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Good thread on Antifa connections to George Soros
Now I'm going to put a few more connections together regarding these antifa "protests", who's working with them & George Soros
We all know Moveon . org is another Soros funded group
Recall that Moveon voted to support Bernie Sanders in 2016…
Bernie Sanders who is a self described "Democratic Socialist" just yesterday espoused the SAME RHETORIC AS ANTIFA AND the Democratic Socialists of America
Which Antifa took to heart
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⁉Operation #ForceTheQ

When is the #MSM going to ask #Trump about #QAnon?
(we may have to force this one -Q)

I'm calling on all #MEME maker's. Let's force the #Q.

Make #MEMEs telling MSM to ask Trump about Q & flood MSM accounts.

#ForceTheQ #OpForceTheQ
Make it rain.
We are WITH you.
They want you silenced.
They want you divided.
You simply forgot how to PLAY.
You, the PEOPLE have all the POWER.
FIGHT the censorship.

Q said to get organized. So let's do it. We can all hit the same target at the same time.

I think we can force the Q with 6 targets. ☟

🎯New York Times
🎯The Washington Post
🎯ABC News
🎯Fox News

When [they] tweet, flood it.

I made 3 MEME's ☟
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That the nation needs to replace Trump because of all the horrible things he is doing.
1) #DemocraticPresidentialCandidates #msm #Trump

And other than personal attacks, name-calling & false accusations that are easily disproven, THEY NEVER ANSWER THE QUESTION.

So, what "horrible" things are they talking about?
2) #namecalling #smears #falseaccusations
Oh I know: Separating Children from parents of illegals at the border --- something started by Obama's Administration and OK with Democrats then. 3) #BorderSecurity #Obama #Democrats #DoubleStandards #children
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1/▶️Any body notice the Scarobs on Bush's legs in the painting???
▶️Check out M.I.A.'s cover for song Paper Planes
▶️Listen to her play on the words in the song, not the actual lyrics
▶️Might be even more relevant now #Comet P
TY @UQnMe 4 info🔥
2/ Paper Planes>trafficking>911>MIA baby w Bronfman->Soros->Haliburton>Goldman Sachs>Barrick Gold>Clinton F>Peter Munk>J Trudeau>911>Libya>Bush>Cheney>Rumsfeld>Clintons
Bronfmans>Figi>Resnick>Getty F>Trizec Hahn>Halliburton/Enron>WTC_>Bronfman>NXIVM>CF>Rothschild>McCain>Flake>U1
3/ NXIVM/Nexum Sex Slaves #Bronfman #Rothschild #Branding #SexCult #NXIVM-debt contract in the early Roman Empire #Nexum
Debtor pledged his person as collateral
Bronfman Music, Telcom, Liquor Industry
Follow the Owl & Y head
@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #MAGA
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Did anyone catch the #Qanon reference happening regarding #Fredo?…
'news unlocks map'

'Fredo' reportedly appeared in archival footage for The Godfather III, via an independent writer on MSM news.
And look at this, if you search the Q posts for 'Godfather III', a few posts seem to be talking about human trafficking and the vatican.

Maybe someone should go to this Tweet Q linked and remind the Pope of what's coming?
Seems to me like these placemarkers like 'Snow White' and 'Godfather III' are very multifaceted, unless they link together like a puzzle?

Ahh I see...
'Spider web'
'This is staged and deliberate'
'Godfather III'

'Upcoming events'

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Yesterday, #cdnmedia rolled out the #TalyaDavidson troll job w/out hesitation. Journos are trained to spot lies like this.
I don’t like the term “#FakeNews,” but the shoe fits.
Either 🇨🇦 MSM are incredibly unprofessional, or it’s part of what $600,000,000 buys you. 👎🤦‍♀️
The problem with the media pushing this story with zero skepticism, similar to what happened when they uncritically pushed the false hijab ripping story, is that even if they correct themselves and admit they were fooled, the damage is done. That is if they were genuinely fooled.
Millions of CDNs saw #TalyaDavidson pretend to be an @AndrewScheer supporter. Only a fraction of them will uncover the truth. The damage is done, thanks to journos like @davidakin giving the act legs. As the old adage goes, “falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it.”🗣🦵
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@jac45192559 @JamesKelly Like the @MelGibsonFilms x @JoaqPhoenix x movie!!! #signs

