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🧵1/5 How to buy PEM

$PEM is the token at the center of @PembrockFi, unlocking access to a greater number of features and giving you more chances to profit.

#NEARisNOW #NEARistheBOS #NEAR #Web3 #CryptoNews #DeFi #DEX Image
🧵2/5 @PembrockFi token is listed on the NEAR @finance_ref, @spin_fi and @tonicdex lists; however, when @PembrockFi reaches the remaining milestones of the roadmap, $PEM will be available on more decentralized #NEAR exchanges and other blockchains.
🧵3/5 How to Buy PEM on Ref Finance

1⃣ Make sure you have set up your #NEAR wallet and have put some funds on there.
2⃣ Go to Ref Finance and click Connect to NEAR in the top right-hand corner. Image
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【深度解析:一文读懂自动做市商机制 (AMM)】

最近在重新研究 #DeFi 项目,因为我不认可 DeFi 已死,从 DEX 到流动性质押协议再到 LSD。下一个牛市中,他们会是基建一样的存在

🧵本篇深度讲解 #DEX#AMM 机制,这是 #DeFi 基础,但至关重要。理解起来或许有难度,建议收藏并反复阅读。
1/12 什么是 #做市商


比如,A 决定以 $30,000 购买 1 个 BTC ,交易所需要确保有一个人愿意以$30,000 (或更低)的价格卖出 1 个 BTC。

中心化交易所本质上就是一个将买方和卖方进行撮合的平台。但如果此时只有一个卖家 B,但他只想以 $35,000 卖出他的 BTC。
这种情况下,我们就说 BTC 在这家交易所上的流动性很差。


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Hello 👋

Thread un peu plus léger pour vous parler d'un outil que j'apprécie particulièrement

(& qui je pense, serait pertinent d'essayer 👀)

Découvrez @bebop_dex, le #DEX multifonctions ⬇️ Image
👩‍🌾 Bebop est #DEX particulièrement utile pour les #farmeurs

Il dispose de 3 avantages concurrentiels :

✅ Permet de swapper plusieurs jetons en une transaction
✅ Pas besoin de payer le #gas (les frais de réseau sont inclus dans la transaction)
✅ Pas de #slippage Image
🎲 La fonctionnalité la plus importante est l'échange de plusieurs jetons à la fois

🌾 C'est super pratique si vous avez des récompenses de #farming & que vous souhaitez vous en débarrasser rapidement

🗑️ C'est aussi pratique pour convertir vos petits montants en $ETH
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Don't miss out on @_zkSwap and $zksp! 📈🧠

Concentrated Liquidity - Revolutionizing Decentralized Exchanges on zkSwap 🔄🔒🔥

1/ 📚 @_zkSwap introduces Concentrated Liquidity, a game-changing approach in decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Here's why it's superior to regular AMMs:
2/ 🎯 Regular AMMs distribute liquidity across the entire price range, resulting in capital inefficiency. With Concentrated Liquidity, liquidity providers can now concentrate their funds around specific price ranges where action is expected.
3/ 💰 Concentrated Liquidity significantly improves capital efficiency. Compared to regular CFMMs, @_zkSwap's DEX way more efficient and liquidity providers can maximize their returns with optimized capital utilization. (See whitepaper for further explanations).
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🚀 Missed the $ARB airdrop? No worries!

💰 Arbitrum Nova, providing an incredible chance to boost your earnings. Want to learn how?

🔥 Discover my strategy for the $NOVA #airdrop and maximize your profits. Don't let this opportunity slip away!

Follow this thread 👇🧵#Crypto
🌟 Arbitrum Nova: the roll-up specifically designed for micro-transactions, including NFTs and Play-to-Earn (P2E) activities.

🚀 Developed by Offchain Labs, Arbitrum Nova stands as a distinct chain separate from Arbitrum.

#Crypto #NFTs #P2E #ArbitrumNova Image
📢 Offchain Labs, the brilliant team behind Arbitrum, has successfully raised a staggering $120M in investment rounds from Polychain, Coinbase, Pantera Capital, and other venture capitas.

🚀 This substantial investment signals the growing confidence in Offchain Labs' vision. Image
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@CelestDefi is a #DeFi project containing a limit order #DEX to place buy / sell orders on all @MultiversX tokens with sell protection limits and buy investment limits.

