Thread- A theory about something, could be wrong but here it goes: there is a whole crowd of commentators in the US who are critical of Biden admin’s policy on Iran. They break down into several groups. Some concerned about Iran threats, some about a new Iran deal, some hate Iran
Some unfortunately have an obsessive conspiracy minded view where everything that happens is related to the former Obama admin and Iran. It’s unclear if their talk about Iran is really just a domestic political dispute and hatred for Obama’s old admin.
A few of these folk were also openly or quietly pro-AKP and Turkey’s authoritarian fascist regime, singing its praises and claiming the US needs a Turkey-first policy to “confront Iran” even though Ankara is actually working with Iran.
Under the guise of “confronting Iran,” they tried to sell us Turkey’s endless wars against Kurds in Afrin in Syria, Libya, Armenia; everything was subverted to bow to Ankara’s wishes. Turkey never confronted Iran though. But they still tell us stories about how it will
Some of these commentators pretend that they only dislike the Iran regime, but there seems to be a split. Because some actually like and want to speak to average Iranians and they wish people happy Nowruz and things like that. Others though....
The others hate Iran. It doesn’t matter if the regime will change, theirs is a sectarian agenda that is against Iran as a country. These types also tend to like extremism, hence why they tend to like the Ankara regime. They claim to dislike Hezbollah, but they don’t mind Hamas
Of course this is a small subset of people, but it’s an example of the sectarian foreign policy-domestic policy triangle in some US circles that feeds us stories about Iran but who should be questioned strongly on their motives.
Iran’s regime is bad. But if people are selling us an anti-Iran message just to sabotage the Biden admin and get back at the Obama Admin...they aren’t really helping the Middle East because they subverted everything to one extreme view.
There’s a flip side to this, the people who claim to be against “war” with Iran and for a “deal” but who secretly adore or like the Iranian regime and it’s far-right proxies. Ironically these folk are in essence on the same side. None of them want peace and prosperity in region
Some of them wish the region all looked like Turkish-occupied Afrin, a sectarian ethnic cleansed hell, the others, if given a choice to not have the horrid Iran regime, would work to keep the regime.
The only real starting point for US foreign policy in the region shouldn’t be sectarianism or “getting back” at the former admin, but rather stability and opposing extremism. Not working with one extreme against another.
One must be wary of those who dislike Iran more because they dislike Iran as a country and the people, than those who oppose the regime but want a positive peaceful future for average people.
Some people worship violence in the MidEast from the safety of the US, they celebrate Ankara’s invasions, they love sanctions for sanction’s sake. Given the opportunity to have peace and stability and prosperity in the region they would be unhappy.
Many of them grifted off conflicts here in the Middl east, using them to get revenge on political opponents back home in trying to harm the SDF because “Obama supported them”....that’s not a policy, that’s just hell.
One could break it down to those who oppose Iran’s regime and wished people happy Nowruz, and those who claim to oppose the regime but don’t care about people’s local holidays.

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