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At last, @maitlis, whose credentials as a serious journalist are unimpeachable, calls out the media’s terror of reporting the #BrexitDisaster.

Prince Andrew might not be able to sweat, but those with their heads in the Brexit sands of fantasy should be.
Now wait for the vicious personal attacks on @maitlis that will follow, questioning her professionalism and integrity. But the cat is well and truly out of the bag about what’s been going on between media and government. People ‘took back control’ and got this collusion & deceit.
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Dover is blaming the French for not having enough resources to check and stamp all the passports prior to boarding, which is a problem entirely caused by #Brexit, voted for by Dover. I’m done with this idiocy.

God it’s all so f***cking mad.
Wrong kind of Brexit, no doubt. Risible.
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You've got to ask why a constant stream of headlines about scandals is spoon fed to the public when there are serious changes being implemented that will punish most people on average pay and reward those at the top. The far right have never had it so good.
Tories making key changes to tear up EU regulations and put laws in place that will give corporate aggressors free market reign exerting a stranglehold on local businesses. Welfare state is being annihilated on your watch using your taxes. Post Brexit set to ruin citizens lives.
The Govt are doing a pretty good job of silencing and demonising experts across all fields, they have a majority right wing press paying people to stir up division just so the Billionaire Anti Democracy Movement can benefit from Mogg's deregulation killing spree. #BrexitDisaster
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Read this book, peel away the mask
'Bland indifference by most msm. If it had not been for the openDemocracy website (where Geoghegan works), much of this would never have seen the light of day'
The end of politics as we know it?…
Fallout from 2016 ref revealed a fundamental and systemic broken political system primed for exploitation by a global cartel of right wing libertarians, secretive US and Russian money buying influence via the revolving door, hidden from the public by think tanks 'charity status'
'Existential threat to democracy from those who have successfully exploited inadequacies of current regulatory system – Johnson and Cummings have absolutely no incentive to fix the system from which they have benefited. Which could be how our particular version of democracy ends'
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Michael Martin, “the single worst call [Martin] ever had with anyone”. The FT’s Peter Foster claimed he had been told the call was “very difficult”, “stubborn”, “eulogising on sovereignty” and “little grasp of detail” …not even close to “conciliatory”…
Not to be outdone the foreign secretary, Liz Truss, then managed to annoy EU vice president Maroš Šefčovič in a telephone conversation that one EU source characterised as “horrendous”, adding that they had “seldom seen Šefčovič so cross and so upset”.
Described as a ‘tough’ meeting, Sinn Féin’s president Mary Lou McDonald and her deputy Michelle O’Neill, Stormont’s first minister designate, emerged to accuse the prime minister of coordinating with “obstructionist tactics” by the DUP who want to see the protocol ditched.
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All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) since 2018 are are taking dark money from corporations like British American Tobacco and Big Tech along with Arms manufacturers & Healthcare
Weapons makers and private firms donate £13m to get exclusive access to MPs…
businesses. Since 2018 over £25 million in donations from the private sector to APPG's, these are massive conflicts of interest that are the result of post Brexit deregulation and will harm the public sector irreparably. Private donors remain hidden with no accountability
This all amounts to insidious 'back door' lobbying with one Tory MP telling openDemocracy 'I am not releasing anything to you.' In times of crisis disaster capitalists get their foot in the door of democracies and aided by the right wing wreak havoc while cost of living soars.
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Tories attacks on the disadvantaged cannot conceal their endless subcontracting scams with taxpayers money, next 2 years £25billion goes to corporate tax incentives. Yet these breaks will absolve corporations of improving public services. Those less well off are made to pay 1/1
as this Govt continues its course of cruel punishment of the welfare state with cuts on UC, fuel/food price hikes causing soaring energy bills/hyperinflation. All during times of crisis, in the past people used to pull together, now Tory populism and greed cause division 2/2
and resentment. This is a grotesque state of affairs where the contrasts between rich and poor widen on an almost daily basis. The Tories show no remorse followed by empty campaigning promises that never see the light of day. They believe they are special, that they deserve 3/3
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2003 Paul Bremer prohibited Iraq's central bank from funding state owned enterprises, the rebuilding of Iraq was in US's image, a whole culture rapidly dismantled at exceptional cost to Iraq's industries. 'No one believes in the public sector'
Ring any bells UK? #BrexitDisaster
Iraq's firms couldn't compete with imports flooding the country, Bremer scoffed 'this is the beauty of the free market, only the best will survive, one who is dying deserves to die'
1997 W.Rees Mogg's Sovereign Individual, the libertarians guide to killing the state. Next Brexit
The language of the US' mission to wipe the slate clean was typically suffused with wanton death & destruction & the merits of frontier disaster capitalism. Well UK, #Brexit has smashed your country to bits and right wing libertarians are running amok plundering and pillaging
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2017, and still completely correct. It’s time for some grown ups.
#JohnsonMustGo #BrexitHasFailed #BrexitShambles #BrexitDisaster
Always astounding that people can’t simultaneously agree with Blair on Brexit and disagree with him on Iraq at the same time.
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This shows why traitors like Matthew and Sarah Elliott vested interests in changing UK politics to far right libertarianism takes years of serious planning Read/RT #ToryScum
Brexit-Loving Koch Acolytes Are Getting Rich Off Climate Change Denial in the UK…
Elliotts took funding from Koch and Mercer to pave the way towards smaller Govt and climate denial/deregulation, remember how #COP26 went tits up? The Tories have opened the floodgates to intense fossil fuel mining in the north sea, paid by corporate free market libertarians.
Sheer number of right wing think tanks supposedly non profit are keen to hide who their funders are, it is a scandal of the highest degree that corporate money dictates Govt policy, Brexit would not have happened if legislation was in place to stop disaster capitalist wreak havoc
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After 11 years the Tories have consistently shown the public that they're in permanent campaign mode, promises remain under-delivered, the lies and corruption pile up, Johnson praising, clapping for the NHS only to destroy it in pursuit of privatisation by stealth. #GTTO
Just like the Bush and Trump administrations, the Tories issued contracts secretively without tender to inexperienced pals and industries to shamelessly profit from the pandemic. Their immorality knows no bounds, public outrage elicits a stern Govt rebuke, 'put up or shut up.'
When crisis after crisis impacts on the UK's entire infrastructure the response of Govt is not 'How can we help?' it is 'How do we get a piece of the action?' The Tories recourse will not change it will always be to divide, devour and blame while they get rich in the process.
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Jan 1 2022 #R4today #Brexit
Trade expert Sam Lowe explains the gnarly new trade rules kicking in, particular risk for small companies and inevitable higher costs.

