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#BreakingNews During the Bret Baier interview Trump admits during the tape that's been widely reported on and transcripts released he may have held up military secrets to invade Iran that he said weren't Declassified.

This evidence alone would prove Trump violated the Espionage……
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#BreakingNews Trump seriously needs a lawyer to shut him up and walk out of this interview. He's incriminating himself.

He's admitting to holding classified documents, ignoring a subpoena, and basically telling aides to hide documents, telling people they don't have any and……
I agree personally to let him talk. But someone should be watching over him legally. This can only be going one direction. Insanity defense.
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🔥 Today's #BreakingNews summary for 6-5-2023. Hit the follow and retweet! 🔥

-The Department of Justice is looking into a flooding that happened at Mar-a-Largo that flooded if the security room equipment was damaged on purposely.
-Republicans claim they will hold FBI Director……
Trump's meeting Image
Lawyer leaving The Department of Justice Image
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#BreakingNews Special Counsel Jack Smith was in the meeting this morning at The Department of Justice with three Trump attorneys. Attorney General Garland was not in attendance.
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#BreakingNews | Massive disclosure made by Union Railways Minister #AshwiniVaishnaw on the 'criminal angle' in #OdishaTrainAccident

'Those behind the criminal activity will be identified soon. Settings of the point machine were changed'
"Root cause of accident identified, will try to restore track today. Commissioner of railway safety has investigated and we have identified the cause of the incident and the people responsible for it... It happened due to a change in electronic interlocking”.:
Did someone deliberately tamper with settings to trigger this tragedy?

#BalasoreTrainAccident #OdishaTrainCrash #AshwiniVaishnaw
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🔥 Today's #BreakingNews 6-1-2023. Thread of today's bulletins. 🔥

-The FBI will provide context on the Trump Justice Department’s steps to follow up on the unsubstantiated, second-hand claims contained in this tip.
-Representative Raskin had a call with The FBI Director who……
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#BreakingNews 🚨 Senator Chuck Grassley admits that the investigation had nothing to do with whether they could attach then Vice President Biden to any wrongdoing. Claiming their only goal was to see if The Department of Justice did their jobs. 🚨
This is huge and shows Senator Chuck Grassley and Comer weaponized or attempted to weaponize The Department of Justice.
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#BreakingNews 🚨 Here is @RepRaskin call with FBI Director Wray after Republican Oversight committee wouldn't allow Raskin to join their call. Raskin scheduled a call after Rep. Comer. 🚨

“Director Wray informed me that the FBI has agreed to accommodate the Committee’s request……
I know it's a long tweet but if everyone could retweet it then the message can get out and others that wouldn't see it will.
The biggest part of this phone interview is that the FBI admits that the Trump Department of Justice got this information and deemed it second hand and unsubstantiated.
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#BreakingNews Trump captured on tape talking about the classified document he kept after leaving the White House. One document was a plan to invade Iran that he told people he couldn't show them. Hinting that Trump knew the documents were classified. @CNN
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தமிழ்நாடு பாஜக தலைவர் @annamalai_kயின் மிக நெருங்கிய நண்பரும் பாஜக நெசவாளர் பிரிவு மாநில செயலாளருமான மின்ட் ரமேஷ் என்பவர் தனது கூட்டாளியான நாகர்கோவில் மகேஷ் என்பவனுடன் கூட்டு சேர்ந்து கொரட்டூரை சேர்ந்த ஒரு பெண்ணிடமிருந்து ரூபாய் 45 லட்சத்தை பறித்துச் சென்றதை அடுத்து Image
@tnpoliceofflஆல் கைது செய்யப்பட்டு சிறையில் அடைக்கப்பட்டான். இதில் அண்ணாமலைக்கு தொடர்பு இருக்கிறதா என்ற வகையிலும் தமிழ்நாடு போலீசார் விசாரணை
கைது செய்யப்பட்ட பாஜக நிர்வாகி ரமேஷ் என்பவர் மீது வடசென்னையில் உள்ள பல்வேறு காவல் நிலையங்களில் பல்வேறு வழக்குகள் நிலுவையில் உள்ளதாக காவல்துறை தெரிவித்துள்ளது என்பது குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது!
இந்த செய்தி எந்த மெயின் ஸ்ட்ரீம் மீடியாவிலும் வரவில்லை.
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#sondakika #breakingnews KDHC Ulusal Havacılık ve Uzay Geliştirme İdaresi (NADA), 31 Mayıs Juche 112 (2023) günü saat 6:27'de Sohae Uydu Fırlatma Alanında yeni tip bir taşıyıcı roket olan "Chollima-1" üzerine monte edilmiş "Malligyong-1" adlı bir askeri keşif uydusu fırlattı.👇 Image
"Chollima-1" taşıyıcı roketi, normal uçuş sırasında ilk kademenin ayrılmasının ardından ikinci kademe motorunun anormal şekilde çalıştırılması nedeniyle itiş gücünü kaybettikten sonra Kore'nin Batı Denizi'ne düştü.👇
Başarısızlığı "Chollima-1" taşıyıcı roketine uygulanan yeni tip motor sisteminin düşük güvenilirlik ve kararlılığına ve kullanılan yakıtın dengesiz karakterine bağlayan NADA sözcüsü,👇
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Telegram is loaded with QAnon Insurrectionist Sympathizers. Downloading all of this data to give to the feds if necessary.

Openly calling for the deaths of LGBTQIA+ people.

Fuck around, find out. 💯🚨✋️
#BreakingNews These fucking Q-Anon Qwacking Insurrectionists are getting messages from Rhodes' family + discussions on Meggs are happening.

