13 January 2020 #MAGAanalysis #Overturn

The Will To Honor Vs The Will To Surrender

@KateScopelliti keeps me honest, and strong. I am not automatically, not even naturally either. As we draw nearer the 20th, I find my will flags, my strength weakens. Not so with Kate.
2) For instance, I never heard of Mike Adams or his daily podcast before yesterday. I laughed when I heard him say he was doing this everyday through, likely, the 24th, due to Trump's emergency order for DC. I laugh again, forgetting my new no links policy, I tried and failed.
3) The moment I hit "Tweet" with Mike's link, Twitter disallowed me to post. They had the most polite message that something went wrong, but don't fret, let's try again. No kidding. I instantly deleted the link. He's at natural news dot com.
4) I won't test it, but something tells me Twitter would have no problem with it if I posted his Wiki article where he is excoriated in every sentence. And that's yet another sadness factor for me. I only learned that Wikipedia is 100% anti-Trump, pro-Globalism a few days ago.
5) At any rate, last night I head upstairs to go to bed and what's Kate up to? She's got Mike Adam's daily podcast playing and we listened to it together. We've never been podcast types before. We were, as I've shared so often, big FOX watchers. New things. How about that?
6) After the podcast ended, we discussed it deeply. And here's how Kate helped me. The war with China that Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, and Danielle discussed was analyzed by Mike also, from a different and very important perspective. Negotiations, Mike tells us.
7) Considering EO 13959 was discussed, specifically. Mike tells us that his sources indicate negotiations between Trump and the Pentagon. He is a huge Chris Miller fan. I don't know Chris, at all, and his support for Pence troubles me greatly. Mike loves him though.
8) And Mike said that these negotiations are over China and war. Mike says the Pentagon requires a China war to replace the closed out Middle East conflicts which Trump has drawn down. The negotiation, he says, is that the Military will support Trump's martial law in exchange.
9) What Kate helps me do is this. I must separate my timorous doomsdayism from my healthy skepticism. She tolerates my skepticism. She has NO truck with doomsdayism. Always kind, even when correcting me, I bathe in her respect.
10) Mike was fair and balanced. He discusses the possibility that the current plan may fail. I was very grateful to him for that. Here's the funny thing. I got no sense that Mike had listened to Simon, Charlie, and Danielle. But his perspective added to theirs and helped me.
11) If there is no outbreak of war, today, Wednesday, their certainty will have been shown false. I don't judge them for that. My continual skepticism serves me pretty well. But that there are such actions under consideration appears to me very real. And again Mike's angle helps.
12) The idea of negotiations, with all their uncertainty, gives me the damper, or the serious consideration that reality seems, to me, to demand. In fact, Mike's perspective helps me with General McInerney and his call for martial law, also. Here's how.
13) During the course of the past decade we've learned something that perhaps should always have been obvious. You cannot topple a government by people in the streets, if the military does not agree. Look at how the Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi was ousted in Egypt.
14) The people rallied. The military agreed. Morsi was gone. That's how it has to be done. Now, go back to Tiananmen Square in 1989 in China. We see a man with a grocery bag facing down a tank in the amazing video.

15) Alas. The Chinese Communist Party owns the People's Liberation Army. There was no toppling of the Chinese government. On January 6, 2020, America rallied to its capital. Right now, the other side looks to be winning in that conflict.
16) Here, by the way, is today's grammar and spelling lesson. I just looked it up. A capital is the city where government resides. A capitol is the building where legislative actions occur. Our capital rally is being defeated by the capitol crimes. And yes, there were crimes.
17) Here's something I'd like you to consider, by way of action yourself. The left knew exactly how to subvert our capital rally. It was they who committed the crimes. Sure, you're hearing the terms false flag, or red flag operation everywhere. But people just don't follow that.
18) Obviously the MSM and the Democrats are in line with the purposes of the false flag operation that led to deaths inside the Capitol Building. The mission is to get the word out that we both condemn the violence utterly AND that it was NOT us that perpetrated those crimes.
19) You can know the perfidious and stupid policy of Republicans who do NOT contradict the scenario laid out against us, and against Trump. They'd merely censure Trump, as if he had anything at all to do with those crimes. I don't know how, but we must counter this message.
20) I say I don't know how, and I mean that, literally, at the high level of public discourse in DC and on TV, etc. But right here in social media, to the degree we still have voice at all, I do know how. You just say so. I'll offer an example in a single tweet below.
21) "No, it was NOT Trump supporters who invaded the capitol on January 6. False flag operations always employ misleading uniforms. It was the Left who perpetrated those crimes, not us. Trump only encourages peaceful protest, never violent. Stop believing the lies."
22) I often attempt and fail to get text to conform to Twitter's banner requirements. But sometimes I succeed. I'm going to go try again with that statement, to set my banner image expressing it. We'll see if I succeed. I'll let you know. Back shortly...
23) Drats. Failed again. I'll have to study and learn the text to image protocol for creating Twitter banners. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.
24) Reading the enemy, as I always do, here is today's article from the other side. There are more, but this is the most important.

