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When Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage & Arron Banks employed propaganda in their campaigns there were 2 target groups.

1) To convince the would-be Leave voters to vote against their interests

2) To make the would-be Remain voters call them stupid to create a culture war & divide

If you're calling Leave voters stupid for being manipulated by propaganda.. have also been manipulated by propaganda

How smart do you feel now?

All it needs is the right message to the right target

If you think you can't be tricked, you wont see it coming

We can be

These 3 did not roll out his campaign. SCL Elections did who engaged in psychological warfare in military contexts as a contractor for the American & British militaries during the Afghanistan War & the Iraq War

The people who tricked them were people YOU paid to trick people

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OK. I think we could have some fun here.

Adapt a classic show to reflect modern 'Britishness'.

Starting with:

"On the Brexit buses"
"Faulty Economy"?
"The Brexit Civil Servant"
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The #PrimeMinister doesn’t do detail or preparation.

He doesn’t do emotional intelligence, empathy or compassion.

He does do integrity, honesty or accountability.

He is neither open or selfless & he most certainly is no great leader.

He hasn’t even bothered to brush his hair!
The absolute shame of it all.

The embarrassment, the horror, the sick feeling of knowing how many more innocent lives’ll be lost because basically he can’t be bothered & will undoubtedly attempt to lie himself out of any responsibility.

But most of all knowing HE DOESN’T CARE!
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A short thread to educate Daubney on why his #brexitfoodshortages are a direct result of the thing he wanted which he didn't understand 1/
Fresh food is imported in trailers with chillers designed to carry food stuffs safely and efficiently, those trailers aren't cheap, and they aren't plentiful. So the haulage shortage in the UK isn't just drivers, its also trailer units and tractor units. #brexitfoodshortages 2/
Before we left the Single Market and Customs Union a chilled trailer bought in imports, dropped its load, picked up another chilled load & moved it within the UK, sometimes several loads, then picked up some exports (fish, meat, processed foods etc.) and took them to the EU 3/
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1. Polite notice:
Unfollow me, block me, but don’t troll me just because you can’t ‘win’ an argument with me.

I don’t use this forum to win arguments. I come here to debate and become more informed. And, sometimes, just to engage in idle banter with friends.
2. I have been on Twitter for many years but only become more active over the last couple of years because of the desperate circumstances we find ourselves in. Yes, I am vocal and passionate and sometimes I might use hyperboles and emotive language.
3. But, I try to back up everything I say with evidence from reliable and factual sources. I may not get it right every time, that’s the point of debating. So please don’t get offended if I produce some facts that ride roughshod over your point of view or personal prejudices.
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I've decided to collect all the #brexitbenefits I observe in one thread, so it's easier to find them.

So here you have Tesco in Oban right now: ImageImageImageImage
This was KFC in Cambuslang yesterday Image
This was, I think Lidl shettleston couple of days back: ImageImage
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It's 5 years today since the vote to leave the EU. Let's remember all the #BrexitLies that the Leave campaigns told. Share your favourite #Brexit image or meme in the comments below. #BrexitDay #BrexitDisaster #BrexitReality #BrexitMadness #BrexitBritain Image
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Meet Matthew Offord MP

* "Christian" #ToryLiar
* Voted against #FreeSchoolMeals
* Voted against #TaxTheRich
* Voted against #GayRights
* Voted against #Equality
* Voted against #ClimateAction
* Voted For #BrexitDisaster
* Calls Jewish People #AntiSemitic

#IStandWithAlexeiSayle Matthew Offord Called Alexei Sayle 'Anti Semitic'
Hendon MP Mathew Offord has written to the Director-General of the BBC to demand he stop the broadcast of Desert Island Discs featuring Alexei Sayle, scheduled for this Sunday, saying every broadcaster “should be wary of giving a platform to anyone who is seen to be excusing..
.. antisemitism"

The problem is that Matthew Offord is "Christian" and the person he is accusing, Alexei Sayle is Jewish.

He says "I love being Jewish.. I'm anti-establishment.. there's nothing more 'establishment' that hatred of Jeremy Corbyn"

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The implications of Brexit on my small business are that now I have to pay fees to customs agents to verify my imports.
There are not enough of these agents to meet demand.
I have to pay a £75 fee for my goods to take 3-4 weeks longer to arrive whilst they 'process' them.
Since Dec I've read every available piece of information & acted on it in a timely manner.
Huge amounts of time wasted on following poor/wrong information & bad government advice.
Secretive funding provided to help businesses cope ran out before most of us knew it existed!
What I want to know is why the info about funding is part of this section of the government website but isn't mentioned anywhere in the section navigation? It's almost like you only wanted certain people to know about it !!!
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Did you behave with selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty & leadership when you had sex on your sofa in your marital home with your mistress you helped get money & lied about it?

