Childhood #Asthma: not unusual to see some wishing it away. It’s stigmatised and poorly managed. Knowing triggers that can be avoided is the first step. Children need personalised Rx plan

9 Asthma Triggers and What to do About Them healthychildren.org/English/health…
Let us take up:
1.Can you prevent #Asthma?
2. Can you cure Asthma?
3. Will my child get 'addicted' to inhalers?
4. You have prescribed steroids!!
5. Can I try alternative medicine/no medicine?
1.Can you prevent #Asthma?
Primary (Preventing it all together)
Not much, but these help:
Breastfeeding - protective, regulates immune and allergic responses
Avoiding obesity/Overweight + wt loss/healthy wt in children with respiratory symptoms
Avoid exposure to/smoking
Secondary prevention (prevent worsening)
Maintaining healthy weight
Breathing exercises (including yoga, pranayama)
No smoking!
De ionisers, anti dust mite measures, de humidifiers: no routine role PC: Foodmanufacture.co.uk
Can you cure Asthma?
Some children do grow out of asthma
Some that really went away miraculously - probably not asthma in the first place
Change the question to 'How can I remain in control and have a completely normal life with Asthma?' - For this we have answers.
'How can I remain in control/have a completely normal life with Asthma?'
Know your triggers and avoid them
Appropriate drug delivery device: Mask +spacer +MDI (Metered dose inhaler) is perhaps the best
Have a Personalised 'Asthma plan': Triggers - regular Rx emergency Rx David Beckham and a host of other sportspersons have asthma
Which device?
Inhalers Vs Nebulisers: Nebulising when some one is sick enough to need oxygen is good.
For routine use at home inhalers are better: accurate dosing, portability and equally if not > effective
(Curiously Inhalers are stigmatised, but nebulisers are ok!) PC:uptodate.com
Will my child get addicted to inhalers and medications
Asthma drugs are not psychotropic drugs - there is no ‘dependance’
Asthma medications are A) RELIEVERS - used when needed B) PREVENTERS - used regularly to reduce the number of attacks
Aim: Good control on min medications
Aim: Good control on least medications:
recognising both worsening and improvement and scaling Rx up or down
Under-treatment in a growing child has bad effects: Poor growth, long term lung issues, progressively difficult to manage symptoms and even life threatening attacks
You have prescribed steroids!!
In asthma breathing tubes constrict and become tight (bronchospasm) + Linings inside them get swollen (Inflammation) steroids are anti-inflammatory
Steroids for1. Severe attacks 2. as a preventer in safe inhaled doses= not harmful for the child PC:Druogpinions.wordpress.com
Can I try alternative medicine?
Yoga/exercises and Breathing exercises have a role
Don't go by anecdotal ‘miracle cures’ if they worked, they would be used globally
Never come off regular prescribed medications, discuss any complementary Rx you want to try with your Dr
Summary #ChildhoodAsthma
1. Get a correct diagnosis
2. Know triggers
3. Stay on effective, safe medications
4. Personalised Rx plan
5. Not cure, but control & normal life for the child is the aim
6. Do not let stigma, misinformation choke you


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