Brexit ... so don’t buy Brexit.
103. The Court of appeal is hearing a case that argues that the UK government 'fraudulently' signed the Withdrawal Agreement (they signed it with no intention of sticking to it).
The question will be whether real world truths are also legal truths.
104. More Brexit tax and job exports.
JD Sports used to distribute goods imported from East Asia across the EU from UK distribution warehouses. Brexit caused part of that work to be outsourced first to a new Belgian warehouse, and now Dublin gets a slice.
105. The fact that multi-billionaire, Singapore-based, farm-subsidy gobbling, tax-structure constructing, maker of over-priced, gaudily coloured, blowing hot & cold air devices - says Brexit gives him more freedom - should give us all pause for thought.
106. The Conservative Party is, of course, undeniably, the party of Law and Order.
Strange then that their Brexit deal leaves child abduction, domestic abuse, access to EU policing data, and international recognition of civil case judgements in limbo.
107. UK Financial companies have moved more than a £ trillion in assets to the EU since Brexit. (Me neither - £1000,000,000,000).
And jobs.
Was this part of the plan?
108. Melton Mowbray Pork Pies, Wensleydale Cheese, Cornish Pasties (and more) - all great British foods, protected from fraudulent copying across the EU by PGI and PDO status.
Until Brexit.
Hey - why would a British government protect British food?
109. The probable closure of a South Wales car parts factory - and the loss of 200 jobs - has Brexit to blame as a key factor according to its owners.
110. Because Brexit (UK govt. choice) had to honour the Good Friday agreement (an international treaty), the NI protocol had to be part of any non-custom union type deal (UK govt. choice). So - NI suffers shortages of medicines (UK govt. choice).
111. This thread is about reporting Brexit consequences - big and small. Today's consequence is unashamed shamelessness - of shameful proportions. Johnson is vowing to do away with "ludicrous" GB / NI trade barriers that HE negotiated INTO the deal.
112. Brexit was founded on a combination of bravado, unwarranted self-assuredness, contempt for others, wishful thinking and heavy use of blinkers.
Lessons have not been learned - Brexit has now foundered on the exactly the same sad characteristics.
113. Brexit cuts sandwich and panini exports.
From this week all chilled and frozen composite foods sent to the EU must be accompanied by Export Health Certificates signed by vets.
More paper, more costs, fewer exports.
We’re a third country now you see.
114. Aw bless! Remember gazumping? It must be so difficult to be a stand-alone small trade-deal negotiating country when the bloody EU goes and negotiates an even better trade deal than the the one you’ve just been bragging about.
Byline Times again.
115. EU ‘Kolpak’ rules meant British cricket counties could field overseas players from countries with specific EU trading agreements, without breaching their 2 overseas player rule.
Not now.
Brexit means that county cricket will lose star players.
116. A small scale repercussion of Brexit today - resulting in smaller scale lives.
Friends have been doing up an old van with a stove, bed etc with the plan of having a long (6 months, a year?) trip through Europe on the cheap.
Something we can no longer do.
Shrunken horizons.
117. Over 100 days ago in this thread I started to cover problems with food exports to the EU, and lack of ‘Groupage’ being an issue, and small firms being hit hardest.
“Teething problems” they screamed.
As if!!
Still problems.
£1,100,000,000 worth.
118. "Vote Brexit so that the UK can turn its back on torture victims and unaccompanied children".

You all remember that brave, soul-stirring, slogan don't you?

Makes you proud to be British!

119. Arlene Foster’s destabilising decision to resign as DUP leader, at a time of heightened (Brexit induced) tension in NI is largely caused by the lies that Boris Johnson told about Brexit not leading to Irish Sea border checks.
The Sadim touch.
120. 'Gomorrah' (2008) could be coming to a high street near you. Italy's leading anti-Mafia prosecutor says that low-intelligence (😟) Brexit, with it's lack of UK/EU co-operation, is making the UK a very attractive bolt-hole for organised crime.
121. When we were told that Brexit would enable the fishing industry to grasp enormous new opportunities we didn’t realise they meant the Norwegian fishing industry.
Your Chip supper will contain Norwegian cod pieces.
You’re very quiet Mr Farage.
122. Daffodils ploughed in for lack of pickers.
The NHS losing more than 22,000 EU nationals between the referendum and Brexit.
And now, in a twist sending a shiver of indifference down Mr Farage's spine-vacuum, EU bar and kitchen staff have gone home.
123. Whether they’re a squeaker, a yearling or an old bird they won’t be donning their rubbers to fly from France back to the dookit any time soon.
Brexit means that a fancier’s pigeons will be quarantined before being allowed to fly home. Game over.
124. Brexit is now seen as being SO bad, so very, very bad - that (you’d better sit down before reading any further) there is a piece about the problems caused by Brexit in THE DAILY MAIL!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
125. I’m afraid this article about UK trade deals post-Brexit kind of, well, makes sense. 😟
126. It surely can’t be good that the day after Liz Truss trumpeted her trade deal with India (nb - not a full trade deal), it was being described with words like ‘underwhelming’ and ‘desperate’.
127. France. Fish. Jersey.
Since Brexit, Jersey has the right to impose conditions on fishing, but must notify the UK first, which in turn had to inform Brussels and then France and then the French fishermen.
Brexit whispers lead to confusion and anger.
128. Brexit, built on lies and prejudice, fractured and reformed English voting patterns.
In 2021 Brexit fealty trumps previous loyalties (NHS, social cohesion, fairness) and, coupled to traditional Tory votes, rules the FPTP election roost.

(But Lab + LD + Green > Tory).
129. Boris Johnson wrote pro- and anti- Brexit news articles.
Well Brexiteers are still at it - the kings of cognitive dissonance ...
Edwin Poots (DUP) has said that the NI protocol benefits NI fish producers - and he would like to scrap the protocol 🤪
130. If you were British, lived in Spain, didn't get a Covid jab because of Brexit, and then died of Covid - I guess your friends and relatives would know who to blame.
131. Left hand / right hand.

