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This is going to get me nothing but grief but... This Lindsay Ellis thing? TOTALLY LOST THE PLOT. It was not about her to begin with. It was the views that came out of her. We in North America have to collectively become less stupid about media that doesn't originate here. THREAD
(See also, indigenous media) Lindsay Ellis said something stupid, that showed an ignorance of subject. To treat Avatar TLA - as some founding work of a genre linked to Asian animation... it's a chance for other people to learn WHY THAT IDEA US DUMB. BUT IT'S NO LONGER ABOUT THAT
It's about a PERSON now, instead of the shitty comments that came out of that person. And that's the problem with social media. People get attacked and the principles get lost. People still don't get why the Raya/Avatar comments were dummmmmmb as shit.
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CNN is getting chased out of the area again in #BrooklynCenter
More: CNN is getting kicked out of the protest in #BrooklynCenter
The water bottle throwing has started #BrooklynCenter
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To Twitter executives:

Why are you allowing @charliekirk11 to Tweet anti-#AAPI hate speech on your service?

"The 'Chinese virus' label has led to violence and death. It needs to stop" - @RogerWCheng Head of @CNET News


@nickpickles @yoyoel @delbius @Jack
If @Twitter is going to allow racist a**holes like Charlie Kirk to spew anti-#AAPI hate speech on its service, then Twitter PR needs to explain.

I've queried @TwitterComms multiple times about Kirk's hate speech. No response. Silence is complicity.

#StopAsianHate $TWTR #ESG
The 'Chinese virus' label has led to violence and death. It needs to stop

"We're seeing the results of what happens when loaded terms subtly -- or not so subtly -- link the Asian American community to the coronavirus."

#StopAsianHate $TWTR #ESG…
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𝗦𝘁𝗮𝗯𝗯𝗲𝗱 𝟱 𝗧𝗶𝗺𝗲𝘀: “𝙃𝙞𝙨 𝙬𝙝𝙤𝙡𝙚 𝙗𝙤𝙙𝙮 𝙬𝙖𝙨 𝙗𝙡𝙚𝙚𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜”

Chiling Lee was walking home in the Bayview late Saturday night from his USPS job when he was stabbed 5 times. In the head, chest, stomach & hand.

His wife Dong said if the knife was bigger he would be dead.

This comes as 61 + 71 year old Asian women were robbed (one at gunpoint) on Sunday.

Police addressed the increase in violent crime during a Zoom press conference tonite.

Chiling’s health insurance deductible is $6500 & he worries about paying it on a postal worker salary

They’d like to move out of the Bayview but 1st are saving for a car so they won’t have to walk home late f/ the bus stop any more

Their @gofundme
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Police documents show Roman Banks was arrested for kidnapping, conspiracy & burglary at the Visitacion Valley home of 2 Chinese seniors ages 81 and 87

Months earlier...
Banks was released & allegedly involved in an car burglary in Twin Peaks just

How he was apprehended: D1 linebacker @saluni_20 for @beaverfootball held him down w/his cousin as police arrived! He had no idea Banks would later be involved in a hot prowl

Semisi’s dad even told Banks he still had time to turn his life around. Banks is only a few years younger than Semisi.

Banks didn’t listen since he was arrested in the Visitacion Valley incident shortly after

The DA’s office responded to my inquiry...

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The only fix for anything you’re stuck on in public life is to learn more languages
The #StopAsianHate curriculum could drop the unscientific sensitivity stuff and have native speakers teach a semester of conversational Korean and Chinese, including slang, and advance the cause exponentially.
It’s not punitive. It’s not politically torqued. It’s just education, deference to expertise. And no matter where you go, even if you speak one of these languages already, it’s useful & a workout for the brain.
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Today I learned that my Viet mother collapsed in a Lowe’s parking lot and laid there with broken ribs for more than an hour. No one helped.

It’a hard naming my thoughts about being a Southeast Asian woman in this newly visible, not-new “#StopAsianHate“ conversation. A thread🧵:
i don’t often share so personally w folks like this. um terrifying. how do y’all do this?! would love to hear if anything resonates w you or sits with you. if i don’t change my mind and delete this 😳
NYC RALLY TMRW📢As an API woman, I rage the everyday violence of racism, sexism, capitalism & US empire. I’ll be w #Viet siblings in ao dais and comrades 🔥#OkSeeYou

