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@SDCAnews “Today we revealed the most sophisticated effort in disrupting the activities of criminals operating around the globe. Let this serve as a warning to those criminals who believe they are operating under an encrypted cloak of secrecy-your criminal communications may NOT be secure"
@SDCAnews In an innovative effort, the FBI, with the help of the Australian Federal Police, launched their own encrypted communications platform and supplied more than 12,000 devices to hundreds of criminal organizations that operate around the globe. #FBI #OperationTrojanShield
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#BreakingNews Research:
This will be a long thread, but I need all eyes on. Seeing a pattern and not saying anything is worse than being called a conspiracy theorist.

Hang with me.
Twitter is refusing to send my tweets; follow quote tweet. Archive link, as it pertains to Columbia-Rockefeller.
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#BreakingNews aus dem #Iran .
Nahezu zeitgleich sind dort Großbrände auf dem größten Schiff der iran.Marine und auf einer Raffinerie nahe #teheran ausgebrochen.
Das ungewöhnliche Timing führte zu Spekulationen, dass womöglich wieder israelische Geheimdienste am Werk sind.
Zuerst ist auf dem Versorgungsschiff der iran.Kriegsmarine KHARG 431 ein Großbrand ausgebrochen.
Die Versuche es zu löschen, sind alle fehlgeschlagen.
Mittlerweile soll das Schiff gesunken sein.
Für die iran.Marine ist dieser Verlust durchaus schmerzhaft.
(2/5) ImageImage
Die #Kharg war das größte Schiff der #IranNavy .
Es diente nicht nur zur Versorgung, sondern konnte auch mehrere Helikopter tragen.
Ursachen für den Brand sind unklar, allerdings sind fast sofort Spekulationen aufgetaucht, dass dahinter womöglich der #Mossad steht.
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People in Manbij are protesting YPG terror group’s forced conscription policies along with lack of bread and fuel. Multiple protesters killed and injured. Reports coming in that locals have taken two villages from YPG control: Hudhud and Yasti.
Protesters taking over a YPG terror grouping HQ in Yasti
Manbij is a majority Arab region and was supposed to be cleared of YPG terrorists under two separate deals made between 🇹🇷 🇺🇸 & 🇷🇺 YPG never left. The region is adjacent to SNA controlled areas & is critical for securing trade east west trade routes.
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#BreakingNews 1/7

Dr Christiane Northrup

If we don’t understand the #Depopulation agenda nothing makes sense.
It’s a war on #humanity
People have been brainwashed for this agenda for decades,the millennial generation who have no ability to think critically..none!
#BreakingNews 2/7

Dr Christiane Northrup

Has advice for woman who have a partner that want the #Corona #vaccination
Dr Northrup shows with EMF meter the electricalfield in a #vaccinated  body because of #nanoparticles
Only hurt people who have been hurt in childhood hurt people
#BreakingNews 3/7

Dr Christiane Northrup

We are at the end times,if u cannot see&understand this #depopulation #Agenda your probably gonna need to be recycled.
Do not be around #vaccinated people.
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OOOhhh Boy! Thats all Im saying for now....
You will find out. Promise. :)
We have come into some intel.
Were working it... Image
If you have followed me for a minute, you know Ive been warning about Israeli Unit 8200 spyware on cellphones. We have made contact:
Start with this:
#NSO now #Carbyne in the US.

This is direct, verified proof.
cc: @ZevShalev @glennkirschner2
@clearing_fog @HunterJCullen ImageImage
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When #Gaza is introducing the new Ay'yash missile with 250 km range, it is the same Fateh 110 missile with high precision and can carry over 400 kg of explosive: a game changer by all means. #Palestine
#Gaza said it has targeted Ramon airport and (un) surprisingly, the Iron Dome failed to intercept a missile that can reach Eilat. This is a message to #Israel that no place is safe and that Gaza is ready for a gradual escalation. Obviously Israel intel & interception have failed.
This is why #Gaza said thank you to #Iran who shared the experience and technology with the Palestinians so they can defend themselves against the "strongest Air Force in the Middle East" bombing civilian infrastructure and homes".

#Gaza has still more to show.
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#Israeli Special Forces Chaos during last night bombing outside #Gaza #Palestine.
A New count of victims in #Gaza #Palestine caused by #Israel indiscriminate bombing mainly to heavily populated areas:
48 killed of which 14 children and 3 women and 303 wounded.
#Israel regained its bombing (six raids) of civilian targets in #Gaza destroying commercial area in the northwest of the city and destroying a car in Khan Younis with passengers.

