Few days ago, I ws discussing this with my inner circle👇
--a vibrational energy, that cn cause natural disasters, bt I expected it around Feb 17 (+- 1 week).
I ws not sure if I shld post abt it, coz I didn't want it to b misunderstood or cause CHAOS.
It ws supposed to b a SUDDEN change.
Let me explain impact of Uranus (a generational planet-- which means it cn impact a lot of ppl). I knw the name of Uranus wld hv surprised many.

1⃣We r not done with natural disasters yet, June & December will be significant too.
2⃣ this is the planet of electricity, & of awakening. Last month's "awakening" around TECH giants (like FB & twitter, data/ privacy) ws also related to Uranus--it hd jst come out of a retrograde, which hd begun last yr.
3⃣ #FarmersProtest-- yes, it is also related to Uranus. If u check--since last 2 yrs there hv bn many LARGE scale farmers protests across d world (India, Peru, Spain etc).
Like I said its abt AWAKENING-- I dnt think so many people wld hv ever bothered to read abt FARM LAWS
under normal circumstances.
So yes this is an awakening related to FARMING.

4⃣From 2019 to 2026 v will c many such awakenings related to mother EARTH-- b it CULTIVATION or ANIMAL PROTECTION. #GauRaksha!
My year old post on animal protection.👇
If 2012 to 2019 ws the era of SELFIES, then 2019 to 2026 will be known as the era of mother EARTH.
I hv no doubt abt it!
5⃣ Also expect sudden surge in tech development related to GROUND. Now this can be something which benefits mother earth-- an AGRICULTURAL revolution?
Yes that's possible.

6⃣ There's a possibility that Uranus cn cause an awakening related to VIBRATIONAL energy.
For example treatments using sound, or getting rid of impurities in Earth/ water/air using some sorta waves.
These r possibilities which will manifest by 2026.
7⃣ There will also b an impact on BIG corporate houses, those which deal with farming/animals.
DAIRY products?
It can also be about meat processing & so many other things related to farming and animals.

8⃣Also expect OUT OF BOX solutions for the above.
9⃣ This is also about Cryptocurrencies. We might soon hv laws on this. In next 6 yrs I am expecting the populace to start favouring cryptocurrencies.
This also reminds me of the GREAT DEPRESSION of 1930s when Uranus ws in the same position.
It takes Uranus 84 yrs around the sun. That means it remains in each sign (30 degrees in the sky) for abt 7 yrs.
I'm in awe of this planet which brings abt REVOLUTIONS with horizontal axis.
Exactly 84 yrs ago, JET ENGINE ws designed to power an aircraft.
Uranus's axis is almost horizontal (as marked in the pic👇).

Atleast TWICE I hd written the above thread and deleted it.
I ws unsure if me talking abt natural DISASTERS will b received well. So I hd merely discussed it with my frens.

My prayers for the ppl of Uttrakhand. 🙏
#LevPlanets, tag shld help me find this thread later.
Forgot to add:
Did u see how few fake ENVIRONMENTAL heroes & heroines popped up in last 2 years?
In tweet 2 --it's pic of saturn & not Uranus.
Initially I ws planning to post on Saturn-Uranus square, bt realized it might jst add to the confusion, so quit the idea, bt forgot to change the pic.
In the 1st tweet I said VIBRATIONAL energy which could “cause” such natural disasters. And then in the 6th tweet I explained it a lil more.
Sorry explained a lil more in 7th tweet. 🤦‍♀️

• • •

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8 Feb
I love how Indian PM #Modi ji repeatedly reminds us that India is the MOTHER of democracy.
Ostensibly Rig ved & Atharv ved both mention words like SABHA,SAMITI & Rajan/Raja (householder/leader).
It also mentions powers of RAJA/King is not ABSOLUTE. He cn b removed by SABHA. Image
In Mahabharat there's a mention of the word JAN SADAN-- people's committee.
It proves that ancient Indians had a DEMOCRATIC system in place atleast since 10,000 years.
But sceptics will not believe till there's proof. Well then, one should go to a tiny temple in TN. Image
Inside this tiny temple 1100 yrs old temple, Shri Vaikuntavasa Perumal in Uthiremerur, there r inscriptions on the walls which talk abt method of ELECTING people's representatives, how people should lead their life, and how assets belonging to the temple should be used. Image
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28 Jan
~Prize money to hoist a Khal!st@ni flag on Red Fort=
$2.5 lakh (182lakh Indian rupees).

There was NO INTEL failure!!

In 1st wk of Jan a meeting ws held attended by
~8 top Delhi police officers,
~12 top IB offcrs
~ Also R&AW, SPG, Haryana Police.

So what went wrong?
Our authorities wr prepared, yet the size of the protestors managed to overwhelm the security forces.
Heck! we are a nation of 1.3 billion.
And check this.
We hv 198 Policemen for 100,000 people!!!

What u saw on ur screens ws a product of democratic limitations.
I hv said this many times-- our's is not a democracy, it's a kakistocracy.
Our ppl ask for rights and forget their DUTIES.
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27 Jan
3 more #Rafale jets hs taken off from France, will fly over my sky 😇 in UAE (mid-air refuelling), and then head to India. 5+3+3, 11 of them!! Meanwhile kishton me hamare neighbour ka BP high ho raha hai. 😉
Very few know that Rafale is also called RAPTOR killer. Its a mean machine i tell ya. 😃 google.co.uk/amp/s/resonant…
If u wanna know mkre about Rafale, watch this interview. MJ sir has explained everything beautifully. His sense of humour will never let u get bored. :)
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27 Jan
There ws an article published in Journal of EPILEPSY research, which says condition of a person suffering from EPILEPSY can improve if HAWAN is performed regularly.
Article is nw on NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) site. Will post link.👇

Hawan is designed by ancient scholars to fight with the diseases of the BRAIN. Components of Hawan include a number of volatile oils that volatilize due to high temperature of fire. The vapors of these oils enter into the central nervous system through NASAL route.
3/5 According to ancient texts on medicine--
Nasya hi shirsho dwaram
means NOSE is the BEST route for administration of the drugs for the diseases related to brain and head.
For medication & direct delivery of drugs to brain, drugs need to pass blood brain barrier.
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26 Jan
Would u like to play a PSYCHOLOGICAL GAME? (Not for below 18)
Jst answer 3 questions

Q1 What's ur favourite colour? Give 3 reasons y

Q2 What's ur fav animal? Post 3 reasons

Q3 Ur fav form of WATER?(like stream/waterfall/water in a particular colourful bowl).Also post 3 reasons
It's psychological game! Give's a quick little insight into ur thought process. 😊👍
Form of water can also be RAIN/SNOW/ Steam -- jst in case u find the 3rd question confusing.
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24 Jan
Few days ago there ws a HONEY TRAP case which ws exposed by #MI. #OpCrossConnection
What many dont knw is that the guy wa leaking info not jst for n*de pics bt for Rs4000/- per info.
What an idiot!
It doesn't end here, Op CROSS connection was linked to the BIGGEST op last yr. Image
Remember this op where 14 men wr arrested incld NAVY personnel?
It ws 1 of the biggest honey trap op of last yr (which ws cracked towards d end of 2019).

Interestingly, handler of Op cross connection ws the brother of the handler Op Dolphin's nose.

More info-- the Pak int officers wr using L0nd0nistan's number.
so hs lSl moved its HQ???
Problem is lsl hs managed to brainwash the Indians living in the region and hs turned them into Pro-Khal!stanis.

Plugging holes isnt helping, v need a LONG TERM plan. PRONTO!
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