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“Data don’t lie”. But it typically requires a process of defining #research questions, hypotheses, methodology, interpreting and #dataviz that can introduce subjectivity and #bias. Scientific rigor and objectivity are key in #DataScience. Some #Tips for #DataScientists 🧵
Don’t dive straight into a dataset, domain knowledge is critical. Good #Science requires a theoretical understanding of a topic while #ignorance introduces bias. Sound domain knowledge enables you to ask the right questions and give relevant answers with #DataScience
Investigate the alternate hypothesis. Business questions asked to #DataScientists are often directive, as there already is a hypothesis. Don’t confirm this hypothesis without properly investigating the alternate option.
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#Vaisakha #Sukla #Chaturdasi is reckoned as Sri #Nrusimha Jayanthi the day Bhagawan #Vishnu manifested in a very ferocious, rare, unique and fascinating form #NARASIMHA;

Specific purpose of this avathara was,

protection of his devotee #PraHlada from his demon father #Hiranyakasipa;

#establish a point & to make true the words of his devotee " existence (#omnipresent) of God everywhere"

> Prahlada’s episode proves that, God is #Bhaktavatsala; +
To kill the demon Hiranyakasipa, Lord Vishnu had to take this rare form in order to counteract/provide an antidote to the boons Hiranyakasipa had.

The boons were; ++
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OPEC tells the #EU it's not possible to replace potential #Russian oil supply loss, as per #Ukraine'spresident request to all European state leaders.…
The #EU Commission is drafting proposals for an oil embargo on #Russia, the foreign ministers of #Ireland, #Lithuania and the #Netherlands said at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg, although there was no agreement to ban #Russian crude.
#Australia, #Canada and the #US, who are less reliant on Russian supply than Europe, have already banned Russian oil purchases. EU countries are split, given their higher dependency and the potential for the move to push up already high energy prices in #Europe.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/27/2021…
To Understand Our Future on Earth, Look to the Laws That Govern Nature…

#NaturalHistory, #ecology, #ClimateChange, #consequences, #BookReview
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/03/2021…
Monarch butterflies may be thriving after years of decline. Is it a comeback?…

#MonarchButterflies #PopulationIncrease #DataAnalysis
Ignorant and Afraid - by eugyppius - eugyppius: a plague chronicle…

#politicians #bureaucrats #propaganda #information #ignorance #fear
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Inga Clendinnen "Dancing with Strangers"

In this thread students @MQLinguistics read Clendinnen's historical #ethnography based on the diaries of the officers of the 1st fleet to learn about #InterculturalCommunication between British colonizers and Sydney's Indigenous people
#DancingWithStrangers is a story of confusion and ignorance of #culture #language, aspirations, traditions and #law
One of the most tragic figures is Baneelon, an Australian kidnapped by Governor Phillip and taught English in a desperate attempt to create an intermediary.
The detailed musings of the white men in #DancingWithStrangers contrast with the deafening silence of any women's voices - what did the Indigenous and colonising #women think of each other? Of the men they encountered? How different would history be if women had been in charge?
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Ex of #Ignorance. Embarrassing themselves in their ignorance. #RockAndRoll originated from black America: gospel, blues, jazz, boogie woogie, r&b. Black musicians even did #RockAndRock first. White people stole their songs. Due to racism👉🏻white versions more marketable to bigots.
RocknRoll was influenced by Deep South black music. "There wasn't nobody playing it at the time but black people: me (Little Richard), Fats Domino, Chuck Berry. White kids started paying more attention to this music..."
Enter the likes of Elvis. #MusicEd
"the most common way that the whitening of RocknRoll has been discussed is simply not at all...attempts to reckon the music’s racial exclusivity have often been met with hostility."
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21 lesson for the 21st century by Yuval Noah Harari
@harari_yuval Image
Liberal political system has been shaped during the industrial era. today it finds it difficult to deal with the ongoing revolutions in information technology.
Humans have two types of abilities- physical and cognitive.industrial machines had already outperformed humans in the job's where physical abilities were required. Now the AI, Data algorithms are outperforming humans in the job's where cognitive abilities are required
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Superpower or 🤡? "Pakistan’s army & its Inter-Services Intelligence(ISI) play key role in Taliban offensive. Without logistical support from Pakistan, the Taliban would be hard-pressed to operate in such a widespread way".…
2/usa Superpower or 🤡? "Of course, Pakistan has been the Taliban’s patron since its creation in the 1990s.
It is impossible to defeat the Taliban as long as Pakistan provides sanctuary and safety, training, equipment and funds for the Taliban."..3/
3/usa #Clownanalysis101 🤡 "Pakistan cannot be defeated, as it is a nuclear-armed State and has the fifth-largest population in world. ...It is curious that Biden has so little to engage with Pakistan. He has yet to talk with Imran Khan." ☝🏼superpower is going to fight #China?😭
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/23/2021…
Five tips for understanding and managing your emotions to build flourishing connections…

