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🧵/13 I’m a cleaner. I want talk to the left about covid. I clean for biz but mostly domestic homes. I like to do a good job & leave a place near spotless. That means tackling dust, grime, dirt, mould & mildew, bodily excretions, pet dander to name a few. It can be grim.
2/13 i was cleaning b4 covid so I have that as a comparison. I want to talk to the left (you’d typically be my allies right? I’m working a low status insecure relative poor pay job?) bcs I feel abandoned & let down-if you consider yourself an ally to low paid pls read on🙏🏼
3/13 1st up: 😷. Do you think they’re a symbol of authoritarian control & they don’t work? Why? Who told you that? Baggy cloth/surgical masks ≠no they don’t offer full protection against an airborne virus but a respirator like trades have worn for decades since before covid do
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As it's both #SocialistSunday and the season of goodwill to all men, let's talk about #PrinceAndrew.
He is a good representation of our Little Britain, isn't he? 1/
#PrinceAndrew went on television and doubled-down on his contempt for the law- abiding people of the United Kingdom. In favour of a paedophile billionaire. 2/
Sticking up for billionaires has become the only purpose of the #FascistTories, hasn't it? Sticking up for hedge-fund managers, energy companies and the financial markets instead of the rest of us. 3/
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1) #SocialistSunday Can anyone hear me this morning? The #ToryBBC is at it again. 🤔🙄😟 Please reply & retweet or like the tweet below if you hear me... 👇🏿👇🏽👇🏼
2) Don't be fooled by Tory propaganda dirty tricks publicised by #ToryBBC now chief perpetrator of Tory misinformation, disinformation & lies.
3) The Chairman of @BBC Richard Sharp donated £400,000 to the Tory Party according to Electoral Commission records.
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Let's stop encouraging children to have "dream jobs." Dreams should exist outside of work.

🧵 A #SocialistSunday thread:
Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life - right? Wrong.

Maybe we could consider normalising dreams that include valuing people, family, relationships, passions or interests which aren't focused around labour, profit and capitalist production.
As soon as kids find a new hobby they imagine it being their job. Like, "Mate, you will be able to play football or bake cakes for fun your whole life. You don't need to plan a career around it at 10 years old!"
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Get to work plebs, fuck your health, you must keep working regardless
NHS Federation states: #HumanitarianCrisis #HumanCatastrophe to describe the coming winter through the #ToryCostOfLivingCrisis #NationalHealthCrisis #EnoughIsEnough #EnoughIsEnough

this is a damning indictment if ever there was one!
the NHS Federation has written to govt to highlight an "impending humanitarian crisis" over winter in health of UK citizens #EnoughlsEnough #SocialistSunday
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A small thread: Since just 2017 the average outlay on utility bills for families and businesses has increased by a massive 62%

Have your wages increased by 62%?

(Chief executives of huge energy corps, rail, mail and water need not reply)

Follow @RescueBritain 1/5
Since just 2017 the cost of gas has increased by a staggering 103%

Has Universal Credit doubled over the last 5 years? Has disability benefit increased by 103% over the last 5 years?

My friends, we are being conned. 2/5 #RescueBritain
Since just 2017 the cost of fuel has increased by 62.5%

More and more people can’t afford to put petrol in their vehicle, and for many their vehicle is their lifeline.

This cannot go on. 3/5
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A sincere, no BS, friendly message (and strategy) to all #StarmerOut folks.

It's a long 🧵but please read.

#KeirStarmer #Starmer #Labour #labourdoorstep #LabourParty #ProgressiveAlliance #SocialistSunday #socialism #Progressives #progressive #FBPE #FBPA
Firstly, there's no disagreement between us. Starmer has proven one of the most ingenuine politicians in our history. He has repeatedly rowed back on his leadership pledges & sentiments and proven untrustworthy in his words and actions as leader.
He has been a babe in the woods. Policy illiterate and not particularly interested in ideas. Electorally inept, taking the hand of his elders when he's lost and then caught in the headlights when the strategy handed to him doesn't work.
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Pls🙏🏼read/RT & support our campaign @TheSimonswood

#SocialistSunday #SocialistAnyDay ✊🏼

UK waste incinerators disproportionately sited in most deprived areas… via @UE
Please take the time to read this - it's really, important. RT🙏🏼- that'd be boss.

A planning application for a medical waste incinerator has been submitted to @LancashireCC . The location of the proposed incinerator is in Simonswood, West Lancashire.
Why should you be arsed? It's easy to turn a blind eye, isn't it? We all have busy lives, our own personal problems.
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by moving Responsibility over to the individual away from the state, govts negate the requirement to spend money on providing clean air to breathe.
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Be afraid, be VERY afraid. Today's #Expreshit JRM article: Supply Side Reforms

NHS privatisation, remove worker rights, bash unions further, reduce unemployment benefits EVEN FURTHER, deregulate the banks - they've already had a £1 BILLION tax cut, whilst the rest of us suffer.. ImageImage
ELECTIONS BILL: VoterID disenfranchises MILLIONS of Labour voters, MILLIONS, let that sink in
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Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) workers have been protesting in #Kotli against unlawful confiscation of party literature by authorities. The protest against this unacceptable attack on legitimate dissent has entered 8th week.

The incident is the latest example of rapidly escalating attacks on pro-independence voices in Jammu Kashmir by Imran Khan's Pakistani government, which is reportedly drawing up plans to follow Modi regime in unlawfully annexing parts of the occupied #JammuKashmir.

