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UK will run full border for EU imports - 'no deal' plans prioritising trade flows to be junked 1/thread…
Biz groups to be told the 'good news' in meeting on Feb 10.

Radical departure from the October 'no deal' plans, that were designed to minimise checks to keep goods flowing - medicines, fruit and veg. etc. /2
Per source: “We are planning full checks on all EU imports - export declarations, security declarations, animal health checks and all supermarket goods to pass through Border Inspections Posts.” /3
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The Brexit negotiations must conclude by the end of June, the Brexit panic has yet to set in.

The UK is staring down the barrel of its own gun.

The EU are just waiting for us to pull the trigger.

They won’t flinch.
The EU isn’t in a panic, they don’t need us, they’ve already decided to endure some minor economic fall out, to bridge the EU budget gap, to continue to integrate, to reduce barriers further.

They want us to stay but not at any price, if we want so called liberty then off we go.
We don’t hold many cards, almost none, we can’t sit across the negotiating table like an enraged BXP moron and expect to be taken seriously.

EU citizens aren’t out rioting on our behalf, they’re simply amazed at our stupidity.
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Many of us have known this for a while now but it's quickly becoming apparent that, especially after the recent #GeneralElectionResults2019, #Racism in the UK is, not only going to increase, but become even more brutal, widespread & acceptable, as #racists become emboldened by /1
the fact that the Gov itself & those right in the heart of it, not only don't *effectively* condemn #racism but are, in fact, guilty of it *themselves*.

Get ready to see A LOT more (and a lot WORSE) than the examples below, in the future (near & otherwise) against *every /2
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Get this, #BrexitBritain. Any withdrawal agreement means compromise; you will pay, you will give ground. You are humiliated before the world, because #Brexit is an admission you can’t handle real life, that scuttling back to the safety of the dull 1950s is all you can handle.
If I sound bitter and angry it’s because I am. Because I’m one of those being screwed over. One of those whose life was defined by being European, by using the freedom that was my right. Five million of us whose lives have been turned upside down. #The5Million
#Brexiters are afraid that we don’t respect their ‘democratic vote’. Damned right we don’t. The referendum was never democratic. How could it be? The majority of those directly affected by the result DIDN’T EVEN GET A VOTE. Think about that. Democracy? No. The tyranny of the mob.
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This is a sham negotiation. It is nonsense barely dressed up.

It is a whole heap of “trust us” (Yes, trust *us*, who already agreed to the WA but now don’t) about commitments to something entirely unspecified.

We are no longer even pretending to be a serious, reliable country.
Also, Britain, take him at his word.

As it’s proposed our pension age be raised to 75, we have Johnson’s “commitment” to environmental, product & labour laws but Brexit Britain will “diverge” from EU laws.

Forget the trade deal. And put the rest in our pipe & smoke it.

Blink & the last 3 years never happened.

Can’t imagine the EU will treat this letter other than badly, the constant moving of goalposts to suit the British govt du jour.

Johnson’s govt is buried so deep in its own bravado, it forgets the outside world can think, read, listen.
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Yesterday my TL was full of people cutting up .@UKLabour membership cards or falling out with each other over whether Labour is/isn't a #Brexit party.

So let's focus on the common enemy: #HypocriticalBrexiters

N°1. #NHS foe Nigel Farage
#ThisTimeImVoting pro-EU
N°2 on the #HypocriticalBrexiters count-down is the man Fartage secretly wants to be: Jacob Rees-Mogg

#ThisTimeImVoting pro-EU
In at N°3 on the #HypocriticalBrexiters list, Jacob Rees-Mogg's former mentor & sometime investment partner: Crispin Odey

Pushing your country down a path, knowing it will cause economic damage, then betting against it STINKS.

#ThisTimeImVoting pro-EU
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New @cage_warwick paper with @EleAla on "Who is NOT voting for Brexit anymore?" Using local area estimates from @chrishanretty based on data from a 20k @Survation poll we study how the level & geography of support for Leave has changed since 2016... 1/
Swing away from #Leave is widespread and happening broadly across the UK, specifically in England, Wales, Cornwall and the North. Overall estimated level of support for Leave is 6 percentage points lower across UK, but masks significant heterogeneity. 2/
We follow similar approach as in earlier work with @essobecker and @DennisNovy to decompose the geographic variation to identify which factors are capturing the variation across the UK in the swing away from #Leave to #Remain.... 3/
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