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Who is the Cabal's candidate for 2020?

- No Democrat candidate is viable.
- They planned on Pence.
- They know Pence is toast after FISA Declass.
- Pence via 187 is unlikely —failed a dozen times.
- Bill Kristol is at heart of SWAMP (PNAC thread).

Enter ROMNEY (again).
#WellHellzBellz #PNAC #BillKristol

#WhoIsP ?
No answers.
Q will not reveal P.
Just healthy mental exercise.
Good to know about this powerhouse.

P Project for a
N New
A American
C Century

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Be a Poll Worker!
As well as VOTING & REGISTERING others, being a poll worker (or Poll Watcher) is one of the best ways to help Democracy & ensure fair elections in your State
State-by-State Requirements for 50 ALL STATES & links to sign up.
What’s the difference between Poll Worker & Poll Watcher?
#PollWorker Nonpartisan,Paid
(Clerks, Judges, Inspectors, Checker, Precinct Worker)
#PollWatcher Partisan,Volunteer
(Observers, Monitors, Challengers)
Be A Guardian of Democracy!
Be a Poll Worker or Watcher #Elections2020
Be A Guardian of Democracy!
#PollWorker #PollWatcher
A decade ago, Tea Party recruited saying “build relationships w/ election admins; they control access to vote” & they're still manning voting stations.
Volunteer. Help take back the vote. #Elections2020…
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Lights for Liberty #50States #CloseTheCamps
#LightsforLiberty #Lights4Liberty

THREAD of all 50 States & DC
Find your State's & Retweet it to your Senators (I've tagged) & Rep
All Twitter Handles here:
In the "very red, very small" town of Anniston #Alabama

#LightsforLiberty #Lights4Liberty
#AL @brookecarbo
@SenDougJones @SenShelby
THREAD #50States
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⚡️ #YesCCT Coronary Plaque Assessment #Tweetorial ⚡️

By @CoronaryDoc + @AChoiHeart

✅ Why Plaque Assessment?
✅ High Risk Plaque Features
✅ Plaque Characterization/Quantification
✅ Supporting Clinical Data

#CardioTwitter #ACCImaging #SCCT2019 @heart_scct @journalCCT
As #SCD or #MI is 1st symptom of #atherosclerosis in 2/3 of pts, early ID of #CAD is of paramount importance

#YesCCT allows for
✅ ID of plaque
✅ Quant. of plaque
✅ Characterization of plaque
✅ Arterial remodeling

Lin, @LubbDup & @lesleejshaw:
Serial angiographic studies have demonstrated an accelerated & rapid plaque progression before most cases of ACS

Rapid plaque growth ➡️ plaque rupture ➡️ thrombus formation ➡️ MI

@LubbDup & @JonathonLeipsic et al:
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This is NOT an attempt to discredit Q by linking it with Cicada 3301.

I personally find Q to be a fact. What do Cicadas do every 13-17 years?

Some of the first shills that tried to con me were very anti Cicada. I wont go into much of this but tell me when was Qs first Q post?
I can link many Q proofs that happened before Q.

I ask again, when was Qs first Q post? I also want to make POINT this is not meant to discredit Q. On the contrary, this is to expose bad actors.

Odd when I first exposed Sebastian he called himself SebAsTiAN C.

There has to be 100s of thousands that have no idea why 777 is a used number. Not what you think, especially if you have no idea.

I will give 2 hints. The book is a clue to the book.
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இறுதிப்போட்டியில் #CSK யை வென்றது #MI அணி...செய்தி

தமிழக எதிர்க்கட்சிதலைவர்கள் ரியாக்சன்

#ஸ்டாலின் :
ஆக .!!!உடனடியாக எடப்பாடி பதவி விலகியாகவேண்டும்

#வைகோ :
மோடியின் பாசிசஆட்சியே இதற்கு காரணம்.

#திருமா :
உயர்சாதிக்காரர் கேப்டனாக இருந்தபடியால் வெற்றிபெற்றார்கள்.
#சீமான் :
சிங்களவன் மலிங்காவை கொண்டு சென்னை அணியினரை வென்றிருப்பது கண்டிக்கத்தக்கது..

#கம்யூஸ் :
கார்ப்பரேட் முதலாளியை ஜெயிக்க வைக்க நடந்த முதலாளித்துவ பெரும்சதி இது..
#கமல் :
வெற்றி வெற்றி பெற்றதா? பெற்ற வெற்றி வெற்றியானதா? வெற்றி வெற்றிக்கானதா? வெற்றிக்கான வெற்றி வென்றவர்களுக்கானதா??வெற்றி வெல்லாமல் வென்று வெற்றியாயிருக்கிறது
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U.S. Navy Admiral (Ret.) Michael S. Rogers named to Claroty Advisory Board
As Chairman of Claroty’s Board of Advisors, Rogers will lead a distinguished cadre of business and security leaders…
@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #PresidentsDay
US spy boss warns of China election meddling #MI
Matters of NAT SEC
They are in full blown panic mode
We have everything…
@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #PresidentsDay
Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein expected to step down by mid-March, official says
Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein…

@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon
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The study was an updated meta-analysis of all the RCT published comparing DES with BMS in SVG-PCI with clinically significant endpoints @SVRaoMD @DocSavageTJU @fischman_david @mmamas1973 @DLBHATTMD @DrMauricioCohen @djc795 #ACCIC #SCAIFIT18 #CircIntvJC
In this meta-analysis, six randomized controlled trials were
eligible and included 1582 patients @SVRaoMD @DocSavageTJU @fischman_david @mmamas1973 @DLBHATTMD @DrMauricioCohen @djc795 #ACCIC #SCAIFIT18 #CircIntvJC
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Outtakes from the #DNC Executive Meeting in #PuertoRico (thread)

Chair promises a 2020 process that is fair. Will release a protocol on debates soon; expect debates in summer 2019 . Will decide by March 2019 the Host City for 2020 Convention: Houston, Miami Beach, or Milwaukee.
We have worked hard to rebuild trust on our presidential process. Rules and Bylaws Cttee working with early states on rules. A key rule change ends superdelegates voting 1st round absent consensus candidate BUT elected officials can still be PLEOs & not run against constituents.
The PLEO Party Leader Elected Official designation is for pledged delegates who are Members of Congress Governors etc who want a first round #DNC convention vote but don’t want to run against activist to get there.
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#QAnon #Winning #POTUS #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening
I just want to dedicate this song to #Q We know you and #POTUS have everything under control and Everything is GREAT.
After 20 day of silence.
Silence is golden.
I Can See You Shine | Gabe Dixon
#QAnon #Winning #POTUS #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening
"He shall have dominion from sea to sea and from the river unto the ends of the earth." (Psalm 72:8)
Q !
Jul 24 2018 10:45:27 (EST)
From Sea to Shining Sea.
Who does Huber report to [directly]?
Define evidence.
#QAnon #Winning #POTUS #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening
Who does Huber report to [directly]?
He doesn’t report directly to [Rob Rosenstein],…

According to Sessions, Huber provides him with regular updates about his work.…
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