(1) Thread: Hatch Act breach by Lynne Patton, Trump ally.

Yes, both sides routinely breach the Hatch Act & other significant laws that aim to limit the abuse of government power.

Regardless of who does it the most, I support enforcing the law wherever needed. #NationOfLaws
(2) Lynne Patton's dishonesty wasn't just using her HUD role to make a campaign ad for the 2020 GOP convention.

She also lied to the faces of the NYC Housing Authority tenants, that the video would not be used for partisan purposes.

That's REALLY bad, IMO.
(3) I have worked in similar gov agencies in New Zealand, & preventing issues like these are a daily occurrence. Patton abused both tenants & staff. EVERYONE working government knows that being this partisan and abusive is not allowed. Even for political appointees.
(4) It wasn't even necessary for Patton to exploit these housing tenants for the ad. Exactly the same campaigning impact could have been achieved without breaking the law.

All she had to do was suggest the idea to a Trump campaign volunteer or worker not employed in government.
(5) Any random video maker could have advertised for tenants willing to be interviewed. (I don't assume that no HUD-related tenant in the US was pro-Trump.)

How dumb is it to trick unsuspecting tenants and then expect them NOT to tell a liberal watchdog group what you did?
(6) It's like Trump hosting the party convention at the WH.

So incredibly dumb. Yes, the pandemic required a different way of doing things. That could have been achieved using a private venue in a city or rural location.

These images will be used against the GOP for years.
(7) Lynne Patton was a Trump campaign political appointee.

So was Federico Klein, who has been charged with assaulting LEOs with an improvised weapon, among other alleged criminal acts on 1/6.

(8) I have a feeling that Klein is one of the charged and detained rioters to which Trump referred as being "persecuted" last week.

Trump was adamant that despite multiple injuries and deaths, the rioters presented "zero threat."
(9) Initially I was surprised that Trump supporters pushed back on my assertion that Trump was wrong to make these comments.

Then I remembered that anyone condoning the kind of violence we saw on 1/6 is not living in the same "reality" as me.
(10) I've seen corruption in both the Obama & Trump admins. Hillary Clinton was a shocker for it, & is a large part of why Trump won in 2016.

Trump promised to drain the swamp. In office, he did very little of that, while seeking or tolerating corruption throughout his admin.
(11) Lynne Patton's lawlessness is not an isolated case within the Trump admin. I literally do not have the time & energy to provide info about all of it. But there are plenty of groups & individuals keeping tabs online, eg @AccountableGOP.

It's going to take years to fix this.

• • •

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4 Apr
(1) Thread: Politics and religion in early 2021.

The head of the LDS (Mormon) church,#PresidentOaks, gave a speech today that ruffled quite a few feathers.

I decided to write about some examples of MAGA responses posted by
(2) If you're new to my threads, I'm a female New Zealander & lifelong observer of US politics. A non-fundamentalist Christian dismayed by the brainwashing of voters at any point on the political spectrum. I've been given a prodigal daughter welcome home to my faith 3 times.
(3) That means I occupy a pretty unique place on the political and religious spectrums. I learned all the arguments made by anti-theist atheists. My approach to religion is "live and let live." Which is exactly what the US founding fathers and mothers had in mind for the country.
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4 Apr
(1) Thread: Another celeb critically ill because of drug addiction.

He's 50 year old DMX aka Earl Simmons and he's hospitalized near his home in White Plains, NY.

From his biggest album, in 2000:

(2) I've witnessed first hand the insanity that can result from drug addiction and I've had to learn more about it than I ever wanted to. This quote sums up my current views nicely:
(3) I wish the best for DMX, his loved ones, and his fans.

Just as I did for Prince, George Michael, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, and countless more celebs like them.

I want us to learn from their experiences.
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2 Apr
(1) Thread 2: Vehicle ramming attack at US Capitol 4/2/21

My first thread on the subject is:

Message for MAGA folk: I am now Ex-MAGA and I will NOT move on from talking about 1/6.

(2) I ended Thread 1 with this information:

An inconvenient fact for MAGA world is that this Capitol attacker and Ashlee Babbitt had a lot in common. Read this: heavy.com/news/noah-gree…
(3) My apologies for misspelling the name of Ashli Babbitt.

On 1/6 when her name was released I looked to see if she had a Twitter account. I found it and took several screenshots, including this one:
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2 Apr
(1) Well, news of an attack near the US Capitol with one LEO killed and another injured is NOT how I like to wake up in the morning.

Especially when it's met with far right denialism of what was done to our brave USCP earlier this year.

And no I will NOT move on from 1/6.
(2) MAGA folk are denying some of the relevant facts. IDC who rammed a vehicle into a barrier or why. It doesn't matter.

What matters to me is that the very people who educated me about backing the blue and, separately, having a no excuses attitude to life, are full of excuses.
(3) Prior to 1/6 I had every expectation that whenever a criminal injures or kills an LEO, MAGA folk could be relied upon to show empathy for the LEO & his or her family.

Of all that I saw that day, it was the conditional support for LEOs that gave me the biggest push, out.
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1 Apr
(1) Last night in Orange County, CA, 4 people were murdered with a firearm, apparently at their family business.

From the first report of the shooting I knew better than to ascribe a political motive, & was proven right.

Most shootings are personal.

(2) Others were politicizing this tragedy. I tend to discuss politics when it's a politically motivated shooting. But the fact that others try to politicize them, means I want to counter that.

The main reason 2A supporters fight for their rights is to enable self defense.
(3) In addition to firearms being one of the most effective ways to save your life and that of others, they also act as a deterrent to would-be tyrants. Like nuclear weapons, their presence has an effect, without ever needing to use them.

Let's talk about self defense.
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31 Mar
(1) Sorry @benshapiro but if you're correctly reported here, you're wrong & you're not helping the GOP cause.

There are measurable differences btwn the number of polling stations in majority black areas vs majority white areas in certain states eg GA.

We should change that.
(2) If the Georgia GOP wants to show it believes in equality of access to polling stations then it should work on making sure they are more fairly distributed throughout the state.

You and I would drive for miles to be able to vote but not everyone has a car or much gas money.
(3) For years, I've seen instances of drastically reducing the number of polling stations in certain areas right before election day, across the US.

Here's one example, but it wasn't the GOP that time.
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