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#thread online safety and what is basic #OSINT
#OSINT Techniques 

I don't personally endorse this because my style is different.
I have respect for the good #OSINT accounts I follow. 99% of the time they get the #BreakingNews long before you see it. I do too. I don't broadcast it if it's a dangerous situation.
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The beginning of the "Soft war".

In an unprecedented move in #Lebanon, Judge Mohammad Mazeh issued a sentence forbidding #US Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea from making any statement and prevents any local media from publishing any of her statements.
#SaudiArabia Media Al-Hadath challenging #Lebanon & the Judge's decision by broadcasting its interview with #US Ambassador Dorothy Shea, prevented from delivering any statement due to its interference in domestic affairs via @KtirLebnene. Not Surprising from submitted Saudi.
Article 41 of Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 18 April 1961:
it is the duty of all persons enjoying immunities to respect the laws & regulations of the receiving State. They also have a duty not to interfere in the internal affairs of that State.…
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#Germany Government Denounces #Coronavirus #COVID19 as "a Worldwide false alarm" in scathing new report that began as an accidental leak to the public from inside the govt. Decimates the LIES of #BillGates & #Fauci Drug Cartels…
-The dangerousness of #Covid19 was overestimated
-Probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond normal level.
-The people who die from #Coronavirus are essentially those who would statistically die this yr because they have reached the end of their lives
-Their weakened bodies can no longer cope with any random everyday stress (including the approximately 150 different #coronavirus types currently in circulation). (& many other illnesses which give a positive on a PCR test)
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#9News #BreakingNews #NineNewsAustralia
Update: MP home raided over Chinese Communist Party claims, panic buying returns | 9 News Australia (after criticizing Israel 😉)

NSW Labor MP Shaoquett #Moselmane's home, office raided by police
Moselmane: Supporters of #Israel ‘cancerous and malicious’
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#Breaking #BreakingNews @FBI
#NishaPatel &Family MURDERED in Hit at her home left dead in pool
Former Director of Strategic Customer Marketing & later Director of National Accounts at Teva was PIVOTAL PERSON fixing prices of 99 drugs &tap her relationships…
MASSIVE STORY behind this case!
#NishaPatel, a foot soldier who was hired by #Teva’s #Philadelphia area marketing department in 2013 and is alleged to have fixed the prices of 99 different drugs the KEY PERSON in BIGGEST price fixing #DOJ Scandal in history has been wiped out!
Found dead drowned in her pool (32) along with her father (62) & 8 year old daughter, the pool only waist high 3.5 feet deep, ruled NOT a possible electrocution, seems to be a HIT JOB for her role at the pivotal player & database & relationship holder for the biggest players
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.@potus President Trump holds a roundtable with governors on reopening America #REOPENAMERICA #fromthewhitehouse #StateDiningRoom @realDonaldTrump…
President Trump is holding a roundtable with Gov. Kevin Stitt of Indiana and Gov. Pete Ricketts of Nebraska to discuss efforts to support America's small businesses with @SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza on reopening America.

The Paycheck Protection Program (#PPP) has been a tremendous success for small businesses and the American workforce.
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WOW!!! 😮
#Breaking #BreakingNews
Members of Parliament of #Brazil break into hospital that claimed to have 5,000 infected & 200 deaths from #COVID19 & CAUGHT THEM RED HANDED NOT ONE PERSON, they have FRAUDED THE WORLD!! #Italy #Spain #ArrestBillGates
Brazilians Translated:
5 Members of #Brazil parliament went to hospitals under encouragement by #Bolsonaro to break into hospitals & check to see the number of patients there. This hospital late to be finished but claiming 5000 ppl with COVID19 and 200 dead, so need this hospital
Officials broke in to check it & found the hospital is an absolute mess, not finished, and no patients. The governor is frauding the state and nation and taxpayers & LYING about the numbers to pad the numbers. Embezzlement scheme & to help bring down the country &push #vaccine
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1- A successful treatment for Covid-19 from a Taibah University medical research team, in Madina, Saudi Arabia.

A short post about their finding was shared by one of the researchers on the team, Dr. Salah Mohamed El Sayed.
2- English translation follows below. Translated by Dr. Ahmad ibn Samih Abdel-Wahab.
The medical research paper is available here:…

Please disseminate news of this breakthrough research with everyone via all platforms and encourage others to do so as well.
3- Perhaps you can assist in saving lives. I advise anyone who is interested in following this news to read the research paper for more details as this short post is only a summary of the entire research.
[Translation of original post follows]
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Me gustaría que se tomen el tiempo de leerlo. ¿Qué tiene que ver la muerte de Kurt Cobain con la red de tráfico de niños que manejan líderes políticos de Estados Unidos?

