You just acknowledged Isa (as) will be the last prophet on earth before Qiyama . Brother, cant you see the truth is coming from your own hands but youre still in denial? Older prophets cant return to future Ummahs according to Islam. Its against the Sunnah of Allah. 1/
We see this in the hadith regarding Musa (as). When He (as) pleaded to Allah to be a prophet for a future Ummah it was rejected. Prophets of any Ummah are from themselves. 2/
In the Quran, Allah states that a prophet may be part of the Ummah before him. 3/
Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad (ra) states:

“The verse may mean that Abraham was a follower of the Law of Noah or that he belonged to the same category, i.e the category of Divine Messengers, to which Noah belonged” (Five Volume Commentary, Chapter 37 Verse 84) 4/
This verse makes it clear that a Prophet may be of the ummah which was before him. However, Allah Makes it clear that a Prophet can in no way be from among the ummah which comes after him. Allah States in the Quran: 5/
Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad (ra) states regarding this verse: 6/
These proofs are crystal clear that the idea of Isa (as) being a old prophet that can come for our ummah is against the Quran. Besides the Quran has already mentioned multiple times he's dead. 7/
Next its claimed his Sharia & he will govern by the Sharia of Muhammad (sa) despite the Quran saying Isa (as) was only sent to Bani Israel. Since the Quran is valid until the end, you either reject the Quran or the supposed the descent of Isa (as). 8/
Lastly, Ahmadi Muslims say the same about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) that he didnt bring anything new to Islam but followed the religion of Muhammad (sa) to the letter. Yet, that is somehow wrong? The fact is that all muslims believe in a Messiah. Question is who will it be? 9/9

• • •

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13 Jan
Youre incorrect. Allah Makes it clear that a human passes away either by dying naturally or being killed as Allah States:

أَفَإِنْ مَاتَ أَوْ قُتِلَ
If then he die or be slain

when Khala is used in the past tense for human beings, it is always used for passing away, i.e. Death. Image
We see this in countless examples of the Quran. ImageImageImage
First Ijma of Sahaba Proves Khala Means Death ImageImageImage
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13 Jan
If you read your own tafsir it mentions it means sleep if layl (night) or manam (sleep) is mentioned which it is in 6:60 but not in the verses pertaining to the death of Isa (as). 1/ Image
Whenever tawaffa appears in the form of Bab Tafa-ul and the subject is Allah or the angels, and the object on which this verb is applied has a soul, (no night or sleep being mentioned) always infers the meaning of death as it does with the verses regarding Isa (as) 2/
Tawaffa has been used 25 times in the Quran. Here are the ayahs it has been used in. (Our Quran differ with 1 number in numbering due to Bismillah being the first verse in every Surah [except Surah Tawbah]) 3/ Image
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12 Jan
Have you ever wondered why all these so-called muslim handles hide behind aliases & anonymous profiles? Their cunning nature runs so deep they themselves know theyre liars.

Allegation is against the revelation of Ahmad (as) where he states "Yalash is the name of God Himself” 1/
Ahmad (as) has himself explained its meaning & stated: 2/
Its not true that Allah can only be called by 99 names. One can call Allah by many of his names. It is true that according to the Quran Allah has 99 attributes, however He is not limited to those names alone. Because the Quran has 99 attributes of Allah 3/
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11 Jan
Yes, I do. You dont it seems. "Sufis" are part of the Ahl-ul-sunnah which is an umbrella term for all those ascribing to the Aqaid of Ahl-ul-Sunnah, which literally means "people of the Sunnah" & it includes ahmadis. You dismiss scholars that dont fit your view as I've said 1/
earlier because your dishonest. Many scholars agreed with the Ahmadi Aqida, some didnt. Which shows that we have to refer to back to the Quran & Muhammad (sa) to establish the truth which youre scared to do because you have no argument from them. 2/
Mulla Ali Qari (rh) agreed with the ahmadi aqida. He said that Khatam-un-Nabiyyin means that: there will not come a prophet after Muhammad (sa) who could cancel his law and who is not a follower of his (Mauzooat Kabeer, p. 69). 3/
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14 Aug 20
Followers of @hwmaqbul cant answer my simple question & turn to red herring fallacy. @Mahz4130 have read 0 books of Ahmad (as) & refers to some random site instead of investigating whether Ahmad (as) claimed to be the Hindu god, Krishna.

Dishonesty of these people is appalling
the Hindus call Krishna an avatar. In Hinduism, the concept of a prophet is in reality referred to as an avatar. The word autar in their language comes from “utara” and means the same as a messenger in English. Ahmad (as) explained that Krishna was a prophet who had his message
distorted after his death, in the same way Isa/Jesus (as) had his message distorted & was deified. We have to remember that according to the Quran and Ahadith, prophets and messengers were sent to every nation. Allah States that every people were sent a Messenger.
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21 Jul 20
AlhamdulilAllah. In a debate @exMoslemsInc was shown the statement of the great companion Ibn Abbas (ra) who believed in the death of Isa (as). @exMoslemsInc rejected the english text & wanted to see the arabic, when shown the arabic he completely ignored the statement & directed
the debate elsewhere instead of addressing the point of Ibn Abbas (ra). Anti ahmadis will never be able to debate from Quran/Hadith. They'll mock/abuse & ignore whatever evidence you show them. Since, @exMoslemsInc wasnt able to respond to the statement of Ibn Abbas (as) he lost
Regarding his new challenge. mawt means death. Mumeetuka is of the same root. It only means death. But he runs away by saying in their classical tafasir النوم أخو الموت (Sleep is the brother of death) so his claim is that Jesus was put to sleep. This claim is erroneous.
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