1/ New mobile wallet fraud alert.

You get a message from a random number in the morning.

"You have received x amount from y via Easypaisa."

You ignore it.

A few hours later you get a call from the same random number. Lots of crying and wailing in a local dialect
2/ You tell him you don't understand a word. Immediate switch to Urdu.

"I made a mistake, transferred the amount to wrong number. Called Telenor and they gave me your number to call. Can you please give me the Txn ID so that I can give it to them and they can reverse it"
3/ As an experienced fraudia, red flags are waving all over my screen.

I tell them to call Telenor and ask them to reverse the transaction. They debate, hand over the phone to the alleged shopkeeper. I cut the line and check my balance, there is no new transaction.
4/ I ping my banking friends. I know something is off. They confirm it.

Official messages come from official number. 923737 in my case. Follow an official format. Transactions get reversed at source. You don't need to get involved.
5/ How do I know this? I made a similar mistake a few months ago. Called the call center, transaction got reversed immediately.

But these guys are really crafty and convincing.
5/ Get a call like this, cut the line. Don't get into a debate.

There are multiple formats and templates for digital wallet and banking application fraud. Be extra weary and careful for calls from random numbers and random transactions.

Even educated consumers get scammed.
6/ Till we address this, digital wallets and banking applications will remain under threat.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, call a banking friend. Don't handover any piece of information to a stranger.

You are responsible for your own financial security.

• • •

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21 Feb
1/ Today was my day off from training.

Kids had a scheduled run and I was heading creek side. So I took my lens with me to show you the sights I see every day on my run.

The many reasons why I love running by the creek. Image
2/ It's not just the sunrise that gets me. It's the slate of colors reflected everywhere you look.

That glazed orange texture all the way from shades of subtle to burnt ochre. Image
3/ Even boring lamp posts get transformed. Sunlit, contrasted against grey tarmac they become an object of wonder and awe. Image
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14 Feb
1/ Unit economic for founders thread.

Despite being a founder and a student of the subject, I missed out on a key point growing up.

Length of relationship with your customers, order frequency, product usage and utility matter.

They didn't teach me this in business school.
2/ Structured right, products used daily vs weekly vs monthly vs yearly lead to different profitability and scalability paths.

Quiz. Which business would you pick?

a) Enterprise software - US$ 250k one time license
b) Enterprise software - US$ 30k/month recurring subscription
3/ Sound's obvious? Which one did you pick?

Twice in my life I picked A. They were both great businesses, but they didn't compare to B. Especially in the long run.

Looking back, with hindsight, I know I should have picked B.

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13 Feb
1/ Day 12 T minus 15. Crash and burn.

The good news. Winter gear is off. Only the beanie remains. Non-Sharia compliant gear is on.

The bad news. Crashed and burned at 12.1k mark. Couldn't finish 15k.

The good news. Shaved 3 minutes off 10k time from last week. SB now @ 1:15:53
2/ In training, you take whatever you can get, whenever you can get it.

I was lucky today. Two pacers to help stay within the pacing zone. Will shave another 15 seconds per km off when I switch to adizero from my current trainers.
3/ Would have taken the day off tomorrow if I had knocked out the 15k today. Will try again next Saturday.

More good news. Looks like another long run for what promises to be a brilliant Sunday morning.

Training begins when you have nothing left to give.
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6 Jan
1/ Recent discussion with a CS undergraduate student about career choices.

The choice between being an employee vs being a founder right out of school.

My view has changed over the year and have sat on both sides of the table. Apparently the answer is not quite simple.
2/ My current view?

If you are interested in being a founder, try your hand at running a business while still in school.

Zero obligations. Minimal chances of triggering a critical reaction. Think of it as an extended internship.

Most likely outcome. Type I Failure.
3/ But priceless in terms of education, self awareness and bragging rights.

If you do fail, less likely to leave a big hole in the ground given the amount of dry powder you started off with.

Your first failure will teach you a great deal about yourself and your choices.
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10 Dec 20
1/ Nothing every really goes to waste.

You would be surprised what you could build on foundations of your original failures as a founder.

A few years after Avicena, I came back home to Karachi and started Alchemy, I had a head start.

I already knew the path to starting up.
2/ Our first real success as a new business.

A training engagement that opened many doors in future years.

We had gone to pitch something else to a customer. He didn't want it.

But given my background he asked if I could do a product specific risk training for his team.
3/ A younger pre-Avicena me would have said no. This wasn't the model. This wasn't the way.

The older me said yes. Listen to him. Give the customer what he wants. Take the money and do what he asks.

We did. It required us to change our focus but we were already in the space.
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8 Dec 20
1/ A thread on my first startup, venture number one. With pit stops in NYC, LA, DC, Dubai & Karachi.

Avicena. Mar '99. May '01. E-Education.

Analyst and Associate training programs for Wall Street. Continuing professional education (CPE) for actuaries and accountants. Image
2/ By the time I landed at @Columbia_Biz I had already been blessed by outstanding teachers. But nothing had prepared me for the hidden rock stars in the program.

My 3 electives that term were International Marketing, Emerging Financial Markets and Continuous Time Finance.
3/ I had exempted out of 3 course to take the 3 electives, was auditing accounting, had Micro and Marketing with my batch.

By March I had started thinking of ways that I could share what I was learning with friends and students back home. Level the playing field, somehow.
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