The confiscated literature includes 100K copies of JKLF's Declaration of Independence - the template for reunification and independence of #JammuKashmir approved at Party's historic convention on 4 September 2021.
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I’d like to talk about Twitter rules. Some are not entirely obvious, and many users fall foul of them. Hopefully, this thread will help users avoid the rules and is no way intended to replace @garygilligan's helpful document 😃

You can DM me or email me your questions
1. Eggheads - Twitter users who haven’t changed their avatar into a picture or image. This is fine but may signify an inactive user or troll. You also do NOT have to follow back everyone. Select those who you are interested in and read their bio. Don't be an egghead.
2. Bunch of numbers username- Name & bunch of numbers suggests you might be a bot, particularly if you have low numbers of followers. Sort it out by going to
Home>Profile>Settings & Privacy>Account>Username then change it to something more meaningful. Image
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I've screenshot this exchange amongst friends in my circle, because I don't think enough people have caught on to the enormity of this yet. Raab has let it slip there'll be insurance products to buy for social care to avoid selling your home. This, despite more than 10% NIC rise
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1. Polite notice:
Unfollow me, block me, but don’t troll me just because you can’t ‘win’ an argument with me.

I don’t use this forum to win arguments. I come here to debate and become more informed. And, sometimes, just to engage in idle banter with friends.
2. I have been on Twitter for many years but only become more active over the last couple of years because of the desperate circumstances we find ourselves in. Yes, I am vocal and passionate and sometimes I might use hyperboles and emotive language.
3. But, I try to back up everything I say with evidence from reliable and factual sources. I may not get it right every time, that’s the point of debating. So please don’t get offended if I produce some facts that ride roughshod over your point of view or personal prejudices.
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This is peak capitalism and elite entitlement in action.

Reports are this is a multi-millionaire threatening children who are playing in a public area. All because he opposes the planned build of a public skate park.
There are several things at play here:

*Making physical threats to a child

*The two adults breaking local covid restrictions

*What appears to be an adult female making unauthorised videos of children without consent
This is also a microcosm of capitalism where the elite are so grossly empowered by their wealth that they feel they can bully children and get away with it unobstructed.
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🚨Labour Together and Rachel Reeves: A Thread🚨

Data just released by the Electoral Commission reveals that new Labour Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves has received £38,890 for the "Provision of research and writing services" from key donors linked to anti-Corbyn factions.

Reeves has received only 2 donations since September 2019:

Labour Together (1/2/21)- £13,520

Trevor Chinn (6/4/20)- £25, 370

Total: £38,890

Labour Together since 2019 have received donations from just 2 private individuals:

Trevor Chinn (2021)- £60,000
Martin Taylor (2021)- £50,000
Total: £110,000

Trevor Chinn (2020)-£46,500
Martin Taylor (2020)- £120,000
Total: £166,500

That's £276,500 in 16 months.

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The problem for some sections of the left is their unrecognised paternalistic white privilege, class reductionism and anti fascist fetishisation at the expense of confronting systemic racism, is it condescendingly assumes that when it comes to fighting racism, they know best.
Anti fascism is the easiest form of anti racism to deal with given its binary nature. Tacking systemic racism is much more complex and demands you look at institutions, individuals and yourself in a critical light. This is sometimes reflexively seen as weakening the working class
It’s so much easier to chase bone head fascists than confront racist policing. Some on the left refuse to acknowledge their global position as a Labour aristocracy. They believe that they are the vanguard of working class struggle. All this amounts to an insufferable arrogance.
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Great to see #spycops placards and signs at yesterday's #KillTheBill demo in London
The #SpyCopsInquiry hearings recommence on Tuesday morning - catch up on the last few weeks at and
@out_of_lives ImageImage
@out_of_lives We don't trust the police.
Nobody can.
We remember the #SpyCops

Check out the new podcast series at ImageImageImage
@out_of_lives The police continue to spy on all kinds of campaigners, and curtail our right to protest.
This is why it's important to oppose the proposed new Police Crime & Sentencing Bill... ImageImage
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"The University of Oxford is considering scrapping sheet music for being 'too colonial' after staff raised concerns about the 'complicity in white supremacy' in music curriculums."…
"Professors are set to reform their music courses to move away from [...] the likes of Beethoven and Mozart, in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement.
University staff have argued that the current curriculum focuses on 'white European music'"
-Twitter is the real world.
"...claimed that teaching musical notation had 'not shaken off its connection to its colonial past' and would be 'a slap in the face' to some students.
And it added that [...] the current repertoire's focus on 'white European music' causes 'students of colour great distress'."
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Keir Starmer’s 10 Socialist Pledges – A Thread

As the Labour leader plunges in the polls, simpering and abstaining his way to unpopularity, we look back at the ten socialist pledges he committed to a year ago

How many has he kept...?


Pledge 1: WENT IN THE BIN Feb 2021

Should have been the easiest pledge for Starmer to keep.

Britain’s corporation tax rate (a tax ONLY on profits) is one of the lowest in Europe at 19%. For comparison France is at 35%, Spain 25% and Germany 30%

Corp tax is so low that... /2
...EVEN THE TORIES plan to increase it to pay for the pandemic

Starmer opposed this: “Now is not the time for tax rises on families and businesses” he said

What family was he talking about – the Murdochs?

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1/6 Mmmmm

I was included in #SocialistSunday

I think its about time I put my position on

Socialism vs Capitalism

Out there
2/6 Both exist, neither is ever going away.

The question then is how can they co-exist is an stable sensible non harmful way?

I think they can..............but

Read on
3/6 I believe the government should generally socialist its view and keep the good aspects of it, but have a very strong written constitution with harsh penalties to stop those who would go to far to the hard left.
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