I am deeply proud to announce that I wrote for @Wizards_DnD in Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft! 

It feels incredible to be seen. To be the first Indian to write Indian-inspired setting & character material in the 47 years of D&D's epic history! #DesiDnD #DnD #TTRPG
If you follow my work with @ShantiBhavan or have seen me on @netflix, you may not know that I also write fiction & games.

D&D was my first rpg. D&D has been a constant through the hardest and happiest times. I have so much gratitude for contributing to something so many love.
I felt such joy, and genuine (self-applied) pressure, to do right by the work. And so while I can't talk specifics yet, I'll give you a peek at a small sample of the research I poured through in writing my pieces for Ravenloft.
I want to give a huge thank you to our design lead @FWesSchneider. I leaned on him heavily throughout the process, and his support guided me through the challenges. He had the right balance of direction and empathy I needed. I am grateful for his leadership.
And much appreciation for @BillBenham2, our fearless producer. Producers keep the ship sailing through choppy waters. It was great to finally get a chance to work with Bill on this special book.
I also want to give a big shoutout to @JeremyECrawford. Jeremy and I have talked a lot about both my work for Ravenloft, as well as other [redacted] D&D work. Those conversations have been enormously enlightening and his care has been tremendously important to me.
It's very clear to me that Jeremy has both a deep understanding of D&D's roots and simultaneously a powerful vision for what its future can be. I appreciate his respect for the past while innovating new frontiers for the future.
It's enormously challenging to balance the origins of a long-running IP like D&D while fearlessly expanding where the game can go. Jeremy does it with grace and intelligence, beholden to no orthodoxy except serving its current and future community.
That's been my experience with everyone I've talked to on the D&D Design Team. And while I've had fewer conversations with @ChrisPerkinsDnD or @aquelajames, I've been struck by their thoughtfulness about the direction of D&D.
The same holds true of @stepscot, D&D's Design Manager who I know is helping structure the future of the game. And while I've only met @WinningerR in passing, he's the man behind the scenes leading the team forward. Excited to talk more soon!
The whole D&D Design team has such a positive ethos, and a fantastic vision about where the game is going and that reflects in the quality of 5E. I've played every edition since the start, and 5E is my absolute favorite. It is the version of the game where I feel the most seen.
Many of you have been asking me about Indian-inspired setting material for games. You're going to see some of it here!

I'll be writing more about my work on Ravenloft when it drops, sharing thoughts and design notes under the hashtag #DesiDnD.
I'm honored to be share space in Ravenloft with @the_strix, @JStav_, @Delafina777, @bananachangames, @Renee_in_Mich, @tinytempest, @kiraserpentine, @amandahamon, @GoblinPrincete, @writejessr, @casskhaw, @MollyOstertag, & others!

I got to read some of their stuff--sooo good!!!
By the way, you know how I said I'd been talking a lot to Jeremy about D&D work? That's because Ravenloft isn't the only thing I'm working on. You're going to see some more AMAZING stuff in 2022!!! Be prepared to lose it when you see what's around the corner. ;)
Oh, and this announcement gives away the main Domain of Dread I created: Kalakeri.

• • •

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11 Nov 20
Some random thoughts on a recent controversy in the ttrpg space.

When a well-known white figure in streaming agrees to play a game or join a stream of a PoC creator, they aren't taking a spot away from a PoC who could have played in that seat.
The reason you ask that celeb to join is because you're trying to raise the profile for the PoC creator's game or stream. That's the priority. That's the goal. The white celeb isn't doing it for themselves--they are trying to be a good ally and elevate/raise attention for PoCs.
That is something--at least currently--is hard to do without white allyship. If the stream was super popular already, then yes, it'd be a different story. But for an indie creator who doesn't have an outsized audience, the goal is marketing and pr. And the white ally brings this.
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For all my social media manager friends, this is an important read.

Actually, this is also a super important read for anyone who HIRES social media managers.

This one quote that sticks out: "Social media managers are making important — and very public — decisions all the time.
"They need to respond to news and conversations quickly to be effective. The public voice and image of companies, media outlets, public figures, and institutions are in their hands at a very delicate time..."
"Yet their job is still often seen as something anyone could do, or left to those who are just getting started in their careers.
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Pretty much this. @the_strix and I have been watching it and we keep going, "...I'm sure we're going to get to those great episodes soon!"

We finished S2 Ep1.

(So we just rewatched Rogue One, which both of us love for so many reasons)
It's not terrible. It's just....okay? Like, decent enough to keep watching? But super safe and kind of just plodding along.

Honestly, the best part of The Mandolarion for me is the concept art at the end.
Oh boy. Watched S2 E2 and...uh. Is this just Monster of the Week now? This show feels...old. Like outdated.

Also, Baby Yoda and the eggs? Not funny or cute. That was a pretty significant misfire and also, seriously, how much more can you lean on Baby Yoda to keep people engaged?
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19 Sep 20
I try hard to keep an optimistic outlook, but this is incredibly dire. On a level that we probably haven't seen in decades. It will ensure a Conservative Court that will remain for generations.

In practical terms, what does this mean? Well, first:
Roe v Wade will be overturned.
Marriage equality will be overturned.
Obamacare will be overturned.
ICE will be protected.
Corporate power will grow unchecked because lawsuits will be ruled in their favor.
A contested 2020 election will be ruled in Trump's favor (ie Bush v Gore).
And that's just the beginning. I see an erosion in a separation of church and state with this ruling--from school prayer to what your doctor or pharmacist can do on religious grounds, and much more.
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9 Nov 19
Most of my political contributions have been to women (@ewarren, @PramilaJayapal, @AOC, @LindseyBoylan, @SaraGideon, @JCisnerosTX, @AmyMcGrathKY) running for office and I have some thoughts on why.

Women in politics (and elsewhere) a thread.
The first and most obvious reason for why I put my energies in supporting women in politics are the enormous historic discrepancies.

@LindseyBoylan tweeted about the New York's 10th Congressional seat today and how only 1 women has ever held it.

That's just the start.
Here are some excellent stats on state by state: cawp.rutgers.edu/state-by-state

Consistently Red States are among the worst for gender equality in politics.

However, even Blue States aren't hitting the mark and never have.

You can also see historic data if you click on states.
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3 Oct 19
With @bigbadcon around the corner, I've had a lot of folks ask about the PoC Meet & Greet: what it's about, what we hope to accomplish, why it's needed, etc. So let me try and explain.

A thread. #BBC19
Researchers have been studying networking (connecting with others for social or business relationships) for awhile now and most data has it that 70% to 85% of all jobs are acquired through networking/networks.
There is more data that states up to 80% of all jobs are not even listed publicly: they are filled internally or via networking.
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