Join us & @napawfnyc @BlckTransNation @MekongNYC @caaav @JahajeeSisters @SakhiNYC @RedCanarySong @iamwomankind
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I feel another long thread coming on. 🧵👇 Bear with me. This one's about my fundraiser for @aaja and more generally about the importance of having people of color in the newsroom, and you're going to see me touch on #StopAsianHate and #BoulderStrong. Here we go.
@aaja On March 20, just a few days after the mass shootings in Atlanta that killed six Asian women, I started a fundraiser
for the Asian American Journalists Association on Facebook.…
I was an active @aaja member for many years, and went through its Executive Leadership Program some years ago. With rising incidents of anti-Asian hate, AAJA’s work has been more important than ever.
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Disheartening to witness most of the entertainment industry be silent about a producer who was exposed for abusing & sometimes physically assaulting his employees. It’s almost as if assistants aren't worth anything in your estimation as long as you keep living your dreams. 🤯
I get why people who are struggling the most right now (theater workers) don’t speak out. Our industry has been awfully hit for over a year now & we’re focused on getting back to work. If only the house hold names of our bleeding & broken business would say or do something. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Think of every organization or performer that posted a BLM statement within hours of the movement reigniting last year. Why won't they say anything now? Because he’s cast them in multiple shows? Is this really the world we want to go back to? Did we learn NOTHING from last year?
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A performance artist secretly recorded interactions with strangers.

Here's what resulted.

Via @christicarras…
Kyoko Takenaka initially felt guilty about secretly recording men who approached in bars.

Takenaka usually used a phone to document the many racist and misogynistic comments strangers made…
But Takenaka realized "all of these experiences are nonconsensual, and Asian Americans are holding on to all of these nonconsensual experiences and microaggressions that don’t belong to us"…
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As part of our ongoing commitment to racial equity, inclusion, and diversity, we are thrilled to host Professor Erika Lee for a #TwitterTogetherTalk on #StopAsianHate in conversation with our Head of Product, Kayvon Beykpour. We’ll share insights and resources below. Image with headshots of Pro...
First, we asked @prof_erikalee how anti-Asian racism and violence has shown up historically.

Professor Lee: What most people don’t know, and it’s not in the textbooks, is there a vicious history of anti-Asian violence, beyond microaggressions in the United States. 👇🏾 1871: The largest mass lync...
Where does this racism and hate stem from?

Our country was founded as a country of slavery and colonialism. Racism directed at Asian Americans is rooted and intersects with the ways our country has treated African Americans and Native Americans as racially inferior. Quote from Professor Lee: &...
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In an interview with ESPN, Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim, 20, said she has been the target of anti-Asian hate and racism since winning her first snowboarding medal at age 13. Kim also recently shared screenshots of racist messages she had received on Instagram via an IG Story. Image
Kim, who is Korean American, says people ‘belittled’ her win because she was Asian. ‘There were messages in my DMs telling me to go back to China and to stop taking medals away from the white American girls on the team,’ Kim told ESPN.
Kim says she is afraid for her parents’ and her own safety amid an unprecedented rise in anti-Asian hate crimes and violence against Asians. She revealed that she now carries Tasers, pepper spray, and a knife for protection.
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@BTS_twt @koreaverband @CDU @AfD @fdp @BA_Mitte_Berlin

I want people who can distinguish the good from the bad to read this tweet.
@BTS_twt @koreaverband @CDU @AfD @fdp @BA_Mitte_Berlin Retweeting BTS's tweet, Korea Verband, an anti-American agency of North Korea, wrote a hate-filled inscription against the Japanese on an inscription placed in the Mitte district.
@BTS_twt @koreaverband @CDU @AfD @fdp @BA_Mitte_Berlin I have warned before that it is quite possible that someone with a strong sense of justice who reads this inscription will commit violence against Asians (Westerners cannot distinguish between Japanese, Koreans and Chinese).
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So yesterday I did a rage tweet thread about problematic books depicting Asian characters as racist stereotypes and how that was directly part of the problem we are having with anti-Asian sentiment. Today, I am calmer and I want to explain. This is specific to Kid lit and YA.1
When I do events, I always talk about the power of kidlit to teach empathy and combat hate & prejudice. That is books w/ good positive representation of marginalized experiences. So you can clearly extrapolate that bad representation does the exact opposite. 2
Problematic racist books have been around for a long time. We've been talking about them for a long time. But Y'all are only hearing about it bc of videos of hate crimes and violence & important hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter and #StopAsianHate. So lets talk now. 3
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I cried twice this week. Once when young woman told me “Mom was my sanctuary.” Her mom was among 8 killed in Atlanta. I cried again when I saw video of Filipino mom kicked in face in NYC. Amidst tragedy, let’s pay tribute to AAPI moms who give us strength (THREAD) #StopAsianHate
GRIT: I visited ATL this week to talk with children of victims. They all said their moms were hardworking. Long hours, careful spending to save for family/retirement. One said through tears, “She worked so hard to have it end that way.” Another said “She’s finally resting.” 2/11
ENDURANCE:Their powerful reflections hit me hard. When I was young, my mom worked night shift as hospital nurse so she could take care of sister and me during daytime. I asked her once when she had time to sleep. She said simply, “I don’t know.” Moms have superhuman strength.3/11
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It was the last day of school and a bunch of us were hanging out in the cul-de-sac enjoying the start of summer break. I was resting on my bicycle, laughing and talking to my friends, I was 10 years old.
Out of nowhere a teenage boy kicked my front wheel and I fell to the ground, he then proceeded to yell at me and kick me in the face. My two front teeth were knocked out, my bottom tooth chipped, my whole face was bloodied and scraped, my arms and legs were all cut.
I didn’t know why it was happening but I thought I was being kicked to death, I thought I died.

