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#Poland🇵🇱: Heavy flooding turned streams and streets into raging torrents, sweeping away cars and causing some buildings to collapse.
#Poland🇵🇱: Heavy flooding turned streams and streets into raging torrents, sweeping away cars and causing some buildings to collapse.
#Poland🇵🇱: Heavy flooding turned streams and streets into raging torrents, sweeping away cars and causing some buildings to collapse.
#GlobalWarming #ClimateCrisis #Weather
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WETHEPEOPLE, [14.07.21 16:33]
[Forwarded from SantaSurfing]

old town of #Aachen, #Germany
Aurax, [14.07.21 20:15]

JUST IN 🚨 Sirens sounding in #Wuppertal, #Germany to warn about #floods due to heavy rain


Police frequency, [15.07.21 09:23]
#Germany & #Belgium, EU: At least 42 people have died and dozens more are missing following heavy rainfall and severe #flooding across western Germany and Belgium, causing houses to collapse and cars to be swept away.
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There's been a lot of recent takes that the EU is a failure if it can't enforce a 'union of values' on all its constituent states.

But it's worth pointing out that this is a problem encountered by every federation of states with degrees of sovereignty.…
Just like President Von der Leyen, President Biden has very limited ability to counter the erosion of democratic rights in US states when it comes to areas that are a state competence.

Like Brussels, Washington has some limited tools. But Texas can mostly do what it wants here.
VDL & Biden can condemn with a moral argument. They can look for ways to deter the member state behaviour through condemnation, or through withholding funding.

But in a federation, ability to directly intervene is limited. EU & US very different, but face similar problems here.
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"Everybody had tears in their eyes"

Dutch PM Mark Rutte told reporters about the emotional moment last night when Luxembourg's openly gay PM Xavier Bettel implored Viktor #Orban to think about the people he's hurting with his anti-LGBT law.…
Rutte confirmed that he invited #Orbán to take #Hungary out of the EU if the country doesn't want to conform to EU values.

He said there was "broad" and "fierce" criticism of Orban by other PMs, the most "forceful" internal condemnation he'd ever seen at an #EUCO summit.
Strikingly, #Orbán does not appear to have received support during the discussion from the Eastern European countries who declined to sign Tuesday's letter condemning the law.

They were quiet, with only #Poland and #Slovenia expressing support.
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These are the EU countries that have not joined the condemnation of #Hungary’s law banning the mentioning of homosexuality: 🇵🇱 🇬🇷 🇨🇾 🇮🇹 🇭🇷 🇸🇮 🇸🇰 🇨🇿 🇷🇴 🇧🇬 🇲🇹 🇦🇹 🇭🇺 🇵🇹 .

All countries that don’t have same sex marriage (except 🇵🇹 which maybe wants to be neutral during presidency).
To people who have been following these issues for a long time, there is little surprising in this split.

🇮🇹🇦🇹🇬🇷🇨🇾 remain the countries most hostile to LGBT rights in ‘western’ Europe, the Baltics have emerged as the countries least hostile to gay rights in ‘eastern’ Europe.
List of signatories now finalised (Latvia did sign on).

The letter, initiated by #Belgium, says Hungary's new laws represent "a flagrant form of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression and hence deserves to be condemned"…
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Is the EU finally going to get serious this week about the long-running assaults on human rights and democracy in #Hungary & #Poland?
EU members meeting in the General Affairs Council session tomorrow will discuss the situations in Poland & Hungary under Article 7, the EU treaty mechanism to hold accountable governments whose actions threaten the bloc’s rule of law, human rights and democratic principles.
The EU must put Hungary & Poland on notice that there is no place for attacks on the rule of law in the EU & step up scrutiny of their rights-abusiving policies, say:


Joint statement:…
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#Poland government says President @AndrzejDuda, at the request of the US, has held a bilateral meeting here in Brussels with @POTUS to discuss military and economic cooperation.
No such meeting was on the @POTUS announced schedule but impromptu meetings between leaders, known as "pull-asides" are common at these summits. Awaiting clarification from @PressSec or other @WhiteHouse press staff.
Here's the @WhiteHouse readout of the meeting, confirming it took place "on the margins" of the @NATO summit.
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🕯️Today, on the 80th anniversary of the mass deportations in the Baltic states by the #Soviet Union occupation forces, we are yet again reminded of the crimes perpetrated by this bloody regime:
▪️ On the night of 13–14 June 1941, the NKVD, the #Soviet secret service, started the operation aimed at purging the Baltic space of the most active anti-Soviet forces.
▪️ Tens of thousands of people were deported to the #Soviet Far East without trials in whole families (check the infographic below for the breakdown by countries).
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Europe is already very wet. Its about to get a lot wetter.

The 2021 #EuropeBigWet is already underway. Now the Atlantic is about to fully flood the zone.
This is a 16-Day animation starting today and running till June 22nd. Its going to be a very wet #SummerSolstice.

