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So, I was going to do a thread on Trump and his executive order on Economic Empowerment of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders; and in my research I came across this lolz 👇🏾#ADOS #AmericanDOS
Before we discuss I want to remind people of this:
Also this:
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Moreover and fundamentally, as reparations "advocates," there is strong reason that many Pan-Africanists are convinced that reparations will NEVER HAPPEN, and your "advocacy" is more or less a political exercise to "do for self." #ADOS
I've read the ibn Yusuf essay.

We are fundamentally opposed in strategy. You all have conceded any thought that justice can be it creates an appearance that you cats are just out for forming the HR40 commission w/people so a few of you can get the bag. #ADOS
Like I said, no new creative or strategic output IN FIFTEEN YEARS.

And none of you are getting any younger. #ADOS
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So, the hit pieces on #MarianneWilliamson are now in full effect and I see mainstream queer organizations are bringing up her history during the AIDS epidemic in the 80s, particularly as it relates to gay men. (cont)
Nobody knew what they were doing during the 80s AIDS epidemic. Medicine at the time wasn't what it is now. Marianne's religious approach to comforting AIDS victims was superficially no different than how other religious figures would've handled the epidemic (cont).
The notion that she told gay men affected with HIV to not take their medication isn't true. Here is thread with picutres from the materials used to counsel those living with HIV/AIDS (👇🏾). (cont)
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#ADOS #Reparations2020 #LineageMatters #WeComing

#ADOSPolitics and #AlSharpton are NOT in alignment, for the record.

It’s about time we discuss the duplicitous nature of the good brother Rev. Al Sharpton.…
#ADOS #ADOSPolitics #AlSharpton
According to the NYT, “Mr. Trump cut the ribbon at Mr. Sharpton’s National Action Network annual convention in 2002. & in 2006, Mr. Trump returned to the convention, standing next to Mr. Sharpton, the Rev. Jesse Jackson&the singer James Brown.”
#ADOS do you remember the Boondocks episode where #AlSharpton ‘s character was in cahoots with #AnnCoulter to using black tragedies for money? The quote about Al needing a nemesis is gold. Both Ann & Al make their money by knowing who to rile up and who to oppose.
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1/ All this outrage over the comments about West Baltimore are indicative of the conditions that #ADOS are forced to live in. FACT: Majority of the urban cities in America where there is a high concentration of black folks have been systemically oppressed and DEM-LED
2/Now people want to be outrage over Trump’s racist comments when in all actuality they should be outraged at their elected officials for the benign neglect of their constituents. FACT: Baltimore’s ADOS residents should not have to use potable water out of fire hydrant to bathe,
3/cook and wash clothes nor should their schools lack heat or A/C for the kids. #ADOS have allowed the DEM Party to use us for votes and oppress us all at the same time. At what point do we stand up and either vote these people out or demand action.
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@breakingbrown discussed #Baltimore as recently as last week when there was a weekend of unexplained violence. What’s happening in #Baltimore is not new to #ADOS.
In America, #ADOS are perpetual outsiders; that stops now. We’re not outsiders. Enslavement created the foundations for the economies of the western world by making cotton “King”. #Reparations is the least America can do for our ancestors’ contribution.
Let’s talk about #ADOS cities like #Atlanta where the data paints a picture of a group that has been continually barred from all means of economic advancement, agency, and autonomy. @Bloomberg
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My visit to WHITNEY PLANTATION 👇🏽in Baton Rouge follow this thread for pictures. Dropping this for those that follow the #Ados movement
European settlers DID enslave native Americans HOWEVER Europeans found AFRICA to be the most READY source of labor
How African ELITES worked to enslave their own people. Reminds me of TODAY
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The debt is the debt. You don’t get to be against it based on a concocted worst case scenario. Was that ur response to the Jewish community, Bernie? And redistribution & govt protections would make #ADOS producers & owners, not just consumers.…
Do people think anti-Semitism is fixed by paying reparations to the Jewish community? Of course not! So why is Bernie pushing his “concern” that the government will give #ADOS $20k in reparations & say they’ve fixed racism? It’s ridiculous! #LineageMatters 🇺🇸
Any reparations plan would include more than just a check. It must be accompanied by action to make us a protected class, open up funnels to business capital that isn’t predatory, etc. And Jews who are descendants of Holocaust victims are still getting paid. Not a ☝️ time payout.
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@TheBlackCaucus Pelosi's Puppets. Mamma got big bucks...your constituents don't. #TheUnconsciousofCongress #ADOS
#TheUnconsciousofCongress #ADOS better off than your constituents.
This is why you get symbolism without economic tangibles... #TheUnconsciousofCongress #ADOS
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GENERATION FAIL: How The Civil Rights Generation Failed Us

