1/17 It's outrageous & unfortunate that some quarters are alleging, with no proof, that @zimlive got the Mohadi audios from a #ZanuPF faction linked to the #CIO or #MID. The allegation is aimed at discrediting @zimlive. It's a bizarre case of shooting the messenger!
2/17 The bizarre claim is that, so as not to be duped by a ZanuPF faction as happened in the 2017 coup, the opposition shouldn't be excited about @zimlive's historic exposé of Mohadi's salacious phone-chats with women, one married, which led to his resignation as Vice President!
3/17 The claim is bizarre not only because its peddlers purport to know @zimlive's sources of the Mohadi audios, but also because they seek to appropriate and own @zimlive; as part of their political agenda, whatever that agenda is, in Zim's current toxic & treacherous politics!
4/17 For the record, the opposition shot itself in the foot in the Nov 2017 coup by taking to the streets to support a ZanuPF faction, and taking the military coup as "the coolest" in the world; when it should have stayed in the streets after Mugabe's ouster, to resist the coup!
5/17 Just because the opposition messed up in 2017; and just because those who messed up are still unable to openly & robustly denounce the coup, partly because they're still embedded to the coup factions, does not mean the media should not do its job to expose ANY coup faction!
6/17 With Mohadi's resignation, whether @zimlive's exposé advantages/disadvantages ANY ZanuPF faction is neither here nor there. Like the Watergate exposé by @realBobWoodward & @carlbernstein that led to Nixon's resignation; @Mathuthu & @zimlive have done their media job. Kudos!
7/17 But again, who gave @zimlive Mohadi's salacious phone-chats? It could be a jilted Mohadi-lover, a hacker, CIO, MID or whoever. Only @Mathuthu & @zimlive, who also exposed Draxgate, know & s61(2) of the Constitution protects the confidentiality of their sources. End of story!
8/17 @NewZimbabweCom quotes @ProfMadhuku, of #ZanuPF's POLAD, falsely claiming that it was wrong for former VP Mohadi to cite s96(2) of the Constitution when he resigned & that instead, he should have cited the Sixth Schedule or nothing!

9/17 On p.2 of his resignation statement former Vice President Mohadi, presumably on the advice of the Attorney General, wrote: "I am stepping down as Vice President of Zimbabwe in terms of Section 96(2) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe (No. 20) Act, 2013 with immediate effect"!
10/17 Madhuku claims that Mohadi should have resigned in terms of the Sixth Schedule (para14) of the Constitution. But nothing there is on resignations. The Sixth Schedule suspends only ss 92 & 101 of the Constitution; on running mates & succession but not s96(2) on resignations!
11/17 Provisions of the Constitution apply in every situation, unless they've been specifically suspended. On resignation in the Presidency, the relevant parts are s96(1) for the President & s96(2) for the Vice Presidents, as read with s341. Mugabe "resigned" in terms of s96(1)!
12/17 It is disappointing that @ProfMadhuku is now a POLAD lawyer, in place of the CONSTITUTIONAL lawyer, that he once was. His claim that s96(2) of the Constitution cited by Mohadi is wrong because it was suspended by the Sixth Schedule is false and opportunistically outrageous!
13/17 So @ProfMadhuku's claim that Mohadi was wrong to cite s96(2) of the Constitution is to save President Mnangagwa who, according to Deputy Chief Secretary Charamba, received Mohadi's resignation notice LAST WEEK but FAILED to notify the public as REQUIRED by the Constitution!
14/17 In his resignation statement, Mohadi said, "I am stepping down as Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe". He didn't resign as ZanuPF's Second Secretary & Vice President. As the party's politburo meets today, he remains one of its two VPs!
15/17 Will Mohadi resign as ZanuPF's Second Secretary & Vice President today? Barring some last ditch pragmatism on Mnangagwa's part, he won't. Mnangagwa wants Mohadi to remain in his party position and thus to be the most senior party leader at ShakeShake Building on Rotten Row!
16/17 Mnangagwa's securocrats believe that Mohadi's salacious phone-chats were leaked by State House enemies whose real target is Mnangagwa himself & hence they want Mohadi to remain as ZanuPF's Second Secretary & Vice President at Party HQ; to weather the storm, and fight back!
17/17 For Mohadi to remain as Second Secretary & Vice President of #ZanuPF, it would mean that Zim would have one Vice President in govt. While this would not violate the country's Constitution, it would violate #ZanuPF's constitution in general & the Unity Accord in particular!

• • •

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1/9 Dear Hatred Zenenga
Editor, @HeraldZimbabwe

Hatred, I refer to your scurrilously defamatory story in the @HeraldZimbabwe today (18 January 2021) in which you allege that I face rape accusations. I take your scandalously false allegations seriously!

