The author of this article is participating in a complete erasure of American Descendants of Slavery and their accrued disadvantages in America. Barack had a $500K Trust fund.
Barack Obama may be descendant of first African slave in colonial America…
By way of his Mother..not his lineage as an #ADOS✊🏾. We have been here way before the Europeans from the “Old Country”. TheIrish were “Made White”.The Italian and the Jewishcommunities were “Made White” in JimCrow America. Racism is overt. #LineageMatters…
“Congress envisioned a white, Protestant and culturally homogeneous America when it declared in 1790 that only “free white persons, who have, or shall migrate into the United States” were eligible to become naturalized citizens”. #Separationists, #Segregationists, #sympathizers
“excitement of the new field of “whiteness studies” and linking it to traditional historical inquiry, Jacobson shows that in this nation of immigrants “race” has been at the core of civic assimilation: ethnic minorities in becomin American were re-racialized to become Caucasian”
“He provides a counter-history of how nationality groups such as the Irish or Greeks became Americans as racial groups like Celts or Mediterraneans became Caucasian”
“The stages of racial formation—race as formed in conquest, enslavement, imperialism, segregation, and labor migration—are all part of the complex, and now counterintuitive, history of race”.…
This is ultimately how Gobineau, and Blumenbach came to the theory of the races. Darwin is very influential in this time period. All have theories based on eugenics. This is still prevalent in American society today.…

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5 Feb
In a stunning development of news this morning I was contacted by a candidate who is filing class action lawsuit against @LynnFitchAG for her official opinion of eligibility requirements just days before the filing deadline. @MississippiSOS…
“Secretary of State Michael Watson said a last-minute opinion issued by the AG’s office over residency requirements for city office candidates has caused mass confusion”.
“What is the rule? You’ve told us for a year now that we had to be a resident of the municipality for two years and in the ward just at the time we qualified. Well, that’s now been changed to say two years in the city and two years in the ward,” Watson said.
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8 Jan
We have to usher our elders into the next frontier of Civil Rights activism. Many came from a Pan African ideology that lumps us all together as Black Activists without understanding the con that was played on MLK, Malcolm, Stokley, and others during the 60’s. #ADOS✊🏾 is specific
#ADOSActivists✊🏾 have spent the last 4 years crafting a #BlackAgenda that is inclusive of #ADOS✊🏾 and all of America,yet we have been detested by the #LiberalEstablishment. We have no friends. Only allies at this point. Meanwhile, @ReverendWarnock @ossoff…
,@JoeBiden, @SenKamalaHarris, and others on the @DNC ballots were ushered in on the backs of #ADOS✊🏾 voters who have been a captured electorate since #FannieLouHamer’s all Black delegation from MS was denied a seat at the @DNC Convention in 1964.…
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5 Jan
We are about to have a heated Ward 2 Biloxi City Council race! Shout out to all the parties involved! Biloxi needs vigor and fight for their constituents from their elected officials!…
The youth are ready to challenge our veterans leaders in Ward 2!
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8 Dec 20
Happy birthday to your beloved mother🎊I hope that she will be looking down on your efforts to liberate #ADOS who were economically unable to travel in mass in 1976. #ADOS still remain a #BottomCaste in America.
On January 31, 1966, about 70 African American sharecroppers, tenant farmers, and seasonal workers occupied the empty barracks of the Greenville Air Force Base to protest their desperate economic plight in the MS Delta. They carried blankets, stoves, coal, mops, brooms, and water
“Their demands were simple: land, food, jobs, shelter, and the basic necessities of life. Their wages, averaging $3 for a 12-hour day, made their life unlivable. They lived in shacks, and many were in debt to plantation owners for those shacks.” This was #ADOSLife✊🏾in 1966.
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6 Dec 20
#ADOSActivists in MS have always been a political advocacy organization. We fight for policies on behalf of non profit organizations so that they do not have to depend on charity. Our government works for us. We must demand transformative legislation to build our communities.
The @MississippiRise has been critical in getting vital resources to our communities. One of their board members is my good friend LaRonne Lewis. He is also a member of our @MississippiAdos Organizers circle.
We are both two passionate people. Our organization uses political advocacy for policy initiatives that are specific to #ADOS✊🏾. We were discussing the current exclusion of Black Farmers from the USDA Food Box distribution program.
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1 Dec 20
As far as “ Black Empowerment “ and “Bootstraperism” in the #ADOS communities are concerned academia will also concede to the data that suggest these theories are apart of a concerted effort to disenfranchise #ADOS.
“When viewed as a scientific project; #culteraldeterminism encounters several crippling problems. For Instance, violent crime can be attributed to a culture of violence. We never learn what causes some societies to be violent in the first place”.
“Instead, the outcome is used to explain itself- (which is an exercise in CIRCULAR REASONING) that lacks SCIENTIFIC VALIDITY. According to @SandyDarity, lateral mobility among non-#ADOS races contradict this ideology”. #FHTE
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