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1/ A THREAD for #SocialistSunday.

I am not one for shoutouts so here is a little story instead.

A story about what happened at a little Theatre Cafe in London.

Our protagonist is Tracy Ann Obermann.

Her nemesis?

The Leader of the Opposition.
2/ For context, TAO is a successful TV and theatre actress who has gained additional fame and notoriety for her passionate campaigning on Twitter.

She has even launched a well-received podcast featuring other celebrities
3/ Eagle-eyed observers will notice that her guests include self-styled feminist and advocate against trans rights, Graham Linehan, as well as occasional racists, David Baddiel and Frances Barber.
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We live in a society where people look at other people and wonder, Are they working? Are they claiming benefits? How much money are they getting? Are they really disabled? Bet they get more than me. I work whilst they shirk. We live in a time of constant judgment.
Sad that this is what this country has become, the Tories have inflated the problem to such a point it's almost impossible to reset this mindset. For people to understand that we all deserve a safety net, that some disabilities appear invisible but are real.
That the majority of those on benefits don't choose it and certainly aren't happy about it. We need to look at the real problem low wages given by those who have more wealth than you could imagine. Not wanting their workers to have a well deserved decent wage, to live comfortably
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Labour's Electoral Battleground - Thread. (1/12)

So, as some of you already know, I have been compiling this spreadsheet. It currently covers Labour's top 90 TARGETS, and top 25 DEFENCES. Pay attention, now! 😉

#SocialistSunday #RespecttheVote
I have matched all constituencies with their equivalent 2016 referendum counting areas, be they actual constituencies, districts, metropolitan districts, unitary authorities, boroughs, Welsh Assembly Seats or Scottish Highlands and Islands districts. (2/12)
I do not pretend that this is a perfect match, but it is the nearest available. Even ward numbers are only available in about 15% of counting areas, many in Greater London, so the effort required for a closer match is simply not worth it. (3/12)
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Welcome to the antisemites of #socialistsunday volume 1

230 or so antisemites promoted on the tag since it began, (the is not an exhaustive list, may do further additions at a later date)
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1) Guess who, on this #SocialistSunday? Invited two IRA members to parliament two weeks after the Brighton bombing.
2) Attended Bloody Sunday commemoration with bomber Brendan McKenna.
3) Attended meeting with Provisional IRA member Raymond McCartney.
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#MLK opened the door, but still many people have not walked through it to the world he dreamed of. Still hanging on to the past, of hate and memories of a really tragic time in USA history. All Americans, no matter their race or country of origin are eligible to enjoy his dream.
With one's eyes and heart closed, you only see darkness, to be truly free, you must see God's light. Once seen, your heart will open so that hate may exit and love may enter. #Democrats2020 water the #GardenOfHate with lies and broken promises.
#OpenYourEyesToGodsLight. 🙏
The #Democrats2020 are the "dark of destructive selfishness".
Seeking #Socialism, not the #Freedom #MLK spoke of and fought for, gave his life for. So the choice is before you now America, choose light over darkness, right over wrong, or live in the past failures of #Democrats.
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I'm supporting a neighbour through #ESA assessment #dwp #maximus homevisit denied despite written medical evidence he has #agorophobia severe anxiety chronic depression #mentalheath
If he can't go all #benefits stopped he has young children #poverty
#classwar #dwpmurders #JC4PM
Thanku everyone for your lovely replies I'll update u soon just nipping to sit with Barry while his partner goesmto go as she is I'll with the stress of it all
I appreciate all your support xxxx
Gp not go x
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I want to write a bit about poverty, and what it does to your brain. I couldn't do my #SocialistSunday lists yesterday, because I couldn't think further than hunger, and the worry of not having a penny in the bank. My mind was full of how to feed the cat, and my daughter.
For the last 10 days or so, the only thought on my mind has been "Can we make it to next Monday? Will the electricity last? Will a bill go out when I'm overdrawn and wipe out next week's money as well?" I've been tired and stressed, and so tired of being stressed.
It's been the last thought on my mind at night, and the first thought that greets me in the morning. I've snapped at my daughter, and the days have dragged by like a punishment. When I got the all-clear from my cancer, I felt like every day was a bright and shining gift;
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As a #SocialistSunday, I thought instead I'd create a bit of a thread. We need to talk about Jeremy Corbyn...
It's very difficult to keep up with the constant relentless onslaught regarding Jeremy Corbyn, so I thought instead I'd simply point out all the times I've blogged on the subject, as these website posts cover the whole story much better than even a thread on Twitter can...
Here, I looked at how the career politicians were outraged by their party members getting the genuine democratic socialist option they wanted - and how this actually began the strategy of smears, avoiding discussing Corbyn's popular policies at all costs:…
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OK I'm gonna do a megalist antisemites tweeting over weekend on the #socialistsunday tag, last time I assumed ppl wld be OK w/asking me for ev abtparticular ppl on list, but ev1 demanded all @ 1ce. So ths time, evidence receipts 2follow... lets see hw genuine ths concerns were
1/please do not follow the following antisemites tweeting on #socialistsunday evidence to follow in thread after all handles tweeted out:
2/please do not follow the following antisemites tweeting on #socialistsunday evidence to follow in thread after all handles tweeted out:
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#baz4peace has 7.4k followers and is being promoted on #socialistsunday