Freeports (always possible in the EU) are a much trumpeted 'Brexit dividend', as is our freedom to make trade deals.
Well - 23 of our post-Brexit trade deals ban the tax-breaks that are the whole raison d’être for Freeports 🤪
132. OMG OMG OMG!!!
The Daily Express is catching up with reality. The expat chickens are being forced to come home to roost.
133. Brexit has fragmented the European banking sector - adding to the costs of banks (and ultimately resulting in either higher costs or reduced service for all of us), and leading to many banks moving operations out of the UK.
134. "Europe - send us your brightest and your best that they might help to build our magnificent country - and we'll arrest them at the border, lock them up, and deport them."
Are we governed by complete wassocks?!
135. Brexit gave us the NI protocol and Irish Sea border which led to Arlene Foster’s resignation as DUP leader which gave us a new DUP leader who thinks the earth is only 6000 years old.
Brexit - where facts go to die.
136. Every silver lining has a cloud - a Brexit cloud of forgetfulness.
"Hallmarks? - oh we completely forgot about them in the Brexit negotiations. Sorry!"
And now all that glitters is not sold - not in the EU at least.
137. VoteLeave said: "There will be no change for EU citizens already in the UK."
A woman (82) from Germany, married a British man in 1965, got a UK passport & has lived in UK since the 80s now has to apply for settled status or will lose nhs & pension & right to stay.
It turns out that it was a Balls-up. The Government accidentally scaring older citizens near witless in their ham-fisted approach to post-Brexit formalities.
Well that's all right then.
138. Did you play 'Grandmother's footsteps' where you crept up on someone with tiny steps, and froze when they turned round?
This seems to be the UK government's approach to Irish Sea border checks - implement them in tiny steps and no-one will notice🤞
139. Liz Truss, Head of Trade Deal Photocopying, is forging a Non-EU type deal with Australia and New Zealand, which could give tariff free access to the UK for antipodean agriculture products for the first time
And ruin British farmers in the process.
tinyurl.com/39kk4pft CJ
140. And now .......... because a bunch of self-serving liars wanted to whip up a populist vote-hoover and enrich themselves into the bargain ........ there is a serious threat to peace in Northern Ireland.
141. Another potential post-Brexit paperwork & cost headache for travellers (and their hosts). If you are visiting a friend or relative in France or Spain (after Covid), or planning to tour around from place to place, pre-trip bureaucracy is mushrooming.
142. As a result of reduced intelligence sharing with the EU since Brexit, the goods you buy are much more likely to be fakes - which also means more likely to be unsafe, shoddy, and have poorer conditions and pay for workers.
143. The UK’s Payment System Regulator “does not monitor or have any role with respect to... (card) transactions at EU merchants” post Brexit. So your EU purchases “are no longer subject to the interchange fee caps”. I wonder what will happen to card fees?
143a. null points!!! 🙄
144. It's not just any EU/UK-withdrawal-agreement-Northern-Ireland-protocol-trade cockup - it's an M & S EU/UK-withdrawal-agreement-Northern-Ireland-protocol-trade cockup.
And yet more jobs and business lost.
145. It looks possible that Norway will vote against replacing a temporary rollover deal with a fuller UK/Norway trade deal in order to .........
....... protect its farmers, and its food quality.
146. Trade with the EU has fallen by 23% compared to a 0.8% fall with non-EU countries (in the first 3 months of 2021).
That’s weird!!!!
I wonder what caused that?
146a. “Brexit not to blame” shock.
Head of Trade Deal photocopying Liz Truss rose to the occasion with her usual brilliant insight and declared that the UK's nul point Eurovision nightmare was NOT due to Brexit - it was the BBC wot done it.
147. I’ve already covered Brexit’s effect on artists touring Europe - it makes it nigh impossible.
What’s new is Brexit’s effect on the oxygen depleted heights of insanity in the Daily Excess’ anti EU spin.
148. Bug food bonanza buggered by Brexit balls-up.
It's great when millions of pounds of public money are put into a new industry with a huge potential - which is then completely shafted by Brexit incoherence.
Left antenna, right antenna.
149. It really is such a shame that the repercussions of Brexit are ruining some people’s lives. I’m sure Mr Johnson feels their disappointment.
150. Our European friends, our biggest trading partners, our major source of tourism revenue - seem to be much more likely to be told to f*** off since Brexit.
How very sensible!
151. More than a third of UK businesses have lost money (averaging £60,000) on UK / EU card payments since Brexit. The larger the company the larger the losses.
152. 67% of Daily Express readers who responded to a D.E. poll agreed with the D.E.'s suggestion that Boris Johnson's planned post-Brexit super-yacht (rrp £200 million) should be named Prince Philip.
Few countries use super-yachts to forge trade deals.
Boasty McBoastface?

