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#Assange Extradition to US Hearing Begins. Media Asks: “How did we get here?”. I tell you how. A disease far worse than Coronavirus- “Chronic Apathy.” Here, I’ll phrase & hashtag it #Chronapathy !!! - - -… #
With 19 years of experience in whistleblowers cases, as the founder & director of the only Gov Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), I can tell your this much: This is the worst period in the history of whistleblowing. From the consequences to the public apathy. #Assange #ChronApathy
What happened to all the “freedom” organizations (NGOs), civil liberties and Human Rights groups? Where are they? Where have they been? And look what “Liberal” Western countries pro “wars to export democracy” are doing & practicing in their own backyard! #Assange #ChronApathy
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@thehill @jsolomonReports If you are a #media #fakenews #propaganda #MSM #journalism researcher this thread will be of interest to you. Or if you just want to describe the smell of bullshit.
@thehill @jsolomonReports The first thing to note is that the audit itself is the headline. Right? The media gets to seize on this and say, in effect, that Solomon is somehow in trouble.

Regardless of the findings of the audit, it's a smear. Self-fulfilling.
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This thread will talk about the #WuhanVirus

I will give links to articles in many cases. Much of this will be opinion, but with supporting articles. These articles individually may be suspect. Look at this as a whole.
I want to state that I've read a lot of articles from many sources. My original belief was that this was just "this year's flu," or "more SARS or MERS hype." I no longer believe that. Therefore, what follows and the bias therein will reflect my current beliefs.
From Wikipedia: "SARS-CoV-2 has strong genetic similarity to known bat coronaviruses, making an origin in bats likely..."

A coronavirus itself is common. The common cold is caused by one.
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1-🧵👉Modern Day Israel is a Rothschild Creation, Not God's!👉Isaiah 66:7-8 is NOT referring to Israel nation born in 1948!👉It's referring to Jesus' birth ✝️!

👉🇮🇱 DUPES Christians to get:
1-war & political agenda
2-💰 & votes 4 zionist politicians 2b elected
2-b 🧵 #ChristianZionism is heresy & duping many.
#JimTraficant 👉Truth!!!👏 📺👇
What happened to him? 😫
7.5 yrs prison (phony charges)- & sudden death😩

More Powerful💥 #Traficant Vids
He Sets #MSM Straight & more! 👊👊👊

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#CoronaVirus 📺📺📺👇👇👇
The Coronavirus Hoax & The #BillGates #Vaccination #DepopulationAgenda Exposed

EXPOSED!!! #CoronaVirus🦠📺👇#Hoax #BillGates #Vaccination #Depopulation

Planned In Advance👉DUPE, SCARE & TEST 🌎 For:
#Vaccine💉= pre-made👉want u to BEG for it #TravelBans #MartialLaw #ForcedVaccination #ForcedQuaratines


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See thread explanation of theories:
(Focus on the words in @AZShopRGirl 's tweet - "Boom! #Qanon #WWG1WGA )

3 scenarios. (1, 2, & 3 explained ⬇️)
1.) #Qanon has posted that:
#DoubleMeaningsExist 4x's
Question from John Roberts > @johnrobertsFox "Do you know who...Anonymous is?"
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The secret cabal being responsible for deliberately starting World Wars
There is evidence that certain top people in Russia, Austria, Serbia and elsewhere may have plotted the murder of the heir to the Austrian throne, thus sparking World Wars.…
Carroll Quigley The Anglo #American Establishment (book)
The extension of British rule throughout the world by perfecting a system, a kind of religious brotherhood like the Jesuits, some say "A church for the extension of the #British Empire".…
Carroll Quigley The Anglo American Establishment (article)…
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Gisteren kwam het #stikstofrapport van @evert_mouw uit waarin hij uitlegde dat de basis onder het huidige #stikstofbeleid mss niet zo degelijk is als gedacht.
Een goede inhoudelijke bijdrage, maar er zijn altijd mensen die het NIET over de inhoud willen hebben.
@evert_mouw Met name @HuubBellemakers liet nogal van zich horen, en dat is interessant.🤔
Huub is namelijk van @groenlinks en doet daar niet verlegen over.
Wat heeft dat met Evert te maken?🤨
Heel simpel: Huub noemde Evert een ‘erkende nazi.’👇
@evert_mouw @HuubBellemakers @groenlinks Eerst even over de beschuldiging van Huub.
Die gaat over onderstaand citaat👇 uit het CIDI-jaaroverzicht antisemitisme 1999.
Heftig, nietwaar?
Ai…😱 Is Evert een #antisemiet?
Twee vragen:
1) Hoe oud was Evert in 1999?
2) Staat hij nog achter deze uitspraken?
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No folks,
Lt. Col Alexander. Vindman was not fired.
The #FakeNews just doesn't stop twisting the facts.