How do U conquer them?! U need #RogerRoger .. good morning @biourbanism :) @robinmonotti .. glasses of @rogerWATERs all over your ***** @AngryWHStaffer ***** @whiteHOUSE #ImpeachTrump

#FreeAssangeNOW #FreeChelseaManning
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Shame on DeepState #ForeignPolicy Journal. For Years #Turkey has been hosting 3+ Million #refugees from #Syria (Not like EU concentration camps accepting a few thousands!). They deported a few 1000s without documents & this attack?! - - -…
An Amazing Example Of Distorted, Spun & Twisted Reporting for “Targeted” Attacks Against #Turkey. #FP should ask #EU & #USA: How many refugees from #Syria Are you willing to host & house in US/EU? And then print the “official response” for all to see!!!!!
Let’s Get The Facts Straight On #Syria Refugees In #Turkey: 1-Millions provided Housing;2- Millions Provided Healthcare; 3- Million+ W/ Work Permits; 4-All Children Provided With Public Education; 5- 10s Of 1000s In #Turkey Universities ...6- With 99% of #Turks Hospitable to Them
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Don't buy the false equivalencies that the #MSM and liberals are making about @infinitechan and this weekend's unacceptable mass shootings, particularly in light of last week's FBI memo about investigating #QAnon.

None of what you hear, and only half of what you read, folks.
@infinitechan Yes, some of these loons post their unhinged manifestos on 8chan, that doesn't mean they're part of the #QAnon community of Q Research General.

What was posted from the #ElPaso shooter was tantamount to being broadcast on a deep cable channel, so different channel gets canceled.
@infinitechan I should add that the OP should've read "None of what you hear, and only half of what you see".

I wish we had the ability to edit tweets.
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Whoever wrote that #manifesto was sure as hell not a conservative or a Trump supporter. It might as well have been written by the @NYTimes, complete with environmental catastrophism, anti-deportation rhetoric, etc. This is a liberal's idea of the ideal "shooter manifesto."
@nytimes In fact the #manifesto is clearly a mockery. "The Inconvenient Truth" swiped from Al Gore's false climate doomsday book. The phrase "super soldier fantasy" which is dominant among those who write for the left media. Using one narrative to disguise and legitimize another.
Then putting a bough on it and setting it on the #MSM's doorstop with enough talking points to keep the #fakenews talking points active for at least a week or two or until the truth is uncovered.
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A year ago today news that I thwarted a would-be Presidential assassin became public knowledge

Two days earlier I had turned in the self-professed #MKUltra project #JeffBoyd

What happened in the 48 hour interim?

The MSM coordinated an attack to Malign ALL THINGS Q

Thread /1/
On July 31st roughly 3 hrs after I presented the a/v evidence to PA State Police I got a call requesting I meet an officer who had an "update"

That update was that Boyd had the means to carry out the attack he spoke of

The same hour Q posted "The World is about to change"

The SS took over & PSP issued a press release which received only LOCAL ATT'N the next day

Immediately a BOMBARDMENT of Q by MSM & Lib outlets occurred BEFORE the GOOD NEWS could go mainstream