Kurt Cobain fue asesinado, ABRO HILO:

#Anonymous #BlackLivesMatter
#ICantBreathe #BreakingNews
Empezaré hablando de algunas personas que tienen algo en común;

Un suicidio sospechoso.
Anthony Bourdain fue un Chef reconocido, que fue encontrado muerto después de decir que iba a exponer una red de pedofilia en Cambodia. Dijeron que fue "suicidio"
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Chicago: Reports of rioters carrying bricks.

Approx 30 ppl fighting.
Female caller having her car windows pounded on by rioters, she needs help.

Another female caller says she’s being chased by rioters.
Same female caller getting car windows pounded in, called back: they’ve broken her window. Fire depot can’t get to her.
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Firstly, what sparked me to write everything down and start a thread, was the creepy clip of 'paramedics' taking (dragging) the body away...

It's a particularly gruesome part of the video... just a heads up #patriots

Several things already wrong with this...
- No CPR or attempt of FA
- Doesn't check for pulse, ever
- Make-up the gurney street-side
- Put a sheet on the floor w/out ever checking patient
- He wipes something off his head and rubs it between his fingers (but there's no blood?)
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So #DominicCummings attended at least 6 of 34 SAGe meetings btw late Jan & early May.

Ben Warner (AI expert who worked on Tory election & Leave Campaigns)
attended 13.

His brother, Marc Warner, also attended meetings. He won the £250m NHSX app contract.
SAGE minutes from 11/2 show NHS beds was seem as “important” as early as 11/2.

SPI-M given action to work with NHS on modelling impacts (ie comparing epidemic curves to NHS bed & ICU capacity) yet @neil_ferguson only first met NHS on 1/3...19 days later!…
There is no follow up in subsequent SAGE minutes on whether the action to model NHS/ICU bed capacity was acted upon.

It would be v interesting to look at all the actions listed in these minutes & see if & when they were progressed.

There is no ‘action log’ so did some get lost?
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#BreakingNews Gubernur Jabar @ridwankamil : Evaluasi PSBB Jabar dilakukan secara proporsional karena luas wilayah dan terdapat gap sangat besar. Hasilnya per hari ini ada 12 daerah yang sudah masuk zona kuning, 0 zona merah dan 15 zona biru.
@ridwankamil #BreakingNews Gubernur Jabar @ridwankamil : Kami sepakat di Jabar untuk memberikan izin #newnormal ke 60 persen wilayah Kabupaten/Kota. Sementara 40 persen atau 12 Kabupaten/ Kota, kami rekomendasikan lanjut PSBB secara parsial.
@ridwankamil #BreakingNews Gubernur Jabar @ridwankamil : Zona kuning masih berada di wilayah Bodebek dan akan melakukan PSBB Parsial sampai tanggal 4 Juni. Termasuk 7 Kabupaten / kota lain yang masih berada di zona kuning.
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The Persian rug weaver strikes in the US’s backyard through Venezuela…

Schedule of 5 #Iran/ian tankers to #Venezuela :

1. Fortune arrived at PDVSA refinery al-Palito.

2. Forest arrived at Punta Cardón (Falcon)

3. Petunia expected TODAY at al-Palito

4. Faxul expected Thursday at Falcon

5. Clavel expected Saturday at Punta Cardón.
If you believe these 5 tankers came from #Iran to supply #Venezuela with fuel and refineries spare parts, u are dead wrong.

This is much more: Skilful Iran is honest with its friends and allies but has also waited 40 years to lead the world uprising against the #US imperialism+
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Riddle me this #BatMan...

If US diplomats knew about this year’s before COVID19, Then why wasn’t a vaccine made (or was is?)

What was this #lockdown REALLY about?

CV & China — U.S. Diplomats Warned:Safety in Wuhan Labs Studying Bats before the Outbreak…
#WHO stands to benefit financially from a Pandemic?

Have you ever heard of something called a pandemic bond?


💰 💴 💰 💰 💴 💰 💰 💴 💰

*More info on Pandemic Bonds in comments below.

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BREAKING NEWS: Several #Pakistani channels reporting that a civilian airplane of #PIA flying from Lahore to Karachi crashed before landing. A huge plume of smoke can be seen from the crash site. Details still emerging.
Plane crash in Karachi
PIA plane reportedly crashes near model colony in #Karachi.
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#BREAKING #HongKong: Beijing will propose a new National Security legislation for Hong Kong in order to "plug the loopholes" by directly putting the clauses into Annex 3 of Basic Law, HK's mini consitution, @hk01official reports. Details to be announced in #NPC's presser tonight.
If true, it will be Huge. The law can be promulgated without any scrutiny by legislature, which is the reason of failure of enacting #Article23 in 2003. Or it can be adapted through local legislation just like #NationalAnthemLaw. But either way is all up to the authority's mind.
It's still unclear whether it's merely coincidence or prelude...but these are not isolated cases.
#HongKong #NationalSecurityLaw
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1/. I’m no scientist so please correct me, but it seems one of the key early errors of the govt’s #COVID19 strategy was the failure to do epidemiological modelling for lockdown until mid-March thereby not providing any alternative ‘design options’.

