X : You seem dismissive of hybrid cloud.
Me : Quite the opposite, I'm its biggest fan. The use of hybrid public cloud such as combinig us-east-1 and eu-west-1 is an excellent idea.
X : They're both regions of AWS.
Me : They're different regions! Hence hybrid.
X : No ...
X : ... we mean is multiple providers.
Me : Oh, you mean AWS + MSFT rather than different regions of the world? So, so you're adding complexity to protect against failure of either AWS or MSFT ... sounds a bad trade off. Your company is more likely to fail than either of them.
X : ... what about private cloud?
Me : Wow, now you're really adding complexity and cost. To be blunt, in 15 years I've only heard one good argument for private and that was as a transitional play.
X : Who said that?
Me : I did, 11 years ago when it briefly made sense.
A public cloud hybrid of using multiple regions i.e. us-east-1 and eu-west-1 is relatively sensible and adds some complexity but for considerable security benefits I.e. protection against flooding, natural disasters, war etc.
A public cloud hybrid of using multiple global providers i.e. AWS and MSFT is less sensible and adds considerable complexity for the questionable benefit of trying to protect against failure of one of these global giants. It’s more likely the customer will fail than these giants.
A cloud hybrid of public + private makes no sense whatsoever. It adds vast amounts of complexity and cost for no obvious benefit beyond some vague notions of market failure. You would only pursue this path is forced to by legislation.
The arguments about vendor lock-in are mostly codswollop sold by vendors riddled with self interest. How many organisations run around screaming diversify on email to multiple email systems including home grown because of "lock-in" etc. It's just pure garbage.
X : What if AWS switches your service off?
Me : I would always assess the risks. So, if your business plan includes building a neo nazi or terrorist cell or a misinformation campaign backed by a foreign power then in those circumstances a private cloud might be the better path.
X : What about protecting a company's most important asset - data!
Me : "Data is the new oil" is just a catch phrase used to flog huge amounts of storage to customers who then end up with massive data swamps and a CFO asking "When exactly is the value supposed to appear?"
I know companies that produce such vast quantities of data that you could not physically store it all and hence they don't try to. Instead they build adaptive models that learn by being immersed into the flow of data.
On the other end of the scale I know companies that don't realise that data is a form of capital that evolves and what they are often trying to protect became a commodity, often freely available ... long ago.
X : Do you not think that companies will use many cloud vendors.
Me : Of course they will. The cloud vendor I use for cloudy office tools maybe different from my cloudy CRM maybe different from my cloudy storage and compute provider. Of course we will use multi vendors but ...
... for a discrete function i.e. compute then the use of multiple vendors adds additional complexity to which I need to balance the additional benefits.
X : Such as resilience?
Me : I get most of the benefits of resilience by using multiple regions in a single provider.
,,, so I have to weigh the additional benefits (i.e. loss of the entire vendor) vs the costs of training in multiple platforms, translation errors, complexity of managing and monitoring across heterogenous environments, use of lowest common demoninator ... it's a long list.

• • •

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30 Mar
X : Why are you so bullish on serverless?
Me : AWS creates the future by industrialising the past, it concentrates on shifting product to utility. Amazon then migrates onto this once convinced ... the first "huge" cloud transformation project was Amazon moving onto AWS ...
... if you listened carefully at reInvent last year then you would have heard Jassy say that 50% of all new Amazon apps are built on serverless ... that's all the signal you need. AWS owns the underlying space, Amazon itself is building on top (including the practices) ...
... if you're fighting below the line i.e. in the containers / Kubernetes space then you're just building a future legacy ... it's the wrong space to own if your focus is the future but the right space to own if your focus is on short term extraction ...
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29 Mar
X : We're adopting a cloud first policy.
Me : Good on you.
X : Just good?
Me : You don't have a choice - punctuated equilibrium. You are being forced to adopt a cloud first policy, it's not a choice, it's a survival mechanism. Choice ended around 2012, you're waking up to this.
X : We think we can make a difference in the container space.
Me : Ah, so your grand plan is to wake up late, go to the fight almost a decade after it's over and say "we're ready to rumble" ... sounds like a reenactment society. Do you get dressed up in period costumes?
X : What do you suggest?
Me : Serverless is where the action is.
X : Build a serverless environment?
Me : No, that battle is almost over, you'll just get crushed by the big guns. There are places you can attack though. Time limited.
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28 Mar
Create a futures market offsetting cabon emissions against future trees, I'll create collaterized carbon obligations and synthetic swaps on top. Run it all on blockchain and make us a fortune!

Saving the planet is not guaranteed, survivability make go up as well as down ->
Of course, I'm only saying this in jest.

In practice, this market will already exist.
In our current system the solutions to problems caused by transactions are always ... more transactions.

Inequality ... let's have philanthropy

Climate change ... let's have carbon offsets and a carbon market

At no point do we go ... maybe the transactions ARE the problem.
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27 Mar
Freedom of the press? Oh dear ... whilst I'm supportive of the police and understand the difficulty of the work, this need investigation ...
... however, the use of shields as a weapons by striking with the edges ... they are supposed to protective measures of crowd control.
It's almost always a near impossible task for the Police to get the balance right, however the situation is not helped by a certain group of MPs jumping in and flaming the fires for their own political ends - bbc.co.uk/news/uk-englan…
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27 Mar
Well, I would in general agree ... though I use three different words. I would also note that in 15 years of building teams / companies with three different archetypes that there are some basic lessons to be learned ... /1
Firstly, it's a model, it's not new (Robert X. Cringely talked of this in the 1990s) and as a model it's also wrong. So, think of the three archectypes as a useful guide but be willing to adapt ... /2
Secondly, the characteristics of the archetypes are different but people adapt, people change - so let people self select and change. All are important and which archetype "leads" depends upon the state of the evolution of that industry ... /3
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27 Mar
The flag debate in a nutshell -> "it is much easier to have a distracting row about flags than be held accountable for such 'patriotic' acts as cutting the army to its smallest size in 165 years or offering NHS staff a 1% pay rise" - mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/t…
I do love the wider discussion of little Englanders becoming tired of being called little Englanders ... I thought everyone was being very polite, very British by not using the word fascists to describe this subculture. Well, if they insist.
Oh, and the appeal to a sense of duty -there are many forms of duty. There is our duty of care to others, there is our duty to a set of rules that describe a behavioural norm (i.e. honour) and there is our duty to an authority and its symbols (i.e. subservience) ...
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