Vindman was reassigned to another position in the @DeptofDefense

@POTUS is the Commander in Chief. @realDonaldTrump sets foreign policy

#MSM #Trump2020LandslideVictory
Lt. Col A.Vindland
(before Impeachment) was working a foreign policy position under the Commander In Chief.

He has been relieved of those duties and reassigned to a different position within the Dept of Defense.

Politico reported the truth

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In @USATODAY the front page article written by Susan Page, the Washington Bureau Chief for that paper, was writing an acceptable piece until this, “Trump’s resilience will be tested again in November, when he will be the first impeached president to stand for re-election.” No.
2/ Bill Clinton the first and only impeached President for LIFE. #PresidentTrump was ACQUITTED. For life. Bill Clinton was accused, and duly impeached, as ratified by the Senate. Ms Page clearly knows the difference, as the rest of her article was factual enough. Until the final
3/ paragraph. Larry Jacobs, Director of the Center for the Study of Politics & Governance at the University of Minnesota was quoted, “The brilliance of Ronald Reagan is that he not only survived but thrived with strong, sustained popularity for long periods of his presidency”...a
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I saved a few tweets from “Verified” accounts when the #ImpeachmentHoax started. I’ll start it off with the ringleader #Schiff4Brains.
“After hours of debate, one thing is clear:”..... @realDonaldTrump is still your President!😎 Enjoy👌🏻#AcquittedForever #DemsAreCorrupt
Here’s one from #FakeNews @washingtonpost but yeah not propaganda......
The #TDS is palpable.
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1) @realDonaldTrump was elected because he believes in the Constitution and loves this country.
He didn't have to do this job and receives no pay instead donating it every quarter to various government agencies. He gives back instead of talking.
2) Some time before the end of @BarackObama last term in office he was in danger of a coup de tat in which he would have been forcibly removed from office. They refrained because they talked @realDonaldTrump into running for office to legitimately root out corruption.
3) The intelligence we have a lot of the inside script and QAnon is the military.

@realDonaldTrump will not be removed from office; he is there for some time to come. You can listen to @CNN or the #MSM #FakeNews but they have it wrong.
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1-🧵👉#TVsGoldenAge 📺 Vs. Today's Filth
Santa Clarita Diet🥩 #Cannibalism🤮
Depicts #Lucifer as cool

Boiled🐸👉slowly desensitize
Goal👉TV in all 🏡= viewing addiction


Real Reason #TVsGoldenAge
To Catch 🐭, Insert 🧀

2- 🧵 #TVsGoldenAge VS. 2Days Evil Shows!
Coincidence, in👆above vid, #JamesPerloff mentions in 1960s, TV began slow downward spiral of degrading innocence, slowly adding: witches, aliens, magic, violence, cursing...

LOOK👇👇👇#HaysCode is Replaced👇👇👇

3- 🧵 #TvsGoldenAge VS. 2days #EvilShows!
Find out REAL reason for TV's Golden Age, by reading GREAT article📰👇 below- #JamesPerloff

Remember to catch🐭, insert 🧀. Which is exactly what they've done; got a TV in every home & "Viewing Habit" ensues.