Apart from the trading platform, it brings a new decentralised launchpad, so let’s spotlight both.🔥

🧵👇 Image
The Celest universe has two community projects ATM, a Rose planet and a Green planet.

The Rose planet is a spot trading and a smart orders platform, where you can trade tokens in real-time at current market prices through a #Decentralized exchange:

It has a user-friendly interface and by using the limit order & limit loss options, one can protect his funds by setting specific trade conditions to automate the trading strategy, which minimize risk and take advantage of market opportunities.

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New product - more utility given to Spartan NFT holders and $Sparta token.

@Spartadex_io introduced #SpartaPad - a launchpad feature on its ecosystem that helps new #Arbitrum projects approach #Arbinauts.

#DEX #Gamefi
Fundraising will include a pre-public round for #NFT holders and WL, where each NFT corresponds to a part of the allocation.

Currently, Spartan NFT is trading at a floor price of 0.13ETH on OpenSea.……
Additionally, SpartaDex has increased the $Sparta TGE on SHO Dao Maker to 30%.

This means the circulating supply of $Sparta is 5.3M Sparta at TGE. Image
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1/ Hey frends! Have you heard the news? @PythNetwork is now officially live on the @injective #mainnet, bringing a whole new level of possibilities for #dApps and the #Injective community!
Let's dive into what this integration means and how it impacts the world of #DeFi🌐
#INJ Image
Pyth is an #oracle network that revolutionizes the way real-world data is brought #onchain
Through its innovative low-latency pull oracle design, Pyth publishes continuous real-world #data, inc. prices, for various markets spanning equities, #commodities, forex pairs & #crypto
With this integration, #Injective #dApps now have seamless access to #Pyth's #onchain #data, empowering #developers and users alike to leverage real-world #asset information within the #blockchain environment. This is a game-changer for Injective's #ecosystem! 🆙
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🔊 ANNOUNCEMENT: Recently, we announced the launch of Root's first Stem, @LimitlessFi_!

Let’s dive into what Limitless is, how they're shaping DeFi, what being a Stem means, and how the incubated protocol will drive revenue to Root's Treasury! 🧵

/1 Image
The ultimate goal of Root Protocol is to become the DeFi Operating System, where users can access every conceivable DeFi service within the Root ecosystem as part of one simple, integrated, and predictable user experience.

This is where our ecosystem of Stems comes in. 🌱

Root incubates an ever-growing series of DeFi products that capitalize on high-priority market inefficiencies whilst streamlining the user experience.

Root, in turn, receives a percentage of revenues from these Stem protocols, providing sustained income for the treasury.

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This is a must-read thread for every Defi trader in the crypto ecosystem.

It is a complete guide and manual that will help make your journey in the DeFi space smooth and stress-free.

Let's take a walk into the extraordinary world of DeFi @CroswapOfficial provides.

A thread 🧵 Image
1/ Introduction

Croswap is a multi-chain community-driven DEX built for crypto users who value low cost trading fees, security and transparency. It can run on any EVM-compatible blockchain network.
Croswap has a dynamic platform that enjoins builders and consumers to enjoy its benefits under an umbrella without causing harm or discomfort to each other.

It also focuses on the main needs of traders in the space which ranges from security to low fees & speed
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If you pay attention, you will notice that #BITCOIN, #ETHEREUM & the general #cryptocurrency market is DOWN! However the emerging ecosystem inside CARDANO DOES NOT CARE! Cardano is having a mini bull run in Image
its ecosystem. Wether you know it or not, these are the beginnings of A RIDICULOUSLY EXPLOSIVE 🧨 BULL MARKET FOR CARDANO this cycle. Most Of you can’t see it now, some of your have been misled or deceived to think you are late to the opportunity, you are DEAD WRONG.
Take another look, our top dex @MinswapDEX still has a market cap of $24 million dollars, our top lending protocol @AadaFinance still has a MKCAP of $24 million, our top synthetic @Indigo_protocol has a MKCAP of $10 million, Our top #memecoin @snekcoinada $SNEK is under
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Penpie is changing DeFi with its next-gen product, offering enhanced yield benefits & governance power monetization.

Get ready for their upcoming $PNP token IDO on @CamelotDEX.

