15 costly mistakes to avoid if you aim to be wealthy.

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1. “Social media is a waste of time”

Change your habits. Less scrolling, less arguing, less daydreaming.

It has never been this cheap to start a business.

A golden opportunity to help others with your skills.

Your online brand is your most valuable asset. Start creating.
2. “You have to be nice”

Don’t confuse being nice with kindness.

Kind = concerned with doing what is right.

Nice = concerned with not upsetting someone.

Nice often leads to a lot of "yes", wanting to be liked.

Say "no" to respect your time. Do what is right.
3. “It’s finally Friday”

They will either party or do nothing all weekend.

48 hours to work on your goals.

Aiming for wealth without weekend work is a myth.

Use your weekend wisely.
4. “Save your money”

Money sitting in your bank doesn’t multiply.

Find ways to make your money work for you.

Stocks, crypto, real estate. Have skin in the game.

Start learning with small amounts. It will teach you big lessons.

Always be compounding.
5. “You are young”

Sorry to break it to you… But time flies.

Thinking you will always be young leads to comfort.

A belief that will delay you getting started.

You will want to feel young in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s+.

Don’t relax, get working.
6. “You need to have X by age X”

You don’t need to have your life defined at any age.

Setting deadlines helps with discipline. Do it.

Just beware… You will be OK if you don’t hit that $1 million or have a mansion by X age.

Keep progressing daily. It will happen.
7. “Focus on college / your 9-5 career”

Never stop exploring new opportunities.

Don’t wait to look back and realize what you could have achieved.

Test and build new side projects.

Real life experience leads to purpose.
8. “You should read the news”

You open the news... All negativity.

“Shocking” news sells. It's a business. You are their client.

Not being “informed” is peace of mind.

Stop reading the news for a happier life.
9. “You shouldn’t work for free”

Providing free value is underestimated.

It somehow comes back to you one way or another. Build experience.

The best opportunities can come from free work. Don’t overlook it. Money is everywhere. It can wait.
10. “Don’t change for anyone”

The same goes for “People like you for who you are”.

Change is necessary, changing means growth. It’s a good thing.

Life requires you to learn about yourself. To change. To adapt. Illuminate yourself.
11. “I hate Mondays”

The clear sign that you need a change.

Most of your time is spent working.

Aim to make Mondays the best day of the week.

Build up high energy to push you through all week. Focus on productivity. Keep things exciting.
12. “Let’s start tomorrow”

Why start tomorrow when you can start today?

Procrastination is your worst enemy. It’s the modern word for quitting.

Don’t be a quitter, don't delay work. Get started on that task.
13. “This is too expensive”

It’s only expensive if you cannot afford it.

Nothing is expensive. It is all relative.

Push your mind to think that you will be able to afford it.

Discipline. Challenge yourself. You will be surprised.
14. “Anyone can do it”

This can mean two things:

1) The person saying this has achieved their goals
2) The person saying this is underestimating the effort

You can only “do it” with a determination to succeed.

Don’t get complacent. It often leads to laziness.
15. “Good things happen to those who wait”

Most are waiting for a miracle. The lottery tickets.

There is no such thing as luck. Luck happens after you put in the work.

Things don’t come to you unless you go after them.

Start chasing. Stop waiting.
Common sayings can play against your growth.

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