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18 Mar, 7 tweets, 2 min read
I was asked if murder was racially motivated if killer wasn’t yelling KungFlu? Answer is yes. The killer fetishized Asian women and targeted them to murder(dominate) because of his hypersexualized objectification. AAPI racism isn’t just about Covid. #StopAsianHate (THREAD)
The fact that the killer doesn’t see his violence as racist is exactly the problem. The killer’s actions were motivated by the way he saw Asian women. Regardless of what he said, his actions and violence spoke the truth of his motivations. 2/7
And for members of the AAPI community, his message of hate is loud and clear. It’s a message that hits at the intersection of this hate crime. We don’t need to hear his spin, now is a time to instead listen to AAPI women who sadly know this discrimination/fear personally. 3/7
While I am Asian I have not experienced the same discrimination faced by my wife, sister, and AAPI women. They aren’t heard/seen when this mass murder is reduced to “sexual addiction.” Calling it “addiction” can sound like sympathy for the killer. 4/7
Let’s be clear, he is not the victim. I refuse to say his name. The names I say are those of the victims he murdered. Know their names
Julie Park
Hyeon Jeong Park
Delaina Ashley Yaun
Xiaojie Tan
Daoyou Feng
Paul Andre Michels
And two others yet to be named. 5/7
They are victims of murder, they are not objects to be addicted to and that language inherently plays into painful stereotypes. Seeing that incorrect framing of this mass murder over and over again in the news triggers sadness, anger and helplessness for many. 6/7
If you haven’t already, reach out to those around you who might be hurting. Offer support and solidarity. Give space for those who feel silenced a chance to speak and to share so that we can all learn a bit from each other. END

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20 Mar
I’ll never forget the feeling when I learned that my own government questioned my loyalty. Before Congress I worked in diplomacy at StateDept. I once received a letter banning me from working on Korea issues just because of my last name. I was stunned. (THREAD) #StopAsianHate Image
I had previously worked in Afghanistan for State. I had a top secret security clearance. But here was a letter saying we don’t trust you. What confused me more is that I didn’t even apply to work on Korea. The StateDept was proactively telling me they didn’t trust me. 2/13
And it wasn’t just me. I learned that other Asian Americans at State had same thing happen. It was called “assignment restrictions” - a bureaucratic way of saying “failing loyalty test.”… 3/13
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17 Mar
There was a mass shooting in America last night. Sadly that is not uncommon. Many of the victims were AAPI. Tragedy sits at the intersection of multiple broken parts of our society. To honor victims and save lives, we must make progress across all. #StopAsianHate (THREAD)
I’ve been asked if the violence against AAPI is new, and if it is getting better with the increased recent visibility. The answer to both is no. Discrimination/violence existed before COVID and it will continue after. And sadly, I don’t think we have seen the worst of it. 2/13
I can’t tell you how much it means to me and others that anti-AAPI violence has gotten attention. Biden’s mention in his speech was powerful. Now we need follow through. Give AAPI communities more resources/coordination. Give us tools to counter. Listen to our needs. 3/13
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13 Mar
Agnes Chow just spent 24th birthday behind bars fighting for democracy in Hong Kong. While locked up, China this week imposed law meant to extinguish democracy once and for all. Here’s why Communist Party is terrified of this 24 yr old woman and others(THREAD) #StandWithHongKong
ORIGINAL BROKEN PROMISE: When Agnes was 7 months old, China agreed to respect Hong Kong’s autonomy for 50 years until the year 2047. When skeptics questioned China’s promise during the 1997 handover, China’s premier said China “would prove her words by her deeds.” 2/19
ONE COUNTRY TWO SYSTEMS: The Basic Law agreement sets forward "ultimate aim" for chief executive to be chosen by "universal suffrage." Agnes phrases it quite simply as “We want to choose our future by ourselves.” 3/19
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6 Mar
Her name is Kyal Sin and she was brutally murdered this week. She wore this black shirt that said “Everything will be OK” when she was shot in the head by Burmese military. Know her courage. Here’s how her memory may stop this coup and help protect democracies everywhere (THREAD)
WHO KILLED KYAL? One man set this chaos in motion - Min Aung Hlaing. A General so unremarkable that colleagues once gave him a nickname meaning “cat feces” as he reminded them of "something deposited quietly but leaving a powerful stink." 2/14
UNREMARKABLY REMARKABLE: Perhaps incorrect to describe him as unremarkable because he orchestrated the Rohingya genocide. Nearly a million displaced. Tens of thousands massacred. Thousands of women and girls raped. While quiet in personality, he is ruthless in action. 3/14
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4 Mar
I just received an email from Capitol security about “new and concerning information and intelligence” about possible militia actions against the Capitol tomorrow. We are now rushing to finish our legislative work tonight under threat of Qanon. This is insane. (THREAD)
Tomorrow March 4 is being called Qanon’s true Inauguration Day. Conspiracists say that Trump will become the 19th President tomorrow. That’s right, 19th, because supposedly the last legitimate President was Ulysses S. Grant who was sworn in on March 4, 1869 as our 18th. 2/8
I began to try to understand why 3/4 matters, but I realized that it’s not worth it. Something about the gold standard and secret laws. Supposedly there will be a ceremony anointing Trump, followed by “the storm” of military tribunals/executions. It’s impossible to follow. 3/8
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3 Mar
My dear friend Anna Ruch stepped out the other day to share with us a story that is difficult to tell, especially when the whole country is watching. I called her last night. Not knowing exactly how she might be feeling, I asked How are you doing? (THREAD)…
Anna sounded strong. She always has been for the years I’ve known her and her voice was confident. We talked about why she decided to share her story. She was honest about how she struggled with the decision. Ultimately, she felt compelled to say something. 2/14
It was hearing from other women of their experiences of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse that got her to stand up and speak out. Anna did not compare her experience to those of others, but instead said she wanted to let others know that she is with them in solidarity. 3/14
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