FANTASTIC NEWS—A potential vaccine for multiple sclerosis is now within sight on the horizon! And it’s an mRNA vaccine by BioNTech, maker of the Pfizer #COVID19 vaccine. Study in mice shows great promise for improving symptoms & stopping MS progression!…
2) Sahin's team showed that an mRNA vaccine encoding a disease-related autoantigen successfully ameliorated MS symptoms in sick animals and prevented disease progression in rodents showing early signs of MS.…
3) MS occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks the protective myelin sheath that covers nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Existing treatments work by systemically suppressing immune system. That can control MS, but it also leaves patients vulnerable to infections.
4) “Sahin, together with colleagues at BioNTech and scientists at the Johannes Gutenberg University, hypothesized that an mRNA vaccine could work in a targeted fashion to help the immune system tolerate specific MS-related proteins without compromising normal immune function.”
5) “The team came up with an mRNA candidate that wrapped genetic information coding for MS-causing self-antigens in fatty substances. A similar lipid nanoparticle is used to protect the COVID-19 mRNA material until it reaches target cells, where it produces the antigen protein.”
6) “In mice with autoimmune encephalomyelitis, a model for human MS, the vaccine... did not impair the animals' ability to launch a protective immune response.”
7) “The vaccine blocked all clinical signs of MS in mice; (placebo did not do well). In mice that started on the mRNA vaccine when small signs of disease such as paralysis of the tail were noted, the treatment prevented further disease progression and restored motor functions.”
8) “In treated mice, lower levels of infiltrating and antigen-specific CD4+ T cells in the brain and spinal cord, and the T cells in the spleen showed low expression of certain markers that are critical for the immune cells to be able to enter the central nervous system”
9) “What’s more, treatment led to the expansion of regulatory T cells, or Treg cells. because MS, specific self-antigens may differ from one patient to the next, Treg cells offer a more general “bystander tolerance,” suppresses T cells against other antigens in inflamed tissue.”
10) “Sahin originally founded BioNTech to translate the mRNA idea to cancer immunotherapy, but the firm rose to the challenge of COVID-19 amid the pandemic. Now, Sahin and colleagues believe their research shows mRNA vaccines also hold promise in treating MS.”
11) “mRNA vaccines can be designed quickly and mRNA can code for virtually any autoantigen. “Thus, tailoring the treatment for the disease-causing antigens of patients is conceivable, similar to that has been successfully executed in the setting of personalized cancer vaccines”
12) “The combination of mRNAs may enable control of even more complex autoimmune diseases, they suggested”

➡️I think we are just at the beginning of the mRNA revolution started by @kkariko and her decades of mRNA work.
13) Great short piece on @kkariko... she deserves the Nobel Prize.…
14) Longer thread dedicated to @kkariko... she’s a modern day hero and embodies the theme “nevertheless she persisted”
15) To be clear, this mRNA therapy technology holds promise for all of rheumatology and autoimmune diseases says @boulware_dr.

Fun fact: Dr Boulware was also the leader of several trials that debunked HCQ for COVID earlier last year.

• • •

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14 Jan
WORRISOME—Australia suddenly saw 5 infections of the UK 🇬🇧 B117 variant among 4 quarantined travelers & a cleaner on the same floor—but get this—none of the 5 people occupied the same room!

(Whisper)—it’s airborne, & #B117 40-80% more contagious. #COVID19
2) To be clear, we’ve known #SARSCoV2 is airborne (and known for a while now, despite deniers & downplayers).

But the #b117 is even more transmissible.

aerosol study indicates that coronavirus is persistent and stable up to 16 hours in stagnant air.
3) 6 feet rule not enough indoors
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14 Jan
BREAKING—Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder was charged for his role in Flint water crisis, where many lead poisoned + Legionnaire’s Disease that killed at least 12. He faces two counts of willful neglect of duty & could face 1 year prison + $1,000 fine. 🧵… Image
2) Other former members of his administration are expected to face charges as well, according to the Associated Press.
3) “At least dozen people died and more than 80 people were sickened with Legionnaires' disease after water from the Flint River caused lead to leach from old pipes, poisoning the water system city.
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14 Jan
I’m sure Hitler “learned a pretty big lesson” (as Collins would say) after Dec. 21, 1924 upon Hitler's release from prison.

Impeaching Trump alone isn’t enough. He will not have learned his lesson. Bring on all the indictments after Jan 21st. Image
2) Meanwhile today, they caught the “Camp Auschwitz” shirt guy in Virginia. Image
3) This is why @Schwarzenegger’s speech was so important, coming from the country of Hilter’s birth and witnessing fascism first hand.
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13 Jan
ATROCIOUS big pharma price gouging of insulin:

This crying mother can’t afford the $1000 for her son’s insulin.

📌yet, it only costs pharma $5 to produce.

📌Insulin was invented 100 years ago by Fred Banting—who donated patent for $1 to make it free for all.

Let that sink in.
2) Insulin is one of the most disgusting cases of price gouging ever.

America has long taken a free market approach to pharmaceuticals.
Drug companies haggle separately over drug prices with a variety of private insurers across the country...…
3) “Meanwhile, Medicare, the government health program for those over age 65 — it’s also the nation’s largest buyer of drugs—is barred from negotiating drug prices. That gives pharma more leverage, and it leads to the kind of price surges of EpiPens, opioid antidotes, & insulin.”
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13 Jan
Let this sink in:

Today, UK 🇬🇧 reports 1,564 new #COVID19 deaths, biggest one-day increase on record.

UK is ~1/5th the population of US.

This would be equivalent to almost ~7800 deaths per day if U.K. is the size of US.

#B117 is a nightmare. Image
2) this is why Boris Johnson says they are extremely worried about also the new Brazil variant.
3) meanwhile US just passed 4000 daily deaths. 7000+ death range in UK equivalent is horrendous!!!
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13 Jan
JUST IN — "Camp Auschwitz" insurrectionist of the Capitol siege was just arrested this morning in Newport News, VIrginia.
2) this guy was just arrested. Image
3) We cannot have a repeat of the fascism from WW2. This is @Schwarzenegger’s speech was so powerful.
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