@tdsb Welcome to @TOPublicHealth Ms Welch and Dr Dubey
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Dr Dubey acknowledges partnership with @tdsb and shares the agenda
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Information below provided in webinar to all principals - this is inclusive of all schools in the city
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth As of today, data for children testing positive in Toronto - by case count
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth This is all cases - shows cases in children tended to be lower
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Speaking now to VoC - variants of concern - variants themselves are to be expected - 3 emerging variants
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Concerns regarding the variants
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Modeling suggests that health and safety measures in place should continue - stay vigilant
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Updating screening tools -
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Changes to screening tool - symptom list remains the same as Dec 6th - schools have to check daily and @tdsb has been doing that
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Screening tool revised
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Changes to the questions highlighted - now siblings and families in addition to student
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth This is the students screening tool... the first one was the staff
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Recommendation - best mask is the one that fits! @tdsb has this in place - 2 layer mask with filter layer is best
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth What else can we do? Students attend school - should not gather even with those in their cohort - playdate is different than in-school setting
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Testing - another important tool - fall and winter two types of testing strategies @TOPublicHealth determined schools to test as well as cohort testing
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Results from the testing - sites across the city - testing update was low - school positivity rates reflected community rates
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth These are the results of the coordinating testing - asymptomatic testing
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Initial strategy - get tested!
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Coordinating asymptomatic testing - but not universal testing
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Both kinds of testing will continue - following the advice of @TOPublicHealth
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Lessons-learned - and addressing barriers
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Regarding vaccines - currently no vaccines licensed for younger children
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth How vaccines work and what's in them
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Side-effects and distribution plan
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Must continue public health measures
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Share information and seek information from trusted sources only
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Updated guidance page @TOPublicHealth
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Questions - concern re cohort switching - with in-school kids are returning with virtual students returning - principles should remain the same - physical distancing is still the best guidance - other questions - if a child has a higher risk the Psfier vaccine can be given 12-15
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Question - @TOPublicHealth provided guidance specific to Toronto Schools in their updated screening guidelines - and has provided staff updated information on neighbourhood risk
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth There is not a recommendation for asymptomatic testing for all - @TOPublicHealth supports targeted testing - they are, however, discussing additional rapid testing that may be available to be followed up with a standard test
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Re question on schools reopening - @TOPublicHealth supports seeing what happens first before reopening the economy - no comment yet on March Break - wants to wait and see what happens when schools reopen before providing advice
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Pilot testing continues to help inform steps when testing will happen - @TOPublicHealth began to outline in their letter to parents and staff yesterday - on their website
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Encouraging staff and students that have symptoms get tested - just one symptom - @TOPublicHealth best advice still is to physically distance where possible, wash hands, wear a mask and stay home if sick... these measures are critical to stop community spread
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth All positive testing will be screened for the variant - Q how do we encourage communities to be tested - understand that sick time and job security is a barrier - @TOPublicHealth advocating for paid sick leave - trying to address inequities - perhaps providing take home testing
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Huge thank you to @TOPublicHealth for working with @tdsb recommending ways to keep our students and staff as safe as possible in-schools
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth Up now @TDSBDirector providing updates
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector 8,400 students initially in-school - that number has now become 6,200 thanks to the conversations Superintendents and Principals have had with families - @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner provide perspectives on circling back to families who had requests
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner Team effort - in support of students and their families to accommodate as many as possible - with an equity lens across the system prioritizing Q5 schools - minimizing disruption and stabilizing as much as possible - Superintendents thank all Principals and school staff
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner How decisions are made to accommodate in Virtual School @tdsbMsP explains - 3700 spaces available in @tdsbvs and working through Q5, Q4, etc - we will be staggering transitions next week - we will be not mixing cohorts once they are established
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs Confident we are also able to meet some of the French requests - working through that now - what does it look like once switches start happening? Superintendent Allison speaks to switching in/out Virtual - it is a process
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs Communications will begin on February 12 - process itself will take place from Feb 16-19 Superintendent Chan speaks to how the connections will be made - relationship will continue between bricks and mortar schools and VS
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs Key communications - EO Parry speaks to key dates of what parents/caregivers can expect
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs Funding update by AD Snider - @tdsb received $24.4M - central purchasing is required to attempt to get best pricing
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs How is @tdsb using the Federal money? Details in the slide below
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs EO Singh provides update on IT devices - all Virtual School requests as of February 5 have been fulfilled
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs Highlighting devices since September 2020 - @tdsb heavily investing in IT
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs Qs now on this section from Trustees - AD Gold speaking to relationships with Unions/Federations - working together - next question re anyone entering our schools must abide by screening protocols - limits exist still for the number of people allowed into our buildings
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs Director @TDSBDirector now presenting on preparing for the next school year
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs Key principles - learning from running the two parallel systems this year - requires flexibility, stability and predictability going forward - key learning re relationships are critical and, of course, working within budget resources
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs AD Ennis speaks to additional parameters - more information to come
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs Back to Qs - will school staffing models still be in play? Answer is yes - new question re reminding all students for both virtual and bricks and mortar receive communications in addition to parents/guardians - hear by February 19 - message to all families critical
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs Is there an update re EQAO? At the current time, EQAO providing a field test - not a graduation requirement - designed to only those in bricks and mortar can participate - still seeking clarity on opportunities
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs Q re why kids can't be added to BrightSpace now if they are moving? A - there is a syncing of information that has to happen - there will be a time lag - due to report cards and parent-teacher interviews, etc.
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs Q re HVACs - all the schools that we identified without mechanical and closed windows already have - when do we expect the rollout of the new HEPA filters? Staff replies we have our own supplier that we hope to use - we could have delivered 1000/week; concern over funding rollout
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs New rollout of HEPA filters will go to congregated sites and start with Q5 filters and work way down the LOI list - filters have 3yr lifespan before you need to change the filters - new units - individual classrooms - to put HEPA unit in all LOI classrooms
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs Q Can we get an update on the number of chromebooks and laptops in schools? Q re hybrid learning - staff do not support nor do our local union partners support simultaneous teaching
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs Re 2021-22 - staff still discussing elementary staffing re librarians and guidance back in schools - and whether or not secondary would stay semestered - and whether or not virtual would be by "choice" or for Human Rights and Health and Safety only - more will come on these items
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs Also requested staff to provide an understanding of funding that would be required if we staffed pre COVID and then added in teachers to teach virtual through a local model - staff still working on options
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs Final item on the agenda is the motion re supporting "Access to Paid Sick Days" amended motion
@tdsb @TOPublicHealth @TDSBDirector @s_spyropoulos @kathleengardner @tdsbMsP @tdsbvs Fully supportive but need to stop live-tweeting now as I am committed to attend a School Council Meeting! -30-

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And continues to speak to initiatives to close the achievement gap - how data is essential and helps us to differentiate resources #TDSPParentConf
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