#EuropeWeather #Europe #Weather

#Portugal #Spain #UK #Ireland #France #Spain #Belgium #Germany #Poland #Italy #Switzerland #Hungary #Ukraine #Roumania #Czechia
This is the GEFS ensemble rain forecast for Europe also over 16 days. When the computer simulations think together the conclusion seems to be that it is going to rain everywhere every day.
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Update #NordStream2 .
In Kurz:
- In Russland beginnen die ersten Durchlauftests für die Pipeline,
- Selenski fürchtet den Verlust von 3 Mrd$ Transiteinnahmen und fordert wieder den Stopp des Baus,
- Polen fordern von Deutschland Entschädigung wegen NS2.
Details im Thread 👇
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Russ. Beamte teilten mit, #NordStream2 sei nun "auf der Zielgeraden".
Ab nächste Woche sollen in RUS die ersten Durchlauftests für die Pipelineinfrastruktur beginnen.
Einzelne Objekte sollen im Testmodus hochgefahren werden, um den Gastransit nach Deutschland vorzubereiten.
(2/7) Image
Derweil hat Selenski wieder den Stopp des Baus gefordert.
Seine Stellungnahmen wirkten fast schon wie ein Betteln.
Er erklärte, dass die #Ukraine allein durch den Wegfall der Transiteinnahmen 3 Mrd. $ pro Jahr verlieren werde.
Das Geld werde vor allem in der Armee fehlen.
(3/7) Image
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Hello! It's a super sunny Sunday in (almost) all of #UK, enjoy the BBQ & don't worry too much about #Covid19

This is the daily #Coronavirus megathread and soon I'll make my predictions about🚦travel review.

To my anonymous donors💚just sorry I can't thank you personally.
Late on yesterday's thread some alarming news from #Bahrain, and also on there data from #Argentina and #Brazil

But today in the next 2 tweets, I'll start by taking a look at the infection situation which can go a long way to determining🟢🚦countries

Europe's most #Covid19 infected nations (7-day rate AD/M)
Same top 10. NL slow getting cases down

1 #Sweden 188
2 #Netherlands 182
3 #Lithuania 177
4 #Latvia 168
5 #Denmark 167
6 #Belgium 164
7 #Greece 154
8 #Andorra 148
9 #France 139
10 #Slovenia 135

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1/8: Do not expect Berlin (Merkel et al) to allow any EU v. Belarus/Russia sanctions to limit its energy alliance with Moscow (e.g., #Nordstream2). Rather: given Berlin’s Russia geostrategy, Lukashenko’s #BelarusHighjacking (like Putin’s #alexeinavalny
2/8: poisoning, #Ukraine invasions, gas crises, cyber-attacks, etc.) only FORTIFY Berlin’s rationale for partnering on #Nordstream2. One must take #ChncellorMerkel’s & German political and business elites’ words & deeds seriously: Preserving Germany’s
3/8: commercial-geopolitical gas alliance with Putin to (i) replace #Ukraine/ #Belarus/ #Poland transit and (ii) make Germany #Gazprom’s new gas hub into Europe is not an “error in judgement;” but Berlin’s conscious, deeply held GEOSTRATEGY. That is:
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So here we see in relation to #RomanProtasevich and @Ryanair flight FR4978 what appears to be an outrageous breach by #Belarus of the 1971 Montreal Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Civil Aviation (available here:
For the most part, I'll assume anyone reading this has done the pre-reading, and is aware of the facts. @BBCNews has a good primer here:…
The Montreal Convention was concluded in the 1970s - when the highjacking of civilian aircraft by non-state entities (for any number of reasons) was far more common than it is today. By the standards of international treaties, it is immensely successful - with 188 parties.
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What is known so far about #FR4978 emergency landing. 1. It was close to #Lithuania border when someone informed about 'explosive'.
2. #Belarus authorities sent Mig-29 fighter jet to intercept the plane and force landing in #Minsk.
3. Former editor of @nexta_tv was on board
4. Before the flight Raman Pratasevich (ex @nexta_tv ) wrote to his friend someone showed suspicious interest in him at the registration in #Athens airport.
5. A Russian-speaking man presumably attempted making a pic of Pratasevich's passport, then left the queue abruptly. 2/
6. Currently Raman Pratasevich works as an editor-in-chief of Belarus Golovnogo Mozga web resource which is considered 'extermist' by authorities.
7. After document check in #Minsk, he was detained,.
8. #Belarus authorities: Mig-29 will accompany #FR4978 to the border 3/
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Since #Poland is about to buy Turkish #TB2 drones, it’s a good occasion to talk about 🇵🇱 – 🇹🇷 historical ties in aviation industry. Hence, a thread.
The story starts in 1936, when Turkish MOD ordered 40 P.24 fighter aircraft produced by Polish state owned PZL aircraft factory.
Besides those 40 fighters, Turkey produced 20 more planes under license. They were built in TOMTAS factory in Kayseri. This were the first fighters produced/assembled in 🇹🇷. P.24 was a quite a successful design, with a top speed of 410 km/h, two 20mm cannons and two 7,9mm guns.
After the II WW broke out, a number of Polish aviation engineers escaped the Nazi and Soviet occupation and moved to Britain. During the Battle of Britain, Polish and Turkish officials agreed on sending a group of aviation engineers to Turkey. In May 1941 the group reached Ankara
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It's #Eurovision week!