HMS Waives the Rules?
HMS Ozymandias
153. You will remember the £350 million a week (£18 billion a year) Brexit bus lie.
Well - estimates are that Brexit caused the Service sector to lose £113 billion between 2016 and 2019 - 3 years ... £38 billion a year ... 2 Brexit buses. Just in Services.
154. Arch Brexiteer, anti-imigrationeer, get-stuck-in-Spain-during-the-pandemiceer, tell your 40,000 staff to work at Tescos, Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin is pleading for more EU migration into the UK to pull his pints.
155. Click on this graphic and consider that although all countries have suffered from Covid, only one has suffered from Brexit. The orange chart shows percentage change in goods exports since 2019. OECD figures. Thanks to @TobyABGreen.
#BrexitDisaster Image
@TobyABGreen 156. It appears that the frisson, and eye opening, and excitement, and friendship (and more!) that is stimulated by school exchanges is set to diminish as post-Brexit border controls hit yet another joy of being European.
157. Oliver Dowden (believed to be a government minister) celebrated a deal with Liechtenstein which allows bands to tour. (This resurrects a deal that we used to have with all 27 EU countries). (And which the EU offered post-Brexit but the UK rejected).
158. As a public service this thread brings you a Brexit-inspired defence that you can use next time you’re in court. According to David Frost (Brexitologist) it’s fine to argue that your legal opponent is employing “legal purism”. Also known as “the law”.
159. We have conflicting takes on the NI protocol from the Lords of Brexitology - either (Lord Frost) the government didn't understand it (ie they're thick), or (Lord Barwell) the government knew it would shaft them eventually (ie they're thick). Oh Lord!
160. You know how easy it is to drive one of those huge articulated lorries - it’s not a recognised skilled occupation according to the UK government. So EU drivers can’t work here. So there’s a shortage of drivers. So prices will rise.
161. We were repeatedly told that after Brexit a UK body would continue environmental protection work previously done by the EU.
Well - the OEP is here, and lawyers describe the watchdog as toothless, and lacking in independence from ministers.
162. Post-Brexit we have newspaper headlines like this about our 'Special Relationship' partner. Strange how Donald Trump never attracted such opprobium from sections of the UK press. (And can we have a trade deal Mr Biden please ...).
163. In the biggest boost to news of a British Brexit Bonanza seen to date, a massive 5% of NI businesses say they are looking forward to a positive Brexit impact this year.
(Other figures were not so encouraging).
164. I'm not attaching a particular news story to today's Brexit consequence because everywhere you look - with climate change, and wars, and covid, and poverty breathing down our necks - all you read about is "G7/Brexit/UK/EU".
What a waste of space (and opportunity) Brexit is.
165. Brexit has made things worse for the British fishing industry.
That’s Brexit.
166. Is this a chain of events?
*UK needs trade deals
*Talks with India planned
*Delta (Indian) variant identified
*April 9th - Pakistan put on red list
*April 23rd - India put on red list
*UK infections are now mainly the Delta variant
*Four more weeks of lockdown.
167. It's a very long bump in the road.
Goods imports from Great Britain to Ireland (not including N. Ireland) fell 39% in the first four months of the year compared to the same period in 2020. (Exports from Ireland to GB rose by 7%).
168. The UK/Australia trade deal may lead to lower food standards and to a loss of British farming jobs over the next 15 years, but let's not lose sight of the fact that it has the potential to boost British trade by 0.02%.
169. Brexit isn’t only about the direct effects that it has - it’s about the bandwidth it occupies. In a time of climate change, poverty, migration, homelessness and intolerance ... we are discussing sausages.
170. "Structural problems not teething problems".
The British Food and Drink industry has seen a 55% drop in exports to the EU since the beginning of 2019 (equalling a £2bn loss in the first quarter of this year). Non-EU exports fell by 4%.
171. I've got the niggling feeling that the best time to try to work out what the advantages are of doing something might be before you do it - not after.
172. We all know what the Daily Fail thinks of a newsreader who doesn’t wear a poppy.
Well - what about a government that slashes British Legion income?
Thanks to @CloudySkieso0o
173. You have to give it to Brexit, it keeps finding ingenious ways to make a mess of Britain. Now it’s the entertainment industry’s turn for another kicking.
174. The Australians were very pleased with the UK-Australia trade deal. Now we know why.
Australia 6 : United Kingdom 1
175. So here we are five years after the vote, and the lies of Brexit are now taken up by the liars of Nexit and faithlessly reported by the liars of the Daily Excess.
Apparently not one ‘fear’ story came true!
176. Lord Frost went on to say that although the Leave campaign had characterised the EU as knuckle-dragging, red tape bound, inward-looking Johnny foreigners he was surprised at their lack of trust in the UK.
(Oh - and roaming charges)
177. Christian, Christmas, Donovan, Froome, Holden, Lowden, McLay, Swift, Thomas, Towers, Wright - our government loves to be proud of British cycling success. Success built on years of gruelling training across Europe.
178. Brexit (and, to be fair, Covid - but mainly Brexit) has led to a shortage of lorry drivers (as highlighted in this thread before). This will affect school meal deliveries so the nation’s children will be fed lower quality food.
Just brilliant.
179. With the deadline (31 June) fast approaching for EU citizens who are resident in the UK to apply for the right to settled status (so that they can continue to live and work in the UK - and use the NHS) many look set to fall through the net.
180. When you read that the UK wants to ‘extend a transition period’ it simply means the government thinks that the way to avoid problems in a section of the economy is to delay Brexit in that section of the economy.
The best Brexit is, it seems, no Brexit
181. Pictures are starting to emerge of supermarket shelves strangely empty of food. Tesco in MK (below), and Aldi in Coulsdon are examples.
Are there any more?
Post with #BrexitAisle (geddit?)
#BrexitBritain Image
182. I've done 6 month's worth of these one-a-day tweets - and now the CBI are joining in.
The CBI have urged the government to reduce the negative effects of Brexit by rolling back one of the prime movers of Brexit.
It’s madder than a mad thing being mad.
183. Let's not be mealy-mouthed - Nissan's decision is great for Mackems.
But we're entitled to ask if it would have happened quicker without Brexit, if it should have depended on UK's £120m, and if the government can be as generous again.
But - Ha-way!
184. A quote from someone who used to have a job he loved -
Lincolnshire-based ski instructor Nick Orgles, who has worked with school trips for the past 20 years, said: “Since Brexit, we have all lost our jobs, our passion.”
185. Brexit is producing news stories that are straight out of some warped Chris Morris TV spoof (Brass Eye anyone?). And so - "Industry leaders call on government to bring in the army after Brexit induced HGV driver shortage threatens Haribo deliveries".
186. Brexit is, of course, famously, like Marmite. You either love it or hate it. Unlike Marmite, the whole of Europe is stuck with Brexit, but Brexit means that you can't buy Marmite in smaller markets like Cyprus - it's too expensive to ship it there.
187. After 6 months of Brexit, Panorama should have been a paean of praise, not of pain. (Can you have a paean of pain?)
Here's a link to last night’s programme.
Warning: contains distressing scenes of #BrexitReality.
188. It would appear that the various effects of Brexit are leading UK farmers to decide that they need to move away from producing food.
Can anyone see a problem with that????
189. After Brexit the UK has to make new trade deals. And our trading partners will understandably want the new deals to be in their favour. Here’s an interesting NZ perspective ...
190. The cost of not being a member of the EU any more (just the cost of leaving - never mind the cost of having left) will be between £37billion (OBR) and £40billion (EU).
Money well spaffed!
191. The port of Dover is concerned that the transport of goods to and from Europe could face an escalation of disruption when newly liberated holidaymakers add to their workload and paperwork - and clog their approach roads.
192. Imagine your government had negotiated a trade deal that was so awful that it prevented an entire religious community from getting its faith’s dietary requirements . If you’re a Northern Irish Jew you don’t have to imagine it.
193. A super unifying, wound-healing, olive-branch wielding headline from The Telegraph below. Brexit, built and consolidated on lies, has fractured this country (The Untied Kingdom more like) and support for it is now a litmus test for being 'one of us'.
194. Brexit means that the EU’s new anti money laundering authority - AMLA - has no authority here, leaving estate agents strangely conflicted between ‘red tape’ avoidance joy and international pariah dread.
(ps red tape = stopping crime).
195. One Brexit consequence that I did not expect when I started this thread in January (195 tweets ago! 😱) was the rising tide of Brexit catastrophe stories in the Daily Express 😱😱😱.
196. Food is rotting because there is no-one to pick it. Watch the video in this news item and be angry.
197. Okay - it’s official - no more beating about the bush - the fishing industry’s trade body has accused Brexit supporting MPs of betraying the former “poster child” of Brexit. The mackerel have come home to roost.
198. Over half of the UK's haulage firms have moved, or are considering moving, operations to Europe - because of ongoing border delays, driver shortages, and increased admin time and costs.
199. Brexit-mania (the urge to do something even if it hurts you) has led the UK not to implement the EU's new Medical Device Regulation - which means that 1300 UK medical device manufacturers might be frozen out of their key market, and deter investment😣
200. British supermarkets are considering shifting their supply chains to the EU because of continuing problems stocking stores in NI.
In other words - Brexit means that supermarkets will buy less food from UK suppliers.
201. Brexit has revealed our government's brutally uncaring core.
Sacked (as a care home worker) after living here for 44 years - since 11 months old?
69p a minute for advice?

