Does the simp actually imagine that he will get to the girl somehow IRL by means of digital simping or is he so soy that he just does it anyway for some other reason? I’m young enough to see the phenomenon develop but too Gen X and married to quite comprehend.
I imagine what normally occurs is sort of like a strip club. Each simp imagines she likes him and he has or could have a special relationship with the stripper even tho this is a hilarious fantasy if examined in the harsh light of reality.
But for all but the real crazies it’s sort of a pantomime on both sides catering to real desires or needs in a disordered and fantastical way.
So my assumption is that the phenom is not really ordered by some real life expectation even as fantasy so much as a kind of psychological itch-scratching or scab-picking.

• • •

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22 Feb
You know wut actually shows your privilege? Reducing everything to race as ultimate cause of everything else unlike normal people (yes, of every race) in this damn country, most of whom aren't on twitter, didn't go to intersectionality skool, & think all of you are rich lunatics.
That would be the 2/3rds of America without a college degree and the 4/5ths of America who are not on the Twitter. That would be the discourse of the vast majority of the 330 million people in this nation who aren't simping as useful idiots for a tightening oligarchy.
I mean it's fine if you want to shill for a tightening oligarchy by trying to foment racial tribalization/war but when you start getting all high & mighty/actually appear to *believe* this ideological bullshit that people get pissed off at you. True, they have to abide by it...
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17 Feb
Rush Limbaugh was one of the most influential political figures of the last thirty years as well as the master of a medium in a way few figures in history can claim. Yet elites on right and left seemed continuously committed to underplaying his talent and influence.
One of the more obvious but powerful moves on the part of President Trump—the sort of thing most Republican leaders would never do—was to recognize Limbaugh. This drove the uniparty establishment crazy of course but it was right and just. Limbaugh was the rarest of talents. RIP.
Rush was the actual “conservative movement” for a long time, putting into words what millions felt and thought of as common sense. Many intellectual types and thinktanks and other leaders were carried along by him without even realizing it.
Read 7 tweets
16 Feb
Yea this is a rare extreme weather event, but winter storm is obviously exposing flaws in Texas grid.

Given the few facts authorities/ energy companies are releasing millions will be w/o power throughout the week.

This has real political legs, & spin battle has already begun:
God knows what things will look like at end of week.

Battle unfolds 2 ways: Ds demand TX get back on national grid/attack old R energy policy/mock secession, etc

Rs will say this is due to green insanity. But not likely as simple as frozen windmills, although those didn’t help:
Galaxy brain solution is Rs must not only reject green nonsense but demand we build back better. Need to think about Musk-level mega-projects for self-sustaining grid that leads world without ideological hindrances in any direction.
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13 Feb
The @ginacarano fiasco runs deep. Very deep. What’s obscured by the borg (in part b/c old televisual peeps trying to double down & not tell talent what the true #s are) is that she is an underrated and in truth extremely popular star of most watched FAMILY entertainment show.
She checks all the supposed check boxes for the identity politics bullshit crowd in terms of women and feminist hollow tropes (beautiful but relatable and kick ass) but doesn’t fit or agree with their narrative.
And she was canceled for using their own overused tropes that she used far more prudently than they all do—including the mostly masked primary star of the show she was on...
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11 Feb
The crazy thing about living through a regime change like this one is the combination of *denial* along with the increasing explicit justifications for oppression. The history books don’t tell you about all the people in willful denial as things escalated—who let it happen.
What keeps happening, over and over, are incidents with obvious parallels that reveal the nature of The Party now attempting to take complete control over America. To point out the obvious about it is to be fired and publicly reviled like @ginacarano.
Meanwhile, of course they can say the same about their opponents. That’s the point of all this: “we can protest & riot w/impunity—you cannot.” Only The Party can make Nazi references. Etc. But if you aren’t a member of The Party & in denial, at this point I assume it’s willful.
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9 Feb
I don't pretend to know much about the mysteries, but it seems to me that there are two underlying and extreme premises in our debates about identity and gender, and they contradict each other, and all sides in some respect argue from both premises when it suits them.
On 1 hand, people argue as if each person is their own snowflake, w/their particular shade of whatever, hardened & solidified forever, & utterly unique, upon various spectrums or on one side or another of a binary, & they are wut they are & this cannot be changed much, if at all.
On other hand, people argue as if each person is pure potency, able to will into existence or choose whatever shade of whatever they desire to desire/become, w/no real constraints upon what they are since what they are is will/potential alone, open to infinite changes & choosing.
Read 4 tweets

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