#EmotionalIntelligence #ProfessionalRelationships #psychology
Essay on Academic Bullying Full of Misrepresentations…

#academe #bullying #OpEd
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/21/2021…
Debunking Piketty and the Left's Celebrity Economists | Mises Wire…

#Piketty #debunk
How a Small Rise in Bond Yields May Create a Financial Crisis | Mises Wire…

#FinancialCrisis #bond
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Bigelow on Joe Rogan. Three plus hours!

Rogan: Some r critical of Mack’s abduction research bc hypnotist’s can lead the witness.

Bigelow: Hypnotists try to lead them in the opposite direction.

Wish he would’ve said...many recall w/o use of hypnosis.…
2 They talk about the Phoenix Lights and Bigelow says it wasn't covered right away. Rogan disagrees. But Mr. B is right. Sighting happened in March 1997 and national media didn't catch on until June. I remember USA Today and network news (ABC) covered it on same day.
3 RB: You're not going to learn anything about UFOs from the vast majority of the scientific community, including NASA and everybody else. Too embarrassed, haven't done the research. Some will study it in private. Getting better than 20-30 years ago.
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4/ag Here's a solution for "experts on everything" looking for political solutions: Central Govt should #abolish the #APMC Act and the #ECA, along with the 3 new agri laws, and leave every State to make own Agricultural laws. Then they'll be responsible/ accountable to voters!
5/ag Subject to proviso, that States cannot stop inter-state trade in agricultural goods, which framers of the constitution, correctly put under Union Govt's purview. Nor can States force CG to take any action which is responsibility of State, nor obstruct anything in Union list!
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@realDonaldTrump @kyledcheney @joshgerstein @politico @1100Penn @kayleighmcenany @TPUSA @Fahrenthold @DanAlexander21 @MotherJones @DiamondandSilk @PressSec @RichardGrenell @govkristinoem @RepMattGaetz @RandPaul @StapletonPBPost @pbpost On Friday—for at least the third time since Oct.—SD @govkristinoem was a featured guest at a Trump property in Florida.

This time it was for Turning Point USA's $2,000/person gala. At least 280 people attended.

via @1100Penn Image
On Friday, SD @govkristinoem spoke to a sold out, $2,000/person Turning Point USA gala at Mar-a-Lago.

At least 280 people attended.

It was the third since October Noem headline an event at a Florida Trump property.


@govkristinoem @1100Penn Need an idea for a last-minute holiday card?

Bring the family down to the Trump Hotel DC and get a festive photo by the tree with Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell. 🎄🤳

via @1100Penn ImageImageImageImage
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Since Dec. 31, 2019—

COVID has killed 250,000 Americans.

@realDonaldTrump has visited his businesses 78 times.

via @1100Penn Image
South Dakota has the highest COVID-19 positivity rate in the country.

Twice in recent weeks, SD Gov. Kristi Noem was headlining events at Trump properties in Florida.

Here she is at one of them with Laura Loomer.

via @1100Penn
Looks like we're gonna make it a whole two years without the House Democrats ever holding a hearing on the Emoluments Clauses.