202. Finally - Brexit is creating new jobs in the UK!!!
To cope with post-Brexit paperwork.
203. The UK/NI/EU stool has three legs - peace, trade, and the NI protocol. Kick one of those legs away and the stool collapses (but - psssst - you can replace the protocol with a customs union).
The government needs to reformulate its oven-ready bollox.
204. One indisputable consequence of Brexit is that this country now has a PM who is a proven liar. Or, if Erskine May prefers, lier, or lyre, or liyer, or lire.
I think it’s Dawning on people.
205. Smaller airline companies which depend on unscheduled flights (often carrying essential freight for UK manufacturing firms) are losing business because of Brexit red tape. Yet another forgotten ingredient of the oven-ready deal.
206. Refusal to stay in a customs union necessitated the NI protocol. NI is now, effectively, more tied to the EU than the UK. GB drugs therefore require separate licensing in NI - which is too expensive - so ‘export’ of drugs to NI might end.
207. Well - it would appear the Brexit deal is so wonderful that the UK government is asking the EU to bring further negotiated changes to a standstill - to avoid chaos (surely that should be 'further chaos' - ed.)
208. Post-Brexit travel to Europe:
😞90 days max (not limitless)
😞much harder to get a job (not hassle free)
😞From 2023 you will need ETIAS clearance
AND 😞 you’re passport is NOT valid up to its expiry date - so beware.
209. Increasingly the UK government's shenanigans over the Brexit deal that it signed with such rampant fanfare is giving pause for thought for the very countries that we now have to negotiate trade deals with.
We are achieving 'dodgy car dealer' status.
210. The UK's lucrative and esteem-enhancing legal sector has only got international clout (financially and estimably) because of the Lugano convention - which we left at Brexit.
And may not be able to rejoin.
211. First quarter of 2021:
NI goods exports to RoI up 44%.
RoI goods exports to NI up 22%.
NI is cutting GB out of its supply and sales links and forging closer EU links.
Lord Frost: “This is in many ways a problem”.
...part of a much bigger problem mate!
212. Brexit was supposed to deliver us into a land of milk and honey.
Honey supplies were undermined by problems with international bee transportation (I kid you not - number 38 in this thread).
... and now the milk supplies are drying up.
213. Yesterday’s self-satisfied crowing of a pompous Brexit apologist made me look again at the latest update of the Digby Jones Index. Many thanks again to Yorkshire Bylines for a dose of truth and realism - jobs continue to be lost.
214. Naomi Klein introduced The Shock Doctrine in 2007 - the notion that the public's disorientation at times of crisis can be exploited to push through radical changes. Brexit and Covid are providing the UK government with just such a smokescreen.
215. Brexit has helped to beat down UK share prices and, in the first half of the year, private equity funds acquired a record 13 UK-listed companies.
Foreign companies are joining in with jobs put at risk.

Brexit UK plc is up for sale.

216. Students from China are overtaking total EU students at UK universities.
I don’t know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing - but it is a thing.
The EU countries are our closest neighbours - and it’s good to get to know your neighbours.
217. The strength of the UK’s post-Brexit political landscape has been revealed by Daily Express readers who voted Liz “Cheese Disgrace” Truss as their favourite to succeed Boris Johnson - based, presumably, on her trade deal photocopying prowess.
218. Oliver Dowden (DCMS) was so envious of Liz Truss’s compendium of Daily Express victory-photocopying headlines that he attempted to dress up his own Frankenstein’s monster of cultural non-progress as a utopia for touring musicians.
Rumbled a day later.
219. Brexit is making driving more dangerous.
(Put that on the side of a bus!)
220. Top bankers have been severely underpaid because of the government’s restrictions on bankers’ bonuses. But relief is in sight as the need to alleviate the City of London’s post Brexit blues may lead to richer bankers.
221. A Premiership football team will have to play its first 5 ‘home’ fixtures at another ground due to Brexit-caused delays to its new pitch.
(But as it’s Coleraine from the Danske Bank Premiership it probably won’t cause sleepless nights in Downing St).
222. The Daily Excess gave a sterling defence of Vodaphone’s roaming charges by reporting that some people were rich enough not to care, no-one went to Europe anymore due to Covid, and no-one had ever said that they wouldn’t go up after Brexit.
223. It will be obvious to all true Englishmen that the teething problems of Brexit are mere temporary hiccups on the road to paradise.
For this reason the government has extended indefinitely its emergency Kent lorry park laws.
Such lack of faith.
224. The Conservative Party is of course, indisputably, the champion of small businesses.
Strange then that its Brexit policy, and the subsequent exodus of EU workers, has left a Devon business with no option but to give away its produce.
£100,000 worth.
225. Last week's Wikileaks revealed strong ties between:
Tory MPs
Right wing Christians
Anti-abortionists (and sex education and contraception and LGBT rights)
If you're gay, female, or young it's good to know who your friends are
226. A post-Brexit shortage of workers on UK farms and meat-processing factories, is leading to a huge backlog of pigs on farms with attendant welfare problems...
...and will lead to shortages in shops...
...and more meat imports.
227. In the first 6 months after Brexit, EU exports to the UK rose by 5.5% giving the EU a trade surplus of £69.8 billion (up from £47.8 b in the first half of last year). The UK was the only major EU trading partner to see a fall in exports to the EU.
228. Levelling up
Northern Powerhouse
Midland Engine
Election promises to match EU regional funding


None of the £220 million regional grants promised by the UK government (to replace the £1,200 million lost from EU grants) has so far been released.
229. Now fair’s fair and a job’s a job - but I can’t remember the side of the Brexit bus saying “We will create whole new Civil Service departments to administer post-Brexit paperwork”.
I must have missed it.
230. In just six months Brexit has led to a massive increase in exports (20%)*, and a massive decrease in imports (32%)**
Massive result!!!

* From Ireland to GB
** From GB to Ireland
231. Brexit supporting Tory Party donors Tate and Lyle - the UK’s only raw sugar importers - stand to gain financially from new trade deals which remove protection from home-grown sugar beet farmers.
Brexit increases imports, and eviscerates UK farming.
232. In tweet 2 (Jan 2) I covered the massive lorry park due to blight the lives of residents of Guston in Kent. In fairness, the site has now been massively scaled back.
Facilities will, however, be built elsewhere (if too late).
(But - Nandos!)
233. To be honest I’m surprised the Daily Excess have covered this story so factually. Maybe the reason is the final half where they basically plead for EU citizens not to leave.
Shutting the stable door after you’ve told the horse to #### off?
234. A Brexit turkey or
a Christmas turkey.

It seems you can’t have both.

