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SENIOR HAULAGE OFFICER at MOWE OGUN STATE: A Total Supply Chain and Logistics company established in 2012, currently have an opening in their Haulage unit and is seeking result-oriented talents who are capable of contributing innovative ideas, relish challenges and..
possess the drive and vision to excel to fill the position of a Senior Haulage Officer. We offer competitive remuneration within the industry.
You will be responsible for developing client relationships, and planning & coordinating hitch-free day-to-day haulage operations...
including routing and scheduling.
•Strategically plan routes & load scheduling for multi-drop deliveries
•Allocate resources & record movements on the transport planning system
•Develop a business relationship with clients.
•Book deliveries, liaise & negotiate
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#BREAKING: Decision on #RoeVWade could be made today

“If Roe v Wade is overturned, know this: We will not give up. We will not stop fighting. We will march to the ballot box in November & we’ll make sure we elect a Congress that enshrines Roe into law”

US Senator @amyklobuchar Image
The US Supreme Court #SCOTUS has overturned #RoeVsWade

Access to #abortion will now be eliminated in more than 20 States, in some cases even if the unwanted pregnancy is the result of rape, incest or brutality.
#BREAKING #abortionrights #BreakingNews…
"For those around the world watching this moment with the same sense of horror & pain that we feel we say: whatever you’re feeling you’re not alone. This is where our power & our hope springs from: We are the majority." @amnestyusa
#RoeVsWade #abortion
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Lawmakers call on the U.S. president to condemn #Iran’s terrorism & support the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom.
@BookerSparticus @utubechuck @pepsiholic1990 @jimboazil @psalmster023 @gigicalesso @rubyjean72802… via @Mojahedineng
@BookerSparticus @utubechuck @pepsiholic1990 @jimboazil @psalmster023 @gigicalesso @rubyjean72802 @Mojahedineng The int'l community's patience is growing thin as the #Iran regime's nuclear defiance & regional terrorism intensify.
To contain the Ayatollah, the Iranian regime's alternative - the National Council of Resistance of Iran (#NCRI)- must be supported.
#FreeIran2022 #NCRIAlternative Image
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130 dead after 6.1-magnitude #earthquake hits eastern #Afghanistan

Tremors were also felt in Pakistan’s capital and the Punjab province. Image
#Afghanistan #earthquake | Mohammad Nassim Haqqani, the head of the Taliban administration’s disaster management authority, said that 100 people were killed and over 250 were injured in the province of Paktika.
#Afghanistan #earthquake | Twenty-five deaths were reported in the Nangarhar province and five in Khost.

Bilal Karimi, a deputy spokesperson for the Taliban government, said that the earthquake destroyed several houses in the region. Image
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1/. Two months after the prominent human rights defender Osman Kavala began a life sentence on trumped up charges alongside 6 others jailed for 18 years each for ‘assisting’ him, a high level @amnesty delegation will visit all 7

We’ll hold a press conference tmw 1pm #Turkey time ImageImageImageImage
2/. “What’s happening is entirely contrary to human rights”

In 2014, @amnesty interviewed architect @MucellaYapici while she was facing her first prosecution for the 2013 #GeziPark protests in Turkey

Today, her words are even more poignant
4/. In 4 hours @aforgut’s press conference will start in Istanbul

There will be an important announcement

Ystdy, messages of solidarity from @amnesty’s Secretary General @AgnesCallamard’s were delivered to the #Gezi7 in prison

More detail to come
#FreeTheGezi7 #GeziİçinAdalet Image
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When people say Peter obi has no structure, I tell them I am one of his structures.
Several years ago, as one of the popular evangelist in Africa, I move around at airports with lots of people as my entourage.
One day I was traveling back to lagos from Abuja, they had just dropped me at the airport and I was going to board my flight . As I walked through the tarmac with one of the FAAN protocol staffs pulling my hand luggage behind me,
I turned and behold saw someone that looked like governor Peter Obi coming behind and pushing his hand luggage himself.
I turned to the protocol guy and said, that guy looks like governor Peter Obi,He answered and said," yes o na him, e no dey allow anybody help am with him bag”
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In the story there is no word of Turkey. This news is deliberately falsified by Reuters.

