"When we speak of hell for women, we can also speak of hell for the government. We are going to make this hell for you.”

Protests as #Poland adopts near-total ban on abortion

u.afp.com/UihN h/t @rerutled

Some protestors covered their faces with green handkerchiefs, which are the symbol of the abortion rights movement in #Argentina, which legalised abortion last month in a landmark move #StrajkKobiet #NiUnaMenos thestar.com/news/world/eur…
Protests against the ban in Oct when it was first announced were the largest protests in #Poland since the fall of Communism in 1989. And their core message was “Fuck off” to priests and the far-right govt pic. #StrajkKobiet #AborcjaBezGranic

“When the fascist fucks in your country use a pandemic to tighten their grip on your body with a near total ban on abortion, the path to freedom must be paved with profanity. Politeness is capitulation.

And Polish feminists know it.”


• • •

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30 Jan
If Marjorie Taylor Greene was a Muslim, she would be in Guantanamo Bay and in shackles. 

No U.S. citizens/women are held at that blight on the global conscience, but Greene is a reminder that while US has obsessively focused “War on Terror” on brown Muslim men outside/inside its borders, this white, blonde, Christian woman inside its Capitol is face of terror at home Marjorie Taylor Greene arms...
Sisters of White Supremacy: Marjorie Taylor Greene and Katie Hopkins.

White, Blonde Female Face of Fascism.
(from a video filmed the day after the insurrection)

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29 Jan
To equivocate as Axios does between Marjorie Taylor Greene and Ilhan Omar and other members of the Squad, against whom Greene has incited violence, is spineless “both sides“ media fuckery that consistently refused and failed to call out Trump’s racism and fascism.
To lump Greene - an antifeminist and Islamophobic white supremacist - in with Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, AOC, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley - Black and women of colour who include Muslim women - it lazy and dangerous normalization of Greene's violence.
Greene is not just a "Mischief Maker" and more than a "troublemaker." She is a fascist. She is a white supremacist. She is dangerous. feministgiant.com/p/if-marjorie-…
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29 Jan
If Marjorie Taylor Greene was a Muslim, she would be in Guantanamo Bay and in shackles.
There are no U.S. citizens/women held at that blight on the global conscience, but Greene is reminder that while U.S. obsessively focused “War on Terror” on brown Muslim men outside&inside its borders, this white,blonde,Christian woman inside its Capitol is face of terror at home
In a country where Muslims, including children are profiled & arrested for imaginary violence, no Muslim woman or man could, as Greene has, support executing prominent politicians and incite violence against others and still evade custody. feministgiant.com/p/if-marjorie-…
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29 Jan
Marjorie Greene is a reminder that while the U.S. has obsessively focused its “War on Terror” on brown Muslim men both outside and inside its borders, this white, blonde, Christian woman inside its Capitol is the face of terror at home. feministgiant.com/p/if-marjorie-…
Fed up as I am with the consistent refusal to take seriously the danger of white women like Marjorie Taylor Greene, I present my If so-and-so was a Muslim Test to cut through the fuckery that white woman are allowed to commit. This was part one feministgiant.com/p/if-amy-coney…
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In June 2020, Politico wrote about videos they uncovered from Marjorie Taylor Greene's FB page that were racist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic. And yet the GOP and the US media essentially gave her a freed ride. Why? White evangelical woman feministgiant.com/p/a-white-supr…
MTG "suggested that Muslims do not belong in government; thinks black people 'are held slaves to the Democratic Party'; called George Soros, a Jewish Democratic megadonor, a Nazi..." politico.com/news/2020/06/1…
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28 Jan
Some joy in these intense times. Mona, babies, the Taj Mahal: In 2016, @rerutled and I visited the Taj Mahal. It is beautiful, of course. While there, a girl in a blue headscarf (to my right) asked to have her pic taken with me. Sure, I said. And then a few other women joined us. Mona surrounded by a girl a...
And then, and to this day we have no idea why, the babies started coming. First one... Mona smiling while she hold...
And then another baby was thrust into my arms. I am childfree by choice. And here I am being given two babies at once. Mona hidden behind two babi...
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