The source of hatred towards Sadhguru protected on SM by a certain section of Hindu Traditionalists seems to be based on him successfully galvanizing massive public support to #FreeHinduTemples!

No wonder the British were able to divide and rule us so easily in the past 🤦‍♂️
Did Sadhguru ever say he is the one to start a movement like this? NO

Did pioneers of the movement to legally & constitutionally free Hindu temples, like @trramesh or @jsaideepak say so? NO

Did anyone get this kind of public support before or did anyone prevent them? Perhaps No
Did Sadhguru or his team ever publish anything like them being the only custodians of temple freedom movement? NO

Did many Dharmic gurus from across the country support this endeavour? YES

Then why is so much angst & acrid behaviour towards Sadhguru from some sections alone?
Also, I don't understand why temples should go to Brahmins only after freeing up from Govt control.

Social dynamics have changed and most of the Brahmins (by birth) across the country are as corrupt as anyone else. "Brahmin" should be an entitlement by deed and not by birth.
Do we have a mechanism to establish the Varnashrama Dharma in today's society? NOT YET

Sadhguru has simply said that temples be freed up to devotees who can manage them.

It need not be just Brahmins (by birth) but they should be devotees mainly.
Is Sadhguru Against Brahmins? NO

Is Sadhguru For Brahmins? NO

He is simply FOR life and is against discrimination of any sort.

In the Tamil Shaiva tradition, many Nayanmars were not Brahmins and yet are revered by everyone, including Brahmins, because of their Bhakti.
Kannappar was born in a hunter family. Nandanar was born in a Dalit family.

These people surpassed all social norms as devotees and their murtis are even worshipped inside many traditional Shiva temples of Tamilnadu.

Why then are some people still insisting on Brahmin hegemony?
Some have started attacking Sadhguru that he doesn't belong to any Sampradaya and that one should not accept such people as Gurus.

This is most laughable because he has always said he is a descendant of Agastya Muni's Guru-Shishya parampara. He doesn't talk much about it.
Once when asked about his Guru, he just had tears in his eyes and said that he doesn't even want to mention his Guru's name in a casual environment. Such is his devotion to Guru.

Then they say he doesn't know Sanskrit & didn't learn Vedas. But that doesn't mean he dislikes it.
The Isha Samskriti Gurukul students are taught Yoga, Vedic chants, Samskritam, Ayurveda, Siddha, Bharatanatyam, Carnatic music and Kalaripayattu.

Through these kids, Sadhguru is actually preparing the next generation of people who will be propagators of the Bharatiya Samskriti.
In many national and international fora where he gives any speech, he always starts with an invocation, invariably in Samskritam.

It is his conscious choice to not get into traditional Samskritam based vedic learning. Is it such a big fault to keep bickering about him on that?
The next complaint is that he is not projecting Shiva as a God.

Well, the statue of Shiva as Adiyogi at Isha garners thousands of visitors every week. When unveiling the statue in 2017, he said that it will inspire millions of people to take up yoga and it truly has.
Anyone who comes to the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore can learn some form of yoga before they leave. And every month, thousands of people from all communities and religions come there, learn and practice yoga.

Is this not spreading of the Sanatana Dharma?
"Oh but how can he represent Shiva's face only and not full body?" is the next complaint.

Which Shastra says Shiva has to be represented in only 1 way? And for what purpose?

Adiyogi statue is not for worship but there is a Yogeshwar linga nearby if one wants to worship Shiva.
"Oh, but he said Yoga is not Hindu".

Sadhguru had simply asked for yoga to be not restricted to any religion because he wants people of all communities and faiths to benefit from it. If it gets restricted with the tag of Hinduism, what happened in Alabama will happen all over.
Sadhguru had never denied the Sanatan origins of Yoga and has always said it originated in Bharat & spread to rest of the world from here.

In fact, that is one of the reasons behind establishing Adiyogi, to glorify the Sanatan origins of Yoga on a global scale.
If Sadhguru and Isha had taken on a Hindu identity from the beginning of their 3 decades of social and spiritual work, they would have simply been usurped under the TNHRCE act and completely decimated. He rightly didn't do that but some traditionalists are blaming him for that!
Isha has stopped rampant religious conversion in Coimbatore and for that, Sadhguru has been subject to so many fake allegations, none of which have been proven so far. The only ligitimate one with his foundation was the buildings with HACA approval, which has also been obtained.
And worse - it is understandable that leftists who don't know or believe in Mahasamadhi allege about his wife's death. But those who claim to be defenders of Dharma also saying it, just doesn't make sense, apart from being on the grounds of jealously and hatred.
One may not respect him as a Guru, that's one's choice. But his contribution to Sanatana Dharma is undeniable. Millions of youth like me, are looking at Dharmic aspects only because he pulled us into it.