25) Obviously, that's a safe link to share. And here's the key paragraph:

"But for the first time, there are real signs that a significant faction of Republicans want to purge Trump from their party."
26) The statement is idiotic on its face. #NeverTrumpers have been here from the first moments of his ascension during the primary season of 2015 & 2016. For its sheer idiocy it is still an important point and likely absolutely true.
27) Not true about the "first time," but rather true about the insidious, invidious Republicans who populate both our capital and our capitol. Insidious means lying in wait, to pounce against you. Invidious means up in your face, pouncing right now. This is that moment.
28) The skeptic in me says, with clean, calm clarity, Trump simply does not have the power to cure this false election. It says that 7 days in which to employ global war in order to do so is fantastical thinking, not real. The skeptic in me says, we're done, it's over, goodbye.
29) The skeptic in me says that no one man, even if president, even if re-elected in a landslide, can face The Swamp, the Globalist Cabal on his own and win. Consider the quote in next Tweet, from the AP.
30) "The choice facing Republicans isn’t just about the immediate fate of Trump who has just seven days left in his presidency. It’s about whether the party’s elected leaders are ready to move on from Trump who remains popular with the GOP but is now toxic in much of Washington."
31) It couldn't be more clear. Listen again:

"It’s about whether the party’s elected leaders are ready to move on from Trump, who remains popular with the GOP, but is now toxic in much of Washington."
32) Trump is toxic in DC. Never have his credentials been stronger. Toxic in DC proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Trump deserves Kate's respect.
33) Check out this video. It's from January 11. Does this sound like a loser to you? Not a chance!

34) Going back to Mike's analysis. He says that Trump defeated all comers from the 2016 primary through the Mueller investigation, to his impeachment. He always wins in the end. And Kate tells me Trump will never abandon us, never surrender.
35) Let's talk about China and war for a moment. I hate war. I love warriors, but hate war. I hate the idea of war with China. I hate the idea of World War IV. But like Mike, I'd accept it if it was the cure for the fraudulent election that China won. That's another point.
36) As Mike explains, China must be utterly defeated. Let's turn historical to support his point. It required the Civil War to root out legalized slavery from our American law. Lincoln did NOT realize that when he started the war. It wasn't until 1863 that he did.
37) "The 13th amendment, which formally abolished slavery, passed the Senate on April 8, 1864, and the House on January 31, 1865. On February 1, 1865, President Lincoln approved the Joint Resolution of Congress submitting the proposed amendment to the state legislatures."
38) Lincoln died from his shot wounds on April 15, 1865. February, March, and the first half of April were all the time he had left after approving the Joint Resolution of Congress submitting the 13th Amendment, outlawing the institution of slavery in America.
39) I've stated many times how I was NOT a fan of Lincoln's. I've stated many times that I was wrong. He gave his life, and he knew the risk, in order to outlaw slavery. Those historians granting him greatest president status are not wrong. I was, they're not.
40) When he began it, Lincoln did NOT know the true necessity of the war. He fought exclusively for the union, the Constitution, the very Constitution who's every law he broke all the way to habeas corpus. He broke every law in order to save a nation of laws.
41) We're there again. This crisis of Election 2020 is precisely just such a crisis as led to the Civil War. It is a crisis of the very Constitution itself. Should we allow a fraudulent Biden Presidency, we will be the generation that allowed the loss of America Herself.
43) Again from the AP article:

"But for the first time, there are real signs that a significant faction of Republicans want to purge Trump from their party."
44) I say again, this is hardly the first time. Republicans in power have always want Trump - and his faithful voters - gone. We are not welcome in DC. We never have been. Congress has been our enemy, no less than George III's parliament was. Congress has betrayed us.
45) The judiciary has betrayed us. It cares not about election fraud. Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney-Barrett have been taken in by Roberts. SCOTUS has betrayed us. And that brings us to where we're left. Martial law...or not.
46) And that brings us to our American military. We may march in the streets of DC. Our protest may be subverted by those who play a harder game than we have played during our lifetimes until this moment. They suborned our rally and happily engaged in false flag crimes.
47) They're great asset, the complicet, compliant Media takes their side and some vast number of Americans believe Trump led an insurrection and must be removed from office now. The #NeverTrumpers sign on with joy. I have a story to share, there...
48) I was reading a story debunking General McInerney. He did this, he did that, and then...