After last year was cancelled, they're going ahead this year with a limited audience.

Here's this year's entries. My prediction: 🇲🇹#Malta will win.

More on that below in the thread you didn't ask for but are getting anyway (1/21).
You might ask: this is 1st & foremost a TV show with theoretically no need for performers to be in same place, why was 2020 cancelled (for 1st time in 65 years)?

Answer: Eurovision rules are strict. There wasn't enough time to change them to allow contestants to compete remotely
#Netherlands is hosting this year in Rotterdam, because they won in 2019 with Arcade.

I'll be heading up there to cover it, luckily it's just 90 minutes away.

The rules are quite strict: constant testing & separation of audience, contestants and press.
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GRIMM31 61-0006
GRIMM32 60-0026

B-52H Stratofortress

Bombers which shouldn't be in #Europe now or ever. Let them practice over #USA

This is outrageous

@BWallaceMP @Simonhartmp

cfi @JSHeappey…
#Poland now and entering #Slovakia……

GRIMM31 61-0006
GRIMM32 60-0026

These planes have no right to be in #Europe

@BWallaceMP @Simonhartmp

cfi @JSHeappey

20,000 troops and a similar number of #US assets also need to go

into #Bulgaria

These planes have no legitimacy at all, ever, in #Europe
not ever, not for anything, not training or even deployments proper


GRIMM31 61-0006
GRIMM32 60-0026

@BWallaceMP @Simonhartmp

cfi @JSHeappey
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Vaccine Death Coincidence Thread
#Mongolia 🇲🇳

How many of these do you need to see?

There are dozens of countries that show a huge spike in deaths just after the introduction of a #COVID19 vaccination program.

Wake up. Image
Vaccine Death Coincidence Thread
#India 🇮🇳

How many of these do you need to see?

There are dozens of countries that show a huge spike in deaths just after the introduction of a #COVID19 vaccination program.

Wake up. ImageImage
Vaccine Death Coincidence Thread
#Hungary 🇭🇺

How many of these do you need to see?

There are dozens of countries that show a huge spike in deaths just after the introduction of a #COVID19 vaccination program.

Wake up. Image
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#RuleofLaw breakdown in #Poland: AG Tanchev Opinion in Case C-487/19 is indeed unprecedented to extent that it offers unambiguous, crushing indictment-type assessment of a sitting head of state, in this instance, (unconstitutionally elected) 🇵🇱 President @AndrzejDuda (Summary ⬇️)
1/ Duda violated 🇵🇱/🇪🇺 law by appointing individuals to CECPA in Oct 2018 "despite the fact that an appeal had been brought against" relevant resolution & "its execution had been stayed" & "despite the fact that the proceedings before the [SAC] had not been concluded” (para 7)
2/ by appointing individual in charge of examining WZ’s appeal to CECPA on 20 February 2019 "despite the ongoing proceedings” (para 9)
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Here are 16 of our many open positions @NordicTweets especially suited for junior and entry level applicants (we have R&D offices in many countries, see…).
DM me if you have any question! A group of people huddled around a screen. Title: "Work
Graduate Software Developer: Design, implement and test simulations written in C++ and SystemC in South West Hertfordshire, #UK 🇬🇧…
Summber #job 2021: #Poland 🇵🇱
Work with a variety of tasks, such as design, implementation and software testing for embedded systems. You have the knowledge of the tools to support development of embedded software as well as C and good skills in English.…
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McDonnell Douglas KC-10A Extender

RCH895 85-0027

6 sorties since February, likely on it's way to Romania or middle east

14.4.2021 00:01…

Lockheed Martin KC-130J Super Hercules

RAIDR22 165736

More than 20 sorties since February 2021…
landing at Mildenhall

RAIDR22 165736…
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We are inviting you to send the email template to the European parliament MEPs as a matter of urgency. They vote on this today.
Say NO to tyranny under the pretext of health.
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Service thread with some observations on the draft election platform of #Germany|s #Green Party @Die_Gruenen (published 19 March)…
#Greens call for a more active #German foreign policy & above all for a strengthening of the #EU. Franco-German cooperation 🇫🇷🇩🇪 referenced along mside a #transatlantic approach. Issue of systemic rivalry with authoritarians highlighted.
#Greens describe the #transatlantic partnership as pillar of 🇩🇪 foreign policy, with #climate as core element. Recognition that #US will be less focused on European #security & that @Europe will need to do more. Good to see specific mention of security of
#Poland & 🇪🇪🇱🇻🇱🇹
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