don't follow them they're an antisemite:
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1/15 .@uklabour JVL member spotlight: getting to know Sam Gorst, Labour’s council candidate for Cressington in Liverpool
2/15 Gorst says @jewishlabour should be replaced with JVL, who are ”the way forward for peace”.

But replacing the larger, established Jewish representation with a small group of antisemites is not “the way forward for peace” for the Jewish community
3/15 Claiming @jewishlabour are giving “the Tories the “upperhand” is to accuse them of being a fifth column. Gorst makes it clear he sees no place in the Party for the only affiliated Jewish group.
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OK having talked it through, I can't give chapter & verse but this has been noticed:100s - 1000s - of old a/cs with tweets wiped& then rapid RT of anything Labour to fake appearance of being Labour for some time but over short periods.
On #SocialistSunday literally 100s of these faked a/cs attempt to follow especially key players. I'm just small but I certainly have noticed this over the last month or so. This is highly suspicious & read like a new coup attempt. Please stop right now & think about that.
There is a strong possibility of LFI & Israel being involved. The approach seems to be to smear members with AS - Rosie, Annie, Wavertree CLP; please note who was involved in smearing. Some faked a/cs are screaming about leaving Labour & in this febrile atmosphere it could work.
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Here's yet another firm #SocialistSunday favourite, SidUnite. 36K followers, 86 of whom I follow. (Thread)
He's extremely popular in top-tier Labour circles, being followed by Momentum, Shadow Cabinet members and Labour's Secretary General.
He's a Labour member, as recently as 5 months ago.
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[Thread] There is a strange tendency amongst a few of Jeremy Corbyn's most vociferous supporters.

They will invariably tell you how they really against #antisemitism.

Really truly against it.

As #Tpopularfront does.
But then you notice they have promoted someone likes David Duke & Neo-Nazi material.
Let that sink in, they claim to be against antisemitism & they go out of their way to promote a really hardcore racist, #palestinepr
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#socialistsunday Please this story about our report to the Shadow Chancellor for regulatory reform. Plan is to eliminate duplication and buck-passing regulators. there will be no statutory regulatory powers of accountancy and other trade associations.…
The full report submitted to Labour on regulatory reform is available here. It recommends that every regulator should have a Supervisory Board consisting of citizens to oversee its operations and provide a counterweight to in-built capture and corruption.…
#socialistsunday What a regulatory maze. The UK has at least 41 regulators for the financial sector and majority are outside the Freedom of Information net. They are not accountable to people as shown by HBOS. RBS/GRG, banking crash and other scandals…
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Brexit came from nearly 40 years of Tory governments, with a Tory lite respite, beating people down and keeping wealth amongst themselves.

It came from schools being picked apart and sold to the highest bidder. Now our education system is made up of academy's ran by businesses.
It came from making it harder to obtain further education, inflating tuition prices extortionately, and for those coming out the other side there's simply nothing to put that expensive degree to use.
It came from British industries being sold off to countries like China, leaving thousands of steel workers, automotive workers, factory's of various sizes, without work. Pushing them into a benefit system...
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So good twitter folks Andrew Shirras @HounslowCCG has fucked up spectacularly this week.Funding run out entirely in fact I have a £11k bill I can't pay, Nursing agency cancelled contract at 4.30pm, CCG have not bothered updating me what is happening tonight re nurse, oh dear
I had to raise a complaint this morning re harassment due to Andrew Shirras emailing in some cases every 6 mins over 24 hrs to ask to meet again - I met him Monday & he was in MAYBOT mode & unable to interact, He STILL hasn't sent me an email re CCG offer, He refuses to provide Hounslow CCG & LA bullying & abusing me
anything whatsoever in writing, Or any info that he says he has cos like the Brexit Impact papers it likely doesn't exist, @LBofHounslow still don't think it is a Safeguarding risk that funding has run out & disabled kids in danger- How can that be I can't pay staff with Bananas
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Thread 1. On #SocialistSunday here is a list of some of Labour's Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for the next General Election, give them a follow, help spread the message & get Labour into Government:

2. On #SocialistSunday here is a list of some of Labour's Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for the next General Election to follow

3. On #SocialistSunday here is a list of some of Labour's Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for the next General Election to follow

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