"We need a resurgent BLACK MEDIA now more than ever. Ever since the 1960s, we've had the white media indoctrinating us w/ the story that the civil rights movement was a good thing for Black people." @ProfBlacktruth #B1
@ProfBlacktruth "We've had Black Baby Boomers bragging for over 3 generations that they were all apart of it; constantly telling us we owed them b/c things were so much better now than they had ever been before; that we had all sorts of opportunities & freedoms b/c of them." @ProfBlacktruth #B1
@ProfBlacktruth "Meanwhile, when we looked all around us, we saw that our condition had gotten gradually worse & worse & worse. Clearly, somebody lied. We took a dangerous & now it seems, fatal wrong turn somewhere back in the past." @ProfBlacktruth #B1
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#ADOS ancestors were the foundation of America, yet masses of ADOS are forced into homelessness as a result of racism. Where are our representatives who ensure that every citizen has access to American life? Where is the compassion for our people?
#ADOSandHomeless #DataMatters
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While the spread of wealth looks the same each percentile on the white chart is nearly one trillion dollars, while each percentile on black America’s chart is only $30 billion. The whole black chart is worth less than just the 70th percentile of whites alone. @SandyDarity
The bottom 90% of blacks are only worth 775 billion, while the bottom 90% of whites are still flush worth $22 trillion. None of what’s in this picture mattered to blacks. In fact @BarackObama more than doubled the number of white millionaires with quantitative easing.
While the bottom 1/2 of black America is worth a negative $135 billion combined. The bottom 1/2 of white America combined is still worth $2.5 trillion. White America’s poorest half is still worth more than the top 10% of #ados black families by over $250 billion. @AyannaPressley
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I really do have love for the diaspora & do like to see Black people succeed. But living in SoFlo & among the diaspora has shown me th realities of ethnic differences within the diaspora. And it's interresig to see how Black immigrants behave in corporate America (cont)
and how they, almost always, prioritize their ethncity. Can't give too much context but my director is a 1st gen Black immigrant who has divided her identity into race, gender and immigrant status. I can understand having concerns about how one is affected based (cont)
on race and gender. But the third element, immigrant, is an interesting, vexing one. Her behavior towards the Black staff in my department who don't share her ethnicity is absolutely horrendous. She gets away with things that no white person would ever (cont)
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What is Joy Reid saying in this video? She is talking about American slavery as though she is #ados & has our cost in her lineage. Her parents were immigrants from the Congo and Guyana that came to America to go to college and pursue a PHD. This is so scattered.
I don’t understand how this works. If I went to the Congo or Guyana I would be deferential to each of their history and understand they can speak for themselves. What is she saying that #ados don’t exist? Maybe y’all can clear this up she says WE a bunch of times?
I would never speak about this history on a radio show in Guayana. It is not my right.…
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Another day, another oddball smear right @heyydnae?

1. ADOS = American Descendants of SLAVERY (the institution), not slaves.

2. We’re highly critical of the GOP, but seeing how Blacks hand over most of our votes to Democrats, we expect an exchange.
3. You don’t under stand the difference between nativist and nationalism. And no, nationalist & white nationalist aren’t interchangeable.
4. I said Joy Reid isn’t #ADOS and she’s not. Full stop. But my main problem with her is the smear campaign about us being Russian bots, which she gave voice & credibility to on her show. Anyway, this piece was a silly regurgitation of past smears. Won’t waste anymore time
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“I find myself once again in the same position as President Obama,” McConnell told reporters. “We both oppose reparations. We both are the descendants of slave owners.”