Some purists call him a neo-guru. I don't get how a Guru is neo or archaic!
The #FreeTNTemples movement has been a glorious success so far, with thousands of videos emerging from all over Tamilnadu showing the pathetic state of temples. 3 crore people have given their support to the movement. But that's why some Hindus are attacking him as well 🙁
If the bigotry and hatred for other Hindus is what we are really learning from our Shastras and Upanishads, it is no wonder leftists boycott them & attack anything remotely connected to our Samskriti.

I wonder how we can really defend Dharma with such jealousy & infighting.

• • •

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5 Apr
Mr Karti should clarify how letting go of government control will lead to exclusion of marginalised communities. Are you aware that there is something called the "Temple Entry Authorisation Act" of 1947 that specifically prevents discrimination of Hindus from entering temples.
By the way, what measures do you have today to prevent any such discrimination happening in Christianity? At least, there is a legal framework available for Hindus. And before lecturing about no such thing in Christianity, first check about the troubles faced by Dalit Christians.
More importantly, did he ever ask the temples be given to him? Why are you spreading such false ideas? If you have any proof for that, please publish it.

For someone who is so concerned about our temples, what have you got to say about their pathetic state currently? Image
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3 Apr
BS is all in Vaibhav's mind it appears, misinterpreting Raas as sexual, Lover as sexual and Gopi's devotion to Krishna as sexual. Well, a mind full of such filth can only spew more of that!

There are so many ridiculous points that I was flabbergasted where to even start.
As I started going through his thread, there are misinterpretations after misinterpretations and deliberate misrepresentation in some cases.

This n00b thinks he can identify a Dharmacharya because "they would know Sanskrit and will be from a tradition".
Somebody please ask him how that traditional paths started in the first place and such illogical reasoning was why even Adi Shankara was ridiculed by so many others in his own lifetime. People often worship gurus after they leave but not when they are alive 😏
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12 Mar
"Oh, what will happen with a missed call?" ask some people.

Simple - you register your vote of support for a particular cause. Whoever you are supporting can then democratically put pressure on the ruling government to take a specific action.
Many political parties have used this missed call mechanism to garner support for a cause and even some TV channels have used it.
"What happened with the RFR missed calls?"

Many points from the rally for rivers policy documentation have been taken into account when the national water policy was updated. This became possible because of public support through several means including missed calls.
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3 Mar
I received a message on WhatsApp recently:

"Govt of TN that had taken over the Nanganallur Anjaneyar Temple, today announced that they will return the temple management to the trustees. The Free TN Temples is already beginning to show early wins. (1/n)
This is a step in the right direction as devotees must manage temples and govt must stay out of it."

Why is this news a cause for celebration and what is the #FreeTNTemples effort?

There has been systematic exploitation & destruction of Tamilnadu’s temples for a while now.(2/n)
In many cases, the primary culprit is the HR&CE dept — Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments — which ironically is supposed to be taking care of the temples.

So, a few years back, some people started taking steps to free up Tamilnadu temples from the control of HR&CE. (3/n)
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18 Jan
So, Kalaignar TV put forth absolute BS about Sadhguru's posting regarding temples with a supposed 'expert' who is good at speaking lies left, right and centre.

This post will throw some light on these lies and expose the people who are spreading them.

Thirumavelan is the guy chosen for spreading this propaganda by KTV.

#1: He starts by saying that saints should not do campaigns.

I do not know why he remained silent when open campaigns were done for DMK in churches and mosques. Perhaps because it suited their agenda?
#2: Thirumavelan goes on to try & re-emphasize the same old lie about Isha occupying forest lands.

Though he chose to not mention it, rebuttals have long been given along with the survey numbers also to show that they have not touched any forest land.…
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15 Jan
Whatever Sadhguru speaks makes news these days. Some people are bent on making controversies though out of his statements.

One such vermin started spreading a news that Sadhguru has asked for closing of Government schools.

#FakeNews #FraudShankar
This thing started after today's Pongal Satsang at Isha Yoga Center.

As is the wont, more vermins started spreading this garbage around.

What basically happened is Sadhguru was talking about how to choose who to vote for and was speaking about the right for education to all.
Sadhguru suggested that instead of Government trying to run schools & not maintaining them properly, they can let schools be run by top educationalists and instead sponsor the fees required for underprivileged students.

Anyone who has seen a Govt school in TN knows the truth.
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