MK: And what kind of advantages might there be for the UK in this?

Hey! We're all ears! An answer at last?
SL"Well we go back to the sort of general premise of Brexit; the UK has prioritised having the ability to set its own rules and regulations over having frictionless trade which would require regulatory alignment and giving up some of its autonomy so the question for the UK is 2/4
as it has ever been what does it choose to do with its freedom? So, so, the argument would be that this is a cost and it's an observable cost to businesses but the UK will offset it elsewhere but we're still waiting to see the full picture on that one."
No advantage.
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This ERG Govt have instrumented Brexit as a pseudo nationalist Trojan Horse to unleash and destabilize the entire economic infrastructure of the UK. They are implementing a return to feudalism, they are obsessed with property, the Gold Standard and utterly demolishing the state.
Alejandro Chafuen 'For libertarians, removing the state as the final authority to define money might be the most consistent path.' This is about blind faith in free markets and not being accountable to Govt or the rule of law. Extremely dangerous. #libertarian #BrexitReality
Hayek - "If we ever again are going to have sound money, it will not come from Govt... it will be issued by private enterprise." Libertarians, the ERG/Govt have used this as a procedural template for the mess the UK is in as a result of a dark money fueled Brexit. #GTTO
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A thread about drug smuggling, the British Empire, and the ways in which historical wrongdoing by the Establishment persists into the present day. 🧐🧵🌳🍃🍂⛓ #EstablishmentPsychopathy #history #ToriesOut #OpiumWar #ColonialViolence
It’s generally well known that the Opium Wars of the mid nineteenth century were launched by Britain against China in order to benefit British drug smugglers… 🤨🇬🇧🇨🇳 #OpiumWars #BritishEmpire #ColonialViolence #China
After all, even the National Army Museum – not typically regarded as a bastion of anti-Establishment lefties – states this frankly in its displays on the Opium Wars. #BritishEmpire #ColonialViolence #China
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God this is mortifying. In front of the whole world, when you are trying to exercise diplomatic leverage at a pivotal moment.

Utterly embarrassing. #COP26 #ClimateCrisis #TorySleaze #TorySewageParty
I am always delighted to see how the liberal metropolitan elite has been totally smashed up in favour of ordinary working people in the north of England. 👀 Image
My word. Contrast that embarrassing corruption word salad with this desperate, deeply felt plea from a tearful former President of Ireland, who can actually see through the spin and sees how serious this all is. She is now President of @TheElders.
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In a democracy, all elections must be held in a free and fair manner. Therefore, the Brexit vote must be invalid. Simply because, the leave campaign, knowingly LIED to the people. And not for any righteous, or patriotic reason. 1/7
But so, the big corporations and the super-rich, could continue with their unethical, tax avoidance shenanigans.