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1/6 Disgusted by both the timing and the extent of the coverage given to POTUS's 'peace' plan for the middle east on #r4today this morning at 8.49 (six mins). Important points were raised. The UK government has backed it; POTUS has no real interest in the issues. The betrayal
2/6 plays well amongst his base of evangelical christians who believe that handing Palestine (the 'holy' lands) to the Jews is an indication of the second coming of Christ (it's in the Bible). 85% of US evangelical christians are therefore Zionists (they don't like jews
3/6 necessarily, antisemitism is as much of a problem there as it is across the world) whereas only 45% of US jews are understood to be Zionists.
It's believed #Netanyahu will annex the Jordan Valley on Sunday, he has no time to waste because of his indictment on fraud etc.
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The #Democrats are not on trial. Their job was to raise doubts as to the legitimacy of our #President & they spent THREE YEARS dealing in obfuscation & misdirection. Four hours of #Republican retaliation is not going to make it “disappear.” They are not going be intimidated or
2/ silenced by facts. This is a VENDETTA. Their raison d’ête. It’s what gets them up in the morning & carries them through another interminable day of innuendo, fabrication, & deceit with straight faces. Their fear of #Trump is only outweighed by their total hatred for a man who
3/ is an “OUTSIDER” & could not only handle political animals of all stripes but do it with an ease never seen before in a President. Many #Democrats who have been making careers for DECADES in politics were stunned. Envious. And angry. He was supposed to be an ordinary
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I have no idea who sees these posts. Frankly I don’t care. I tweet mostly so I can reference stuff later. But for those who do, I pray to God that you are smart enough to realize how much you are being misled by the Democrats of today.
If you’ve done any research outside of the mainstream media whatsoever it’s SO obvious that this impeachment is completely baseless. Cipollone could not be more clear in this video from today’s trial.
Just watch: This is such a waste of time and tax dollars. Literally costing us millions. I get it. Trump is brash and seemingly “unpresedential”, but he should not be impeached for this. And what I really fail to understand is how Biden and Obama...
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Let me get this right, we have a #NotMyPM who is a member of the cult #Hillsong proposing a religious freedom bill. How much influence has #BrianHouston had in determining this government policy? Don't you think it's about time the #MSM dug a little deeper into Houston. #auspol
The liberal government has certainly enjoyed a close relationship with Mr Houston as @adele_ferguson says in her excellent piece "The Prophet - Minded" #auspol…
"God is working for the Liberal Party and this fine, disturbing
book arrives just in time to tell us how. Marion Maddox’s world
is the political territory that lies neglected beneath the secular
radar of this country" foreward by David Marr #auspol…
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So the #MSM will probably try to Spin this rally as RACIST as they can. When I see lots of pictures of all colors, Creed's, genders too
The Shot Heard Around The World
Than we have Alex Jones running around calling 1776 in like a Tanker like Jeep.. 👀😂
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Reason #9,456,118 why normal folks just don't trust the #MSM #FakeNews these days, like @gabegutierrez and @NBCNews

1) They are saying the Pledge of Allegiance
2) This post is still up and it's factually incorrect

do much for #FactsMatter with #MSDNC eh?
@gabegutierrez @NBCNews ^ SO much .... (my fat fingers are over active on Mondays)
@gabegutierrez @NBCNews Reason #9,456,119 normal folks don't trust the #MSM #FakeNews Media like .@CNN

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I came to a profound realization this morning .....

You know what @realDonaldTrump has that no #DNC candidate, #Dem #HoR, or the #MSM doesn't have


Trump LOVES the American People & America, & that love is returned by those that realize everything he does is out of Love
Think about this. Everything that's been thrown at Trump has been out of


Stop and ponder
They hate Americans, prefer illegals
They hate Law & Order, prefer open border & antifa
They hate success, prefer us apologizing & groveling

When you open your eyes and see this
Then remember that slogan from the opposition to Trump in 2016

"Love Trumps Hate"

Isn't that irony in action?

Love does TRUMP hate .... he knew it all along.
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- Control peoples minds
- Play both sides. Deny connections.
- Poison them thru foods/ medicine
- Never tell them the truth
- Sharing this knowledge is punishable by death

An illusion it will be so large so vast it will escape their perception.

We will create separate fronts to prevent them from seeing the connection between us. We will behave as if we are not connected just to keep the illusion alive.


- 6000 yr old cult
- Cannanites/ Phoenicians/

This cult reinvents themselves in order to continue their control on humanity.


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🔴The Deep State's Plan to Destroy Humanity


- Control peoples minds
- Play both sides
- Poison them thru foods/ medicine
- Never tell them the truth
- Sharing this knowledge is punishable by death




- 6000 yr old cult
- Cannanites/ Phoenicians/

These pagans reinvent (rename) themselves in order to continue their control on humanity.



Born a Jew, became a Jesuit Preist who was hired by the House of Rothschild to create the plan for the New World Order.

A description of the origins of
the the Illuminati.


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Apparently .@rickygervais opening is getting #MSM notice a .@FoxNews alert on my phone about it.
@rickygervais @FoxNews I think there's no doubt this will be a segment on .@foxandfriends, .@OutnumberedFNC and a .@greggutfeld monologue on .@TheFive tomorrow....

and don't be surprised if they tap .@HowardKurtz from .@MediaBuzzFNC to chat about this on F&F, Out#
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