Boris Johnson: "Yes" 🤦‍♂️

#TorySleaze #ToryLiars #DowningStreet Are affairs and lying are open and honest?
Here is @paulwaugh's question about Jennifer Arcuri..

..Boris Johnson answered one word


The PM seems to have had the first ever affair with honesty & integrity 🤔

#TorySleaze #ToryCronyism #ToryCorruption #ToryLies #ToryHypocrisy #ToryShambles
Jennifer Arcuri says her romance with Boris Johnson - who was Mayor of London at the time – lasted from 2012 to 2016, while he was married to Marina, mother of their 4 children.

He spoke at her events & she went on to receive £126,000 of taxpayer money 😲…
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We should be screaming about this. I can no longer order from a company in Spain I stocked only last year. One of thousands of EU companies that will ship to every country in the world EXCEPT the UK because the govt has made it so impossible. #brexshit #BrexitDisaster #Brexit
To be clear, I can't stock what I stocked in my shop last year. Local customers losing out. You can't buy directly online anymore either. The things I can stock are now more expensive. British brands have significantly hiked prices because importing materials more expensive.
No person in this country who buys anything at all is a winner. Everyone is a loser in this. Shop owners lives have been made miserable with forms and red tape, and everything is more expensive when we can least afford it because of Covid shop closures.
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Here is a picture of Lord Harold Sidney Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Rothermere with Hitler.

He founded the Daily Mail, which influenced British politics, to strongly support for the appeasement of Nazi Germany.

Now his Great Grandson of the Daily Mail supports Boris Johnson 🤷‍♂️ Photo of Hitler. In the 1930s Lord Rothermere used his newsp
"The Mail Online successfully lobbied the Government to delete a tweet denouncing one of its articles, a freedom of information request has revealed"

Sceptics against #Lockdown cited the misleading article that "95% of #Covid cases had underlying causes"… A Mail Online article that claims 95% of Covid deaths had un
The Daily Mail influenced many people to vote to Leave the EU with front page articles attacking migrants who were 'besieging' and 'swamping' the UK

Daily Mail readers actually upvoted comments taken from Hilter's quotes with 'Jew' replaced by 'Migrant':… Daily Mail front page covers condemning migrants
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Did you know that you're paying for @pritipatel to see a diet consultant?

It starts with £669 of cupcakes and after £100,000 of beauty products inevitably ends in a £2000 diet consultant.

When all @PritiPatel really needs to do is love herself..

..and others. Like immigrants. Like her parents.

She must really hate herself :(

#HomeOffice #CreditCard
I have to ask @pritipatel .. just how beautiful can brows be for £77,000!

I can do your threading for you with a piece of string and a recliner armchair.

But £77k! Priti! We could have put up a safe channel crossing service with that and ended the dangerous gangs..

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The festival includes ‘grow your own’ contest as UK suffers from self imposed #BrexitDisaster to #food supply. Instead of hosting the EU 2023 European Capital of Culture, scientists, technologists, engineers, artists & mathematicians from across the UK
are working together on ten large-scale projects designed to “bring people together and showcase the UK’s creativity globally”. #BrexitShambles disguised as fun competition?
This government will never bring people together. We’re #NotMoving on till they are gone! #GTTO #FBPE
@threadreaderapp please unroll. Tx
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#BrexitDisaster is trending. Well have you seen the UK to EU export figures? The only people not seeing it's a disaster are the government and the BBC. Strange that isn't it?
Perhaps the #BBC had to cancel the #MashReport in case more people actually found out how bad things really are?
When the Tory MP gleefully says all these new deals (the ones rolled over with the Rest of the World) represent 6 to 7% of our international trade, then you know we are in trouble. That is only about a sixth of our trade with the EU, pre-Brexit.
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“Taking Back Control!”
So what was that all about?
A few tycoons and Old Etonians getting more control over the rest of us?
Hedge funders escaping higher EU taxes?
Foreign corporations given the freedom to asset-strip the UK?

Let’s take a look.

