What's happening in Ethiopia?
When a boat the "EVERGREEN" on March 24 clogged the Suez canal, damages were calculated at $400 million an hour or $9.6 Billion a day, with the cost of crude oil and other goods hiking across western countries.
Delays in goods of up to 10 days for ships that detoured around the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, and logistics that will take months to correct.
The Suez canal is a critical artery for 12% of international trade. How important? Its so important that the US in 1967 considered nuking an alternative route through Israel. businessinsider.co.za/us-planned-sue…
The Suez is important to the US for the passage of military ships, and for the Arabs because 80% of their oil passes through there...which is why, by extension, the Bab-el-Mandeb strait in the HOA is CRITICAL to them!
[read full report maritime-executive.com/editorials/the… ]
Elizabeth White is a former Australian Defense official askes the question "Who is going to lead" monopolizing the Red Sea gate, and votes for foreign western powers to take the lead. Out of the blue comes an African answer: “Horn of Africa Cooperation”.
This places Africans in control of THEIR OWN RED SEA. This is not an idea that is yet to come. Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia have already signed agreements on Jan 27, 2020
This is why the foreign powers and media have been blasting cooked up fake evidence to get UN Security Council in Ethiopia. It is to break up this new regional bloc that will command 12% of global trade outside of the influence of foreign powers, or worse, align with China.
Yemen rebel groups have for years extorted money and favors from bigger powers simply for threatening to shutdown the Bab-el-Mandeb, imagine what a regional African block that size could do?
This Red Sea African coalition has shaken the west so much that when recently there were talks of Federation between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The US embassy of Eritrea immediately posted "birthday wishes" TWO MONTH EARLY!
So keep in mind the Red Sea gate the west desires to control and let me introduce you to Herman J. Cohen, the man that made this possible. While the US chose to pay $1.5 Billion to Egypt ANNUALLY for influence over the Suez, the US used a different approach for Bab-el-Mandeb.
It chose to destabilize the region. Mr. Cohen who served as the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, and eager to end Ethiopian hegemony on the Red Sea called for TPLF rebels to enter the capital and control it. [excerpt washingtonpost 1991]
With the U.S. collaboration TPLF would create a US sanctioned and approved constitution for Ethiopia. you can read more at [1991 washingtonpost]: washingtonpost.com/archive/politi…
Just to be absolutely clear that the US could IN NO WAY be an unbiased mediator. The New Yorks Times in their 1991 article records this observation by Mr Cohen.
Read the article at: nytimes.com/1991/05/30/wor…?
This was all done under US supervision in the may 27 London Conference of 1991 where Mr. Cohen lead the US mediation amongst different contesting groups. Where Cohne famously said "No democracy, no cooperation,".
That cooperation apparently included adopting the Yugoslavia Ethnic Federation. Not only, but copying Yugoslavia's article for ethnic groups to secede. The only African country in Africa and the World to do this.
What is of critical importance here is that the Ethiopian constitution was proposed in 1994 and adopted in 1995. But, by 1991 Yugoslavia was already engaged in a full blown GENOCIDAL war and dissolved along ethnic lines. Which mean TPLF and the US knew full well the consequences.
This nefarious plan of destabilizing the HOA through TPLF was working until the Abiy reform came. As such it became of the utmost importance to take down Abiy, and a world wide effort was launched so successful that it became its own undoing, see for yourselves:
While it is healthy to criticize the Prime Minister and even oppose him, Abiy can't possibly be an Amhara lackey ethnically cleansing Oromos...while also being an Oromo lackey ethnically cleansing Amharas.
These foreign funded propaganda have one purpose only, to delegitimize the 2021 elections and destabilize the region as a whole. So why are former enemies TPLF and OLF working together to dismantle the upcoming elections?
The new parliament is likely to upgrade the Ethiopian constitution to the level of African countries, this would outlaw and criminalize TPLF/OLF and all their supporters. Take Ghana for example:
or Kenya
If Ethiopia follows suite, then the era of race based politics comes to an end! All in all, an upcoming election and a new regional bloc has generated so much fear that domestic and foreign efforts are being made to wreak havoc and derail this process.

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26 Mar
Dear Ethiopians,
Stop wasting your breath trying to "convince" the US government with actual facts. They already know the facts. The US has geopolitical interests in the HOA, Please be aware decisions will be made to further those interests while punishing those who resist.
Let me illuminate this with an example. In the 2020 Tanzanian general election, John Magufuli won with 84%. The US was quick to respond with this official statement
The US called for an electoral investigation, opposition parties to seek legal recourse on the election results and also proposed Visa restrictions to the US and ally countries.
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27 Dec 20
Ethiopia, papers have been signed and all hell has broke loose.

A new regional bloc has ALREADY been created on Jan 27, 2020 that flew under the radar and under reported on mainstream media: Horn of Africa Cooperation-HoAC.
Current members: Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia
Current international reception has ranged from from unsupportive, negative to doom and gloom. In other words this is not a block that the west particularly wants in existence. But will they engage to stop it?
What do we know so far?
1. The US courting Sudan with better international status and perhaps looking for a TPLF replacement has made many more promises behind the scene.
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23 Nov 20
Dear western media.
I really have to call you out on hypocrisy and agenda driven biased reporting. Because while you make it a point to continuously point out that Abiy is a failed "Nobel prize" winner taking the country to civil war with constant reruns of Tigray refugees...
and their harrowing stories, you have NOTHING critical to say about TPLF. Nothing of the human rights violations for 27 years, or the illegal monopolistic monetary empire they built in Ethiopia, how they made Ethiopia the top 5 jailers of journalists in the world,
how they won the past three election by over 99%, in fact in 2015, they won it by 100%...not one interview with thousands of maimed, blind, illegally imprisoned. They're not hard to find. For example Birtukan Mideksa, she is now the head of the National Election Board of Ethiopia
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19 Nov 20
TPLF: Tigray People's Liberation Front.

The world should know that TPLF in any other ethnically diverse African country is not only ILLEGAL but constitutionally BANNED, yet TPLF has ruled Ethiopia for 3 decades.

Here are some countries where TPLF would be banned:

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18 Nov 20
Ever wonder why Tigray refugees are heading for Sudan? Why not go to other regions of Ethiopia?

Because they honestly believe that the ENDF has come to kill them... while TPLF heroically defends them.

TPLF propaganda is sending Tegarus into needless exile.
"they will kill us,” said an old woman, referring to government troops [Al Jazeera]

"If we go to Gonder, they will slaughter us."

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29 Oct 20
It's very troubling how adamant we are about holding on to politically revised history that is not true.

The following thread is for those who don't fear being exposed to the truth about the real Amhara.

Together with Hiob Ludolf we will count the Kingdoms of Ethiopia.
Hiob Ludolf, a German historian and one of the leading authorities on Ethiopian history.

These are the accounts of the Kingdoms and their provinces he counted in the 17th century.
001- The first listed is Amhara. He notes that Amhara is at the center of Habessinia, it borders Gonder(Begemder) to the north, the Nile and Gojam on the west, south with Walake and East with Angota. That is the historical and scientific location documented by those where there.
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