I was unconscious for a while, when I came to, my mom was crying and my head was in her lap. Our neighbor was driving us to the hospital.
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With the attack of Vilma Kari (65yo Filipina American in NYC), I am reminded of a different attack in NYC. Kitty Genovese was a 28yo White woman who was raped & killed in Queens in 1964. 38 people allegedly heard her scream, but didn’t do anything to intervene or stop the murder.
It’s easy to shame people who don’t do anything in crises. But the truth is that most people don’t do anything to intervene, and there are lots of reasons why. We must prepare ourselves and decide what kind of bystander we want to be, before we are ever put into these positions.
And perhaps all of us should aim to all be UPSTANDERS who actively fight for justice.

One way to start is sign up for Bystander Intervention Training by @AAAJ_AAJC / @iHollaback

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DISGUSTED beyond words. A 65 year old Asian lady brutally kicked and beaten in broad daylight in Manhattan. Worse—3 bystanders did nothing!! Even more worse—the security guard closed the door to ignore it!! She is still hospitalized with fractured pelvis.
2) it’s so scary for Asian Americans right now that @AndrewYang is advising no Asians walk outside alone—only go out in pairs. #StopAsianHate…
3) “Reports of anti-Asian hate crimes have risen sharply during the pandemic, often triggered by people falsely blaming Asian-Americans for spreading the coronavirus, according to police departments across the country.
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I cannot get this shameful video out of my mind today. Attacker yelled “You don’t belong here.” But doorman’s actions said same thing when he shut door on a broken woman lying on sidewalk. We as a nation need to talk about bystanders to hate (THREAD) #WeBelong #StopAsianHate
When that door closes, it sends a clear message. It says I’m not going to help. It says this is none of my business. It says to the woman, you don’t belong in this building; keep your problems outside. It says this is not my responsibility. 2/11
I feel like this is so metaphorical to the challenges we face as a nation right now. We as a society are having a crisis of empathy. What we are losing is that important sense of sharedness. Whether that is shared experiences, shared truths, shared space, shared identity. 3/11
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(1/4) STATUS FOR ALL: Full and permanent immigration status for all: Immediately ensure full immigration status for all migrant sex workers in Canada, without exception

#8CallsforJustice #StopAsianHate #SexWorkisWork
(2/4) Day 7 of our campaign for #8CallsforJustice Honouring the 8 Murdered in Atlanta. Join us, post online with calls for solidarity.


#8CallsforJustice #StopAsianHate #SexWorkisWork
(3/4) Watch this video: Asian migrant workers in massage parlours and sex industry call for Status for All

#8CallsforJustice #StopAsianHate #SexWorkisWork
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Yesterday I participated w/3,000 others in a Bystander Intervention training for discrimination & violence against the AAPI community. Hours earlier in broad daylight in NYC an Asian woman was brutally beaten outside an apt bldg. 2 security guards watched w/o intervening.
The video is nauseating. The assailant who commits this awful act of violence is unrelenting. The two security guards literally close the door to the building. I have seen similar scenes from history of bystanders who turned away. It is a sign of danger for our society.
The perpetrator must be caught and face legal consequences. But the bystanders...I understand these guards have been “suspended” from their work at the building. This must become a moment for teaching & dialogue and change. What are our obligations to each other as human beings?
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keep in mind that racism against asians (and other poc of course) has always been deeply ingrained into systems throughout the world, which is why those microaggressions that "seem like they're not a big deal" do so much more damage than you think +
even things like "asians have it easy bc they're smart" or "of course you get good grades".
We study and struggle just like you, there's no "gene" for grades. There are plenty of asian people who don't get good grades, and even if they do it's a result of hard work. +
it's also a big reason why our mental health is often overlooked. So many of us have reached out to professionals for serious help only to be brushed off with "you're a student, right? I'm sure it's just school stress" as if all we're worth is our academics and grades +
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1. Y'all wanna talk about actual racism? Remember when they caught a Chinese ship that had African men they enslaved for 7 months, barely feeding them,regularly beating them and had them on forced labour. 7 month without a penny

Let's talk about their fucked up anti-blackness:
2. In Africa on our own lands treating us like slaves, beating us freely. You don't see Asian twitter talking about this..Asian antiblackness is fucked-up worldwide, y'all "anti-asianness" we do is isolated to a couple USA neighborhoods with gangbangers
3. In Asia despite what the black Asian-worshipping masochists try their hardest to turn a blind eye to, we are treated like subhuman shit. There's multiple cases of African men being murdered or nearly murdered for being seen with a local girl
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