Another head-banging day for the £112bn UK creative sector that is starting to ingest how difficult #Brexit is going to make their lives - and how little the government is really willing to do to fix the lack of a 'mobility' chapter in the EU-UK trade deal. Quick update.../1
First Equity @EquityUK put out a letter to @BorisJohnson warning that #brexit was a "towering hurdle" (you'd want Brian Blessed reading that part) to UK actors plying their trade in EU - a double whammy with #COVID19 /2…
@EquityUK @BorisJohnson One third of Equity members say they've seen job ads asking for EU passport holders: "Before, we were able to travel to Europe visa-free. Now we have to pay hundreds of pounds, fill in form after form, and spend weeks waiting for approval" /3
@EquityUK @BorisJohnson Worth recalling that all this goes back to the UK desire NOT to have a 'mobility' provision within the TCA - all part of 'ending Free Movement' and the professional services folk - including musicians, actors, fashion models etc -are all victim of that/4…
@EquityUK @BorisJohnson What's the government going to do about all this? Good question, which brings us to todays @CommonsDCMS hearing in which the Culture Minister Caroline Dinenage @cj_dinenage frankly pin-balled around the issues /5
@EquityUK @BorisJohnson @CommonsDCMS @cj_dinenage Have a listen, if you like from around 11.27 minutes when @DamianGreen asks her what the government is up to....given that the creative industries have been handed what he termed a "no deal" #Brexit...the minister is clearly struggling /6…
@EquityUK @BorisJohnson @CommonsDCMS @cj_dinenage @DamianGreen She starts be accepting that the EU & UK aren't going to renegotiate the TCA which (for reasons above) has no visa waiver agreement or joint declaration on exempt categories (sports, arts etc) we're not going back there.../7
@EquityUK @BorisJohnson @CommonsDCMS @cj_dinenage @DamianGreen Which then raised question of striking bilateral deals with the EU...which the minister said the UK was keen to do...and then quickly said it was "very difficult"...admitting no talks had actually started...tho officials say they are prioritising targets nations/8
@EquityUK @BorisJohnson @CommonsDCMS @cj_dinenage @DamianGreen The question is whether EU member states and the EU Commission are going to allow individual member states to be picked off by the UK in separate mobility packages, on UK terms - it feels like a long shot on both fronts tbh. /9
@EquityUK @BorisJohnson @CommonsDCMS @cj_dinenage @DamianGreen The musicians industry body @ISM_music boss @DeborahAnnetts says they have a scheme that - from the sounds of it - would narrowly grant visa-waiver to musicians (who face £600 bill for single gig in Spain) but minister @cj_dinenage sounded sceptical (probably rightly)/10
@EquityUK @BorisJohnson @CommonsDCMS @cj_dinenage @DamianGreen @ISM_music @DeborahAnnetts The over-riding impression is that the government doesn't really have answers...which may explain why @FashionRoundTab haven't even had a reply to their letter of two weeks ago, per @TamaraCincik - the government doesn't really anywhere to go /11
@EquityUK @BorisJohnson @CommonsDCMS @cj_dinenage @DamianGreen @ISM_music @DeborahAnnetts @FashionRoundTab @TamaraCincik But this stuff is going to affect huge numbers of not-so-glamorous creatives - like the group of textile designers led by @DesignersGuild boss Simon Jeffreys who wrote to @BorisJohnson explaining how the deal was hitting his business /12
@EquityUK @BorisJohnson @CommonsDCMS @cj_dinenage @DamianGreen @ISM_music @DeborahAnnetts @FashionRoundTab @TamaraCincik @DesignersGuild They've fallen victim to the Rules of Origin hubbing issue - they print textiles in EU, have them shipped to UK...but now of course they can't ship them back to the EU without incurring tariffs. Solution? Open distro in the Netherlands.... /13
@EquityUK @BorisJohnson @CommonsDCMS @cj_dinenage @DamianGreen @ISM_music @DeborahAnnetts @FashionRoundTab @TamaraCincik @DesignersGuild A lot of this pain is masked by #COVID19 - there are no concerts, fashion shows, tourism etc - which gives the govt some breathing space. But ultimately the deal is what it is - no one should expect miracles. ENDS

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12 Feb
It's OUT! My latest #Brexit Briefing for @FinancialTimes - examining @BorisJohnson
"buy now, pay later" Northern Ireland Protocol, why the EU-UK trust deficit is killing it, how that can be restored - because it needs to work. /1
@FinancialTimes @BorisJohnson The danger here is that lingering animus over the opportunistic nature Johnson's Faustian bargain - dividing his Kingdom in order to 'get #Brexit done' and win an 80-seat majority - is clouding judgement on both sides of the Channel /2
@FinancialTimes @BorisJohnson The facts of the Protocol are no less true for Johnson's constant denial of them - that there would be checks, that there really is a trade border that now prevents plants and pets from travelling freely from Bedford to Ballymena as M.Gove reminds us. But these are other facts/3
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10 Feb
The @MarosSefcovic
letter to @michaelgove - quick breakdown.

