I wonder how public response would have differed had it been suggested that either the original COVID19 strain, or some of the new variants actually WERE designed in a lab, and spread by hostile foreign actors.

Americans respond to an enemy they can understand.
Try as hard as you want, but most Americans won't get the 'motivations' of a positive-sense, single-stranded RNA virus.

A hostile sentient force, though - that we can understand.
Instead, we had vague allegations that it was China's fault, but were assured that there was no evidence it came from a lab or that it was intentionally released.
There was no serious discussion of the dark possibility that this could have been a biological weapon until it was proven that was NOT the case.

How would our behaviour have changed if we had assumed that to be the case until + unless proven otherwise?
Note: I'm not stating that I have any incontrovertible evidence that this originated in a lab.

But, to be clear, CRISPR techniques for RNA had been published by 2018... and that would allow for seamless, invisible manipulation of a coronavirus genome.
And I have found sufficient circumstantial evidence that demands a full accounting needs to be made to the public of all coronavirus research prior to 12/2019, including genome sequences for all coronavirus strains stashed away in the -80C freezers of virology labs worldwide.
And I REALLY hope that the fact I'm seeing @WalterIsaacson pushing his latest book about Jennifer Doudna + CRISPR two times a day for the past week means we're moving forward.

Also - I have a design for that in-home detection platform you're talking about ;)

• • •

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More from @soychicka

13 Mar
Last year, someone turned the HBO series "Euphoria" on, and I was seriously disgusted within 30min by the graphic sexual interaction that was portrayed as between underage characters:

not b/c it corrupts teens, but b/c it's a thinly veiled replacement for child porn for adults.
I don't know if #BombayBegums has the same degree of fictional exploitation of underage characters as Euphoria did, but there's a reason that it's against the law for actors in porn to pretend to be under 18 -

because it normalizes the desire to rape children.
Discussion is fine. Making out? Whatever.

But if there's full frontal "child" nudity or simulated sex w/ underage characters, any other sexual content that might stimulate arousal _below_ the waist, seriously.
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12 Mar
What I don't get about COVID & small businesses: TX commercial leases carry an explicit or implied warranty of suitability.

Why is the onus not on the landlord to make rental properties COVID-safe, or willingly waive rent until the business is able to SAFELY resume operations?
It seems that by allowing businesses to reopen at full capacity unmasked, but where it is unsafe for individual business owners to do so due to limitations of the facilities, the governor has screwed landlords by opening them up to new expenses to ensure 'suitability' -
whether remediation/ventilation upgrades and other enhancements necessary to ensure business owner/worker/public safety per both state AND OSHA guidelines (which I assume are WIP)

or face constructive eviction suits and be forced to pay the resulting damages to business owners.
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10 Mar
It usually takes 5-10 minutes or so to walk from DNC to RNC HQ. It took the pipe bomb courier about 23 min, iirc.

That doesn't match walking directly.

It precisely fits walking DNC-> Folger Park ~8pm, get bomb#2 -> RNC by 8:13.

A potential route:
It also explains why the courier walked back up the alley at 8:17 - they were headed back to their car.

What remains to be determined: what made them choose the path they took? Has anyone local mapped out if there are there surveillance cameras along the local streets?
One way to do this - at least to find cameras that have IR night vision - would be to walk the streets at night and record video on a camera without an IR cut filter (i.e. the front-facing cameras on cell phones would work) to detect point sources of IR on houses/poles/etc.
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9 Mar
So, I wasn't going to say anything about this right now....


FFS, how can ANYONE be reporting on this rapid tripling of the number of unaccompanied minors as anything other than an op?

There is ZERO chance that this migration began without at least a wink-wink-nudge-nudge from somebody linked to the GOP. Over the past 4 years, the 'caravans' were timed just perfectly for the 2018 and 2020 elections.

In 2019, @priscialva noted the 'threat' of caravans had "fizzled out" - but then, of course...

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8 Mar
The alt-right (aka today's GOP) spinning up the anti-Cuomo machine tonight kind of makes me wonder if they have some kind of agreement in place with The Firm to drown out any mentions of "Andrew" in case Meghan&Harry spilled the tea.

No tea spilled, but Uncle Andy is still🐉 😆
I'd have said he was sweating instead of dragging, but... you know.

He was in the Falklands - so he can't sweat or rape teen girls. 9_9
( & I'm not dismissing the Cuomo allegations. But "did you find me a girlfriend?" & "he touched my back and asked to kiss me" isn't like ordering someone down on their knees to keep their job, propositioning them, or directing underage girls ( or boys ) to... do anything. )
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4 Mar
THIS is an important interview to watch. Why?

It shows why the fierce loyalty to Trump, even behind bars: because the media picked on him. He identifies with that.

This says one thing: it's time to say the quiet part out loud.

Talk about the mob&where QAnon really came from.
Note: in my dissertation on the role of language in radicalization, written pre-9/11, one of the main factors I uncovered that facilitated radicalization was the perception of experienced trauma.

Not necessarily REAL trauma, but PERCEIVED trauma.

That's what QAnon feeds on.
Targeting both white males who identify with the perceived traumatic experiences of being 'picked on' in school, as well as males + females who have legitimately experienced sexual trauma who hope for the promise of ending child sexual predation
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