@JoeBiden told corporate executives that nothing would fundamentally change. Then he pretended to make a bunch of concessions to progressives. He pretended that he would raise the minimum wage to $15/hr, said he would dismantle Trump's severe border policies, said that... 1/7
healthcare was a human right, pretended that he would put a stop to the genocide in Yemen, feigned banning fracking, talked about an economy that works for everyone, promised $2000 checks immediately and more. When he got into office, the mask came off.

He's not raising... 2/7
the minimum wage, he isn't ending US bombing in Yemen or weapons sales to Saudi Arabia or the UAE, he certainly isn't moving the American Embassy back to Tel Aviv, he seems intent on invading Venezuela and Iran (just like Trump), he isn't providing anyone with emergency... 3/7
healthcare (he does have that ability), he isn't demilitarizing our border or closing the concentration camps that he and Barack built, he's not even sending out the $2000 checks and they didn't go out immediately. In fact, despite all of Joe's rhetoric about an economy... 4/7
that works for everyone, he reduced the checks to $1400 and told us all we could wait a couple months. This is not creating an economy that works for everyone.

Some people are still making excuses that he has only been in office a month, but he's had time for photo ops... 5/7
in Wisconsin, multiple town halls, a short vacation in Camp David, and has had multiple days with nothing on his official schedule besides the daily briefing and press conference. Electing Biden to stop Trump was like trying to put out a fire by holding a match to it. 6/7
Corporate rule is already fascism. You can't stop fascism by being fascist. The answer to stopping fascism lies on the left. The REAL left- those who refuse to put corporate profits or loyalty to a political party above actual policy and saving lives. 7/7 #HandsOffIran

• • •

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5 Feb
Whew! THAT was close! Donald Trump almost got away with decreasing our insanely enormous overseas presence in a country where we have 35 military bases, even though no country has threatened to invade!

Yes, first he tried to withdraw from the... 1/6

illegal invasion of Syria, then he tried to cut the number of troops in Afghanistan. And then he tried to cut down our completely unnecessary and wasteful presence in Germany! Can you believe the nerve? Well, thank God for @JoeBiden!

Those women...2/6

and men serving their country didn't WANT to come home! No, they especially enjoy the German winters. They didn't want to be able to see their families anyway!

It's more important that our government spends a shit ton of money on drone flights... 3/6

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4 Feb
Interesting read. Napa County wouldn't limit campaign contributions at all, and it's led to wine growers having their way with the Board. Now the state is going to impose limits and they want to do even better. That's great to hear! I appreciate... 1/4

Brad Wagenknecht's suggestion of a $2000 cap. It's hard to argue against that being a reasonable limit. And I'm thankful the Board is looking at stricter limits.

Did Diane Dillon REALLY legitimize election fraud by saying that it's okay...2/4
to exceed the contribution limits by loaning out of personal money and then allowing people to repay the amount over the limit after the election is over? This is criminal activity. Maybe the Napa County District Attorney's Office should be... 3/4

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3 Feb
A few months ago, the American Canyon City Council passed an oppressive, and likely illegal, cannabis ordinance, with a promise to revisit the ordinance in 6 months. As that date approaches, I have been submitting a series of public comments aimed at improving the... 1/9 Image
ordinance. Here is today's comment:

"A couple of months ago, this council passed a cannabis ordinance, with a promise to revisit the ordinance in 6 months time. This is one of a series of comments I will submit ahead of that period ending. I would like to make the case for...2/9 Image
allowing outdoor grows. Growing indoors requires an investment of several hundred dollars worth of grow lights (even if we ignore the illegal ventilation requirement). Not only is there an initial investment for grow lights, the electric bill is going to skyrocket. And so... 3/9 Image
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27 Dec 20
A lot of people say there's no difference between Democrats and Republicans. A lot of people point out the differences on social policy- abortion, gun control, immigration. But when you only look at foreign and economic policy, our country hasn't changed for many decades.
That's because we live in an empire. We just don't say that part out loud.

Within the empire, it is tolerated to argue about abortion access or #LGBTQ equality, gun control and immigration, because those things don't affect the structure of empire. And when someone DOES ... 2/8
talk about changing the structure of empire, they are smeared as "Putin's puppet" or "Russian bot". One MSNBC host insinuated that Bernie Sanders would execute people in Central Park, if elected.

The empire propagandists on mainstream media report international stories... 3/8
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15 Dec 20
I ran against @RepThompson twice. He is an anti-socialist and long time opponent of Medicare For All, but he was pressured to co-sponsor it by an activist campaign. As a progressive challenger, I couldn't tell his supporters that he didn't really support Medicare For All, that... Image
he has always opposed it but was pressured into it. All they saw was that he co-sponsored the bill. If any of them asked him, like I did, he just replied "I co-sponsored the bill." But there's no way he's going to vote for this. He just sent me a letter LAST WEEK saying...
that although he's a co-sponsor, he doesn't know how we pay for it. He's a grifter. And Congress is filled with Reps like this, who co-sponsor legislation like the Green New Deal to silence critics, but then just sit on it, doing nothing. These people need to be exposed to...
Read 5 tweets
12 Dec 20
Like him or loathe him, @jimmy_dore came up with a pretty great plan to get a vote on #MedicareForAll before the end of the year, by asking members of the Progressive Caucus to withhold their vote for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker in 2021, as a... 1/5

negotiating tactic, unless she brings Medicare For All up for a vote. Supporters of this plan include the Hill's @krystalball , @BernieSanders former press secretary @briebriejoy and co-founder of the Justice Democrats @KyleKulinski . Please watch...2/5

the video to learn more about the plan, and contact some Progressive Caucus Members, especially if you're a constituent, and ask them to withhold their vote for Pelosi. Here are some members that SHOULD be friendly to Medicare For All:

Read 8 tweets

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