To pull off their Brexit scam, they weaponized social media platforms and the corporate press. 2/7
They coerced, and incentivised the mainstream media, to toe the Brexit line. Which in turn, required them to poison the minds of the voters with: outright lies, fear, misframing, megaphones, noise, smear, distractions, red-herrings, humour, sideshows, misinformation, 3/7
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Let's think about this.

Apparently, you live in a sovereign parliamentary democracy with a free press.

Yesterday the leaders sold a build back better budget as a victory.

90% of the Press (excl⬇️) "forgot" to mention

1. Almost all will be worse off ...…
2. Due to a #BrexitDisaster twice as bad as the pandemic effect
3. With the UK still topping the charts for worse Pandemic results⬇️
4. Results those in charge have made worse by consistently delaying decisions
5. While they gas lit jingoism to distract

6. And failed to examine and hence learn from their own mistakes
7. Blaming others for the shoddy deals they signed that messed up our country
8. Even spinning an appalling vaccination climb down⬇️ into an act of global generosity

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1/10🧵 - Tragically, a lack of understanding isn’t the only reason @Conservatives are so #antimask.

YES, some have made ludicrous statements about only STRANGERS being a #COVID risk, including our Secretary of State for Avoidable Ill-Health @sajidjavid ….

2 - Remember this car crash👇🏼interview on @SkyNews last month @sajidjavid ?

Shall we run that particular bit of public health advice past genuine experts like @trishgreenhalgh @dgurdasani1 @chrischirp @devisridhar @martinmckee @GabrielScally & all those at @IndependentSage?
3 - ….and how can we forget @Jacob_Rees_Mogg ‘s hilarious explanation yesterday for the lack of 😷s on the #Tory benches.

@LindsayHoyle_MP @OliverDowden @JonAshworth @AWMurrison
(As an aside, could it be time to introduce IQ tests into the application process for MPs 🤔?)
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And this is incredible…👇🏼@Zubhaque @ProfColinDavis

On Oct 16th 21 - on the @UKHSA website - the ONLY symptoms mentioned are -
High temp
New continuous cough
Loss or change in taste or small.

There is a mention of “children” but NOT that they may have DIFFERENT symptoms?!
1/7 ImageImageImage
What about getting a #PCR test?


NO MENTION of headache,sore throat,shortness of breath, fatigue,loss of appetite,runny nose,aches & pains,diarrhoea,nausea,
In kids - abdominal pain, odd rashes & joint pains/redness? NOTHING!
2/ Image
In the past 3/7, I’ve seen 8 adults w/ possible #COVID.

All had a mix of cough, shortness of breath, fever, sore throat, headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, aches & pains, but only 2 had altered taste/smell.

ALL had done a #LateralFlowTest …NONE had requested a PCR test!3/
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The question I hear the most from Germans these last 2 weeks: why are the people not protesting? Are they not worried?
I have no answer.
I start with explaining Patel’s restrictions on protest, but then I think: why did we not protest against that?
Next I suggest that people are worried about COVID, but then I think: we could organise it properly and manage rosk, but doing nothing is worse
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OK. I think we could have some fun here.

Adapt a classic show to reflect modern 'Britishness'.

Starting with:

"On the Brexit buses"
"Faulty Economy"?
"The Brexit Civil Servant"
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The #PrimeMinister doesn’t do detail or preparation.

He doesn’t do emotional intelligence, empathy or compassion.

He does do integrity, honesty or accountability.

He is neither open or selfless & he most certainly is no great leader.

He hasn’t even bothered to brush his hair!
The absolute shame of it all.

The embarrassment, the horror, the sick feeling of knowing how many more innocent lives’ll be lost because basically he can’t be bothered & will undoubtedly attempt to lie himself out of any responsibility.

But most of all knowing HE DOESN’T CARE!
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1. Polite notice:
Unfollow me, block me, but don’t troll me just because you can’t ‘win’ an argument with me.

I don’t use this forum to win arguments. I come here to debate and become more informed. And, sometimes, just to engage in idle banter with friends.
2. I have been on Twitter for many years but only become more active over the last couple of years because of the desperate circumstances we find ourselves in. Yes, I am vocal and passionate and sometimes I might use hyperboles and emotive language.
3. But, I try to back up everything I say with evidence from reliable and factual sources. I may not get it right every time, that’s the point of debating. So please don’t get offended if I produce some facts that ride roughshod over your point of view or personal prejudices.
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I've decided to collect all the #brexitbenefits I observe in one thread, so it's easier to find them.

So here you have Tesco in Oban right now: ImageImageImageImage
This was KFC in Cambuslang yesterday Image
This was, I think Lidl shettleston couple of days back: ImageImage
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