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6 Mar, 12 tweets, 7 min read
In June 2020, while India was dealing with COVID-19 as the cases were ramping up, 9 top Ministers were holding meeting after meeting to discuss how gormint can improve its image better.

Here's the glorious list of the "prominent personalities" they met to take feedback on how the govt can communicate better.

This report is truly wild!
.@sighyush spoke to a few people in this list and they told him that the meetings were supposed to be a debrief on Galwan. They had no idea what was happening.

I mean, the kind of stuff attributed to some of them is quite bonkers, so I'm not surprised.
Here are my fav bits from the report.

Prakash Javadekar believes that the narrative against gormint is fuelled by 20-30 people. Also, "bold decisions should be made."
Whatever that means.

M Naqvi wants to 'neutralize' people who are spreading misinformation.
OK then.
Hardeep Puri wants to set a narrative & take bold decisions. But, he also wants to get out-of-work 'productive and supportive' journalists to help with this amaze project.

Anurag Thakur wants to rope in 'right wing parties of other countries' to find common ground. I mean... ok.
On 26th June, a meeting was held where some media people were present. The report writer gave some very general observations about what was said.

The best one is this.

How in the world did they come up with the 75% number? So random!
These 'personalities' feel that interactions with foriegn media should stop because it's counter-productive.

Pch. Then how will Anurag Thakur reach out to prominent RW parties of the world and then boast about India in phoren lands? Sad life.
Intellectual personality S Gurumurthy has wild suggestions.

1) He wants news to be a bhelpuri of truth and untruth.
2) He wants Army to be used to question opposition leaders, because why not. Not like they have anything better to do.
3) He wants allies to praise gormint more.
MID-THREAD NINJA-PLUG: Gurumurthyji says media is in crisis and 'we should help them'.

Instead of the gormint helping legacy media & getting them to set narratives, why don't you support independent media instead?


Back to the report. Presenting Swapan Dasgupta's gems.

He essentially points out that TV debates are a joke & they are not convincing anyone.

Explains why Arnub, Sudhirji, Amish saar etc weren't a part of this ultra-smart consultation process on how to communicate. Sadlife.
Kanchan Gupta wants "deep throat briefing" to be done. Possible reference to Watergate scandal where an anon whistleblower was giving info to journos.

He's also mighty worried about the growing influence of online and digital media.

(Again, lol tv news lol.)
Sidenote: The way these eminent peeps are either ignoring or dismissing TV news is so fascinating.

Poor TV chaps have worked day & night to spread the glory of Modiji for YEARS and now they're being dismissed as irrelevant.

• • •

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15 Feb
#EXCLUSIVE: We spent more than 2 months observing the Hindu Ecosystem group formed by Kapil Mishra.

And without us asking, were added to bigger splinter groups which work day & night to create misinformation, hateful content and fake Twitter trends.
These groups share PDF compilation files which are full of sharable hate content. Here are three titled "Sikh Terrorism" which were circulated last month.

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Here is a sample GIF of how insane *one* of this file is.

They share images & videos to create fake narrative about events quite regularly.
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13 Feb
"BestMediaInfo found that more than 40 of the country’s top brands (names withheld) had stopped advertising on Republic Media Network between October and December 2020."

And Republic has sent them a notice to stop them from revealing it.
Ever since the Arnab-Partho chats story broke, I have been wondering if it would have any effect on advertisers and whether they would pull out.

We are seeing the first signs of it.
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3 Feb
सुधीर जी का आज का स्क्रिप्ट भी लिख ही देते है:

"किसानो की अंतर्राष्ट्रीय षड़यंत्र का आज खुलासा हो चूका है. आइये करते है इसका DNA टेस्ट. आज हमने देखा की इंटरनेशनल सेलेब्रिटी Rihanna, जिसे गाना गाने के सिवा कुछ आता नहीं है, वो कैसे किसानो के बारे में बात करने लगी है."
"आप ही सोचिये. ये Rihanna जो की एक आलीशान बंगले में रहती है, जो की ऐसे वैसे गाने के वीडियो बनाती है, क्या उसे हमारे किसानो के पीड़ा का अंदाजा हो सकता है? ये जरूर भारत के खिलाफ एक षड़यंत्र की तरफ इशारा करता है."
"फिर चलते है Greta Thunberg की तरफ जो की महज़ एक बच्ची है जिसे पूरे विश्व ने सर पर चढ़ा रखा है. स्कूल जाने की उम्र में ये अलग अलग देशो में जाके गुस्से से 'How Dare You' कहती है, भाषणबाज़ी करती है. क्या इस क्लाइमेट एक्टिविस्ट की बाते हमें सुनने की जरूरत है?"
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22 Jan

So there is a news channel, a new kid on the block, which is trying to get ads for itself. When it launches, they are ranked #5 on viewership.

All the channels are doing stories on govt corruption & how a minister colluded to give kickbacks to a company.
Now the marketing dept of this new channel is like, "Yaar, we need to do something different. We need to do a story that nobody else is doing so that we rise in the ranks."

So they come up with a plan.

They do a test story on the health benefits of cigarettes.

The marketing department gathers around as the weekly ratings come out. To their surprise, they're at #4 now.

Marketing chap runs to editorial and tells them, "This story is doing great! Youguys, up the ante. Do more!"
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18 Jan
SCOOP: BARC hired a social media agency which allegedly offered services like "a troll army of verified handles".

#BARCleaks reveal how ex-CEO and ex-COO initiated trolling attacks against critics and journalists.

A story by me and @anukritimalik_

Ex-BARC CEO Partho Dasgupta asks Arnab Goswamy if he can get someone to troll a critic. He suggests Minhaz Merchant and Aditya Raj.

"Working" is what Arnab says.

Two tweets by @rahulkanwal are shared with a very specific request: "Ask Vikas to get him trolled."

That is immediately shared with Vikas by Romil Ramgarhia, ex-COO of BARC.

Who is this Vikas? Read the story people. 😆
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15 Dec 20
One day, in a certain school, a notification was issued.


Students and parents were like WTF just happened?
A delegation of parents tried to talk to the administration, telling them that it's unfair and they just cannot make such rules without consulting anyone.

The admin was like, "Oh it's alright we can discuss this."

"Discuss what," asked the parents.
Administration was like, "We can discuss the length of hair, the color of the bandana, when students have to wear it etc. We're damn flexible!"

"But that's not the point! We want this whole notification to be scrapped. It's complete bullocks!"

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