Well, shit. My metamask was compromised. They even got my notsofast.eth domain. Managed to rescue some stuff, busy securing things in general.
They're holding everything they got in this account like a trophy☹️
Not sure how it happened but because they got my .eth domain I had to go public with it earlier than I wanted.
This may have been the vector. Update your browser and use hardware wallet with metamask only. Some site out there is worming into your priv

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21 Dec 20
It is scary to get these. Suggestions appreciated, but here's how I would deal with it:
1. DO NOT SEND FUNDS. You won't be left alone; now they know an email threat pays, and they'll ask for more, more often.
2. NEVER RESPOND. Let them assume you've moved and changed all your leaked info. They will move on to a more likely target.
3. DOCUMENT AND REPORT. We do still live in a society that takes seriously fraud and threats of harm. Report to local police and build a file of the harassment. If the threat ever escalates/actualizes, a long file of history is taken more seriously than a single new event.
Read 4 tweets
20 Dec 20
Steps you can take if you find your full name, address, and main phone number in the @Ledger data dump:

1. Immediately get a new phone number as your main. Use a different email address than the compromised one to let people know. Sorry, this is arduous.
1a. If you can afford to, keep the old #, activate it on an old device, so you can respond to known contacts "please use my new number"

1b. Also log any non-whitelisted texts/calls/phishes to that number, as a record in case harassment/abuse escalates (THANKS @Ledger 🤬)
2. You can't likely move or change your name, but you CAN from now on:
- use a different version of your name, or a pseudonym, for crypto shipments
- use a PO box or public pickup location
Read 5 tweets
21 Aug 20
#DeFi on $ETH will follow very similarly to the 2014 #SummerOfAltcoins.
The key improvement since then is automatic liquidity, which zombifies-- allows a 0-fundamental value token to survive-- an asset to survive way longer than it "should" (ie where a shitcoin would chain-death)
First you have clone proliferation. This is like the colourcoin era ( #stillearly in the cycle). We're already seeing clones of successful DeFi products. And cloning services. Fortunately these are not only dead easy to spot, but can be auto-parsed.
Next you have intra-token economic fuckery. DeFi leaprogs this somewhat due to interoperability of yield farming, but eventually in the quest to create alpha to sell to apes, we'll see DeFi's IgotSpots. Already seeing a few tokens like this. Most of these are abortions by design.
Read 8 tweets
16 Sep 19
Gather 'round my old GPU rigs still $mining scrypt for warmth, ye rekt, ye lambobois, ye $crypto-professionals-on-the-rabbithole's-precipice and ye curious-but-too-busy-doing-real-development-work-to-knowers. I shall regale unto yallz the origin story of our hero @inversebrah.
Once upon a time there was a " $Crypto OG" named @cryptostardust. A skilled position trader of renown, he possessed an even rarer knack for cutting to the core of the social and economic #narratives behind crypto-- or what passed for them, back in 2013-14.
As fallout from a dust-up against shamed pseudoeconomist Nouriel Roubini late last year, @cryptostardust's Twitter account was banned, assumingly from Mr Roubini's disingenuously buttrekt reporting of him. Our community was chagrined.
Read 13 tweets
17 Dec 18
I don't think the $crypto/ #Bitcoin space is going to get the capitulation cleansing everyone expects, like 2014-2016 where everyone got bored/jaded and left:
Many 2017 entrants invested >$200, quickly lost it all, but got tied up in following, views, likes, thotness, podcasting, media creation (you can endlessly yap about markets or tech you completely don't understand-- and in this day and age of low bars, it counts as "content"),
These peeps may have $0 in the game, but plenty of reputational, self-esteem, or other skin. To them, $crypto is aspirational just as any other topic that gets them engagement, which gets them the 2 seconds of free dopamine.
I am not exempt, lest you think I'm condescending.
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9 Dec 18
Decentralized orderbook✅
Run trade bots with #xrouter api.blocknet.co
Run a light wallet for ANY coin✅
Run a ServiceNode w/ 5k $BLOCK, run a node of any other coin: that coin is now listed on @The_Blocknet's DX #dex, and YOU earn the trade fees from it✅
Take the secure machine with all your PoS coins staking away.
Add a Blocknet ServiceNode to that machine and enable DX.
You have now listed ALL those coins on the DX #dex, and are earning trade fees ON TOP of your PoS rewards. 👀
cc: @StakeAndNodes
Oh yeah I forgot a few.
DNS naming service on-chain✅
Using the above to prove identity (beating Vinny/Civic to the punch)✅
Docker-like abstracted container in which you can run anything✅
Read 4 tweets

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