It's just another fester pot waiting to become an angry mob of white cishet men with torches.

If any of my people are killed in June,……
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#BreakingNews Impeached Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton admitted he stopped Democratic votes from being counted on a podcast which would have given President Biden and Beto O'Rourke wins in Texas. Turning Texas Blue!
Be sure to hit the follow button if you aren't already following. Thank you.
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I tracked the bus load of Migrants that left from the Roosevelt hotel to an old NYPD Police Academy in Manhattan, NY. 100s of Migrants are being housed here.
Copyright protected email for licensing
#NYPD #MIGRANTS #tuesdayvibe
How's my tracking skills? Lol
Just tracked down another bus load of Migrants to a different location in midtown Manhattan
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I found another school that's housing migrants in Staten Island, NY. I was told by the migrants that Migrants from Venezuela, Africa, France, Russia, Pakistan, and other countries are being housed here. Some of the migrants have been here for a week and told me……
Update. No kids are in this school. I spoke with members of the communities. They has no idea they were being kept in the school until after they seen the migrants walking around the area
The migrants told me the school is packed with migrants. I asked them 100 ? 70 ? They told me it's too much to count 🧐
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Kew Gardens Motor Inn Queens NY
Protesters do a sit-in at the hotel, and the hotel is housing migrants. They state that the community is outraged.
The NYPD has arrived at the hotel and stated that if they don't leave, they will be arrested.
#migrants #NYC
This footage was sent in by one of the activists
Kew Gardens Motor Inn Queens NY
Protesters do a sit-in at the hotel where migrants are being housed.
Activist do a sitin and chant " OUR TAX dollars our responsibility "
#migrantcrisis #tuesdayvibe
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📣#BreakingNews #HistoricEvent 🇮🇳 🇵🇰

21.05.23, Sunday:
For the first time ever in 76 years, since the 1947 Partition of India & Pakistan, #Jain monks enter #Pakistan to visit their #Jain Pilgrimages today!

#Thread ImageImageImageImage
Gachchadhipati Acharya Shri Dharmadhurandhar Suri takes the message of Peace & Ahimsa of Jinshashan to #Pakistan to visit the Samadhi mandir of Param pujya Acharya Shri Atmaramji Maharaj at Gujranwala. He belongs to Punjab Kesari Acharya Vijay Vallabh Surishwarji's Samuday
Acharya Shri Dharmadhurandhar suri, Muni's Trishabchandra Vijayji adi thhana with his 20-25 devotees started their vihaar & crossed the Attari-Wagah border at 10am today. This is the first time ever in 76 years since Partition Jain monks will visit Jain Tirths in #Pakistan
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Roosevelt Hotel, NYC
Within a span of 20 minutes, multiple buses dropped of multiple groups of migrants. ( 3 to be exact ) The US military is still here assisting the migrants who arrive at the hotel .
For licensing email
#NYC #migrantcrisis #Migrants
Roosevelt Hotel NYC
#migrants are being temporarily housed and processed at the hotel. The United States military is here protecting them. Military soldiers are carrying boxes and bringing them into the hotel.
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#USA #military #NYC
Roosevelt Hotel NYC
Some of the migrants that were being processed at the hotel are now being moved to a different location in manhattan, I overheard workers at the hotel saying they got their vaccine, and now its time to go 🧐 a total of 36 migrants got on the bus
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Midtown Manhattan
At a migrants Processing / Is temporary housing facility , new arrives just showed up , apparently from Columbia.
For licensing email
#migrantcrisis #NYC #BreakingNews
A new wave of migrants is being Process processed at the midtown facility
For licensing email
#update now they are telling me they are from Aquador
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#BreakingNews Twitter declares war on YouTube Censorship by unveiling game-changing video expansion

#Twitter #Elonmusk #YouTube Image
In a bold move aimed at reshaping the online video landscape, Twitter has announced a significant expansion of its video capacity, allowing users to upload and share videos of up to two hours in duration.
This strategic decision positions Twitter as a genuine competitor to YouTube, challenging its long-held hegemony in the realm of video content.
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Massive migrants processing center found in midtown Manhattan. Migrants from west Africa and Venezuela are lined up to be housed. Looks like the Touro College thing was to throw people off .
You heard it first here at ViralNewsNYC
For licensing email……
Here's what it looks like inside the Facility Image
#update some of the Migrants will be sleeping in the basement of the building. This is an old Touro College that has been abandoned.
The migrants are stating they don't have clothing .
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I'm hearing early this morning the migrants were moved from PS 188 due to the upraw of the community I'm hearing they were moved to the city.
I guess city officials are watching my page and understand how dangerous it is for them there
@NYCMayor and @NYCImmigrants is this is true , this an extremely good move. I was seriously scared for their safety there.
You guys should really think about hiring me lol
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Rp. 8.32 Trilyun,


Bravo :
@KejaksaanRI @KomisiKejaksaan

Ternyata,..... Oh Ternyata......
Benar memang PERLUBAHAN..... ImageImageImageImage
Entuh duit Rp. 8 32 T, kalo dibeliin tiket #ColdplayInJakarta dan tiketnya disebar lewat satelit-satelit, apakah bisa jadi HALAL????


@KomisiKejaksaan ImageImage
Apakah Partai Nasdrun ini membuktikan bahwa bukan hanya kolega koalisinya si Parte Mersi Biru yg mampu Katakan Tidak Pada(hal) KORUPSI.

Jumlah yg Fantastis Rp. 8.32 T, apakah sudah cukup mengalahkan record CANDI HAMBALANG dlsb?

#Korupsi8T ImageImageImageImage
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