2/9 Your story alleges that Mrs Sipho Mazibuko claims in a Facebook post that I "RAPED" her 11 years ago. Her attached Facebook post that I've seen alleges that I "SEXUALLY ABUSED" her, which I categorically & emphatically deny. You've elevated her "sexual abuse" claims to RAPE!
3/9 On 13 January 2021, your @HeraldZimbabwe published a revealing article about Mrs Sipho Mazibuko and her issues that I am attaching herewith, whose contents speak for themselves, as a background to your scurrilously defamatory story published today👇🏿!
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1/6 @TeeMuchehiwa, nephew of @zimlive editor, @Mathuthu, was abducted on 30 July 2020 by Mnangagwa's Ferret Force, which tortured him for three days. The Ferret Force was/is looking for @Mathuthu to get him to name the source who fingered Auxillia Mnangagwa in the Drax drug scam!
2/6 This is part of the FERRET FORCE that abducted @TeeMuchehiwa. The team has been separated & redeployed around the country, to hide them. For example Frank Muzembe is now in Mash West; Innocent Chigona in Mash Central; Joshua Zingwe in Masvingo; Ronald Musarurwa still in Byo!
3/6 Another ferret in @TeeMuchehiwa's abduction who deleted his pictures when others were outed is Loveridge "Chief Svosve" Chinyanga, Officer in Charge of #CIO's Matapi station. He is said to be notoriously ruthless & muscles his way to be part of abduction & torture operations!
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8 Dec 20
1/21 I'm uploading herewith raw evidence which exposes Mnangagwa & his wife Auxillia as the barons & beneficiaries of money laundering & gold smuggling by one Mohamed Zakariya Patel. The evidence covers the period from 24 May 2018 to 14 January 2019!
2/21 As is often the case in such matters, the main enabler tends to vary either their name by use of different spellings or even use of different names. So, here you get Mohamed Zakariya Patel, or Mohamed Zakaraya Patel or Mohammed Zackaraya Patel commonly known as "Zaks Patel"!
3/21 The raw evidence consists of WhatsApp chats between Mohamed Zakariya Patel & Ishamaiel Mossa Lunat; along with key documents that backup the content of the chats. The chats specifically refer to "Number 1" (Mnangagwa), "first lady" (Auxillia) & "Pres (President's) Office"!
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6 Dec 20
1/24 @MinisterSBMoyo's PA Lynette Mahlaba has been AWOL from circa Feb 2020 & not seen at the Ministry since lockdown. Staff say she's training for posting in SA or on maternity leave. Truth is SB lied to wifey that he fired his PA in Feb yet he moved her to a Kuda Tagwirei bldg!
2/24 The Kuda Tagwirei bldg is on 11 Argyle Drive, Newlands, Harare. That's where @MinisterSBMoyo, who has a private office there, has literally been hiding his PA from his wife, under the false pretext that he fired her in Feb; yet she's still with him on the Ministry's payroll!
3/24 It is an open secret in the foreign affairs ministry that @MinisterSBMoyo is in a relationship with his PA. Things came to a head in Feb when SB's wife said she didn't want to see the PA at the Ministry. SB then moved her to a Tagwirei bldg, but lied that he had fired her!
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13 Oct 20

1/4 After Justice Happias Zhou came third in recent public interviews for ConCourt judges, Chief Justice Malaba has arm twisted the interviewing panel to remove Zhou's name from @JSCZim list of five judges recommended for ConCourt appointment!
2/4 Out of seven judges interviewed by the @JSCZim panel chaired by Chief Justice Malaba, five were nominated by Mnangagwa's office: Justices Chinembiri Bhunu, Paddington Garwe, Annie-Marie Gowora, Ben Hlatshwayo & Rita Makarau. Excluded were Justices Bharat Patel & Happias Zhou!
3/4 The top three performers from the public interviews as scored by the @JSCZim interviewing panel were:

1. Justice Rita Makarau

2. Justice Paddington Garwe

3. Justice Happias Zhou

The ordering is per how they were ranked according to their performance!
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29 Sep 20
Lieutenant Colonel GIFT MUNANA, a deadly exRhodesian & exGukurahundi soldier who was SAS Commander untill just before the Nov 2017 coup, has been recalled from retirement to lead special operations against Mnangagwa's political opponents in & outside Zim. His team has been to SA!
Lieutenant Colonel GIFT MUNANA was a Selous Scout in Rhodesia. After Independence in 1980, he operated with #gukurahundi forces in Matabeleland!
Lieutenant Colonel GIFT MUNANA in Equitorial Guinea in February 2015👇🏿!
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