It starts with a list of UK non-compliance at NI ports...and says addressing these are a "prerequisite" for any other facilitations /1…
@MarosSefcovic @michaelgove There is an offer of a fix on TRQs issue that saw some steel going from GB into NI attracting 25% tariffs - more deets here /2…
@MarosSefcovic @michaelgove But no offer of 'blanket derogations' on issues around export health certificates and - it seems - no fix at all on 'prepared meats' (can u send a non-frozen sausage from Brum to Belfast) - note line on new supply chain ("source them in NI or ROI in effect") /3
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10 Feb
🚨🇬🇧🇪🇺NEW 🇪🇺🇬🇧🚨the NI trader support scheme (TSS) has taken a kicking from users taking to ⁦@CommonsNIAC⁩ ...a day after ⁦@michaelgove⁩ praised it and ⁦@ShankerASingham⁩ to peers /1
@CommonsNIAC @michaelgove @ShankerASingham Back on Jan 6 the TSS (£355m set up to help traders deal with NI Protocol) was criticised to @CommonsNIAC as "simply not good enough" by @Freight_NI Seamus Leheny and others...well a month on, it's got more brutal write-ups /2…
@CommonsNIAC @michaelgove @ShankerASingham @Freight_NI Stephen McAneney, managing director of @Allied_F_S Allied Fleet Services, said there was “no consistency” in the information coming from the service and advice was confusing and conflicting. /3
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10 Feb
NEW: 🚨🇬🇧🇪🇺🧪🧑‍🔬⚗️🧪🇪🇺🇬🇧🚨the U.K. chemicals industry calls for common sense re-think of U.K. post-#brexit plan to build copycat EU REACH chemicals database at cost of £1bn - @GeorgeWParker @FinancialTimes scoop. Stay with me. /1
@GeorgeWParker @FinancialTimes So what's all this about? Well, no sleeping at the back there, because chemicals are in everything - from paint to nail polish, cars to contact lenses - they are key part of manufacturing base, with highly mobile pan-EU supply chains. #Brexit is a bugger for them /2
@GeorgeWParker @FinancialTimes The problem is that as part of the 'sovereignty at all costs approach @DavidGHFrost the UK relationship ruled out close links with the EU chemicals agency ECHA in Helsinki which controls the EU REACH database - a store of all the info on all the chemicals on the market /3
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8 Feb
NEW: where @michaelgove warns the EU is in danger of putting its “integrationist theology” above the interests of the people of Northern Ireland - looks like tough discussion ahead this week. 1/
Gove will meet @MarosSefcovic in London on Thursday to demand easements to NI Protocol and says “Progress has been made but we are very far from resolving those problems” /2
My colleague @Sam1Fleming gets a testy EU diplomat response: “It would already be a step forward if Britain put as much energy into the Implementation of the NI protocol as it puts into complaining about it.”/3
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8 Feb
🚨🇬🇧🇪🇺🐚🦪🦪🐚🦪🐚🇪🇺🇬🇧🚨So...govt has to concede that most mussel, oyster, clam and cockles - bivalve molluscs - can’t now go to EU, “bringing an end to this traditional and valuable trade” - a move U.K. says is “unacceptable”, but admits can’t stop. /1…
It seems as if @DefraGovUK @MPGeorgeEustice has been advised it would be OK...but now EU has advised not. They are trying to fix with Shellfish Association of Great Britain @SAGB /2
@DefraGovUK @MPGeorgeEustice @SAGB The tone of this statement slightly reminds me of that letter that a slightly sheepish @DavidGHFrost wrote to the car makers admitting defeat on asking EU for cross-cumulating rules of origin so Japanese car parts. /3…
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