235. When the Daily Excess backs a call by the British Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Small Businesses to renegotiate the Brexshit deal, it is possible that all is not well.
236. Ian Botham and Kate Hoey.

That’s it.

237. In tweet 226 in this thread (one a day since Jan 1) the shortage of pigs was covered. What I hadn’t realised was that this Brexit induced Gammon shortage (🥁) would lead to no pigs-in -blankets on Xmas Day.
Brexit Armagammon!!!!
238. The Brexit bubble has burst for a Welsh bubble toy manufacturer - previously extolled as a Brexit go-getter by UK Gov. But it’s all too much - the paperwork, the delays, the anxiety - and they are now contemplating an overseas move.
239. Dowden’s GDPR reforms. “Cookie permission popups are 50% of the reason why I voted to leave the EU.” said one Mail reader (no -really!).
The plans include greater freedoms to transfer personal data between countries and companies.
Hmmm! 🤨
240. Apologies are due to students who would normally spend time in Spain as part of their degree - Brexit paperwork might mean they can't go.
Hey, but it's only a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Apologies won't happen.
241. It would seem (NOT FOR THE FIRST TIME) that the best way to cope with the side effects of Brexit, is to undo Brexit changes.
This (below) hasn't happened yet - and ministers are squealing "Hire British!" - but let's see ...
242. “International exhaustion” - a proposed (by Kwasi Kwarteng) post-Brexit change to current copyright rules would allow cheap editions of books to flood the UK market via internet sellers.
Goodbye bookshops & authors’ incomes & publisher risk-taking.
243. A FoI request has revealed that environmental concerns about the Ashford Brexit Lorry Park were discounted when the planning permissionless process of approval slid over Ministers’ desks.
Brexit UK - a new way of doing things!
244. Tweet 229 in this thread began “Now fair’s fair and a job’s a job ....”. This time the extra jobs needed to cope with Brexit bureaucracy are at NE Lincolnshire’s Port Health team - to keep essential fish imports coming in. Like they used to.
245. Brexit supporting Wetherspoon’s Brexit induced beer shortage gives us all the opportunity to reach out and support Tim Martin in his hour of stock shortage - give the man a break and buy your pints elsewhere.
256. EU-based firms are increasingly saying that it is just not worth their while exporting to the UK after Brexit. Too much time, expense, stress and paperwork. Which leaves the UK supplier-less. Our independent clothing stores are the latest to suffer.
257. One of this government's oft repeated mantras (nb a mantra is not a concrete achievement) is that after Covid the country will 'build back better'.
Unfortunately, due to Brexit, this can't rely on IKEA furniture.
258. Brexit, combined with Covid, is fuelling inflation and will push up prices this Autumn.
If your are comfortably off - you will dig into your savings.
If you are poor - you will get poorer.
259. Brexit lost us many of the 60,000 EU HGV drivers that used to work for UK haulage companies.
Our government pushed ahead with a hard Brexit, and failed to put HGV driver contingency plans into effect.
Blood tests and now flu jabs are down the swannee.
260. Not for the first time (or, I suspect, for the last) the government has discovered that the best way to protect the interests of the UK after Brexit, is to stop making the changes brought about by Brexit.
261. I tend to use the hashtag #Brexshit as a catch-all for Brexit effects.
I never imagined how appropriate it would turn out to be as Brexit shortages trigger permission for water companies to pour shit into our rivers.
262. Given the choice between grabbing headlines with a trade deal, and protecting the planet you live on, most decent people would side with their home planet.
But not a Brexit obsessed government of blinkered fools.
263. Roaming charges from 'Three' - joining EE & Vodaphone, and increased transaction charges from PayPal - joining Visa & Mastercard, are the latest Brexit Bonanzas clawed out of the UK/EU split.
These companies are very grateful to our Government.
Less so customers.
264. It’s tempting to feel sorry for an MP who is seeing his dream project in tatters and is then confronted by a UK citizen who points out that his dream project is in tatters.
Tempting - until you recall the damage that is being wrought.
265. Imagine, if you can, a government that pursues a policy which separates children from their parents, and husbands from their wives.
266. The shallow hypocrisy of Project Brexit was highlighted yesterday by Nigel ("concerned if a group of Romanian people suddenly moved in next door") Farage's attempt to hitch his jingoistic bandwagon onto Emma (her dad's Romanian) Raducanu's stunning US Open victory.
#Brexshit Image
267. Trades bodies serve their members - which is why the British Frozen Food Federation is planning email alerts, webinars, online events, and advice from industry specialists, to help companies cope with Brexit “pain points”.
Going well then.
268. The delayed Brexit border checks announced yesterday ("due to COVID" 😂) will allow EU companies to import goods into the UK without checks, but UK businesses will be disadvantaged by Brexit checks and costs on the goods that they export.
269. Whether Veolia are right to blame Brexit, or whether they are using Brexit as a, eh-hem, smokescreen, the fact remains that the “rubbish contractor” is now incinerating Croydon’s recycling - with Brexit to blame.
270. You can imagine the fanfare that would greet a Liz Truss trade deal leading to good old British Marks and Sparks opening more stores overseas. If that ever happened.
Well here’s the actual, true, happening now, mirror image of that story.
271. Post-Brexit trade deals are looking less and less likely with both China ...
and the United States ...
Brexit UK is like Wile E Coyote ... off the cliff and air-running.
272. Future prospects for the UK were dealt a devastating blow yesterday when Liz Truss, the new Foreign Secretary, announced that she wanted to use her vision to mould post-Brexit Britain - as a "low tax, low regulation, Singapore on Thames".
273. British gardens will be more expensive and less varied next year as post-Brexit paperwork and added expense push up the price, and reduce the choice, of EU plants for sale in the UK.
Blooming awful!
274. Brexit 'decoupled' the UK from the EU energy market (EUphemia) which aims to buffer prices between countries. More volatility in UK energy prices was predicted - see below. Remember - UK prices in £s so add 16%:
275. You’ve got to love this comment piece headline from The Telegraph:
“No, not everything can be blamed on Brexit”.
Hmm!? Not everything. Not every last thing.
Just, err, most things??
276. The Brexit bonfire of opportunities, freedoms, conveniences, standards, supply chains, and potential friendships and relationships continues.
It will be a bonfire without fireworks unfortunately.
The UK - not with a bang, but a whimper.
277. The ruinous combination of desperation, exceptionalism and recklessness is visible in spades in digital minister Chris Philip’s post-Brexit plan for the GB to have a light touch approach to AI innovation.
Over my dead exam grade algorithm!
278. So here we are - day 278 of Brexit - day 278 of severing our links with our closest neighbours so that GB can go it alone and forge its own path and assert its independence and protect its borders and - can we have your lorry drivers please?
279. Since Brexit, vacancies for care home workers have soared.
What this means is that a political obsession has led to people in this country - British citizens!! - who need care are not getting the care they deserve.
All because of Brexit.
280. Contingency Planning - when you know something’s going to happen and you make plans for it.
2016 - Brexit referendum.
Today - shortages of HGV drivers, blood test vials, fruit and veg pickers, care home workers, some foodstuffs, Xmas toys.
And delays.
And expenses.
281. One thing that the UK government avoided by exiting the (£34 per person per year) EU was being held to account against the EU's 2017 Pension Policy.
tinyurl.com/22ch5wtd Image
282. Brexit is not only adversely affecting the UK. Neighbours, particularly Ireland and France, are also experiencing the increased costs and reduced trade that we know so well. EU funds are being made available to compensate but what a waste!!
283. The people living through the consequences of Brexit (us) are probably well placed to comment on how it is affecting their lives.
53% say it's going badly.
18% say it's going well.
Remainers are consolidating.
Brexiteers are evaporating.
284. Brexit keeps giving us new experiences - and we are now forced to endure the press of other countries effectively taking the piss out of us.
285. When I started this thread 285 days ago I chose a profile picture of a ‘Pig in a poke’ to represent Brexit. It was (then) a known unknown - but it is (now) a very known known.
And now piglets are being slaughtered - because of Brexit.
286. Grant Shapps quoted a figure of 123,000 HGV driver shortages in the EU - that’s more than Britain’s shortage of 100,000. What he did not say was that the EU’s shortage is across 27 countries. On a quick calculation the problem in the UK is 1,200 per cent worse.
287. Ending freedom of movement was one of the mainstays of Brexit. UK citizens have lost their ease of travel and work across Europe.
But - the UK needs EU HGV drivers, and butchers, and veg pickers, and hospitality workers and, now, financiers
# Brexshit
288. As far as I know The Bangkok Post didn’t take up a staunch pro- or anti-Brexit stance. It’s probably just reacting to events as it sees them.
Here is their cartoon from yesterday:
# Brexshit Image
289. I'm not going to take sides in the forthcoming EU / UK Brexit deal enforcement spats. Obviously I'd rather our energy supplies from our close neighbours weren't cut off - but I think it's true that without Brexit this wouldn't be happening.
290. Expats are selling up in Spain.
A sign that UK citizens are finding it more difficult to live in the EU.

