In the (urban middle classes of) the post-industrial West, the symbolic value of #meat has been inverted. It always stood for nourishment & vitality, but now represents debauchery & harm.

What happened?

THREAD 🧵: a (very) simplified version of a complex historical trajectory
In the mid-19th C, coming from a Swedenborgian legacy (& building on even earlier meat-avoiding asceticism & mysticism), meat starts to be seen as impure in some Christian sects. Within that same legacy, Theosophy & New Age develop. The first vegetarian societies are founded.
With modernity, scientism develops, & thus an obsession with resource control, monitoring, metrics, top-down interventionism & societal progress & emancipation. Household economies are born, so that diets (now a matter of calories, not tradition) become a target for zealotry.
People like JH Kellogg connect the dots. Virtue, progress, health, & metrics are combined into an idea that eventually develops into "nutritional science". Whatever that science measures, however, seems profoundly distorted. Birth of the healthy user bias - grains good/meat bad.
Meanwhile, the 1970s lead to a revival of technocracy, with computer simulations of resource depletion, futurism & doom vs. eco-utopianism. New Ager & oil business man Maurice Strong, father of UNEP & "sustainable development", enters the scene. So does 'Diet for a Small Planet'.
All this creates golden opportunities. With UN Rio 92, Strong opens a market for the greenwashing of the planet's super polluters. Meanwhile, the leading nutritional paradigm ("meat/fat causing disease") allows multinationals to develop a lucrative business model.
Suddenly, a marginal current within society (vegetarianism) becomes mainstream. It still allows for the virtue signalling of the old days, but is no longer ridiculed. Because the powers that be have decided to give it a thumbs up. Here we are, facing a #GreatFoodTransformation?
Some background info here:…
As remarked by @AECDKB, the graph could be more explicit on the impact of industrialization of livestock (late 19th C) & what that means for disrupted human-animal interactions (& moral crisis coming from that), picked up by Progressive movements back then. Yellow circle added.
And as pointed out by @lpearsemoran, referring to Haidt, there was also a progressive/liberation element at play (animals as the oppressed). The rise of the "vegetarian crusade" can't be seen independently from a broader movement for social reform.…
That being said, the "purity" & revolutionary angle of vegetarianism was also popular at the ultra-right side of the spectrum back then (cf. Nazi's & animal rights, fascist Fiume, theories of Savitri Devi, ...) and even today.…
And more on the religious background here (also @aleph2020):…

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22 Feb

The current age is one of SYSTEMISM or ‘faith in Systems’.

Below some reflections on the very fashionable #FoodSystems paradigm (based on Gall's great work 'Systemantics'), especially in view of the upcoming 2021 @UN @FoodSystems Summit.

There may be trouble ahead. Image
The prevailing view is one of the System-as-machine, whereby it would suffice to know & master a set of underlying mechanisms to understand, predict, & steer System’s behaviour & outcomes, in response to a Problem. Image
However, this utopian mindset has been criticized for the likely failure & damage it entails & the false sense of holistic management it seems to suggest. Frequently, Systems turn out to be an interventionist expression of high-modernist and reductionist top-down administration. Image
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16 Feb
BILL GATES, big investor in synthetic meat & in the militant organizations lobbying for its implementation (eg. Good Food Institute) & media hailing its virtues (eg. Guardian), wants to use REGULATION to move ALL rich countries to ... 100% synthetic beef.…
Here's a thought:
- Gates is a WHO top donor
- WHO is the "anchoring agency" for Action Track 2 on sustainable diets (chaired by EAT's founder) in the upcoming UN Food Systems Summit
- The UN Summit will set the agenda for future dietary policy worldwide…
- WHO's Branca (EAT-Lancet member) wants to "reset" the food system & work on the "consumer side"
- EAT's founder & Action Track 2 chair wishes to "to take full advantage of the force" EAT's idea of change
- Good Food Institute also involved…
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14 Feb
Most have heard of @wef's 2021 #TheGreatReset or its earlier 2012 #GreatTransformation.

Many are aware of #EATLancet's #GreatFoodTransformation.

Few know #Tellus' #GreatTransition or #WBGU's #GreatTransformation.

The similarities of the names aren't coincidental.
All go back to an interrelated network of organizations, many of which were shaped by Maurice Strong in the '70-'90s. Strong was an oil businessman, New Ager, Rockefeller asset & UN protagonist. #TheGreatReset & its dietary part #TheGreatFoodTransformation are part of his legacy.
Today, the post-Strong Great Transition/Transformation network is being mobilized for the UN #FoodSystems Summit. The aim: to change dietary policies worldwide.

In addition, "vegan tech" (lab-grown foods) has joined the club, $$$-fueled by #SiliconValley investors (& others).
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8 Feb
😖 This is so 2020 something. At least in the old days, prophets of doom didn't need the "I'm an expert" disclaimer.
But self-hatred seems to be alive and well...
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6 Feb
If #SDGs are meant to save earth from industrial destruction, why was the ex-CEO of Unilever (producer of ultraprocessed foods) among its designers on the "UN High-Level Panel of eminent persons"? Not to mention sharks like Podesta & Cameron?

Unless...🤔… Image
And WHY has the @UN signed a strategic partnership, to meet the #SDGs, with the greatest predators of them all: the elites of the corporate system represented by the @wef? Because they expect that the world's largest polluters can be "converted"? Or...🤔…
This 👇 may turn out to be our era's biggest joke. And a dangerous and bad one too. Image
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6 Feb
Forget insects, eat #rat to save the planet?

h/t @Kenn_FFCI/status…
If one likes it, that's fine of course. After all, it is not uncommon in some parts of the world, such as Gabon.

In the Philippines, rats are tinned & "sold as STAR meat (rats spelled backwards) in supermarkets"
Even in the part of Flanders where I'm coming from, muskrat was a regional dish. Also known as "water rabbit".
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