14 January 2020 #MAGAanalysis #Overturn

A Man Isolated, Does He Have The Power?

It's Thursday morning and we're not in a globalized war with China, far as I can tell. I was happy to give Simon, Charlie, and Danielle their time from Tuesday to Wednesday. Where to now?
2) I never hold being wrong over someone, as I am so often the last wrong man standing. I have made many predictions that have failed. Many predictions I should have made but did not. My track record is very spotty, indeed. But my specialty is not prediction.
3) Rather, my true gift is as a situation analyst based on hard facts, data, and I call for either support or opposition to a given action set. If I have the data, then I am as good at that form of analysis as anyone you might hope to meet. My track record there is damned good.
4) I favor positive data to the absence of data. By positive, I do NOT mean favorable. I just prefer data that is there, to data that exists by lack of data. For instance, Trump has absolutely (positively) NOT conceded. But he has also NOT given us guidance since January 6.
5) Yet, there are all kinds of signs - positive data - coming in that he has means and methods of survival and victory, still. Those amazing EOs we've been talking about are high among these signs. There is a single greatest sign, positive data, we get from Congress.
6) The most important of these is the impeachment over which I've stated I am so proud of him. Did you notice that Mighty Mitch went on record that he will never speak to Trump again? It's one thing for that to be true. Another for him to announce it. That's true desperation.
7) The powers that be are palpably desperate, scared out of their heads. That tells me one thing, no two. First, Trump won a landslide election and they know it. Second, he remains the most powerful man in America by way of the support of the people.
8) Their playbook is old. I have a beloved center-Republican friend. I never duke these things out of Facebook anymore. But my friend posted on topic, and I knew he wanted me to respond. I did. And as per typical he and his friends attacked me over lack of evidence.
9) This time, the key word was "legitimate." Not one bit of legitimate evidence he and his friends informed me. And one of his lovely friends - and I mean that - went to great pains to teach me the meaning of evidence in a court of law.
10) I only made a couple of comments and then skedaddled. As I said, I knew my friend wanted my comment so I honored him with it. But again, the playbook is old. When people disagree on line, no fact the other side presents is a fact. The word "fact" is an asset for them.
11) Any fact that inconveniently fails to support the outcome they desire is simply not a fact. So, years ago, I learned to excuse myself the very first moment a fact was challenged. There is no positive communication outcome possible after that. Facts are fluid.
12) Right now, it is a fact that Trump incited insurrection on January 6. That this is a lie is of no consequence to the other side. They say it, they believe it, and that's good enough for them. But the actual truth is palpable. It is actually factual that Trump is supported.
13) Take a look at Gallop. They recently published that Trump is the most admired man in the world, replacing Obama. Obama couldn't have been happy. Now? Gallop is reporting that 43% of Americans want Trump arrested. Never mind any contradictions there, right?
14) The problem the other side has is that lies compound and out themselves. Any parent knows this. Just let your children lie and they will soon contradict themselves so that they out themselves within their lies. It's a natural, very normal human thing. Humans lie, stupidly.
15) I take it as a fact that the other side is sick with jealousy, and scared out of their heads. A second impeachment, just days before a transition of power, if not a transfer of it. I suspect I'm not humanly able to feel their palpitating fear, their sheer and utter terror.
16) Here's what @KateScopelliti tells me. Wait for the arrests. Kate tells me that she sees vast number of arrests being set up in the positioning, right now. I won't pin Kate down to dates. Simon, Charlie, and Danielle offered their own dates.
17) All on my own, I know better than to even believe in the 20th as if it meant something. Crimes do not disappear on deadline. The chain of proof over voter fraud is so solid, to my eye, that at any moment of choice, it may be brought forward to America.
18) There is a word here. Ripen. A movement of the people cannot precede the readiness of the people to rise up and take action. I do NOT have the data that Trump does. I cannot know what his trigger point may be, when he may decide to unleash the Kraken.