From here on in.
291. The river and sea cruise industry of Europe still welcomes UK guests (as part of your maximum of 90 days in the EU!) but is shedding UK staff who face constant visa renewal as they travel from country to country.
292. The ex-PM's tongue was probably hovering near the inside of his cheek, and a smirk was probably barely being held at bay - but he said it and it didn’t sound completely bonkers.
All jokes work better against a recognisable backdrop.
293. The big red Brexit bus promised loadsamoney for the NHS.
What it has actually delivered is a near crippling nursing shortage.
Brexit is bad for your health (service).
294. Game of Thrones (never watched it 😲) pumped £250 million into the Northern Ireland economy. A TV series with the same producer has snubbed NI in favour of Italy because of the Brexit related logistics of moving crew, cast and equipment.
295. The Fashion industry is (was?) worth £35 billion to the UK economy. A stitch in time can be very valuable, but poor Brexit preparation and SOL pigheadedness is leading to massive rents in the fabric of Fashion UK - and some off-shoring.
296. Lord Frost said: “We knew that some aspects of the protocol ... when they were agreed ... were problematic.
We didn’t support them (but) we hoped that we would be wrong (and they would be all right). (But) We were right” ... that they were wrong.
297. The EU’s Creative Europe Media programme provided support for UK film distribution companies to release European films, making excellent, but lower profile, films available to UK cineastes.
No longer.
Fast and Furious 43 probs not affected.
298. The Covid pandemic and subsequent supply chain issues is forcing companies and countries to re-evaluate the length and complexity of their supply chains.
The UK will presumably be focussing on home-grown and European trade links.


299. Those mickey-taking Americans are at it again.
“The Washington Post: Wanted temporarily in post-Brexit Britain: 800 foreign butchers to slaughter some 120,000 pigs”
Oh those rolling eyes!! 🙄
300. (That’s 300 Brexit induced cock-ups since Jan 1 this year - one a day).
Finnish supermarket chain S-market have replaced Tesco products with Carrefour products “because of Brexit”.
301. Imagine an organisation that won’t allow a 4 year old, a 9 year old, an 11 year old - and a wife - to see their father / husband through July and August and September and half of October (so far).
That’s the UK government.
And for what?
For Brexshit.
302. “You were only supposed to exit the bloody EU” might have been a good repost to our current ‘totally exploded van’ scenario.
Michael Caine is still wedded to the project though.
More ‘Blind Spot’ than ‘Sleuth’.
303. Not a single child in a the UK was named ‘Nigel’ last year.
Could this be the first positive effect of the Brexit process?
(Still 43 named Boris though - up there with Arnold - so still a way to go).
304. Of course, of course, of course.
Brexit is hurting many sectors of the UK economy, including the financial sector - which is now lined up for a cut in the "fair contribution" Bank Levy on profits from 8% to 3%.
Presumably less fair now then
305. The UK/NZ trade deal is a “£2.3 billion deal” because our trade with NZ is already £2.3 billion.
It will allow tariff free wine, lamb, beef and dairy products to be transported 12,000 miles.
NZ - delighted.
UK - “Negligible benefit”
306. This is from the BBC News website:
(Sit down first) (Breathe deeply).
"Some firms such as JD Sports have opened distribution centres in the EU.
This is because Brexit makes it commercially unviable to supply EU countries from Great Britain."
307. The Trade and Agriculture Commission has been set up to scrutinise new trade deals & how they’ll effect the UK economy, animal welfare, food standards etc.
This is after (🙄) trade deals have been SIGNED with NZ and Aus.
Stable door, horse?
308. Just Don’t Do It!
Nike’s laudable trainer recycling scheme has been quietly dropped in the UK due to Brexit induced costs. They’ll go to landfill instead. Still - there’ll be a corner of a UK tip that is forever Nike.
309. I'll be frank - the EU can be as stupid as the UK. Anyone who scores points over which country's scientists take part in research at a time like this (climate crisis anyone?) is a fool.
But - no Brexit, no argument.
(And "deal breaking"??!!)
310. The Schengen Information Service shares information on crime and security across 30 countries. The UK lost access after Brexit and is currently spending millions to build a parallel system - set to start in 2024. Fingers crossed till then 😟
311. The Office of Budget Responsibility (those remoaners!!) says that Brexit will shrink the economy by 4% (like losing Birmingham, Liverpool and Nottingham).
That's twice the effect on the economy as the Covid pandemic.
312. Brexit and the UK’s reputation.
Our former Brexit counsellor to the US resigned because of half-truths and misleading information she was asked to peddle. To friends!
Her resignation letter (scroll to the end of the article) is excoriating.
313. Brexit and the UK’s reputation 2.
Brexit is like a Leylandii hedge that’s just been planted between once friendly neighbours.
It casts shade on both sides and generates endless simmering disputes, mistrust and bad feeling.
For ever.
314. The Brexit induced resurfacing of old sores in Northern Ireland continues apace according to community workers. Flare-ups have happened already and community groups are struggling to keep things calm.
315. The desperation of Brexiteers. This is a bit below the belt - but hey!!
The Mail on Sunday Comment column yesterday shouted that we must do more to "celebrate and exploit our Brexit freedoms".