He was fired from FOX TV in 2018 for the following reason. He stated that McCain surrendered to the Viet Cong under torture. They turned him. I stopped reading at that point.
49) General Mac's bona fides were certified with me in that moment. McCain was a traitor. Our party put him forward, just as we put Romney forward afterwards. We supported Bushes 41 and 43, both traitors. We select the worst among us as our representatives. McCain was a traitor.
50) The question today is: Is there leadership in the military that will side with us for a fair election? That is where my skepticism has its greatest hold. I do not trust the sitting generals to do the right thing. I do not trust the Pentagon. I love it, but I don't trust it.
51) And that's where I and my skepticism land. I don't trust our military to stand behind Trump, behind us and our honest election. Not trusting it, it is hard for me to call for Trump's victory between now and the Biden ascension.
52) Listening to Simon, Charlie, and Danielle, and listening to Mike Adams, I land still skeptical. I love their work. And both adoring Kate and respecting her utterly, I don't yet see the signs of victory looming. Color me sad. Blue. But still color me hopeful anyway.
53) I do not see a falsely ousted president having the power to negotiate global war with his military as part of his method of curing a cheated election. I don't see the forces of victory in accord with their leader. I see cowards running the gamut. And more.
54) Consider two souls. Bill Barr and Mike Pence. Both have betrayed their leader. Both have betrayed us, the American people. Both were hired and supported by Trump. It is now beyond dispute that Trump hired the wrong people, and supported them wrongly.
55) H.R. McMaster. Patrick O'Brien. Both were bad hires. Mad Dog Mattis and John Esper. Both were bad hires. What about John Bolton? One of the worst hires. But the worst of all was Pence. What a different world we'd be in today if Pence had balls or integrity. He has neither.
56) Here is my attack upon my leader. He never understood how to hire rightly as POTUS. His hires were terrible. Consider even Comey. Why didn't he fire him day one? Consider Chris Wray. Why hire him at all? Bad hires. The moment goes back further.
57) Trump stated on record that he fired Flynn for lying to Pence. Follow that out. Flynn never lied to Pence. Pence was evil, I'm clear on that now. I tried to give him slack, but that slack is now completely gone. Pence was the worst hire of Trump's career.
58) Remember. Pence, Christie, or Flynn. Those were the 3 choices for VP. Hiring Pence for VP was the greatest error Trump ever made.

Let that sink in.

The worst hire Trump ever made.
59) Honoring an enemy is a difficult thing. They are evil in their mission. Obama is the greatest enemy America has ever faced. He is evil in his intention. Yet we must still honor him in his power and strategy. Obama defeated both Trump and Flynn. Honor must be granted.
60) Kate tells me that one of her people - I forget who - explained that Flynn accepted his pardon under Trump's insistence. Trump needed Flynn's skills back in the game. Flynn, Kate tells me, had his security clearances all back within 20 minutes of his pardon.
61) Imagine that moment, that decision. How do you chose Pence over Flynn for your VP? That decision was, without doubt, the worst decision of Trump's presidency. VP Flynn would have served America as no VP ever had. That was the moment that today's situation commenced.
62) I will say it again. Trump has hired talent as if he were still a CEO. He has fired talent as such. Tillerson...you're fired. Priebus...you're fired. All good as far as it goes. It doesn't go far enough. Will the military back Trump's bid of election fraud?
63) Why didn't Trump hire General Mac? With these 7 days to go, will there be martial law? Trump tweeted out, no, before his account was suspended. He called it fake news. No martial law. That was the moment my skeptical heart began to take over the throne of my thinking.
64) Here's where I actually stand. The election was 100% stolen. Whether we have a leader or not will soon be determined. Trump will use ALL his power to cure the falsified vote, or he won't. If he fails to do so, it will be 100% due to bad hires he made and still listens to.
65) Or, he stands up and faces the election firing squad on our behalf. There are still 7 days remaining. As an archetypal hero, he will stand up. As nothing other than just a normal man, he will fail us by surrender.

If he does fail, I'll understand.
66) I'm tempted to surrender. You are too. Kate is not. What does she know? I'll tell you. Exactly as Mike Adams said yesterday. Trump loves nothing more than to pull victory out of the jaws of certain defeat. He lives for just so much.
67) Look again at Hitler's corpse. Did his influence die? Not a chance, not for a moment. Whether reading it or not, Newspapers completely discredited Peale. Positive mental attitude was nothing more than trickery or deceit.
68) Yet at the time, American newspapers were all under the control of the Communist Comisariat. Do you doubt me on this account? Honor to you and your skepticism. This is why I include links...

69) Simple clarity. China just won our election by stealing it. China's man, Joe, is the President Elect right now. Trump may - or may not - have the remaining clout to oppose this evil fact. Beijing Joe is on the ascent.
70) If Trump pulls a victory out of these jaws of defeat, it will be the greatest of his life, the lifeline we patriots require. If he fails, that failure will fall upon us to correct. We will soon discuss that correction here, if we need to. If not...

Trump wins again.
Thread ends at #70,

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3) I've seen numbers for our election ranging from 70 - 80 million Trump votes. I have no way of knowing, as the enter election was purloined. Yet, I do know that Trump won in a landslide, easily, and here's how. He won all the battleground states and bellwether counties.
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