I’ll tell you all about this exciting update in this thread👇🏼🧵 (6 min)

#Penpie #DeFi#mPENDLE $PNP Image
What I will be covering in this thread:

-New Token Distribution
-The wait is almost over
-$PNP IDO Allocation Update
-$3M FDV and $600K Cap
-Penpie's mission is user-centric
New Token Distribution↓ Image
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@mayfairfund is LAUNCHING 22ND MAY 6PM UTC👀👀👀

#Mayfair is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that governs a set of tokenized #investment funds and leverage to them, bringing a new class of investment products to the #DeFi ecosystem. 🧵🧵🧵 Image
@mayfairfund Invest in select #Dex Traded Funds with meticulously chosen underlying assets representing a wide range of themes and narratives of #DeFi. Image
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1/9 Hey, @MultiversX fam! 👋

Today, let's dive into one of the most useful projects on the web. Say hello to @EgldInfo, your go-to destination for a plethora of information about the MvX ecosystem. 🌐

#crypto #MultiversX #egld #informationhub Image
2/9 Once you land on their homepage, @EgldInfo greets you with a handy overview of the best token #swap spots. 🔄

💱 Discover the various prices across different #DEX platforms and find the most lucrative swaps right at your fingertips!

#cryptotips #egld
3/9 Take your experience to the next level!

Connect your wallet to and unlock personalized insights tailored to your specific position 📊

💼 Get a comprehensive overview of your holdings, transactions & more. A personal financial advisor in your pocket!
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As an industry-leading #DEX, we've realized that the strength of #DeFi doesn't just lie in smart contracts - it lies within the community

That's why we launched the Community Circle Program earlier this year, to reward and recognise contribution

This is why you should join 👇 Image
A new way to engage ⚡️

Trader Joe's Community Circle is the ultimate way to connect and grow in #DeFi.

The Community Circle is all about rewarding, recognising and growing. Because by learning and sharing as one, we can shape the future of DeFi together. Image
Collect em all ✨

There are 9 Community Segments, with up to 4 levels in each.

Contribute in Governance, become a Market Maker, collect NFTs, complete Quests, meme about or more.

Collect all the roles, or choose to specialize. Everyone has an option suited to their goals. Image
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It's time to update the ecosystem, as well as the long-awaited launch of our website 🔥 Well, get ready because there are indeed many projects 🧵

You can sort them, find official sources, and a description for each one through this link - ♻️

#layerzero Image
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1/ 虽然当下市场短期偏暗淡,但加密世界下一阶段或将迎来前所未有的爆发...

2/ 目前,大部分加密货币仅停留在概念验证阶段。
成功且可持续的应用主要集中在 #dex#借贷

3/ #NFT#元宇宙#Gamefi等领域存在大量投机。用户参与的目的并非实际应用,而是投机。
4/ 现在加密基础设施终于开始慢慢走向落地。

5/ 在加密领域的早期阶段,一些创新者受到了技术的吸引,尝试进行各种实验。而随着时间的推移,技术本身逐渐发展成熟,成为支撑更丰富、更深入体验的基础设施。
6/ 下一阶段或将吸引史上最大规模的加密货币用户群。这将是从Web 2迈向Web 3的一次重大转变。

7/ 部分dapp或许会一夜爆红,吸引千万用户。

- 大公司
- 地下组织(即那些热爱创新的开发者们在网上结识其他开发者,出于对技术的热爱共同创造出新事物的地方)
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arkadaşlar şimdi size #DEX lerde ve yeni çıkan koinleri,yeni listelenenleri görmenizi sağlamak ve keşfetmek için kullandıklarımı anlatacağım..🧵 Image
Yeni tokenleri ve Ağlara göre trend olanları görmek için bu website yi kullanıyoruz.. ImageImage
Bitkeep wallet da swap kısmına bastığınizda yeni tokenler; kazananlar ve kaybedenler göstermekte diğer kategoriler de mevcut 👇 Image
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🌊 Dive into the depths of BLUE, the heart of the #Kujira ecosystem! A realm where serenity meets DeFi power. Explore staking, governance, swapping, bridging, and the mystical USK stablecoin. Uncover the lore of BLUE! 🐋 #DeFi #BLUE #GrownupDeFi Image
1/19 🌐 BLUE Dashboard: Embark on a journey through real-time data on $KUJI token price, fully diluted value, liquid supply, 90-day revenue, block details, total & staked KUJI supply, vesting schedule, and total USK supply. #Kujira #BLUE Image
🌟🌟 Note the vesting. 🌟🌟

We have 0% inflation, and kujiran's do not get diluted. Fees are earned via all platforms like #BOW, #FIN, #BLUE, #ORCA, #GHOST and $KUJI stakers are awarded staking rewards 100% earned from fees/airdrops.
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PIZZA with several toppings taste DAMN good right?