It didn't, er, list any.

316. Gaslighting, obfuscation, ignorance, lies and stupidity. The UK Government’s tools of choice.
Read Lord Frost’s intro, below, for a good dose of each.
And ..“the real weakness of the UK government” during negotiations about our futures 🙄.
317. The US has lifted Trump-imposed tariffs on EU steel and aluminium imports.
The deal with their “greatest of friends” will not, of course, include the UK.
The @Daily_Express has burst a blood vessel.
This tweet is despairing, not gloating.
@Daily_Express 318. The Brexit-induced shortage of butchery workers has resulted in pigs being slaughtered and destroyed.
Now beef carcasses are being sent to Ireland to be butchered, and pig carcasses may be sent to The Netherlands.

And then re-imported.
@Daily_Express 319. Brexit has become a cri de coeur for some sections of the Northern Irish population - something on which to hang existing, but subdued, grievances.
Violence ensues and teenagers’ lives are ruined.
@Daily_Express 320. Full checks on EU imports (agreed under the Oven Ready deal) have been delayed 3 times because of lack of UK preparedness. They are now due to begin in July ‘22.
The National Audit Office says we still won’t be ready.
Planning at its finest.
@Daily_Express 321. The normal way to assess a project’s success is to set clear success criteria in advance - measurable outcomes.
No success criteria are published for Brexit - just “department will provide narrative reporting on progress for this outcome”
@Daily_Express 322. Cornwall would have been eligible for £100 million ‘Shared Prosperity’ funding from the EU.
The UK government will be providing replacement ‘Papering over the cracks’ funding of £3 million.
Have they got no Cornish chums??!!
#Bretmas kagha
@Daily_Express 323. The OBR has reported that the end of our EU membership will cause trade losses 178 times greater than the combined effects of all of Liz Truss’ photocopied trade deals (worth an extra 50p per person per year) added together.
324. I have no connection, or commission arrangement (!!) with this great little UK business which has just announced complete cessation of its EU postage service. Quite a thread of replies to the tweet.
Brexit: shrinking our trade opportunities.
325. Magicians use misdirection to draw audience attention to one thing to distract it from another.
So it is with UK politics and Brexit, and it would seem that Brexit "The Great Distracto" is here to stay.
Corruption? Brexit!
Lies? Brexit!
326. DHL - the cargo transport company - is moving the base for most of its pan-European flights from the UK to Austria.
It's really weird how few companies are moving their operations TO the UK as a result of Brexit.
Whyever can that be?
327. Well, well, well.
Never has empty rhetoric been quite so empty.
The UK government had no idea about a myriad of effects that Brexit would have on us, so why should “take back control of our borders” turn out to actually be a reality?
328. If Brexit had been the resounding success that we were promised we would not be seeing this:
and this (in The Express!!!!!!!)
329. More than 4,000 British firms have seen the benefit of moving their base to Estonia (i.e. - being in the EU) helping to swell the country’s tax revenues by 60 percent compared to 2020, an estimated Estonian tax gain of 51 million euros.
330. Last Christmas The Lord of Truth - Boris Johnson - said that his Brexit deal would “allow UK goods and components to be sold without tariffs and without quotas in the EU market”.
To date tariffs have been paid on £9.5 billion of exports.
331. I’ll take a break today and just say “Watch this week’s Dispatches”.
It’s almost as if it was scripted by this thread.

Please do pass this on.
322. Northern Ireland / Republic trade rockets; UK / Republic trade fades.
Well - dur!!!!
(Just noticed btw that in early September I jumped from 245 to 256 in this year long thread of tweets - so I’ve renumbered from today. I blame Brexit 😂.)
323. Brexit rule changes mean that school trips from the EU to the UK are becoming an endangered species.
Still - what’s so great about fostering international understanding?
324. Ryanair has decided to delist from the London Stock Exchange so that it can comply with European Union ownership requirements. London has already lost some business to rival venues in Paris and Amsterdam following Brexit.
325. As Britain makes new post-Brexit trade deals some of the products that make Britain British are losing their Protected Geographical Indicator status - so other countries can churn out cheap inferior rip-offs.
Well done Liz! 🧀
326. "After Brexit the numbers of vets will fall and your pets will suffer".
Yet another slogan that didn't appear on the side of that bus.
Brexit has seen the number of EU vets in Britain plummet.
Come on Britain - it's your animals!!!
327. In the eleventh month of Brexit, Lord Frost has said that "with a smaller market" Brexit (and the British economy) would fail if we stick to EU rules.
Food standards
Workers' rights
Environmental standards
Consumer rights

Slash and burn
328. In what many are seeing as the final nail in the coffin of Brexit popularity, it has been revealed that Peppa Pig is now American owned - a takeover fuelled by Brexit uncertainty and a Brexit-weakened pound.
Vroom vroom!
329. You may have noticed the non-appearance of a Xmas market in your neck of the woods - unless you live near Belfast..
.. which is in Northern Ireland
.. which is still effectively in the single market.
Hope Santa gets through.
Merry BreXmas!
330. The Brexit slogan that never was:

“After Brexit we will return 59 times fewer failed asylum seekers to France after they have crossed the Channel by boat.”

(Which will encourage this dangerous journey and lead to deaths).

331. When EU farming subsidies are replaced by UK regulations in 2024 (only 4 years after Brexit) there are fears that gaps in the regulations (SFI), and failure by farmers to join the scheme, will lead to loss of hedgerows (and wildlife).
332. Brexit seems to be having the effect on the nation’s small businesses that a Daily Mail boogie man (“hard left Stalinist anti-business zealot”) could only dream of.
Johnson’s “F*** Business” seems to be coming to fruition.
333. You may well still have friends and family in Europe - but don’t count on them receiving your Christmas presents in good time.
Brexit truly is The Nightmare Before Christmas.

aka The Ghost of Christmas Present(s)?

