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15 Jun 20
We have over 800,000 #suicide deaths annually all over the globe. Not many had paid attention to this silent disaster happening amongst us.

But one particular actor, Mr #SushantSinghRajput, took his life and it has become the talk of the town in India since 14th June 2020.
Rajput's suicide was supposed to be because he was under #depression for a while now. This has thrown the much-needed limelight on #MentalHealth and how people are constantly under stress, etc.

At least popular personalities committing #suicide is getting some attention.
Such awareness is good.

But even at such challenging times, some people are trying to make political / ideological gains out of tragedies like this.

These people have started taking statements made by people out of their contexts and twisting them for their own vested agendas.
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21 May 20
#Sadhguru has most of India's self-proclaimed #liberals with their underwear twisted when he said he is far more #leftist than most. Recently Mr TM #Krishna launched into a media rant protesting this but with zero factual basis. (1/n)

Social Upliftment - Check
Individual Empowerment - Check
Promoting Gender & Social Equality - Check
Providing Free Education & Healthcare - Check
Erasing Social Inequalities - Check

If all these does not qualify Sadhguru as a leftist, I do not know what will! (2/n)
Here is my post on why I consider India's spiritual gurus as the true #leftists and why TM Krishna is completely wrong.

Unlike Mr TM Krishna, I am presenting only logical arguments without resorting to name calling or abuse. (3/n)

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3 Apr 20
Isha Foundation - The Punching bag of Tamilnadu

You are a political party in Tamilnadu and you want to appease Muslims for your vote bank. So, what do you do when folks from Tablighi Jamaat irresponsibly goes around spreading the Corona virus all over the place?
Just falsely accuse it on someone who did not! Bingo - here comes Isha Foundation into the drama. Hey anyway, not many people in Tamilnadu have the time to research the facts nor the common sense to understand that this is just a media-driven dinosaur-era diversion tactic.
Sadhguru went online yesterday and begged people to not bring religion into the fight against the Corona Pandemic. He is struggling to have the nation not be split on religious lines at times like this. When I saw his video, I was like 'this man does not deserve this place!'
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