Now imagine a project that COMBINES several Defi trading protocols in one place while offering the best prices 😳

Enough imagination!!

Check out HOW @alpacaprotocol does this for YOU

A 🧵
Here's what you'll learn

🔸 What is @alpacaprotocol
🔸@alpacaprotocol Components
🔸 Key features
🔸$Alp token
🔸 Tokenomics
🔸 Presale
🔸 Partnership
🔸 Roadmap
🔸 Conclusion
🔸 Official links

Let's go...
🔸 What is @alpacaprotocol

Alpaca protocol is a meta aggregator of perpetual #Dex's that routes perpetual trades to the best execution prices.

It brings together trades across various Defi protocols into one location, saving you time and increasing crypto trade efficiency...
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Most Alpha tutors on CT don't reveal the real alphas!

Ever heard about DEX AGGREGATOR?

It's a CHEAT CODE traders use to EARN MORE interest in their large trade.

But then, only a few aggregators are genuine.

Here's @TuniGgregatorAi, more than an aggregator

A #DeFi Thread: ⤵️ Image
Does a DEX aggregator still sound like a mystery to you?


In this simplified thread,

I'll show you everything About aggregators and how @TuniGgregatorAi is the best aggregator you can rely on.

Before we begin, here's a guide: Image
Thread Outline:

🤖 Meaning of Aggregators
🤖 Overview of @TuniGgregatorA
🤖 Features
🤖 Utilities
🤖 Tokenomics
🤖 Emission
🤖 Conclusion and Official Links

Ready to rock?
Let's roll. 🚀
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Some are always ahead of the curve not becausethey’re more knowledgeable but they use the most efficient tools

@TuniGgregatorAi is a yield farming aggregator on #Arbitrum that collates various yield farming pools

This contains all you need to know on how to make $$ with them🧵 Image
Outline of the thread ⤵️

💢What is @TuniGgregatorAi?
💢Tuni-Ggregator DEX
💢Why @TuniGgregatorAi?
💢Rewards Booster
💢Supported pools
💢Yield Farming Incentives
💢 Roadmap
💢$TUN ($veTUN)
💢WHAT IS @TuniGgregatorAi?

@TuniGgregatorAi is a community-centric Yield Aggregator & #DEX on #Arbitrum that offers YIELD and MAXIMIZES GAINS through various strategies while prioritizing security and privacy of assets.

Find below the description of an aggregator Image
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There are over 700 crypto Influencers but how many have you had a conversation with?

If yes, how many have told you about DEX aggregators?
You might be thinking what a DEX aggregator is?

I'll lead you through in much simpler terms to understand aggregators and furthermore understand @TuniGgregatorAi .
For effective understanding, here are the guidelines you should note I would be discussing in this thread;

• What Aggregators are
• An Introduction to @TuniGgregatorAi
• The Utilities of @TuniGgregatorAi
• The tokenomics of @TuniGgregatorAi Image
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1/ We found that 5 addresses related to pepecexwallet.eth bought 8.87T $PEPE at a low price, and the cost was ~0.19 $ETH ($385).

Then sold 7.76T $PEPE for $1.23M on #DEX, made nearly $1.23M (3,200x)! Image
2/ Wallet "0xAd10" bought 2.44T $PEPE with 0.0195 $ETH($39.3) and transferred 2.44T $PEPE to wallet "0x9807";

Wallet "0x9807" bought 0.06T $PEPE with 0.11 $WETH($230.84) and transferred 2.5T $PEPE to wallet "0x7607". ImageImage
3/ Wallet "0x7607" bought 1.77T $PEPE with 0.0175 $ETH($35.24) and sold all 4.26T $PEPE for $726,218.… Image
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