334. The goodthinkers of Brexit are adept at turning a doubleplusungood situation into a doubleplusgood one by rectifying it using Newspeak.
Iain Duncan Smith is a master of blackwhite - "the UK don't have ungoods ...the EU look at us ungood".
335. Trade deal desperation is once again raising concerns about what we will bend over and accept in order to get a picture of Liz Truss holding in her hand a piece of paper.
India's food production standards are even worrying George Eustice!
336. Studies on the effects of Brexit on UK trade show various results:
No Brexit (stay in EU): zero effect 👍
Norway type deal: loss of 1.1% to Northern Ireland trade 👎
NI protocol: loss of 2.6% to NI 👎👎
Brexit: loss of 4% to UK 👎👎👎
337. Over the last 11 months poll after poll has measured public reaction to Brexit - ample time for this world-beating move to demonstrate its benefits.
Jan ‘21: Good idea - 40%
Bad idea - 48%
Nov 21: Good idea - 37%
Bad idea - 50%

Oh! 🧐

338. Local newspapers across the country began reporting yesterday on the number of EU citizens in their local area who have lost the right to live and work in the UK.
Their crime?
Making a home and contributing to a country ruled by liars.
339. In a small scale simulacrum of the whole Brexit endeavour The Daily Excess has constructed an anti-US article out of the words of Andrew Bridgen MP (bless) and a handful of its below-the-line commentariat.
Rabbit-hole politics rules the land
340. You know how when you move house you get all the paperwork and the contracts sorted in advance - and then move.

The EU ‘Leader’ scheme of grants for small businesses is still awaiting its post-Brexit replacement.

As are small businesses.

341. How we love our European neighbours - so much so that the UK's decision to Brexit in the way that it did has meant that nearly a billion Euros has been diverted from other EU initiatives to compensate Ireland for Brexit induced damage.
342. My year of droning on about Brexit consequences is almost over (see the full day by day thread - please retweet for historical purposes 😉).
Ironically if the UK doesn’t replace the EU’s CE system the days of UK drones might also be over.
343. The UK's post-Brexit trajectory on the international stage in 3 words:

Erasmus ➡️ Turing ➡️ Capita

(Coupled with the dishonour to Turing’s name - to be associated with a Capita run scheme).

344. OK - you’ve got £45 million in loose change - you draw up your list of priorities - families? mental health? rehabilitation? homes?
No - let’s have a big shed and a lorry park to check goods going from one part of this country to another.
345. The UK is the only G7 country not to have regained its pre-pandemic export levels.

The UK is the only G7 country to have forced Brexit and Boris Johnson on itself.

346. It is possible, using maths and stuff, to construct a virtual doppelgänger UK which did not put itself through Brexit.
Our real brexited UK was £12 billion (15%) worse off than our doppelgänger in October alone.
347. Lord Frost and Fact4EU.org are asking Brexiteers to suggest EU laws for the UK gov to delete.
Government by straw poll.
No reason why rational people can’t also use the contact form to propose dumping the EU exit bill of course.
348. Since Brexit, trade through Irish ports is down from 66% UK:33% EU to 50:50.
32 new ferry services to Europe and a new goods terminal in Dunkirk are contributing to Ireland’s UK bypass.
Bypass (n) medical: diversion around sclerotic tissue.
349. When something that you support is going really, really well you brag about it don’t you - with a litany of glowing facts.
Which makes J R Mogg’s response to an MP’s request for regional post-Brexit impact statements very, very telling.
350. The UK government can dress up yesterday’s decision not to impose checks on goods entering Britain from Ireland from Jan 1st in any number of ways (“pragmatic”).
The bottom line is that it confirms that their Brexit deal -
351. (Only two more weeks of these daily tweets to go - although I'm sure that Brexit consequences will roll on).
Anyway - it looks as if rules on how we deal with dangerous chemicals are to be watered down.
Well - what else would you do?
352. (13 to go).
What fresh Brexit horror is about to fall on UK businesses? From May 2022 UK van drivers (or car/trailer!) will need yet another piece of paperwork (£257 to apply, £401 for the licence, £401 to renew it 5 years later).
353 (12 to go).
Christmas gifts heading from the UK towards friends and relations in the EU may attract unwelcome extra charges as a result of Brexit. Happy Brexmas!
354. (11 to go)
Liz Truss.

(Words failed me).
355. (10 days to go).
In the run-up to Brexit there were various estimates of its effects - including, from one source, 40,000 financial sector job losses.
Brexiteers are now crowing that there have been 7,400 such losses.
356. (9 days to go).
If warnings about the effects of Brexit were summed up as “Project Fear”, then January 1st 2022 should certainly be renamed “New Fears Day”. Here’s a summary of what’s coming (hint - it’s not good) …
357. (8 days to go).
From January you will have to pre-register your details with ETIAS and pay a €7 fee if you wish to travel to anywhere in the EU.
358. (7 days to go).
After telling you lot (day 355) that Finance sector job losses after Brexit were lower than some forecasts - a survey has popped up to say that job relocations have been slowed by the pandemic and lockdowns.
It ain't over.
359. Merry Xmas.
I’m going to end this year-long thread of daily Brexit consequences on a slightly different note - by reminding ourselves of 5 reasons why we keep banging on about this monumental cock-up.
Reasons to be Wrathful - Part 1 tomorrow …
360. Reasons to be Wrathful 1.
The Brexit campaign was notable for the volume of lies told - lies about immigration, health spending, increased influence on the world stage, potential trade deals and more.
People voted under the influence of lies.
And really - that’s not good.
Reasons to Wrathful 2.
In the Brexit referendum campaign underhand electioneering tactics were employed - particularly the use of ‘dark ads’ via Facebook which targeted cohorts of voters who had been identified through illegal data use.
Hardly ‘democracy at its finest’.
Reasons to be Wrathful 3.
Any kind of Brexit was always going to impose limitations on the freedoms of UK citizens.
The freedom to travel, work, study and choose where to live have all been curtailed.
We will tell our astonished children about what we used to be able to do.
Reasons to be Wrathful 4.
The money, and therefore influence, behind the Leave campaign was, and remains, murky.
A smallish group of wealthy, well-connected people wanted Brexit to happen.
“What’s in it for them” is a reasonable question.
Reasons to be Wrathful 5.
The referendum question was unclear. What kind of Brexit was on offer?
A slim majority of those voting gave their blind nod, and the Tory government then chose a hard Brexit - that no-one had explicitly voted for - and here we are.
What a mess.
365. This is the last day of @Brexit365.
A Brexit consequence every day this year.
January 1st 2022 beckons - 🎶things can only get bitter🎶
Please retweet the whole thread - as an historical document (as the Thermians of Galaxy Quest would say):

• • •

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