I've seen a large increase in the amount of people trying to discredit my point by slinging mental health abuse & weaponised mental health terminology at me

At first this increase was driven by CUK supporters, then it was "Jo Swinson's Lib-Dems", now it's often Starmtroopers

It's not like I never had Tories and assorted far-right polemicists coming at me with mental health abuse in the past, but it was usually just crude insults from that lot.

Liberal-capitalists are a lot more insidious with it, and there seems to be ever more of them.

The most distasteful thing about it is how glib and sanctimonious they are about it

It's clearly one of the lowest debating tactics imaginable to try to attack and undermine the mental health of the person you disagree with, rather than debating the point they actually made.

But they somehow combine cheap ad hominem tactics and grotesque mental health abuse, with moral high-horsing around the place like they're so morally superior that they automatically hold the perfect political opinion on any given subject!

They seem to have such high opinions of themselves that they believe a person would have to be mentally ill to believe anything other than whatever absurd 'centrist' groupthink they've absorbed from the echo chambers of nonsense they happen to subscribe to.

I'm not too concerned about it from my own mental health perspective.

It's unpleasant for sure, but I've become so accustomed to triggering torrents of abuse, and even death threats, simply for holding left-wing opinions that it's like water off a duck's back these days.

What really bothers me is that there are people out there who have dealt with mental health issues in real life (their own issues, or those of a loved one).

Seeing mental health terminology weaponised to score cheap political points must make them feel absolutely awful.

Anyway. If you ever feel tempted to question someone's mental health online, just because you disagree with their political opinion. Please don't.

You probably don't know what their personal circumstances are, and you certainly don't know who else might end up reading.

And if you see anyone else weaponising mental health terminology to undermine someone for making a political point they didn't like, please call them out, and tell them what a cheap and nasty bastard they're being.



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