It is clear some people are not aware of some core concepts many scholars in fields like #EthnicStudies, #CriticalRaceTheory, #QueerStudies, or #MulticulturalPsychology have been writing about for DECADES. So, here are some graphics I hope are helpful in your learning processes. White supremacy in America isn't radical; it's our societal By ‘white supremacy’ I do not mean to allude only to the
Some key takeaways:
1) White supremacy is a system that our country is founded upon. The US was established on stolen indigenous lands, and the country’s various structures were built from/by/through the labor of people who were enslaved and violently forced to do so. In our society, Whiteness is a default standard; the backgroWhen we adopt racial blind beliefs, they actually don’t he“White supremacy is not only, nor indeed primarily, associ
2) The Model Minority Myth was created (& has been perpetuated) to pit racial/ethnic minority groups against each other. It is also a Myth many Asian Americans internalize to be the truth- not recognizing that it is actually harmful to large subsets of the pan-ethnic community. The model minority myth is a racist construction intended toOne negative aspect of the model minority myth is that it ca
3) Colonial mentality is tendency for colonized people to side w/ the colonizer/oppressor, instead of siding with the colonized/oppressed. Many BIPOC have internalized so much that their automatic inclination is to view everything White as good & everything else as bad. Colonial mentality is a form of internalized oppression thatOne of the reasons why Filipinos might have difficulty being
4) Anti-blackness is perpetuated systemically & individually. When people equate Blackness w/ all negative qualities (e.g., assumptions of criminality or intellectual inferiority), they are merely demonstrating the socialized messages they have been taught throughout their lives. Dismantling anti-Blackness in our own families is hard work.And so when we're talking about things like systemic racism
As an educator, I have to believe that more discussions, readings, trainings, and sharing of personal experiences - especially from historically marginalized peoples- can result in more learning, empathy, and growth.

#BlackLivesMatter #BrownAsiansExist #FightThePower #StayWoke Psychologists-activists realize that personal growth and leaNo longer is it acceptable for people to merely have revelat

• • •

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4 Nov 20
For all of my social justice friends who are anxious about #Elections2020 right now, here are some pro-tips.

1) Turn off your TVs. They’re presenting you with a lot of unnecessary information that is likely increasing your anxiety. They want you anxiously glued. #Ratings
2) Go to print media (via their online platforms). They’ll give you the info you’re looking for. Refresh it when you want the updated data. @nytimes and @WSJ are pretty quick in their updates. @538politics is great too. Unlike TV, you get to control what you consume. #SelfCare
3) Democrats more likely to believe in COVID, so more likely to vote via absentee ballot. Only 28% of PA absentee ballots have been counted/ 78% of PA’s absentee ballots so far are blue. Only 16% of Michigan’s absentee counted/ 68% of MI’s absentees so far are blue. #RedMirage
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2 Jan 20
A recent article on NBC highlights “The Decade in Asian America”. But it didn’t highlight ONE Filipina/o/x American. Not a great start to 2020, but in true pin@y resiliency, we create our own lists... AGAIN #FilAmDecade…
1) The Brown Asian American Movement has been around since the inception of Asian American organizing. But this decade is where pin@ys yelled that #BrownAsiansExist, thanks especially to @ejrdavid @ErnabelD @anthonyocampo…
2) #FilipinoFoodMovement took off this decade. From premiere restaurants in NYC, SF, LA, & Chicago to release of cookbooks (including new Instapot book!) Too many to name, but much love to @FilFoodMovement @hoodfamousBS @filipinokitchen @NicolePonseca…
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29 Oct 19
This is huge! Not only is this case important for all students of color, it is important in advocating for Filipino Americans, who are still significantly underrepresented in UC system. I salute @littlemanila for leading this initiative. #DawnMabalonIsInTheHeart #FAHM2019
For #FilipinoAmericanHistoryMonth, let’s unpack why @littlemanila suing UC Regents is important for Filipino Americans. Filipinos make up 26% of CA’s Asian American population, but comprise only 11% of AA students in UC System (compared to 25% of Chinese who comprise 45%) #FAHM
Filipinos have the lowest UC admission rates out of all major Asian groups - 54% of applicants, compared to 70% Chinese, 73% Taiwanese, 69% Korean, 67% Vietnamese, 66% Indian, & 64% Japanese. Let’s unpack that! 2/3 to 3/4 of other groups are admitted but only 1/2 of Filipinos are
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4 Oct 19
Filipino Americans & the Trauma of Being Asian American: A Thread for #FAHM2019.

Being Filipino American means being marginalized within a marginalized group. It means not being Asian enough, while knowing you’re not Latinx or Black, even though you may relate better w/ them.
The first time I learned I was Asian American was when I was in high school. There was an API student club, & I thought I could join because of the PI part. I’d later find many Filipinos felt more PI than A. But I’d also learn PI should be reserved for actual Pacific Islanders.
Prior to this, I was always *only* Filipino/Fil-Am. In California, we’ve had our own box since 1988. Plus, we had unique history of oppression & discrimination within US and AsianAm history. I never felt Asian because I was never treated as Asian. I was treated as a Filipino.
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3 Jul 19
#DearFilipinoAmericans Since FB & IG are down, let’s have a conversation on Twitter. Many people have asked me if we should start using #Filipinx. I’ve shared my answer privately, but maybe we should talk about it publicly. Here’s a thread of some initial thoughts. 1/17
The pros of #Filipinx are obvious. It is an acknowledgement of looking beyond the gender binary; it models after the #Latinx movement; and it moves beyond the tradition of centering masculine/male identities. For these reasons, some say the term is a sign of decolonization. 2/17
Some historical context: in the 80s & 90s, many people started to use #Pilipino as a way of acknowledging the lack of “F” in precolonial Pilipino alphabet. One is my first academic papers is on Pilipino American identity. 3/17…
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