And neither u nor Obama were #ADOS.…
Is it at least becoming apparent now how horrible Obama is/was for Black politics? This is a prime example of how Obama’s awfulness will be used as cover for white politicians into the foreseeable future. #ADOS 🇺🇸
Obama lived a white life. He wasn’t rooted in the cost of American chattel slavery & that accrued disadvantage. And those of us who are rooted in it are now paying the price 4 allowing Obama to cast himself as a member of our #ADOS tribe.
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Tell us again why we can't have #Reparations2020 as heirs, & lets not forget the fact that #ADOS cont to suffer our legacy of slavery right on through to present day #JimCrow? Jewish heirs are receiving settlements although they never suffered a Holocaust
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African-Americans (ADOS) have fought for freedom since before 1776. My ancestor fought in the Civil War USCT

Real freedom means finally having the full citizenship that we've earned many times throughout our unique history here #RealADOSRealFreedom #FourthofJuly #Reparations2020

Real freedom is having the right to organize politically with agency, self-definition, self-direction - beyond the binary of two party politics.

#FourthofJuly #WeComing
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So y’all remember earlier this year when the Hispanic congresswoman told an American Descendant of Slavery “we should be afraid of them as they are the future of this country?”

Are Hispanics really our allies? Recent events suggest otherwise.

(This is a thread) #ADOS
This altercation happened during black history month.

Where @ReElectNydia felt the need to admit the @HispanicCaucus grand plan.

Could these ideals be why we are seeing a huge push from dems to secure the Hispanic base & reject the Foundational Black American base ?
When you also take into account there are many projections that state the Hispanic vote will overtake the #ADOS vote by 2020

And will continue to outpace our vote going forward.

Could this also be why we are seeing the democrats bending over backwards?…
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This PFIR guilt-by-association slander is something that cannot stand.

Whatever you, Mr. Greene, or any other observer thinks about PFIR...someone please provide evidence of any position paper, article, blog entry, etc. that espouses harm to immigrants to this country.
PFIR has been flagged as connected to nativists by the same organization that called the Nation of Islam and The New Black Panther Party hate groups, who happens to be allies with N'COBRA in their #reparations push.

So how much weight should we give about what they say?
Next...Yvette Carnell isn't a right-winger...but let's do a thought experiment and say that she was.

The reality remains that while #ADOS is 13-14% of the American population, they only hold 2.6% of America's total wealth.
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By the way, I don't believe this individual is claiming that Kamala Harris was born outside of the US.

He is claiming that she is not a member of the community that identifies themselves as #ADOS or American Descendants of Slaves.

That is factually correct.
I am unsure how Jamaican-Americans refer themselves. But, here is a case from 2014, where two girls from Jamaica said "We're not African-American, we're from Jamaica" and the teacher called them the N-word.…
Here is what Kamala Harris' dad said in an essay "Reflections of a Jamaican Father"
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FACT: Shirley Chisholm’s (nation's first black congresswoman) father was from Guiana, mother from Barbados 🇧🇧. And yet despite this she represented the interest of ALL people — including African Americans who trace their ancestry to the first slaves in the USA 🇺🇸.

Who is an ‘African American’? Definition evolves as USA does…
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#ADOS family, my recents tweets may come off hostile to anti-ADOS & White supremacists because I've been triggered by the excessive pushback! My grandfather shared w/ us before he passed, tht his 4 yr old son was LYNCHED! Something he never told his wife, my G'ma b4 she died!
My grandmother thought her baby, my uncle, died from an asthma attack, when in fact it was a White doctor who deliberately inserted a huge needle into his heart, causing him to immediately stop breathing! #ados
After my 4 yr old uncle stopped breathing. The White doctor callously told my G'pa "Now you & your boy get out my office!" G'ma & their 2 others babies were waiting outside because they wouldn't allow all of them in. This took place in the mid 50s!
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At first glance, this appears to be a disingenuous question.

Treating this as a thought experiment as if it is not, let's go forward.

This is an issue that has been explored with academic rigor. Any cursory JSTOR search would reveal that history. #ADOS
Given that you are entirely unaware of the history of American Black reparations analysis, I am also inclined to assume that you are unaware of the socioeconomic status of #ADOS in this nation. America's racial wealth gap is a real thing.
If you had a grasp of the profound lack of wealth amongst #ADOS, I do not believe that would be a question that you would have bothered to ask.
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