This is Prof Edmunds on 28/4.
2/. NHS capacity was not understood until it was too late.

Data on NHS “surge capacity" was not pre-loaded within Imperial College's modelling & was only populated btw 1st - 10th March.

See @neil_ferguson at Health Select Committee on 25/3 (from 2mins).…
3/. It seems that the "non-pharmaceutical options weren't pre-populated either (they appear to only be developed in February).

Key data wasn't populated by the govt scientific advisory body, NERVTAG, until 21/2/20 despite despite some key data being published many days before. Image
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#BreakingNews: Pandemics cost money!!! (And victims are to foot the bill, not the aggressor/virus!)
Interestingly, the more testing/tracking/treating you do *at the beginning* the less it costs.
Just ask New Zealand.
(Someone should have told “waiting for the right timing” govt)
But hey wait for the situation to get out of control was needed for the govt not to risk to be criticised for acting right.
It would have been smarter imo to include an economist in SAGE and do the right thing - +opportunity to blame neighbours who didn’t!
I would have thought the Vote Leave nudge unit would have jumped on the opportunity to criticise European neighbours.
But hey guess the call of eugenism was too strong.
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(1) Could #COVID19 mutant #D614G the variation seen in Transmission Rates (Rt's) and Case Fatality Rates (CFR's) between locations?…

#BreakingNews #coronavirus
(2) A group of researchers prepublished their findings about the #D614G mutation to the SARS-Cov-2 affecting the properties of the Spike protein that binds to host cell sites.
(3) The paper includes a diagram showing the emergence of the #D614G mutant and its descendants, first in Belgium, and later in hot spots in Europe and the United States.

The relative quantities of the this mutant strain could explain the variations seen in Case Fatality Rates!
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#BreakingNews Mnangagwa's daughter, Chantelle grabs a gold mining claim in Mt Darwin South despite the High court ruling against her. The background of the story is that the plaintiff whose name is at large, had the mining rights of that claim. Chantie as they call her, then
quickly rushed to the Ministry of mines to obtain a special grant for that particular mountain which have the plaintiff's claim. The plaintiff was evicted from his claim which forced him to approach the High court. The High court ruled against Chantie Mnangagwa. She then
moved fast to buy Chief Nyamakopa a brand new vehicle to influence him to stop the plaintiff from mining in his land. The police were then called yesterday to settle the dispute and arrest Chantie and her goons who are said to be mostly military personnel.
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#BreakingNews O buraco negro mais próximo da Terra já encontrado!

Ele possui duas estrelas companheiras que são visíveis a olho nu, ou seja, se você pudesse enxergar buracos negros, daria para "vê-lo" no céu.

Segue o fio --> #AstroThreadBR
A imagem do tweet acima é uma impressão artística mostrando as órbitas dos objetos no sistema HR 6819. O sistema tem 3 objetos: uma estrela em órbita interna (azul), o buraco negro (vermelho), e uma terceira estrela em uma órbita + afastada (também azul). Crédito: ESO/L. Calçada
O sistema está tão próximo de nós que suas estrelas podem ser vistas do hemisfério sul em uma noite escura, sem binóculos ou telescópio.

Nessa imagem vemos o mapa do céu onde o sistema HR 6819 está destacado (Crédito: ESO, IAU and Sky Telescope)
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goods morning🌞happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are Niki Savva, Pat Karvelas and unlikely tiktok star Andrew Probyn. This thread is not fact-checked.
as per his weekly pattern, Speers opens with the Morrison government perspective, and quotes Scott Morrison. The narrative has thus all but disappeared actual public health concerns, policy #Insiders
montage is mostly about China, to a Talking Heads (?) soundtrack. Footage of Morrison doing his statesmannish performance that falls ever flat. Spliced clips of Morrison spruiking his “app=easing restrictions” message over and over and over again. Thanks, Speersy! #Insiders
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#Breakingnews | 130 red zones, 284 orange zones and 319 green zones across the country: MoHFW
Here’s the new zonal classification list of red/orange/green zones in India
#Breakingnews | Here’s the new zonal classification list of red/orange/green zones in India
#covid19 #coronavirusinindia #coronavirusupdate
#Breakingnews | Here’s the new zonal classification list of red/orange/green zones in India
#covid19 #coronavirusinindia #coronavirusupdate
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