One scheduled for Sept. 2019 was postponed, never held.

via @1100Penn
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@realDonaldTrump @maggieNYT @nytimes @1100Penn Since Dec. 31—

✅ COVID-19 has killed more than 245,000 people in the US

@realDonaldTrump has visited his businesses 78 times

via @1100Penn
One-time Trump customer Dustin Johnson wins Masters.

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@1100Penn Trump Hotel DC customer Madison Cawthorn wins US House seat previously held by Trump Hotel DC customer Mark Meadows

via @1100Penn

@1100Penn Through—

✅ social unrest

✅ a pandemic

✅ economic collapse

✅ impeachment

✅ child separation

✅ bombing Iran

✅ mass shootings

@1100Penn’s been laser focused on @realDonaldTrump’s businesses.


Democracy dies in a dark Trump Hotel.
@1100Penn @realDonaldTrump Mar-a-Lago looks packed. Image
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REMINDER: The @1100Penn newsletter—reports on who's spending at Trump businesses—*is free* (🚫💰) for government employees and military members.

Automatic for .gov or .mil addresses; get in touch if you want to use a personal email. Thanks!
Happy birthday Mr. President's hotel

Trump Hotel DC opened four years ago Monday

Taking a cue from his boss, the manager marked the anniversary by complaining about the hotel’s poor media coverage.

via @1100Penn
Wonder if any of them are among the 33 GOP Senators who've either visited the Trump Hotel DC or spent campaign funds there.

via @1100Penn

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Commencer sa journée à la lecture du ministre de l’éducation français qui étale son inculture crasse dans les médias et reprend – encore !- les éléments de langage de l’extrême-droite. Ah, il accuse aussi un

#blanquer #islamophobie #ignorance
certain nombre d'universitaires d'être complices de terrorisme. J'imagine que plus c'est gros, plus ça passe.
Rappel : l’approche intersectionnelle est issue des féministes noires étatsuniennes qui voulaient rendre compte du fait qu’elles ne sont pas que noire *ou femmes, mais noires EIT femmes & que ces deux rapports sociaux (genre & race) agissaient de manière simultanée et imbriquée.
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@1100Penn @realDonaldTrump Citing a "clerical error," Matt Gaetz's campaign amended its latest FEC filings—

Charges that appeared to be below-market lodging at the Trump Hotel DC has been reclassified as meal expenses

via @1100Penn
@1100Penn @realDonaldTrump This week in Trump Hotel DC news—

✅ Hotel now selling $30 face masks

✅ After reports of possible violations, Gaetz campaign amended FEC filings

✅ FDA staffer: Trump fans in 2020 D.C. akin to Jews in 1930s Germany

via @1100Penn
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This week in Trump Org news—

💰 Doral confab featured Proud Boys leader

💰 PPE supplier CEO and wife ponied up $82,000 to GOP pre Trump Hotel bourbon tasing

💰 Financial-services trade group paid Trump’s Doral $155,000

via @1100Penn
Flashback to July Fourth 2019 when QAnon acolytes descended on the Trump Hotel DC—including the fella(s) many of them think is JFK Jr.

via @1100Penn…

Thanks to all of @1100Penn's paid subscribers for their support of reporting on who's paying @realDonaldTrump--and what they may want in return.

Stay informed and subscribe to the newsletter. Just $5/month or $50/year.
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@realDonaldTrump @1100Penn Thanks to all of @1100Penn's paid subscribers for their support of reporting on who's paying @realDonaldTrump--and what they may want in return.

Stay informed and subscribe to the newsletter. Just $5/month or $50/year.
@realDonaldTrump @1100Penn Last week in Trump Org news—

✅ Trump’s taxes reveal DC hotel lost millions

✅ Proud Boys standing by at Trump Hotel DC: A retrospective

✅ Notable other sightings of hate-group leaders and white nationalists

via @1100Penn
@realDonaldTrump @1100Penn Just days after @realDonaldTrump's COVID-19 diagnosis, Trump Store dot com is sold out of its cheaper face mask (which was still $18).

Back story via @1100Penn Image
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