19) Here's a tactical question. Did Trump know that deaths would occur on January 6? I suspect he did not. Trump is not one to waste even a single life. He backs away from things that do. My analysis is this. The Left knew that Trump would be appalled over any death.
20) They knew that the only way to wipe out the benefit of the largest rally in support of a president in DC history would require death. They knew that they could run with those deaths as Trump's fault. And that is what they've done and are doing right now.
21) Why won't Mitch ever speak to Trump again? That is what liars do when they've been caught in their lies. They disappear. They propagate their lies to others. Others who they believe cannot disprove their lies. Mitch has always been out of his depth with Trump.
22) Trump knows that he owes Mitch gratitude over Garland. Trump does not forget. He also recognizes that Mitch saw it as his own legacy to be kingmaker and judge maker. I promise you, Trump sees through such maneuvers, knows how to out them, and has with Mitch.
23) Mitch faces his own treason. He has betrayed his oath of office. So ensuring that Trump is taken down and may never rise again is Mitch's passion morning, noon, and night. His only fear is that Trump will prove his own victory. That fear is worse for Mitch than anything else.
24) Where does that leave us, the MAGA Movement? If Trump were asking me, I'd recommend another DC rally. I would call it the #StopTheSteal Rally. I'd also place a protective barrier in front of the Capitol, flawless in its integrity.
25) During the speech, I'd have Trump emphasize the mandate of peaceful protest. I'd also have him whip his audience up to a white hot fury over election theft. I'd urge marching on the Capitol, in perfect peace. There's more.
26) I'd urge an address to the nation from the Oval Office, on topic of voter fraud. I would have Trump explain that it is his job to protect the integrity of the vote, and that a stolen election is the worst possible outcome America might face. I'd have him be direct and clear.
27) There are battlefield states. They determine the outcome. I'd have Trump send out his supporters into every appropriate precinct, to procure the actual count. It is we who must adjudicate this election. If we lost, we should say we have. If we won, then victory is ours.
28) But regardless of tactical guidance, there is a fact we cannot dismiss or forget. Trump remains the most popular leader of our lifetimes. That popularity is indeed a factual source of power. That power has his enemies scared out of their heads. That is all factual.
29) It is factual that he won in a landslide. I know the Left as successfully called that fact into question. They have. But they have not and do not attempt to prove their position. They merely change the topic. Factually, we have them.
30) But facts are not the key. It is the spiritual truth of real support that matters most. Who was supported? Who was resisted? These are the true questions of democracy. As such, they are the very questions that the Left must most ardently avoid.
Thread ends at #30.

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The Man Who Met Himself

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2) To date, Trump has done non-concession concessions. As opposed to "transfer of power" he has used the words "transition to a new administration." He has to my knowledge never used the term "concession," itself, and there has been no concession call to Joe Biden.
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2) For instance, I never heard of Mike Adams or his daily podcast before yesterday. I laughed when I heard him say he was doing this everyday through, likely, the 24th, due to Trump's emergency order for DC. I laugh again, forgetting my new no links policy, I tried and failed.
3) The moment I hit "Tweet" with Mike's link, Twitter disallowed me to post. They had the most polite message that something went wrong, but don't fret, let's try again. No kidding. I instantly deleted the link. He's at natural news dot com.
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2) I'll turn to some context in a moment, and we'll walk through some of the information together today as well. But first, here's the simple bottomline. If you look up EO 13959, you'll find it declares a national emergency as a direct response to Chinese threat.
3) I won't get into the weeds of its legalese, but I sure hope others will. Also, I'm only a couple of minutes into the podcast, and as we work together this morning, I'll finish watching it with you, and comment. Right now, I'm going to quote from the first part of the order.
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3) I will still have to read it a second time before commenting on it more deeply. I can say that the question of cyberwarfare remains critical. J. E. follows nuclear materials and arsenals around the world, and the geostrategic significance is great. But...
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Thou Shalt Not Speak Truth

We begin today's work with a notification I found on @AnnVendersteel's Parler account (under that handle) just now. You'll see, the purge progresses. I quote in full below.
2) Pasted yesterday: "Sunday (tomorrow) at midnight Amazon will be shutting off all of our servers in an attempt to completely remove free speech off the internet.
3) "There is the possibility Parler will be unavailable on the internet for up to a week as we rebuild from scratch. We prepared for events like this by never relying on amazons proprietary infrastructure and building bare metal products.
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