Dem Manhattan DA went after a GOP POTUS for a rarely prosecuted, immaterial, misdemeanor of business records (how Trump Org listed the money they gave to two blackmailers). Then the DA admitted to rely on “published reports” that Trump is corrupt as reason to get 8 years taxes.
The above 1 tweet summarizes the full pic of the politically corrupt, banana republic-like abusive case against Trump.

If you cheer it on don’t whine to me about Putin.

Not one Trump Attorney/PR hand summarized all the abuses in one tweet the way I did because he hires clowns.
Basically, there is no judicial recourse for when a prosector abuses power. He gets a pass on doing so.

In this case, an abusively corrupt Dem Manhattan DA has the power to see 8 years of Trump tax to find illegalities with a given reason that “published reports” said Trump Bad.

Media reported repeatedly that Orange Man Bad.

Dem Manhattan DA cites those “published reports” with no other proof of fraud as reason to get 8 years of tax records from Trump and his businesses.

“6-3 Small-Gov Conservative” SCOTUS says sure go right ahead.

But Putin.
The key diff between the US Justice System and the Russia one is the amount of paperwork.

A Dem prosecutor decided to go after a Republican based on “published reports.” Instead of being able to do so outright, he needed to file papers with courts who rubber stamp his abuse.
The Dem Manhattan DA case against Republican POTUS Trump started on whether the Trump Org correctly filed in its books the money given to Cohen to pay off blackmailers.

That’s right: Instead of arresting SD for blackmailing Trump into a $100K+ ransom, the DA went after Trump!
Basically, according to NY law a company must keep accurate business records. For example, if a company files that something was a legal fee and not marketing (such as the reimbursements to Michael Cohen), it’s a misdemeanor even if this did not change the company’s tax bill.
Those things rarely if ever get prosecuted because it’s immaterial as it does not change the company’s tax liability. Besides, who says reimbursing Cohen for paying ransom to blackmailers is marketing? Maybe it’s legal? It’s a clown law abused by the DA against Trump.
Even IF the abusively corrupt Dem DA had reason to investigate this, he should have requested only the few entries covering those checks. Why does he need EIGHT YEARS of Trump tax records? Trump attorneys asked this.

Answer: “Published Reports” said Trump org is corrupt.

• • •

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23 Feb
When it comes to counting COVID-19 deaths, some people count the given number of deaths plus the excess deaths; meaning, the amount of deaths the US had over the last year which exceeded the expectation. They say that those added deaths are undercounted COVID-19 deaths.
But using their logic, if not for COVID-19 the US death count would have dropped by a few hundred thousand last year compared to previous years. I mean, if excess deaths are COVID-19, then anything below excess is not COVID-19. That’s the statistical sound way of looking at it.
I’ll explain.

Say that in a typical year, 3 million die in the US.

Now say that 3.2 mill died last year including 500K from COVID-19.

Some claim that the “real” COVID death is 500K plus any deaths above 3 million because any deaths above 3 million should have not happened.
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So... @SenJohnThune isn’t happy that the people who pushed to cancel Trump are being “canceled.”
“If we’re going to criticize the media and the left for cancel culture, we can’t be doing that ourselves,” said @SenJohnThune.

Correct you should not cancel people at random, but those GOPers being “canceled” here participated in the cancelation of Trump.

Eye for an eye.
“Donald Trump should withdraw and Mike Pence should be our nominee effective immediately.” - @SenJohnThune 10/16/16 in response to an edited and weaponized video released against Trump.

So much for opposing cancel culture.

cc @MZHemingway
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In Cancun, @tedcruz has electricity to charge his phone to make the needed calls and internet service for the needed Zoom meetings. @SenTedCruz can indeed help more from Cancun than from sitting in a blackedout TX with no contact to utility companies. Taxpayers should fund this.
@DavidShuster Legislators can be little productive once a crisis such as a steep blackout hits. All they do is bark at FEMA, Governor’s office and utility companies which if any of those go where the legislator wants it will be reported as a scandal of doing favors. cc @tedcruz
If senior @GregAbbott_TX staff were to fly to Cancun it’s indeed a problem because they are the executive wing and need to oversee the work.

All that Senators can do now, is bark in calls/zooms. They don’t change anything. Well, @tedcruz can’t do it if he is in a blackout. 😃
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12 Feb
Haha. Just days ago, @slpng_giants argued to me here that Twitter enforced rules equally.

But Twitter is clearly not even-handed which is their right, but my point was that any Con who runs an op like Sleeping Giants would be banned for “targeted harassment.”
On the day that @TwitterComms gave a pass for @ProjectLincoln’s posting illegally private DMs (one Twitter offense) to intimidate a journalist (another offense), Project Veritas’ account is reportedly suspended permanently for posting “private info” (i.e doing journalism).
The “private info” posted by Project Veritas is legal-recordings of the subject of their investigative journalism!

I have no idea why @TwitterComms even bothers to cite a rule when they block non-Libs. Why not say “we suspended the account just because we can. Pound sand!”
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10 Feb
This impeachment is a continuation of treating Trump as an illegitimate POTUS; as if he did not win fairly, and for what sin? For not accepting 2020.

Again: Trump is being lambasted for not accepting the 2020 results by people who treat him as if he never won 2016.
This reminds me of the Steele Dossier which was practically a product of a DNC/HRC contractor colluding with Russia to smear Trump that Trump is the colluder.


A Russian collusion product was key in investigating if Trump colluded.

Same idea is happening here.
Namely, if Democrats had accepted Trump as a legitimate president they would not dare impeach him as a former president.

So... Dems are persecuting Trump for not accepting 2020 by a tool that is in use only because Dems did still not accept 2016.
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9 Feb
A reminder why it’s cool for GOP voters that @SenateGOP lost control after the GA runoffs.

No reason for weak-kneed, self-serving, attention-hungry useful idiots to be in the majority.
The fraud nature of the vote by @MittRomney @BillCassidy @BenSasse etc is evident that none of them call for the House GOP to bring up impeachment of former Dem presidents Obama/Clinton. Those 6 GOP Senators were not even on the forefront to uncover 2016 Obama DOJ abuses.
Senator Leahy is the presiding “judge” of the impeachment but he is also a vote/juror in it.

I don’t see principled @BenSasse @MittRomney raising alarms about it

How can Leahy pledge to be and be “fair to all sides” when he is a vote on one of those sides?

cc @ReaganBattalion
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