The new count of Palestinians killed by #Israel is 55 of which 14 children and 4 women.
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One Israeli military personnel killed by a laser-guided missile (Kornet) fired against an Israeli vehicle outside #Gaza #Palestine today. The Resistance fired 30 rockets immediately afterwards around the same location.
#Israel bombed al-Shujaiya in #Gaza now.

It is clearer that Israel is avoiding declaring war and push troops in Gaza.

The reason: There are fronts in Jerusalem and in all areas where the Arab 1948 live. Israel fears a potential war will open many internal fronts. #Palestine
#Israel PM @netanyahu was aware that #Jerusalem was sitting on a barrel of powder & allowed manifestations and provoked #SheikhJarrah attempt to evict Palestinian families. He wanted to postpone the formation of the government & got what he wanted including a battle between wars.
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#Israel is bombing Hanadi tower along the #Gaza coast. The Palestinian resistance warned Israel that any bombing of civilian towers will be met by a similar bombing in Tel Aviv to residential areas with new missiles never used before.

There is a serious escalation

All 12 floors of the residential tower in #Gaza crumbled due to the #Israel/i bombing. This is yet another war crime Israel is committing under the watchful (blind) eyes of the world.

#Israel will ask the #US and the Arab countries t intervene only when it feels the pain, not before. So we have to wait a bit longer to hear the US calling for "immediate cessation of hostilities" and the Arabs will follow, mainly Egypt and Qatar.
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#Palestinians are standing together: #Hamas and #PLO. Listen to the PLO Ambassador @hzomlot. All united against #Israel aggression, continuous murder of the Palestinian people and ejecting civilians from their homes.

#AlAqsaUnderAttack #Palestine

The days when #Israel can isolate and mistreat Palestinians anywhere in #Palestine are gone. #Gaza imposed a new Rule of Engagement and new solidarity of the #palestinian population behind the resistance.

#Israel decided to extend the aggression on #Gaza for another 24 hours. It has bombed 130 objectives within 365 sqkm and just destroyed a civilian house with 3 people in it of which a woman, all killed.The new count of #Palestinain victims are 25 of which 9 children and one woman
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Al-Qassam warned #Israel with an ultimatum until 18:00 today to withdraw from al-Aqsa and release all prisoners. This indicates once more that Palestine is united and that #Gaza is using its military capability to support the Palestinians everywhere on the territory.
Standing with #Palestine at this moment is a responsibility of all women and men. We are in the 21st century, and this 👇is unacceptable. The world should stand against it.

The Arab leaders who enjoy official diplomatic-commercial relationship and normalised with #Israel are also included I presume #UAE #Bahrein #Qatar #Morocco #Oman #Jordan #Sudan #Egypt

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Gempa Goyang NKRIterancaminvasiChina Depok Pamulang Sukabumi Munarman Chilli Zahra Running Man BREAKING NEWS Rizal cincin Jaeyong…
Trip ke Kota Batu dan Bromo. Trip gabungan. Periode Juni Agustus 2021 999rb.
Gempa Goyang NKRIterancaminvasiChina Depok Pamulang Sukabumi Munarman Chilli Zahra Running Man BREAKING NEWS Rizal cincin Jaeyong 💯…
1001Panduan Turis
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#Karnataka:From tomorrow night for 14 days #lockdown will apply across state. From 6 am to 10 am one can get essential supplies.

CM @BSYBJP say, you can interpret this however you want. We are clear.

Essentials to be bought in mornings 6 am to 10 am. No other relaxations for public.

Certain sectors are exempted.
- No public transport
- Only goods transport to be allowed
-Agri, Mfg, construction allowed
- Inter/intra-state travel will not be allowed on these days. Only for emergency purposes will be allowed.

Vaccine to be made free of cost at govt hospital for all above 18 yrs from May 1

Detailed guidelines will come by tonight
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Panglima TNI Marsekal Hadi Tjahjanto menyebut status KRI Nanggala-402 menuju fase tenggelam atau sub-sink usai temuan serpihan, barang, serta tumpahan minyak. #BREAKINGNEWS…
"Dengan alat (serpihan dan barang) yang sudah keluar, terjadi keretakan. Karena sampai dalam 700-800 meter tentu akan terjadi keretakan di kapal selam itu," ujar Kepala Staf TNI AL Laksamana Yudo Margono. #CNNIndonesia…
TNI juga memutuskan untuk menaikkan status hilangnya KRI Nanggala 402 dari submiss menuju fase subsunk. #CNNIndonesia…
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FrankSpeech (FS)
Ongoing thread 19/04/21

A video message from
Mike Lindell on FS

Broadcaster's have been working all weekend setting up their networks.

