1/19 Just thought I'd do a Timeline of my personal Covid19 experience

Thur Dec 17th


Something is off

Sense of taste is a little and not hungry
3/19 Fri 18th

Sense of taste still off

Book test at the Chester road test centre for 14.00

Gets out of work 2.5h early and has test

Home now, still not hungry, very strange, getting a cough.

Goes to bed early

Wake up Sat morning, text on phone

Positive, damn.

Call boss and and forwards the text

Deep fog clean of my work area and were I've been at work arranged

Still not hungry.

Sun 20th, its my Birthday

I'm getting bad, breathing and coughing loads

fear creeps in

end up calling 111 who send an ambulance crew to check me out, they leave after a bit and tell me to ring 999 if it gets worse

Still not hungry

Mon 21st

Feeling utterly shite, breathing and coughing loads

Not sleeping and still not hungry

Tues 22nd, breathing and coughing loads getting a bit worse

Ask my mate @Link2076 to do a shopping trip for me and collect a prescription and he delivers.

Later on Tues 22nd

Goes down stairs to check something

Goes back up the stairs.

I never reached the top, just flaked out, mate Edin who I house share with hears the thud, get phone and ring my Dr's direct, they get hot clinic to ring me back fast

Edin me to the hot clinic in Fallowfield

We get there and I'm ask to the do the 1 minute stand up/sit down test with a oxy meter on my finger

I get to 30 seconds and I've plummeted from 91% to low 80s

Tells Edin to take me to the MRI and gives me a letter

Now at the Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI)

Processed quite fast

Lots of questions asked

Blood taken, 2nd CV19 test, pills given, injections and drip.

Chest X-Ray

Taken up to ward and put on oxygen.

I doze off to sleep

Its been 5 days since I've eaten

Wens 23rd Wake up and I'm hungry

Rice Crispys and toast snaffled

Doctors come and ask questions and poke a little

Getting steroid pills, a few other things, and a drip with some very fancy anti-viral stuff in it, going to getting these 1 day for 5 days

Thursday 24th

Feeling a little more human, I'm eating normal again

Friday 25th, Christmas day

Roast dinner with chicken :)

They start reducing my oxygen

More days pass, more pills, liquids and anti-viral drips

By Sunday afternoon 27th I'm off oxygen :)

Mon 28th

The worse is over, but OMG the brain fog is bad

Tues, 29th fog much less, they are talking about discharge

Wens, Dr sees me

Given a box anti blood clot injections

Discharged, takes ages but I'm home by 15.00

Has a bath and my right upper leg goes wacky, suspecting a clot, Ambulance takes me back for the night

They run checks and by Thurs 30th lunch time its decided just numbness cause by immobility, best thing is get out of hospital & take short walks as I recover from CV19
Its now

27 days since my positive test

24 days since I was admitted to hospital

16 days since discharged from hospital

And 8 days back at work now

Around 90/95% back to normal

• • •

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Getting ready for another with CV19

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