Rats: the history of an incendiary cartoon trope theguardian.com/artanddesign/s… “Trying to understand how no one sees the danger ⚠️ “
Elsah Fromeier, 1939
Republican Leaders depicted, Labeled by name as rats 🐀🐀🐀Washington post 2021
@DonaldJTrumpJr share w Dad 🙏🏼😶
In case you missed it amongst all the other propaganda,
1️⃣ Goebbels 😈 is laughing in Hell
2️⃣ What happened? Carting away our freedom
3️⃣ Does anybody report Peace?
4️⃣Parler went dark. My alternative to Cesspool of hate Twitter was Parler thanks to #JohnMatze and #DanBongino 🚷
@threadreaderapp #unroll bitte 🙏🏼

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12 Jan
@dagenmcdowell listening to @107Wchv @joethomaswchv who banned himself from this virtual cesspool twittersphere morphed by leftist hate. @BoSnerdley Rush banned himself. I have such good friends here. traveloguefortheuniverse.blogspot.com/2021/01/parler…
@senatemajldr @SpeakerPelosi @RepSpanberger @timkaine @SenTedCruz @Jim_Jordan @LionelMedia @PlanetTyrus for President! 🇺🇸🦅🤭😷😢😳🤨🙁🥺
To the World 🌎 🌏 🌍
Media companies in the USA have Judged our President and his Administration by their openly boldly brazen actions.
Be Careful what you Wish for.
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10 Jan
The First Amendment is being chewed on, Chomp Chomp.
Now If You are Giggling Gleefully when You saw President Trump banned from Twitter, or His Lawyers and Advisers
Lin Wood and Sidney Powell banned, I have a little advice:
Be Careful what You Wish for.The Universe doesn’t care. Image
@greggutfeld You have Never been finer than in grief when you have to laugh to keep from crying. All us depressed people in rebreather masks 🎭 keeping shades pulled so “the man” doesn’t see us mask less 😷 we’re watching separately @ home & barrel laughing 😝 So therapeutic 😎🎸 Image
@dagenmcdowell Always Skillful and entertaining commentary 😎🌹👠 few drawings I unpacked after 2 years here in Southern Comfort. Our taxes are So much less than the Land of Bernie. Food cheaper, fresher. Eggs $1.39 for 18. You Rock! Report the trolls and block ‘em. 🥾 ImageImageImageImage
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8 Jan
Tgiff Lionel and your lovely Wife (is that too gendered 🤭?) Guardian of lost and exploited children @LynnShawProd 🌹
I am one of 74 million + Americans who have been canceled. Thanks to the Propagandische #MSM
Me and @realDonaldTrump Canceled,Snuffed out, They won, nah,nah,nah.
Day after day, the rift grows.
Right and Left.
Demons and Angels.
Belongs, Don’t Belong.
History being systematically destroyed.
First Amendment of the President of the USA Violated!
(No,haters,even disliked speech has been free).
WaPo even prints Nazi inspired “cartoons “
I found out after a 5 year family court battle that broke our wallets and our family, that you can be accused of the most heinous crimes and nobody calls the police. The Townspeople looked at me differently 😏I was an interloper. traveloguefortheuniverse.blogspot.com/2010/05/ignora…
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6 Jan
@farmerdarrell I have a great deal of admiration of you and many Twitter friends. So let me say this respectfully, I am a Conservative Woman & I can’t easily say it out loud because half the people in USA have such vitriolic hate towards me, or what I believe. Half are with me.🤔 Image
2. I was once a Democrat because my parents told me they hated Republicans (party of Abraham Lincoln). I secretly liked Nixon, Reagan, didn’t know why. Then I found out what Democrats do to people who have something. We had a Farm, in Fred’s family 4 generations. Image
One day I found out the Town, using our former liberal lawyer who was clearly conflicted, put up our farm for auction for being 9 months late paying $8000 in taxes. No one ever notified Me, Girl CoOwner with my Husband. He was paralyzed by this evil deed. He couldn’t tell me.
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28 Dec 20
Dr. Eddy, we are a group of concerned people who have had #MRI with #Gadolinium contrast,believe we have retention,Ill effects.Telling my Doctors is ineffective.Pictures of tattered fingertips-label psych.Pain unreal blamed on MS. @sennasthunder @Gadolinium_MRI @Wagner_Nephro
@threadreaderapp #unroll please. Try as We might, nobody seems to want to look further, deeper. This rare earth metal. Mined in China by ? Slaves? Is pushed by Pharma and Neurologists and Radiologists Love the pictures!
We were all told, it all comes out in our urine. Meanwhile I feel like it became ceramic knives cutting at my skin especially where I have Scars. Linear Gad first. Then Macrocyclic next “It’s Safer” huh? They told me Linear was safe.
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1 Nov 20
You got me thinking 🤔
Loved my PCP telemedicine appointment @UVA
Billed to
@MedicareGov @AnthemBCBS
Neuro appt... none yet. But telemed well suited for the Usual Stable #MultipleSclerosis Yearly Check in.
👩🏻‍⚕️ @threadreaderapp #unroll please 😎
Been meaning to share I’m using 2 technology aids.
1. Apollo Neuroscience @Apollo_Neuro made a device I’m using to balance my sympathetic -parasympathetic systems.
2. Added Oura Ring @ouraring
Monitoring various parameters esp around sleep
So much data could flow to Doctor Office and parameters set for contact. For me, getting concrete objective data helps me know when to take it easy or gear up 😎
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