Going live anytime now.
Small kinks are being ironed out.
#BreakingNews as of 15 min
Mike Lindell is suing
Dominon Voting Systems for $1.6,000,000,00
$1.6 Billion

Alan Dershowitz has been hired to represent Mike Lindell and Mypillow.
Mike Lindell is currently taking calls from journalists live on air.

You can find the new platform at

(Side Note)
When FS is 100% live,
You will be able to find me at
Please drop your name and handles in comments
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Hansi Flick memutuskan mundur dari jabatannya sebagai pelatih Bayern Muenchen per akhir musim ini. Tampaknya konflik dengan Hasan Salihamidzic selaku Direktur Olahraga yang jadi penyebab.

Bayern juga dikabarkan mengincar Julian Nagelsmann sebagai pengganti.
Per DW, konflik dengan Salihamidzic ditengarai terkait dengan penentuan transfer pemain. Manajemen Bayern (dalam hal ini termasuk Salihamidzic) terlalu mengatur siapa pemain yang kudu direkrut dan dipertahankan.

Flick, sebagai pelatih, tak suka hal itu.
Salah satu contohnya ada di kasus Jerome Boateng. Flick mau mempertahankan Boateng dan suka dengan performa sang pemain. Apalagi setelah David Alaba pergi.

Namun, manajemen tidak dan lebih memilih melepasnya. Bola panas pun bergulir.
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Missiles hit #Erbil airport where #US forces are based and the Bashiqa base occupied by #Turkey. Both are considered occupation forces by the Iraqi resistance, not by Kurdistan local government & #Baghdad central government. Turkey maintains over 20 military bases in Iraq.
A precision missile fired from #Erbil hits a Hashd al-Shaabi position in Bartilla leaving one wounded. The hit came amid an announcement from KRG PM Masrour Barzani that "Militia should leave their position at the limit of Kurdistan", following last night's attack. #Iraq.
An explosion at al-Sadr city east of #Baghdad, #Iraq.
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Liquid gas production project in Mozambique put on hold after militia attack
The Total group is reacting to the latest terrorist attack by Islamist rebels in Mozambique.

#Thread about #Mocambique #France #terrorism #total #Oil
According to reports from security circles, the French energy giant has ceased operations on site and withdrew its employees.

by @NZZAusland @NZZ…
Total decided to evacuate completely after surveillance images made with drones showed that supporters of the Islamist rebel group Ahlu Sunna wal Jamaa were very close to the conveyor systems under construction in Afungi.
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@ShkhRasheed stuttered while admitting #TLP was more prepared than #Pakistan #government, but went on to say that #PTIGovernment has decided to #BanTLP and the requisite file will be sent to the Federal Cabinet.
#TLPNationWideProtest #TLPterrorists
#TLPGoons were NEVER serious in negotiations with #PTIGovernment: they focused on maximum pressure thru militant violence by showing their 'street power' at EVERY opportunity. Their goal was to force out ALL #European diplomats, not just #French ambassador, from #Pakistan
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🚨#BREAKING 🇮🇷 Iran-linked group attacks Mossad secret base in 🇮🇶 Iraq, killing and wounding several 🇮🇱 Israeli spies.
🚨#BREAKING The operation has been recorded and will be released soon.
A security source; The operation will release leaked images from @GoPro cameras.
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Well it could if it was able to sell the left instead of pandering to the right
It's never going to be righter than the right -altho given the current situation I probably should say far righter than far right
Oh wait probably that would require facing the worst govt ever -right?
You don't get back the 'forgotten Brits' by emulating the Brexit Party
You get them back by offering them a decent life -with something fast & simple like UBI
You get them back by holding the tricksters & fraudsters to account
Not by condoning their behaviour
#BreakingNews (@Keir_Starmer?)
The UK is a nation of leftards. Trust that these RW think tankers did not came to that conclusion because they wanted to.
There's a reason so much money and disinfo is poured into gaslighting. Don't play their game.
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