Masks ARE political. They have no basis in science—except perhaps political science—and have ZERO impact on COVID deaths or cases.

Pitched as no-cost interventions they are in-truth linked to incredible societal harms--visited in proportion to their adoption.
While there is no linkage between masking and COVID deaths, they are linked to ultra-low levels of in-person schooling.

If these two charts were flipped, masks would be a no-brainer. That they are not means masks—and the fear they generate—are causing grave harm.
Masks are also linked to significantly higher levels of unemployment—driving closures in services industries, and generally making people afraid of engaging with each other. The brunt of this is borne by blue states with strong mask mandates.
The harms caused by masks—low-levels of education, high unemployment—are felt most keenly by minorities. Yet, by far the highest correlation with % masking is support for BLM. People are unwittingly betraying their highest principals, due to a political perversion of science.
While masks and BLM are tightly linked, masks do not have any impact on whether or not states have higher percent of deaths of minorities relative to their populations
In fact, comparing Florida and California, when restrictions were lifted in Florida—masks and otherwise—deaths of minorities fall in-line with those of whites. While in California, deaths of minorities relative to population remained elevated.
States w/high levels of BLM support that “follow The ScienceTM” are far more likely to have large numbers of children learning 100% virtually—which disproportionately impacts minorities.

Once again politicization of science is causing people to betray their principals.
Beyond low-levels of in-person education and employment, masking is also linked to increased fear of illness, feelings of isolation, and spending nearly half as much time with others.
Nor is there any link between these supposedly “life-saving” behaviors, and decreased COVID deaths, either short- or long-term.

A larger % of people spending time with others indoors is also NOT linked to an increase in deaths.
And yet the fear is almost insuperable, and leads those in blue states to wildly overestimate their risks associated with COVID.
The real risks are here--All data from the CDC, and un-obfuscated for your fear-destroying pleasure.

And yet politicians, and the Public Health and Medical establishments continue tell us that we must continue to mask—despite all this harm, and no benefit.

The real question is why anyone continues to believe them. They lied about 6 feet, they lied about contagion from surfaces. The already told us they lied about masks—but the “confession” itself was the lie.
The CDC knows they are lying about masks—just as they have lied about the utility of all the other measures. The CDC itself published the following meta review in May 2020 based on all extant RCTs of masking and other NPIs.

Why then, do they keep saying that masks work?

Ignoring every troves of data, and simply insisting “Masks work”?

(Go to 1:40 on this video to hear the un-scientific and authoritarian response)

The answer is 4-fold.

First: Lockdowns had never been tried, and were not in the plan. The decision to implement them looks to have substantially increased deaths, creating an accidental genocide.


As well as a geriatricide, that is far worse simply than the nursing homes.

Dr. Fauci recommended masks about 3 weeks after they started, on 4/8. Presumably he was by then, well aware of the colossal fcuk-up, and using them to mask the enormity of this political and public health blunder.

The second reason is that the CDC has a really hard time giving up on droplet transmission—despite the massive amount of evidence to the contrary. This is because masks DO work to stop droplets, and aerosols over 5 microns.

Unfortunately, a large amount of work has been done on flu transmission, and as far back as 2008, it was shown that less than 0.1% of virus was in droplets over 5 microns, and 87% were below 1 micron.

So what about COVID? Is it also in such small aerosols?

Well, in June of 2020, it was published that SARS-CoV-2 was found in aerosols in the 0.2-0.5 micron range—10-25x smaller than what can be captured by a mask. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32340022/
Even the mechanistic studies show that with a 1% gap (far less than is present in an non-fit-tested N-95, and almost every single cloth or surgical mask, efficacy drops to 12% for an N-95.

If you’re curious what a 1% gap looks like, it’s here. This is equivalent to 1000 times larger than a 1 micron particle—the ones where they believe most virus is. That’s 1/5th of a mile for you, and most gaps are 5-10x that size.

And yet the CDC persists with its mechanistic studies, cherry-picked data sets, and ignores empirical data, because it so desperately WANTS/needs masks to work. This is surely why they are so stern in their rebukes to states that lift mandates—they prove the lie.
The third and final reason is that for a long time, Public Health has gauged its success not by improving health, but in the uptake of its messages. This is akin to a company caring more about consumer recall of an ad, than the amount of product purchased.
And “masks work,” has definitely sunk in. People believe it, just like they believed the sun revolved around the earth. It “makes sense,” as long as you don’t think about the physical characteristics of aerosols, or the data thesmileproject.global/post/un-maskin…
Whether it works, is immaterial. “Masks work” WORKS FOR THE CDC, so they will stick with it, even if it puts others at-risk. And it does.
Think for instance of the “hairdresser” case study. What does it tell an at-risk person?

It says: “It’s fine to get your hair cut—so long as everyone wears a mask.”

In truth, this puts at-risk people at serious risk—I know, b/c my step-mom did just this—and got COVID.
More than any other reason, politicians and scientists-cum-politicians at the CDC (Dr. Walensky, literally reads from a script prepared by the White House) don’t want the people who have mistaken them for gods to realize their fallibility, much less, their treachery.
They have caused grave harm, and they have caused the gravest harm to those who have the most trust in them—big-government, social justice-minded liberals. When those people realize they have been lied to so brazenly, there will be a cataclysm.
In many ways, this is like the clergy sex-abuse scandal. The amount of trust in clergy was so great, as to make them almost unassailable. But when Catholics realized how grossly their trust had been abused, it shook the Catholic church to its core.
Doctors and scientists are secular priests, and they have abused the trust we put in them. And like the priests before them, the harms caused by these abuses were visited upon the most vulnerable.

• • •

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In this message on 3/25, Canadian Dr., Gary Kobinger, one of the the members of the WHO STAG-IN task force, we may have our answer.
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