Ok I’m sorry for being so mean to wrestling. That was uncalled for. 😇 However, I’m not sorry for being so mean to public schools. That was very called for. 😎
The wrestling thing was PMS combined with pandemic fatigue and the fact that wrestling will always have lulls and go through boring phases and that’s ok it’s still great.
The public schools thing was based on the reality that public schools are just a means to totalitarian control over the minds and behavior of the masses no matter what side controls them and how now they’re controlled by communist minded radicals.
No one should have power over our kids, left or right. The power corrupts. In order to have a strong society, you have to raise strong and unique individuals. The only way to do that truly is to have them be raised by their actual parents, not the state.
This is an idea that even parents have been brainwashed to be repelled by. But the more of us live by example and show that it’s the best thing by proving it, the more the brainwashing will dissolve.
You’ve heard of separation of church and state. I think separation of education and state should also be considered.
If freedom of religion is so precious a right, why would freedom of education not be? And why would we force the taxpayers to pay for an education system that does not represent all of our beliefs if we would not force the taxpayers to pay for a church of only one religion?
People will inevitably ask, “but how could you trust all the parents to educate the children properly? A lot of them are stupid” and I reply to that “How do you trust the public education system to educate the children properly? I have more faith in parents than in institutions”
Public schools resemble prisons in numerous ways. And as a result they create prison-like thoughts and behaviors. That cannot be healthy. It also cannot be an accident. These behaviors make the future adults more easily exploited by those who seek to control them.
People are not meant to be raised in giant buildings amongst giant groups separated from their parents. That is how livestock are raised, and that is how criminals are punished. If you want a stressed and dysfunctional and unconfident person, this is a sure fire way to make one.
We have been brainwashed to think that holeschooling makes kids weird and socially awkward. No, it only does that when the kid’s parents can’t make up their minds and keep shocking the kid by throwing them in and out of school.
I’d argue that the prison-like survival mechanisms one develops in a school system make them dishonest and inauthentic and manipulative sociopaths subject to peer pressure, and make them arbitrarily hate their parents and elders because of the separation and oppression
When a homeschool kid rebels, they might eat something sweet that their parent might have forbidden while at a friend’s house. When a public school kid rebels, they might disown their parents entirely and spray paint a statue that represents racism according to their teachers.
One is an easily remedied phase, the other has deeply disturbing societal implications
When a homeschooled kid has a problem, their first thought might be to talk to their parents. When a public school kid has a problem, their first thought might be to hide it from their parents who would be the last people to possibly understand

• • •

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29 Jan
You know how bad parents just give their kids screens to get them to shut up and be distracted while they get real shit done? That’s elites with the masses.
And you know how bad parents give their kids shitty plastic versions of everything to play with instead of doing enriching activities with them with real things they could break? That’s the elites with the masses.
A thing all parents realize, good and bad, is that kids of all ages think they know everything and want to do it all, even when they know very little. Give them a plastic saw and hammer and plastic food and a plastic kitchen and a tv and a phone, and they think they’re involved.
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15 Jan
Ok here’s what I want out of a place to live. And yes I know I want to have my cake and eat it too with a lot of these. Anyway maybe some of you who know something about laws and culture and are traveled, name places to live that are good for these things, aaaand GO:
beautiful old architecture, nature, all four seasons, ability to see actual stars in the sky, aesthetic places to film, home/land ownership, small business ownership, gun ownership and carrying, being able to modify one’s home with as little red tape as possible,
constitutional parenting rights, as constitutional in every way as possible (the amendments and rights actually apply and the place isn’t indoctrinated with intersectionality, critical race theory, and cancelling everyone, and has as little political correctness as possible),
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13 Jan
For years, I heard our room mate coughing all the time and suspected he had an undiagnosed lung condition. Then recently it dawned on me: he never drinks water... ever. I’m not even going to try to tell him to drink water. A person like this is too far gone to reason with.
The only times I see him even get CLOSE to drinking water is when I find random FULL glasses/mugs of water that he pours and NEVER remembers to drink, and just leaves places. I think he might not be human...
I don’t think I’ve ever SEEN him drinking water with my own eyes. Once he was coughing during dinner and we told him to drink water and he went in the other room and sounds of water MAYBE being prepared were heard, but I DUNNO that could have been fake appeasement at this point..
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10 Jan
Just looked up a juice place on google and one of the bad reviews was “don’t go to this location, they don’t even have coffee”. It’s a JUICE place, you insane person.
I feel like the expectation in America is that everywhere should have coffee at all times even places that don’t sell food or drinks at all
And that expectation is retarded
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