At first, these historic photos coming to life were scary & uncanny. But I soon appreciated them as opportunities to further imagine history. Here are some of my favorite pinays and pinoys throughout history. We begin with Jose Rizal - national hero of the Philippines. #JoseRizal
Dr. Fe del Mundo was the first woman to study at Harvard Medical School. She opened the first children’s pediatric hospital in the Philippines, was first woman of Philippine Medical Association, & was the first woman to be named National Scientist of the Philippines #FeDelMundo
Larry Itliong led the Filipino American Farmworkers during the Delano Grape Strike of 1965. That movement with @DelanoManongs is known as one of the most successful labor movements in modern history. It was also a pivotal moment in #FilAmHistory and #AsianAmHistory #LarryItliong
Vicki Manalo Draves was the first Asian American to earn an Olympic gold medal and the first American woman to win a gold medal for diving. In her memoirs, she recalls pools being drained & cleaned after she used them, due to racism and segregation. #VickiManoloDraves
Carlos Bulosan was an author and journalist who was best known for his novel “America is in the Heart”. He was also the first Filipino American to publish an essay in a national magazine (Saturday Evening Post), when he wrote “Freedom from Want” in 1944. #CarlosBulosan
Dr. Encarnacion Alzona was the first person of Philippine descent to earn a PhD in the United States, when she graduated from Columbia University in 1923. She later became a professor, an activist, and was named a National Scientist of the Philippines. #EncarnacionAlzona
Before @HERMusicx, there was Sugar Pie DeSanto was a Blackipina R&B singer who was most known in the 1950s/1960s. Born & raised in Brooklyn, she was most known for her single “I Want to Know”. She toured with Johnny Otis & James Brown. #SugarPieDeSanto
Jose García Villa was a Filipino American poet and writer who lived and died in New York City. Known as the “Pope of Greenwich Village” in the 1940s, he received a Guggenheim fellowship and was later named a National Artist of the Philippines #JoseGarciaVilla
Thelma Buchholdt was the first Filipina American elected to a state legislature and the first Asian American elected in the Alaska State Legislature. She also wrote book “Filipinos in Alaska” and was a three-term president of @fanhs_national. #ThelmaBuchholdt
Finally, Fred Cordova was the founding president of @fanhs_national. He organized FilAm youth in Seattle for decades; he authored the book “Filipinos: Forgotten Asian Americans”; and he founded the National Pinoy Archives. #FredCordova #UncleFredCordova #FilAmHistory

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17 Mar
Most people know about the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. But did you know about the Page Act of 1875? It was the first federal law to restrict immigration in general, and it specifically targeted Asian women who were believed to be entering the US for prostitution or polygamy.
“Chinese women were seen as a threat to the institution of marriage, and a danger to white males (even stigmatized as being unclean and giving white male children as young as 12 syphillis).”…
“By identifying and excluding Chinese women as prostitutes, the law prevented the birth of Chinese American children and stunted the growth of Chinese American communities.”…
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17 Mar
If history teaches us anything, it is that these violent acts will NOT be charged as a hate crime. Legally, hate crimes need overt evidence of bias (a dossier of writings/audio) in order to be charged as such. For example, Orlando Pulse was not considered an anti-LGBTQ hate crime
Even though the perpetrator traveled 100+ miles and chose a LGBTQ club in advance and killed 49 people who were mostly queer/Latinx/Puerto Rican, there was not any “evidence” that the Orlando Pulse Massacre was a driven by hate.
Also, if history teaches us anything, these violent acts will not be charged as domestic terrorism- which are random acts of violence motivated by political beliefs. So while racism and white supremacy certainly seem political, they’re never charged as terrorist acts. Wonder why?
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16 Mar
Random thought: When I’m reading a bio about a historical figure who had an amazing career & changed the world & then I read they “never married or had children”, my first thought is whether they were queer, and if so, if they were happy & got to live some of their truth.
One of the paradoxes about queer history is that most of it isn’t documented because it was not safe for queer/trans people to be their authentic selves. And unlike other history that can usually be uncovered via archives, LGBTQ folks are experts at concealing their identities.
And because of lack of documented LGBTQ history, naysayers don’t believe queer and trans people have been here since the dawn of time- though there are traces of us since Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, and precolonized Thailand, Philippines, India, & North America.
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10 Mar
It is clear some people are not aware of some core concepts many scholars in fields like #EthnicStudies, #CriticalRaceTheory, #QueerStudies, or #MulticulturalPsychology have been writing about for DECADES. So, here are some graphics I hope are helpful in your learning processes. White supremacy in America isn't radical; it's our societal By ‘white supremacy’ I do not mean to allude only to the
Some key takeaways:
1) White supremacy is a system that our country is founded upon. The US was established on stolen indigenous lands, and the country’s various structures were built from/by/through the labor of people who were enslaved and violently forced to do so. In our society, Whiteness is a default standard; the backgroWhen we adopt racial blind beliefs, they actually don’t he“White supremacy is not only, nor indeed primarily, associ
2) The Model Minority Myth was created (& has been perpetuated) to pit racial/ethnic minority groups against each other. It is also a Myth many Asian Americans internalize to be the truth- not recognizing that it is actually harmful to large subsets of the pan-ethnic community. The model minority myth is a racist construction intended toOne negative aspect of the model minority myth is that it ca
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4 Nov 20
For all of my social justice friends who are anxious about #Elections2020 right now, here are some pro-tips.

1) Turn off your TVs. They’re presenting you with a lot of unnecessary information that is likely increasing your anxiety. They want you anxiously glued. #Ratings
2) Go to print media (via their online platforms). They’ll give you the info you’re looking for. Refresh it when you want the updated data. @nytimes and @WSJ are pretty quick in their updates. @538politics is great too. Unlike TV, you get to control what you consume. #SelfCare
3) Democrats more likely to believe in COVID, so more likely to vote via absentee ballot. Only 28% of PA absentee ballots have been counted/ 78% of PA’s absentee ballots so far are blue. Only 16% of Michigan’s absentee counted/ 68% of MI’s absentees so far are blue. #RedMirage
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2 Jan 20
A recent article on NBC highlights “The Decade in Asian America”. But it didn’t highlight ONE Filipina/o/x American. Not a great start to 2020, but in true pin@y resiliency, we create our own lists... AGAIN #FilAmDecade…
1) The Brown Asian American Movement has been around since the inception of Asian American organizing. But this decade is where pin@ys yelled that #BrownAsiansExist, thanks especially to @ejrdavid @ErnabelD @anthonyocampo…
2) #FilipinoFoodMovement took off this decade. From premiere restaurants in NYC, SF, LA, & Chicago to release of cookbooks (including new Instapot book!) Too many to name, but much love to @FilFoodMovement @hoodfamousBS @filipinokitchen @NicolePonseca…
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