The nat'l news got ahead of the story & painted #QResearch as VIOLENT EXTREMISTS

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So this is me decoding HOT in Q drops. #QAnon
Future proves Past
News unlock the Map
5 Posts found 👇
All could be found here qmap(dot)pub
@LauraLaura1650 @2runtherace @Melanch10844904
First one 1/14/18
I think this is issued order for listening/watching/acting upon authorisation (Law/Military). Owls-night birds-their prey-Rats, mice... Small rodants getting caught.
This happens in DC
TBA = To Be Announced
13 HOT spots 👇
I think this 13 HOT spots are targets, 10 districts and 3 Deals.
Potus is with them
P_PERS = President Personally
WRWY = We aRe Whit You
N1LB =No One Left Behind
Jeremiah 29:11👇
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Friends, I have been reporting to you for more than a year now that top U.S. Democrats have been and are working in close proximity to the Mexican #PRI political party. More or less every single tip I have given you has surfaced as true over time. Not sure when the #MSM is going
to take interest in this factually true story but I believe it to be, as is #SpyGate, one of the most significant political scandals of our time. The Mexican interests rely on Americans not understanding news or recognizing personalities from south of the border. Hopefully
as one of the few American citizen entrepreneurs who was active in and around that country for a long time, I can continue to help bridge the gap in understanding. There is a lot of news coming out of Mexico right now that feels transformative,
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#Obama was surrounded with servile “loyalists” like yourself, Holder, Clapper, Valerie Jarrett, Samantha Powers, Lois Lerner, Jeh Johnson, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, & all the #MSM he could eat.
2/ Why would you begrudge the current Commander in Chief, #PresidentTrump his own loyal cadre? Are you afraid of people you cannot control? Are you worried about “things” that might slip out about those eight long years amounting to a Crime Spree? Do you wonder who cracks first?
3/ @threadreaderapp unroll please
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35. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria

#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1 to 20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
21. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria🤨👇🏼…
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You have no idea how foreign & appalling these regular mass-shooting incidents (schools, hospitals, festivals, markets) in #USA are perceived outside the US. No one talking about the real causes. - - - “3 dead in 'nightmare' California festival”… #
I mean think about it, you can’t even feel safe sending your kids to school. I could NOT live with that. And I refused to get desensitized. This is no way to live: The Constant fear of internal mass-shooting incidents, the fear of external terrorist boogieman incidents...
Let me give you an example: I can’t think of a single case of school mass-shooting (by kids perpetrators) incident in the entire history of #Turkey. They keep asking me here: What do you do to your kids there to turn them into these shooters? Medicate? Drug? Teach? What?!
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1. #QAnon Stanley Ann Dunham allegedly met "Obama Sr" in #Russian class at U of HI during Cold War when Intel agencies needed Russian/American linguists.…. #Clowns
2. #QAnon #MSM'll claim these are fake, but clearly his parents were skilled in trade-craft. #Q
3. #QAnon Much of Hussein's true identity is still murky, but the origin of "Barry Soetoro", ties to Seattle, spiritual background, and time and place of death of Loretta Fuddy remain provocative. "Connect via past religious leaders" #Q
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🔴PREMIERE at 2:15pm ET:

“I never heard any media talk about @realDonaldTrump being a racist until he ran for president as Republican. And then…all of a sudden…he’s racist. He’s sexist.”

@DavidJHarrisJr on American Thought Leaders🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek
@realDonaldTrump @DavidJHarrisJr @JanJekielek 🔴 LIVE:

#MSM: “They all have an agenda, and they have a hatred against this president that's really unprecedented...I hope Americans, especially the black community, will wake up.”

@DavidJHarrisJr on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek
@realDonaldTrump @DavidJHarrisJr @JanJekielek In the past, “racism was really just about the color of your skin. Now it's about your political affiliation and who you're supporting—but it's the same kind of hatred. It's the same…vile behavior.”

@DavidJHarrisJr on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸

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Wow @netflix blaming @realDonaldTrump on #TheHack calling his campaign #ProjectAlamo and using #CambridgeAnalytica as a Back up source. FUNNY #QANON & #ANONS have proof #TheGreatAwakening you democratic fools and obama losers
Second part of video up above.. wtf. These guys are jerks!! #GOOGLE screwed us over. Look what they did to @Project_Veritas and there posts. Crying #democracy @POTUS you better deal with these losers. Brain washing the younger gen
Part 3 of this video. This is the most pathetic thing to rile up #Americans and #AntifaTerrorists and all haters!!! #Q do something thanks
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Heads will be exploding soon from all the Conspiracy lies of #MSM when they come up with investigating Reports on how @realDonaldTrump met @FLOTUS at Playboy Mansion!! all part of #Epstein and #DisneyLand Sex Scandals. Tunnels underground? MZ sis in law Cannibal Rest. ..
Human Trafficking all across the World easier way to get in from South of Border bring Babies and Toddlers and young children to pre-teens as Sex Slaves, Cannibalism, Body Parts Black Market...
PS @NBCNews Mark Zuckerbergs sister in law owns the cannibal restaurant in LA
Human Trafficking at South of the Border from other countries
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