04 MAR 2019
Now the UK is flying solo, its companies have low valuations, becoming rich pickings for foreign owned vulture funds.
“For the average firm, Brexit is associated with a value loss of 16.4 per cent against a hypothetical no-Brexit scenario.”…
08 OCT 2019
UK companies are weighed down by additional red-tape which makes it difficult to compete unless they move to an EU base.…

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Happy birthday in Brexit land! 😡

I spent around 5 hours on this website yesterday trying to help an elderly relative who wanted to send a parcel with birthday presents.

And I wanted to share the joy with you all, because or highlights the #BrexitDisaster!
We have all heard about issues companies have been facing, importing & exporting has become a nightmare and many businesses had to close down.
But even private people who want to send parcels to relatives have to fill out customs declarations with custom codes for each item now.
Imagine what happens if say an old wee granny wants to send a birthday present to their grandchild.

Let's pack a parcel!

1. Find the perfect presents.
2. Wrap it all up.
3. Take it to the post office.
4. Be sent home with your parcel as you forgot the customs declaration.
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BREXIT RANT: Today I find out that thanks to Brexit, from the 1.1.2021 (yes in 2 days time) the CE mark that demonstrates our products conform with regulations is no longer valid for the products we have in development & won't be valid on ANY of our products from 1.1.2022. 1/🤬
This means all our packaging has to be changed & we need to re-assess EVERY product we have developed. Not only that, the new UKCA mark doesn't cover Northern Ireland, so we'll also have to get everything we want to sell into NI certified with a UKNI mark as well.
The immediate financial cost of this to my small business is around £20,000!!! I WISH I had that sitting in the bank!! Add in the ongoing costs, not to mention the loss of revenue from inevitable loss of income from NI nor the increase costs in all areas of the supply chain.
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2 days to go. 1 downside of Brexit per day for a year. That’s more than one downside for every £million the NHS didn’t get. Reply with suggestions (I can’t do it all!) #Brexit #BrexitReality
1 day to go. Daily Brexit downsides big and small lined up and ready to go. More than a bus-side in a year. Reply with suggestions. #Brexit #BrexitReality
1. Health insurance for travel in the EU countries is no longer free for UK citizens, once your current EHIC card expires (if you have one). #Brexit #BrexitReality
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Thread - an open letter to @Keir_Starmer

Dear Keir,

I write to urge you to at least ask your party to abstain from the Brexit Trade deal vote. Many people are surprised that you said you would back it without even seeing it but I also understand ...
that you are fighting an untrustworthy PM. In such circumstances, it pays to learn from Sun Tzu, Machiavelli and the world’s best poker players, by not revealing your final strategy until you have seen #Johnson’s final position and voting intentions close to the vote.
I wrote this press statement for your elaboration, should you choose to abstain:

“On #Christmas Eve, I was minded to back Boris Johnson’s deal in the national interest. I acted in good faith, placing my trust in the PM and put my faith in the #Brexit deal as presented.
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Evidence that the UK Government is corrupt. We demand:

A Motion of No Confidence
EU Transition Extension
Block No Deal Law
ATAD-Standards Law
An Investigation of Jacob Rees-Mogg, Farage, Cummings, #BorisFailedBritain ERG
A New EU Referendum…
FACT 1: Jacob Rees-Mogg bets $3 Billion AGAINST the UK as partner in Somerset Capital Mgmnt. LLP/(Caymans) Ltds $6.8 billion hedge fund (over £5 Billion) with 40% of its current investment in China.

It pays 0% UK Tax and profits £Bns from a #NoDealBrexit…
FACT 2: Jacob Rees-Mogg Avoids UK Taxes. The Cayman Islands imposes no direct taxes whatsoever on companies registered there: No corporation tax, income tax, property taxes, capital gains taxes, payroll taxes or withholding tax. He thinks that #TaxAvoidance is OK as an MP YOU PAY
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Jacob Rees-Mogg pays 0% tax on his £150M.

Tax that could feed the poor kids UK @UNICEF feeds. We pay HIM £89k a year!

He's the reason for the #BrexitDisaster; his money is in the Cayman Islands, a tax haven the EU made illegal.

He lied about £350M for #NHS.

Here he is dining: Image
The dinner has was at was for a Far-Right group that called for murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence's mother to be 'sent back to her homeland'. The chap sat next to him, Gregory Lauder-Frost spouted bile about justice campaigner Baroness Lawrence, who he called a 'big black woman' Jacob Rees-Mogg with other ...
..and broadcaster Vanessa Feltz, who he dismissed as a "fat Jewish s**g". He also talked of deporting non-whites to their "natural homelands" as he was covertly taped by anti-racism group HOPE not hate who are making a film about the rise of the alt-right.…
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