Bu haber Reuters tarafından kasıtlı olarak çarpıtılmıştır:

"Ukrayna elçisi, Türkiye,Rusya tarafından çalınan tahılları satın alanlar arasında".
Haber içeriğinde Türkiye diye bir kelime yok.
Kardeşlerim davranın! Bu Reuters'ın akıllı duracağı yok. Tweetinin altına dalıp hadlerini bildirelim lütfen!

#fakenews #breakingnews #breaking #news #reuters
Algıda sınır tanımıyorlar. Şimdi de haber içeriği değiştirildi:

Kalın, "Moskova Ankara'ya, koridor oluşturulursa Odesa'ya saldırmayacağına dair güvence verdi. Biz de Karadeniz'de ulaşımı kolaylaştıracağız-koruyacağız ve Ukraynalılar karar verdikleri kişiye satacaklar”
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How The #BlackCaucus Reacts to Buffalo -A THREAD : Lets take a look shall we:

1/Recovering QVC addict, and Immigration sympathizer Lucy Goosey @RepLucyMcBath says: it MUST not continue. Gee, Lucy McBath don’t you make the law? All it takes is one of you to write it.
2/The Most #Corrupt #Congressman (yes, it’s a real thing, Google it) Slickster and Portabella suit wearing Gregory Meeks @RepGregoryMeeks is disgusted and wishes the survivors a speedy recovery. He's with you buffalo... except when writing a bill to protect you.
3/Plantation Hat, Skee-Wee, OoH-Oop, Geriatric City Girl @RepFredricaWilson didn’t have time. Her last tweet around May 14th was about #Haitians and how we need to support them, she was AWOL when they were getting paws put on them at the border tho.
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🧵[1/8] #Breakingnews For the first time #OurBlackHole SgrA* 🌀 in the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way! @ehtelescope collaboration📡
🧵[2/8] We can’t see the #SgrABlackHole 🌀 itself, instead we see a bright ring of light around a dark central shadow. #OurBlackHole is 27,000 light years away from Earth, so in the sky it is about the same size as a donut on the Moon would be.
🧵[3/8] Astronomers had already observed stars orbiting around the compact, massive, ‘invisible’ SgrA*🌀, and suspected it to be a black hole. The EHT has zoomed-in to provide the first direct visual proof #OurBlackHole #SgrABlackHole
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#BreakingNews Conservative Supreme Court Justice Barrett says mothers should bare children to meet the demand of adoption.

So now children are live stock?
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-Breaking -
2 russische Boote vom Typ Raptor wurden heute im Morgengrauen in der Nähe von Serpent’s Island von ukrainischen Verteidigern mit Hilfe der Bayraktar-Drohne zerstört!Oberbefehlshaber der Streitkräfte der Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny.
@Grnfink2 😩
#BreakingNews #Ukraine️
Heute Morgen hat die Ukraine zwei russische Raptor-Patrouillenboote zerstört.

- Oberbefehlshaber der Streitkräfte der Ukraine, General Valery Zaluzhny
#Ukraine #UkraineWar
Es gibt noch 6 weitere Patrouillenboote, man will sich dieser jetzt annehmen!
-source Intel
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#BreakingNews @MarkMeadows says text messages by him. From his own phone. That he typed out himself. Got leaked only to make him a villain. Keep in mind he also responded to hundreds of those text messages to overturn an election and stop the peaceful transfer of power.
@MarkMeadows you have said some pretty dumb shit, but this may top them all.
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🧶WHY BRINGING a #Bitcoin ATM to the Mexico Senate Building is a big win for potential $btc legal tender...🧶

Here is a🧵

Bitcoin ATM manufacturer ChainBytes ( in cooperation with Mexican based #Bitcoin ATM operator Axolotl deployed a Bitcoin ATM on the floor of the Mexican government Senate (SENADO DE LA REPÚBLICA) located in Mexico City.

