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Okay, so I've FINALLY figured out what @JoeBiden said. However, I don't think what Joe Biden said is the real issue because I've said the SAME thing several times myself.
But my question is this. WHERE is all this energy when it comes to @SenatorTimScott , @DiamondandSilk, @PARISDENNARD, @RealCandaceO, @GayleKing, #ClarenceThomas, @tavissmiley, @CornelWest, and that greasy ass pastor what's-his-name that looks like a pimp?
There's a whole LOT of people that I wish y'all would hate on instead of Joe damn Biden! But let's not let Joe off the hook. Joe's problem is not what Joe said; but rather, what Joe DIDN'T say.
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A thread—Black shields, White cover:

(1 of 6)After this election, there are a lot a Black celebrities and Black political pundits who should never be trusted again. If they are not fighting for #ADOS justice, they are part of the plan to continue our oppression.
(2 of 6)If they are endorsing a candidate while not advocating for a #blackagenda that includes #Reparations, then their role is to sell us down the river and/or provide cover for those who want us to remain a bottom caste.
(3 of 6) Think about this: Iowa is only 3.5 percent Black. Nonetheless, we’ve seen several Black surrogates in Iowa giving speeches. Ask yourself why?
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When I see someone refer to ADOS as trash... a Thread:

In today’s world of social media, the game is about influence—not substance. Companies and political operatives are looking to see who can move the people towards their product or towards their objective...
Politics is an objective based field, with the primary objective being who can make money and how it is made. The second objective is how to divide the money generated.
Many of the so-called “influencers” are merely vying for the fruits that come with proving they can influence Black folks. For example, folks tweet about Trump all day to show the DNC that they can be counted on to carry the water...
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Good evening family.

This thread is likely to get long, possibly VERY long, & it might meander a bit.

With my latest round of work, I want to have a conversation about *doing the work,* and what that means. #ADOS (1/)
I want to talk about a subject that is absolutely going to matter as we work in local chapters with engagement, or as we attend meetings in city halls or gov't venues in your state...

The power of Political Framing and language. #ADOS (2/)
A critical part of this work as we continue to mobilize & organize in this fight for #reparations and #BlackAgenda is developing a "language for liberation."

We have a moral view which is our #ADOS framework, & our demands for public policy should filter through this lens. (3/)
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#BlackTwitter and Black Social Media has been infiltrated. Not just by bots, but with disinformation. I'm challenging any organization or Black blue check- If you have a problem with #KamalaHarris's record, DEBATE ME! Let's stop the smears & set the record straight.
Let's talk #Kamala's full record, not just the smears y'all want to spread.
#KamalaHarris California AG Record

Kamala AG in her own words

Senate Record Pt1

Kamala SF DA Profile
Now let's address the lies, smears, disinformation y'all like to spread. My offer stands to any organization or Black blue check: debate me on #Kamala's record!
Dem Debate Disinformation Debunked

Truancy Hit Piece Debunked
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The #BlackCensusProject offers a comprehensive guide for what kind of action Black voters want from elected officials. Here is how the @KamalaHarris #BlackAgenda answers the needs and desires identified within the survey. Feel free to RT/Bookmark. #Kamala2020
#BlackCensusProject 90% say lack of affordable housing is a problem.
Kamala's solution: Pt 1- $100 billion to close Black homeownership gap
-Increases median Black wealth by $32,113
-Shrinks the Black wealth gap by 31%
-$25K downpayment/closing assistance
Keep in mind that studies have shown the devastating impact of redlining/ discriminatory practices on Black homeownership and wealth. @KamalaHarris plan rights those wrongs impacting 4Million families in redlined areas
#BlackCensusProject #Kamala2020
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@tonetalks and @BreakingBrown, I've read your points about a #BlackAgenda and to be honest, I disagree with money of the points. As an #ADOS myself, there's a lot to benefit personally and for my family. I do have issues with how you dismiss a general progressive agenda.
I'm going to go step by step so there is no confusion or emnity. First, let me start by posting the link to the black agenda In the following tweets, I'm going to go step by step through them and how they relate to a progressive agenda in general
First plank: A specific affirmative action program for #ADOS. I have no arguments there as we know affirmative action helped white women more than anyone. We do need specific help in educational and job opportunities.
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Senator @KamalaHarris, although @TreHU92 supports your campaign with great gusto and enthusiasm, he is unable to enlighten me on the specifics of your platform with respect to any #BlackAgenda that you may have. Ma'am, can you address the following: #2020election
While White America has made it clear that reparations for Slavery and Jim Crow are not up for debate, that doesn’t mean that other economic equalizers cannot be put into place. What is your approach to making the economy more fair and balanced with respect to Black America?
Considering your prosecutorial record vs Black men while Attorney General of California, what is your assessment of policing in America and what do you intend to do to improve it?
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