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1. Simply put, a milder version of smallpox, caused by a virus of the same family
2. Was endemic (low level regular occurrence) in some African countries, we now have a global spread but no known epidemiological source
3. Self limiting illness with low CFR (3-6%) PC: Wikipedia 4. Illness can last 2-4 wk, could be more severe in kids and rare complications include eye scarring, secondary infections & pneumonia
5. Although contagious, intimate & prolonged contact with infected person or contact with body fluids directly or from linen etc is needed
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#AntimicrobialResistance is a manmade disaster.
It is amongst the top 10 public health threats facing Humanity.
Available data analysed (for 2019)
4.95 M Deaths
189 M Years of Life lost
Global burden of the disease due to AMR is huge, highest in Africa and South Asia
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#OmicronI #Paediatric infections and admissions 1/n

What do we know from South Africa
-7% of infected kids needed hospitalisation
-18% of all hospital admissions were paediatric
-Paediatric admissions peaked prior to adult admissions
- 0 to 4 group needed most admissions 2/n South Africa (Contd)
- Short admission (mean of 3.2 days)
- 92% needed only ward care (NO HDU/ICU)
-25% needed some oxygen
- 6% needed ventilator care
Overall: early sharp increase in admissions especially 0-4 yo, but most needed short hospital stay and did well.
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Check: Is #BMI of your child healthy?cdc.gov/healthyweight/…

Global prevalence of #obesity doubled b/n 1990-2005 steep ⬆️ in school age kids
1 in 5 Indian child is obese - predicted 17 million will be by 2025 Ill effects of #childhoodobesity
Immediate - ⬆️BP/Cholesterol, joint/muscle problems, gall stones, heartburn, diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea
+ anxiety, depression, bullying, low self esteem
Long term - Risk of adult obesity/severe obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancers
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Childhood #Asthma: not unusual to see some wishing it away. It’s stigmatised and poorly managed. Knowing triggers that can be avoided is the first step. Children need personalised Rx plan

9 Asthma Triggers and What to do About Them healthychildren.org/English/health… Let us take up:
1.Can you prevent #Asthma?
2. Can you cure Asthma?
3. Will my child get 'addicted' to inhalers?
4. You have prescribed steroids!!
5. Can I try alternative medicine/no medicine?
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Early Childhood Development (ECD) = critical period with consequences for lifetime. A thread:

The brain grows and develops in complexity at a phenomenal rate in first 2-3 years: forming new connections at an astounding rate of >1million per second! Pic Source: The Urban Child Institute The baby's brain comes with a blue print: genes, but needs critical components to achieve its potential: 1. Nutrition 2. Protection 3. Stimulation The first #1000Days and a bit beyond are crucial for Nature and Nurture to play their role Pic Source: UNICEF