All in support of the efforts of Mexican senator Indira Kempis on making Bitcoin a legal tender in Mexico. The Mexican Senator Indira Kempis has been working on making Bitcoin a legal tender in #Mexico . In an effort to get Mexico's lawmakers on board, Senator Kempis in

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#BreakingNews Calls within the Republican Party for Kevin McCarthy to resign as house minority leader.
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#BreakingNews US Secret Service agent Anthony Ornato gave intelligence to @MarkMeadows on January 4th that violence would come on January 6th. Mark Meadows did nothing to stop it. In fact he played behind close doors organizing attempted coup and texting members of Congress.
This is only going to get worse @MarkMeadows. They know and it’s going to revealed what you did and what Trump did.
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#BreakingNews Vice President Pence was so fearful he refused to get in a car driven by his own Secret Service. Pence told them he wasn’t leaving until the election was certified. Reports show Pence Secret Service was given direction by Trump Secret Service.
Trump also refused to and never sent direction for national guard help. That direction was relayed out to the national guard by Vice President Pence.

Pence, and McCarthy knew it was a attempted coup, suggested Trump resignation privately, but never did it publicly.
Also President Biden must have been briefed on this because he switched out his own President Secret Service with his former Vice President Secret service detail.
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#BreakingNews Marjorie Taylor Greene on Friday will have to answer in court if her actions and words helped incite a insurrection. Violating the 14th amendment and would disqualify her re-election bid. The court early this week ruled the case must proceed forward.
To add to this wonderful news. The press will be allowed into the court room during testimony.
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#BreakingNews Documents now show Jared Kushner did discuss United States intelligence with Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud. Jared also accepted a 2 billion investment from the Prince.
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I'm so tired of being told I stand against people's rights when I advocate for people's rights
So tired of being told there's a choice to make and that's the only discussion to have
Don't wanna be asked:
"What is best, someone being raped in a men's prison or a women's prison"?
This is so toxic
& we're not even addressing the actual concerns.
"Native" women's safety and trans women safety apparently have to be opposed
Reminds me of how "native" citizens safety is "threatened" if migrants get rights too
"Some of them are bad you know! Kick them all out"
I'm so tired of the "lobby" and "agenda" rhetoric
As in trans people are going to erase women -and gay people? Like all men are suddenly decide they are women -and gay people won't be gay anymore? Are you serious?
The "great replacement theory" is called a theory for reason guys
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Trolling liberals for clicks— the prime mission of NYT Politics and Opinion.

This article will generate tons of outrage clicks, trend up their “most read/shared” lists, get driveby curiousity clicks from NYT centrist readers, and also let NYT show they do air conserv voices.
Win/win/win for the NY and its profits.
But a loss for democracy and truth.

This is just one more high-profile NYT article that doesn’t say conservatives aim to deep-six American democracy in order to enrich their billionaire oligarch donor class.

#FixMediaNow #disinformation
Bennet business model for national political media: publish lots of articles criticizing the left and promoting conservatives.

Wealthy center-leftists get to feel above the fray— So Clever.
Reactionary centrists see just how “unbiased” you are.

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#Bengaluru ; BJP South president Ramesh has written a latter to BBMP Commissioner.

To rename of all non-Hindu ( Muslim) roads and areas.

More than 300 roads, including
Tipu Sultan Road, and hundreds of road have been demand to rename+++
The names of Muslim roads in 198 ward have been collected. Hindu organizations are collecting information through RTI and over 100 roads have Muslim names of social workers.They Forced to name Hindu Sadhus instead of Muslims

including Bismil City, Ilias City, Sultan Palya, Prager Town and Cox Town. Tani Road.

The campaign has begun to rename hundreds of areas, including Coxtown.

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[#BreakingNews] L'#eolien et le #solaire en 2021/22, ce sont 14,4 Mds€ de revenus en plus pour l'Etat ! Une nouvelle ressource bienvenue pour financer la limitation des prix de l’électricité à 4% et protéger le #pouvoirdachat des 🇫🇷.
On vous explique 🧵 #Thread (1/7) 👇
Une taxe existe pour soutenir les #EnR en fonction des prix du marché ➡️ #CSPE. Avec la crise de l'#énergie les prix ne cessent de grimper. Les taxes sont en même temps revues à la baisse par @CRE_energie. Pourquoi à la baisse ? Parce que les #EnR auj. rapportent à l'Etat (2/7)
En France il existe un mécanisme #GagnantGagnant pour l'#éolien et l'Etat : le complément de rémunération. Il permet un soutien public vers les #EnR en 🇫🇷 et fixe un prix cible lors des appels d'offres. Voici comment cela fonctionne ⬇️ (3/7)
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